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Archive for February, 2011

“how does a monkey spanker work” Wait, What?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 28, 2011

I’ve had some strange search engine terms since I’ve been blogging, including “Shit from the back” which originated somewhere in Pakistan or India judging by the search engine. While that one was weird and freaky the one above made me laugh.

It makes you wonder who these people are and if they’re even english or live in an english speaking country! I’m assuming they’re foreign, they have to be, no english speaking person would look that term up, would they? What do they think a monkey spanker is? Some kind of machine that spanks monkies? Why would anyone make such a machine?

Oh, apparently it’s real:

Obviously they came to my site because I used a ‘monkey spanker’ tag for one or two of my Wanker(s) Of The Week posts, because I don’t usually blog about masturbatory aids. But it makes you think, this person imagined a machine for spanking monkies? And that it actually existed? I’d like to think they did, because that’s more funny than the above, um… ‘tool’? Or is it? Either way, it made me laugh and I think the original thought of a literal monkey spanker is funnier anyway.

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Julian Assange Oslo Freedom Forum 2010

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 23, 2011

With the verdict on Julian Assange’s extradition case being delivered tomorrow, and extradition expected, I thought I’d post this speech by him. I’m doing this to show why it’s happening to him and why he does what he does and why we should too. It took place in Oslo, Finland. I had read this before but to my shame I only skimmed it, and so did not really pick up on Its importance untill just thirty minutes ago when I had an interesting but worrying conversation with my friend Sam.

If you’d rather watch than read then watch the video at the bottom of the page. If you do choose to read I recommend you take your time and take it all in properly because it’s important. I know I so that a lot, but it truly is. 


Julian Assange of the website Wikileaks.

So, we have heard a lot here [At the Oslo Freedom Forum] about the problems in the developing world and in the work that I have done, certainly I have covered many of those and we are censored in all of the rogues gallery States, China, Iran, Israel . I don’t want to talk however, today, too much about that, because censorship in the West is also a problem. Censorship in the West is used to legitimise censorship in other countries and abuses in the West of enlightenment ideals, which we should all hold dear. And the corrosion of those ideals not only impoverishes Western countries it is also used as an excuse for terrible abuses in other countries. In particular, countries that followed the common law that was set up by the British Empire. For example abuses of Libel Law were used in Africa to imprison some fine journalists in severe conditions based, on precedents set in the UK.

So I’m not sure how many people here are familiar with the basics of my work and I’ll just try and go very briefly through that, so you can try and understand where I’m coming from. As a journalist and as a programmer and as a someone who was involved in the embryonic internet and bringing the internet to people and bringing that great tool of information and publishing freedom to people, I saw that we could achieve a lot of reform with a little bit of work. Of course you all know this and you should remember Solzhenitsyn’s words “In the right moment one word of truth outweighs the world”. Solzhenitsyn was referring to a world of lies. This still is true for information across the world and it is also true for the information in the West. That in some cases one classified video can possibly stop a war and maybe fifty definitely can. So, we tried to pull together a system to automate that process. To get as much new material, censored material, restricted material – material that we thought would achieve political reform into the historical record and keep it there. We have in the process become the publisher of last resort. We have in the past three years been attacked over 100 times legally and have succeeded against all of those defenses by building an International multi-jurisdictional network, by using every trick in the book that multi-national companies use to route money through tax havens. Instead we route information through different countries to take advantage of their laws both for publishing and for protection of sources. That endeavor has been successful in putting over a million restricted documents into the historical record that weren’t there before. That is more pages of information than is in Wikipedia, that we have gotten into the intellectual record, that had been restricted.

In 1953 after Stalin died, Beria the NKVD Chief (the Chief of the Secret Police) fell out of favor and was executed. The great encyclopedia of the Soviet Union had an entry on Beria three pages long, and the publisher sent out a replacement to say that this must be removed and be replaced by an expanded version of the Bering Strait (that body of water between Vladivostok and Alaska). Into every library that bit of paper passed and was pasted in some cases by some librarians, but not in others, into the Soviet encyclopedia and ripped out in some cases but always the glue still visible. That’s not true anymore in the West because archives of information have been centralised on computers. The Guardian’s archives are only in one place, they’re not in libraries all across the nation that people look for, they’re only looked for on the internet and because of copyright legislation they’re not copied elsewhere to other places on the internet. So when something disappears from the archives, the electronic archives of the West, to which all information is moving into, it is gone forever. It is not only cease to have existed it is ceased to ever have existed. And when you go to those webpages that have been removed from Western papers you wont see the tale lines, you will just see ‘page not found’, you wont see anything in the index at all. We are now approaching the state of Orwell’s dictum, perfect dictum. That: “He who controls the present controls the past.” He who controls internet servers, controls the intellectual record of mankind. And by controlling that controls our perceptions of who we are. And by controlling that he control’s what laws and regulations we make in society. So the specific example that I’d like to give and there are many, many hundreds of these, and no doubt most of you are not aware of them, is a litigious billionaire by the name of Nadhmi Auchi the 5th richest man in the UK at one stage. Who’s birthday painting was signed by 146 members of the House of Commons. A very well-connected man. Connected politically connected in business and connected in the Social Establishment of the UK. He attempted to remove through legal threats, articles about his conviction for corruption in France in 2003 in the ‘Elf Aquitaine scandal’… And he just sent legal threats, he never went to court. And The Guardian removed four articles about that case from its records that were over five years old and it never told its readers. They were removed from the index, when you follow links to them you just see ‘page not found’. And so did The Times and so did the London Independent and so did major internet companies in the United States. But, that’s just one example of a litigious billionaire and there are hundreds. In the UK right now there are 300 secret gag orders. Those are gag orders that not only prevent the press from reporting corruption and abuse, they prevent the press from reporting that the press has been gagged.

This is not the liberal democracy that we had all dreamed of, this is an encroaching privatized censorship regime and just like everything else in the West that becomes privatized and fiscalised: censorship also is not only a mechanism that is implied by the State it is something that can be hijacked by wealthy plutocrats. By big companies to use the coercive mechanisms of the State through the judicial system, through unequal access to the judicial system, through patronage networks to have material removed permanently from the historical record. So in the West and we are after all in Norway, we should not be too proud about our sense that there is no State censorship, because we have privatised State censorship. We have made it more complex and not as obvious. It is not a brute hammer anymore it is a sophisticated device. Like money laundering through Caribbean tax shelters is a sophisticated device where the brutality is hidden in its complexity. Similarly, when we see the path that countries like the United States which once had a proud tradition of ‘freedom of the press’, is going down. We have to question whether it is really holding those values anymore and what we should do about it, because if we don’t have Western countries as a beacon on the hill for enlightenment values, what countries are left to hold that value?

You may, those of you who are familiar here with World War II, may remember the statement that was put by the Nazi’s on the front of the concentration camps that “Work brings freedom” an idea that Himmler had when he himself was in prison. But, in my investigations of exposing documents which include many abuses by the United States Military, which include the main manuals for prison camps like Abu’ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo. I have seen pictures on the front of those camps of their slogans. So guess which camp has “Honour Bound to Defend Freedom” on the front of it. “The defense of freedom as a value” is on the front of Guantanamo Bay. And I say as a perversion of the truth that that slogan is worse than ‘work brings freedom’. And we in the West should be aware of that perversion and understand that the alliance that once existed between liberals and libertarians and the military industrial complex in opposing Soviet abuses in the cold war, is gone. That once upon a time people who stood up for enlightenment values domestically in Western countries, that stood up for Human Rights and Freedom of the Press domestically in Western countries. Libertarians, liberals and the press itself were in a tacit alliance with war hawks, they were in a tacit alliance with those people who opposed the Soviet Union merely for geopolitical reasons and that alliance was to pick up a moral stick and to beat the abuses, the terrible abuses of the Soviet Union in relation to censorship. But, as of 1991 that artificial alliance, that temporary alliance has dissipated and so now we see a split and a reversion back to a different standard. Where the natural interests of authority, the natural interests of intelligence agencies, the natural interests of the military is in stifling press reporting of abuse and it has been reasserted in Western countries.

So in this broader framework of what we do, it is to try and build a historical record, an intellectual record of how civilization actually works in practice now, from the inside. Everywhere in every country around the world because all our decisions , individual decisions, our political decisions are based upon what we know. Humanity is nothing but what we know and what we have and what we have can be replaced and degrades quickly. What we know is everything and it is our limit of what we can be. So before we embark on any particular political stratagem we first have to know where we are because if we don’t know where we are, it is impossible for us to know where we’re going. Likewise it is impossible to correct abuses unless we know that they are going on.

So I ask you to think about the words of Machiavelli, think about them in their negative when he said: “Thus it happens in matters of State for knowing a far off which is only given a prudent man to do. The evils that are brewing, they are easily cured but when for want of such knowledge they are allowed to grow ’till everyone can recognize them, there is no longer any remedy to be found”. So this secret planning is secret usually for a reason because if it is abusive it is opposed. So it is our task to find secret abusive plans and expose them where they can be opposed before they are implemented because if they are exposed by the implementation, by people suffering from that abuse then the abuse has already occurred and then it is too late.

                                                           Oslo Freedom Forum Part One:

                                                           Oslo Freedom Forum Part Two:

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Five On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 22, 2011


                                                                        Week Five


Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks [Now six weeks], then cut down by one tablet a week each week over the next four [Now three] weeks.

Day 29 Tue 15th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7:20AM, so far not been to the toilet and not had much bloating.

Went to the toilet, only went three times, and no blood again! Strange! Bed tim: 11pm (5/10) (6/10)

Day 30 Wed 16th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7:20AM, felt bloated and tender. Came down stairs had breakfast and phoned the Docs and explained my problem with the tabs. Going to ring me back later.

Went to the toilet, only went twice, wasn’t formed but there was no blood again. After that I had to have a lie down, I was tired, I think I slept a for three-quarters of an hour. When I got up the Doc rang me, he agrees I should stay on the four tabs a day for another two weeks and then wean myself off them by dropping a tablet a week from the course. Something it didn’t say on the box. It said go down to one tablet a day over the next four weeks, which would’ve been a bad thing for me! You can’t just come off Prednisolone like that, you have Prednisone/Prednisolone withdrawal from it. Got to sleep about 11:30pm.  (5/10) (6/10)

Day 31 Thu 17th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7AM and just dozed a little, got up, had my breakfast and meds. Not feeling too bad, hopefully visit the toilet later.

Feeling a little bloated, but not too bad. Went to bed at 10:30PM.  (5/10) (6/10)

Day 32 Fri 18th Feb 2011: Woke up at 8am, had breakfast then had to hit the toilet, was somewhat better today, with a little blood, but nowhere near as much as I used to get. But still, hoping for the best in two weeks time, if not I’ll have to come off the Prednisolone and let my body recover before attempting it again but on a higher dose. That’ll be another Month wait which will take me in to late April! I was hoping to have got better enough to start exercising and going out by then. I’m starting to think I wont be at that level untill Mid-June!

Went to bed at 11:30PM (5/10) (6/10)

Day 33 Sat 19th Feb 2011: Had a lie in today, got up at 9:15am. Went to the toilet not long after getting up, no blood and still not that formed. I’m not expecting any success on the current dosage. If I expect no change I wont be disappointed at the end of it. I’ll have more success when I start a higher dose some time in Summer.

I’m getting more acne on my chest, shoulders, back and head (under the hair-line), luckily enough not got much on my face yet!

Going to bed 11pm. (5/10) (7/10)

Day 34 Sun 20th Feb 2011: Went to the toilet not long after I woke up, better formed and no blood again.

My anxiety and OCD mindset is starting to get on my nerves again! I wish could gain control of them and stop thinking this way because it’s so illogical, and ultimately, detrimental to my health!

Went to bed around 11pm, didn’t get to sleep untill gone 12AM (6/10) (7/10)

Day 35 Mon 21st Feb 2011: Woke up at 9AM! My sleeping pattern is slipping again, I just felt so tired and didn’t have a good sleep anyway, kept waking up. Went to the toilet not long after I got up, more formed and no blood. Currently no bloating or soreness, though the acne is getting worse!

Not had any need to go to the toilet since I went this morning. Only side effects I’m having at the moment is ithcy Acne on my back and head! I’m going to start using the acne soloution Dalacin T I got from the Dermotologist. I held off using it because I haven’t had any bad acne lately and it can cause the UC to get worse! Have a read of this:

Not to be used in

  • Allergy to the antibiotic lincomycin.
  • Allergy to propylene glycol or cetostearyl alcohol.
  • People with sensitive skin.
  • People with a history of inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • History of inflammation of the large intestine due to antibioitc treatment (antibiotic-associated colitis).

This medicine should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have previously experienced such an allergy.

If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction, stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.”

My Dermotologist gave me that, and she knows I have UC, will be having words with her about that. I think I’ll ring the Pharmacy tomorrow and ask what I should do. Will go to bed late no doubt tonight, around 12am! Must get up early tomorrow! (4/10) (6/10)

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How To Create A Friends List On WordPress

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 19, 2011

I’ve noticed and heard a lot of people on WordPress, especially those who came over from the old Microsoft Social Network ‘Windows Live Spaces’, say that there is no Friends list on WordPress.

Well today, I’m going to show you how to make your own if you want one!

First of all, you’ll need to following:

(1) You need a ‘Text’ widget, otherwise known as ‘Arbitrary text or HTML’ to display the friends list in. You can get this by clicking Appearance > Widgets on your Dashboard (Home Page) and then dragging and dropping the Text Widget in to a sidebar. ( See below for picture instructions)

(2) The following code is what we’re going to be putting in to the Text widget. 

<a href=”blogaddressgoeshere“><img src=”directlinkcodeforpicturesgoeshere” border=”0″ alt=”blogsnamegoeshere” /></a>

Please note: One Friend per line of code. You will put the blog address, image link and blog name in to corresponding areas I’ve highlighted in red. Obviously you delete the red text and paste in your links and name of the blog in-between the quotation marks. ”  ” <–these are Quotation marks.

(3) If you don’t have Photoshop and you can’t use Windows Paint, you will need a programme to resize your images to make them the size you want for your friend’s list.

Lucky for you I already found one that is easy to use and not large. It’s called: Free Picture Resizer Starter. (You can click the link you wont navigate away from this page, a new window will open). Alternatively you could also use Photobuckt as it has a good photo resizer.

Let’s get started…

Step one: Drag and Drop your Text Widget in to the sidebar (which ever one you choose). Once you’ve done that give it a name like ‘Friends’, ‘Friends List’ or whatever you want to call it. Then press save.

Step Two: Next, copy the code above and paste it in to your Text Widget box. You can post as many codes as you like inside the box, one for each friend. Please note: Because my blog displays quotation marks incorrectly, you will have to delete them and replace them in the Text Widget box after you’ve pasted the code in.

Here’s the difference between them: 

Step Three: Now you have the code and widget, you need to put you web address, picture codes and name of that blog.

First of all, the web address! You can find this at the top left-hand side of the page you want to list as a friend: Here’s an example using mine:

Now you need a picture to represent the friend, make sure it’s something they will like or one they’ve given you. To make all your friends fit in the one sidebar, you will have to use the Free Picture Resizer Starter Programme to shrink your pictures down to:Width: 53px. Height: 75px (px =pixels). Which I think is the perfect size. Of course you could add the pics at any size you want, but, if they’re all odd sizes you’re friends list wont look uniform.

I’ll show you how to use Free Picture Resizer Start.

After installing and updating, the programme will run, just press ‘Open Image’ on the opening screen.

If the box doesn’t open automatically then just press file and ‘Open Picture’ to select an image that way (See below).

Once you have your image you need to go to the resizer on the left hand side of your screen and put in pixel Width and Height (W: 53/H: 75 [make sure you turn off ‘aspect ratio’ before you enter them]). And then press Resize Image to confirm the size change, then click save. You can carry on doing the rest of your pictures this way by pressing ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the programme window.

Once you have all you photos, up load them to Photobucket. Once you have them Uploaded copy the ‘Direct Link code’ and paste it to the part of the code where I wrote “directlinkforpicturesgoeshere”, obviously after deleting what I wrote.

Next, you just write in what you want to be the name of the site where I wrote: “blogsnamegoeshere”. This will show the name of the blog when anyone hovers their mouse over the photo. Like this:

Once you have all the address, direct codes and names for all your friends in the right place, make sure that all the codes are touching, otherwise the pictures wont display properly. Here’s what I mean:

Pic 1 is by itself. Pic 2 are ‘touching’, there should be no gaps. And no, it doesn’t matter if  “Automatically add paragraphs” is ticked up or not.

Once you’ve done the above you can press “Save” on the HTML Widget and go and see how it looks. You should have something that looks like this: 

Obviously I used the same code for all my friends to show you an example, just to save on time, as I’m not creating a friends list of this type yet. Yours will look different as it will have different pictures, but should still display the same way with no white gaps showing.

If you have any trouble with anything here then tell me, I’ll be happy to help! 



HTML scrollbox

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Four On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 15, 2011

                                                                                   WEEK FOUR

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks, then cut down to one tablet a day each week over the next four weeks.

Day 22 Tue 8th Feb 2011: Went to bed early yesterday, around 10PM, slept untill 5AM when I woke up. Was a wake for half an hour when I had to go to the toilet. Went four times, no blood, becoming more formed, but still have involuntary straining. I’m getting sick of my limited choice of food, I dreamed I was eating beef burgers last night, then realised I was eating them and had to stop eating! Hopefully my sleeping pattern will stay constant now for at least a month.

Can’t keep my eyes open, going to bed, it’s 7:30pm. (4/10) (6/10)

Day 23 Wed 9th Feb 2011: Woke up at 2AM and can’t get back to sleep, don’t want another day of tiredness, but I’m expecting it. So far don’t feel too bad, no cramps or bloating, just a funny feeling, and that’s to do with being up so damn early!

I’m feeling tired again, can’t think straight and have that Nihilistic feeling again. And it’s only 8:23AM!

I went to sleep for two hours during the day. Went to bed around 10PM. Only some minor bloating (5/10) (6/10)

Day 24 Thu 10th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7AM, feel a little bloated, will use the toilet later at some point.

Went to the toilet but didn’t have much. But have to say, been the most formed it’s been for a long time! Not had any blood either! Going to bed at 10PM, am knackered! (4/10) (6/10)

Day 25 Fri 11th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7:10AM, felt a little bloated but now the feelings subsided. Not been to the toilet yet, but considering I haven’t, I don’t have much discomfort!

I went to the toilet and it was better formed again, no blood and I only went three times! Not so much abdominal pain afterwards either! Things are getting better!

Went to bed at 10:15pm. (4/10) (5/10)

Day 26 Sat 12th Feb 2011: Woke up at 5:50AM, came down, had some muffins. Don’t feel that bad today, though I do feel tired still.

Felt a  little off throughout the day, my OCD and Anxiety have gotten worse over the last few days, and it’s really annoying me! Went to bed at 10:30PM. (5/10) (6/10)

Day 27 Sun 13th Feb 2011: Woke up at 6:05AM, had to go to the toilet and things have gone back to square one again. It wasn’t formed and I bled. Seeing as I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have, I can only assume it’s my mood caused by the OCD and Anxiety. (Though my numbers are in the middle on the depression scale that doesn’t mean they weren’t higher than that at some point during the day. I usually just take an average for that day.) I don’t think I’m ever going to be free of them!

Because I was already bleeding I did a very foolish thing, I had some noodles with onions and peppers mixed in with them. I thought it wouldn’t matter as I was already bleeding, and I was sick to death of eating the same foods. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Bed time was 10:30pm.  (5/10) (6/10)

Day 28 Mon 14th Feb 2011: Woke up at 7:20AM, went for some breakfast and then had to use the toilet, it wasn’t formed, but, there was no blood, despite the fact I ate veg! I’m somewhat confused about that right now!

I’m still confused about the lack of blood earlier today! Anyway, I’m feeling fucked off, OCD and Anxiety playing it’s part again! 4PM.

Tomorrow I go down to one tablet a day, the weaning off stage, and as I thought, I’ve not made the progress I needed. I may have to go and see the Doc and ask for an extension of the higher dose. Though I don’t fancy the idea of sitting in a waiting room for 20 minutes only to be in with the Doc a few for 2 minutes! I’ll try to ring up. Went to bed at 11PM (6/10) (6/10)


Links To Other Weeks:

Week Three

Week Two

Week One


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Why Cameron’s Big Society Wont Work

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 13, 2011

You’ve no doubt heard of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’, but if you haven’t let me explain what it is… um… well, there’s no universal definition for it as of yet. So, I’ll give you my view of what it is…

The idea is for society to depend less on Government, and take up more responsibility in and for their own communities. To encourage local charities, people or basically anyone else who wants to make a difference and contribution, to get out and help in to their local area.

You don’t get paid, unless you’re on the dole, in which case you get dole money. I believe it’s a good idea and something that should be fostered and encouraged. I don’t think you have to be paid to do a good thing and help others and the community you live in. It’s only natural. In fact, if more people actually did this instead of complaining and bollocking the local Council and national Government for not delivering services or doing enough, then a lot of communities in the inner cities of the UK wouldn’t be so bad.

Community involvement means local and national Government being scrutinized more closely and being held accountable. Which is what is needed. However, the big society was aimed more at Charities than everyday people.

Of course, with the Conservative Party being the driving force behind this, naturally their Libertarian, profit-making, cost cutting penny-pinching nature means they’re doing it half-arsed!

How are charities supposed to pick up the flack in our communities where public funding has been cut or withdrawn all together when the same Government that is advocating this ‘Big Society’ is the same one cutting jobs, freezing wages and rasing taxes? Is it just me or does everyone else think David Cameron has no grasp of basic economics?

If local council (local government) budgets have been cut, that means local charities get less money from them, as many charities are part funded with local government money. Also, if more people are jobless and food and taxes are going up, does it not stand to reason that fewer people will not be buying much from Charity shops and depending more on charity organisations? And if they’re not buying much doesn’t that mean profits will go down in those shops? And if more people are using Charity orgs, doesn’t that mean more pressure will be put on their services?

You could say everyone could get involved and help deliver those services. But as I said earlier, people don’t need to be paid to do a good thing, but money is still needed to run some Charity Orginsations’ services. People aren’t going to pick up old ladies for a night at the bingo on a push bike and ride down the road like a modern-day version of ET! It’s not safe, practical and it’d be damn right scary sight too.

Now Cameron’s suddenly realised there’s not enough money to go around so he’s using public money to prop up his ‘Big Society’ idea, with a Big Society Bank no less. But wait, isn’t that depending on Government? The very same thing the Big Society was set up to combat? I’m afraid David Cameron’s not thought this one through fully. Or maybe he has, and he thought it’d be a good cover for the cuts that come in to force in April 2011? I’m not sure, but I know in its current form and with the current situation it’s unworkable.

When I read this article today I rolled my eyes and shuck my head, literally, because what I read in it was such a Conservative Party idea. Competition for Charities competing for Public money. I keep asking myself ‘why?’ but I already know the answer, it’s the Tory Party, it’s what they’re best at! Adding competition to the charity sector is an idea only the Conservative Party could come up with. And it’s a very bad one in my opinion.

Have a look at this: “As a result Cameron and his ministers will make a blizzard of big society announcements, including details of a £100m transition fund to help hard-pressed charities and social enterprises compete, for the first time, for government contracts.” Isn’t that like throwing a Donut between to starving men and which ever one wins the fight for it, they get to keep it? For those who don’t know the old budget for help Charities was £4Bn! £100 Million is just a drop in the Ocean. But what about the Charities that don’t get the Public funding?

Here’s what will Happen: “Banks that lend money to the big society bank will do so on a normal commercial lending basis, meaning they will make a profit.” So, Charities will borrow public money from intermediary bank who get’s its money from a publically owned bank – who will make a profit from it – to help the public? Wouldn’t it just be better to take a few billion off the Banks and allocate the money to the Charities directly? No wait, the banks have to make a profit from public money going in to a charity sector that is already lacking funds and seeing profit losses.

As well as Cam’s Banking ideas he’s also going to create a: big society university, backed by a multimillion-pound endowment, that will train future generations of community workers.” That’s good and all, but the country needs a work force more than an army of community workers. Money would be better spent setting up vocational classes in high school and paying for Apprenticeships once they leave.

What would also help would be to have all these people who are on the dole doing mandatory voluntary work for at least a year, in an area of the job and skills market they want to work in. Experience is essential in securing a future job! The present system of sending them off to do voluntary work in the Charity sector for three to six months leaves narrowed opportunities and choice regarding which area you want to work in, isn’t good enough. A piece of paper saying you’ve done that course and done some voluntary work at the RSPCA is no good to you if you want to be a plumber! Then again, Conservatives don’t think it’s the place of the Government to train the next generation of vocational skilled workers, it’s not in their ideology. Industry should do that by their reckoning

This whole big society idea just seems to be a typical Conservative plan to cover the economic cuts and make their friends rich off other people’s money while doing next to nothing for the jobless. I predict it’s going to fail unless they become genuine and honest about it, and fix it to be workable and a benefit to the people it’s supposed to help. But that’s about as likely as me becoming a Muslim and going on X-Factor!

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A Badly Written Blog About Music [UPDATED]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 8, 2011

I’ve had a few debates about Music in my own home and on-line, and the usual reply I get for my criticism of nearly all music is:

“Dude! You’re tone deaf!” – Sam

“His vocal range is extensive!” – Sam

“They do not all sound the same!” – Sam

“Not everything has to be about Politics” – Sam

“Only so many sounds you can make!” – Sam

“Olly Murs is great! Fuck off!” – My Sister

“%$T”!* $%&*+£!!! ” – My other sister when I called her dancey chipmunk ‘music’ shite.

“This is real music! And he’s not a Pedophile!” – My Mam on Elvis and my opinion of him.

“Your Music’s shit, too!” – My Brother

“Ewww, no his music’s not crap and he’s not a wanker!” – My sister’s friends reaction to my opinion of 50 Cent.

“His vocal range is extensive!” – Daf

“Not everything is Black and white, Phil” – Daf

“Not everything has to be about Politics and have a message” – Daf

“Only so much you can do with musical instruments before it starts to sound the same” – Daf

“I don’t know, I quite like Las Ketchup!” – Daf

Ok, the last one was made up. But it’s fair to say I’m hostile to a lot of music and nearly all of the people I talk with accuse me of having a narrow, limited musical taste. This is not the case as I like many types of music, such as: Ska, Dance, Rock, Metal, Punk, Digital Hardcore, Electronic, some Blues, Some Pop,  Some Soul and even some Classical.

Having said this, let me explain my position on Music past and present and my problem with it.

My first problem: Lack of originality and constant mimicry! The defence “There’s only so many sounds/vocal ranges/Styles.” is not acceptable. These people who sound (sing) the same do not sound the same by accident, they sound like that because they copy their heroes or the most popular singing/music style of the time. This is very prelivant in the U.S. Punk, Emo, Metal and Pop-Rock generas. They all sing and sound the fucking same! They do! You can’t escape it, it’s a damn fact! (No I’m not tone deaf, if I was I’d not like anything) It’s just a complete and utter lack of originality on their parts, it really is shameful, and they have the bollocks to stand on stage and sing and call themselves ‘different’.

You can say the same for nearly every genere, they all copy what came before and they never move forward, none of them are brave enough to make music that is different, that is not the same, they only make crap that’s safe, so they can live inside the success, fame, notoriety and glory of someone else and try to make money out of it at the same time, if they’re that way inclined. I don’t apply this label to the originators of a certain sound or style, just the talentless wankers that come afterwards copying them.

Second Problem: Image over Music! What a load of shite! Seriously, because you walk around all dressed in black, with make-up, a huge emo quiff, chains, piercings, Poncey expensive haircuts, a telephone in your hair (ppppp-po-ker faaace) etc etc etc… doesn’t make you different. You look like every other cunt who dresses like that and it doesn’t make you ‘different’ or ‘alternative’ and it doesn’t make your music or scene any fucking better than the other side, you’re all a bunch of poser cunts with zero originality between you all! Also, it is NOT art! The same way Tracey Emin’s pissed in bed and manky tampon isn’t! They’re clothes, and the bits that aren’t clothes, are just bits and bobs you like to use to make you look different, well, you aint, you look the same as the other cunts who wear that crap. But if it makes you feel better thinking you’re all that and your music and scene is too, then please, go for it. But please, don’t tell me “It’s a way of life!”, it’s not a way of life, you’re just a cunt!

Lyrics and Meaning: Of course, lyrics don’t have to mean anything, if you write a song that doesn’t mean anything in particular, then you’re just like thousands of others, well done. People will find meaning in what they want, so I don’t really care. It starts to annoy me when people go over the same ground or try to say something cleaver and political, but in a very cryptic way, so they can get away with not having to defend their views. Grow some ballls! Oh, is the record company scared you said the ‘F’ word and you insulted someone you shouldn’t have? Awwww! Fuck you, you spineless twats!

Another thing, record companies dictating what goes and what doesn’t, and many Musicians accept this, way to take a stand and put money above your Music and freedom of speech. You’re an inspiration to us all.

Hedonism: *Boomp, Boomp, Boomp Boomp!* If that night club collapses on you, am tellin ya, you wont be missed!

Love Songs: Types are as follows: ‘I miss ya babe’, ‘I love ya babe’, ‘I want you boy/girl’, You cheated on me boy/girl’, ‘Ya jilted me boy/girl’, ‘Let’s party boy/girl’, ‘I’m depressed boy/girl’, ‘You don’t know I exist boy/girl’, You’re hot and sexy boy/girl’, ‘I don’t love you anymore boy/girl’.  JUST FUCK OFF!

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll!: Please! You’re a fucking clesha! Dress like a cunt, act like a cunt, take drugs like a cunt and fuck like a cunt! You think you’re doing anything different? No you aint, though you may catch AIDS/HIV, unlike some of your idols who just died of being hedonistic wankers.

Hip-Hop and Rap: Unmitigated crap! (most of it) The sound isn’t always bad, but the lryics and culture behind it are hollow, sexist, materialistic, ostentatious, Shallow and ingeneral… complete bollocks! Fuck off fiddy!

I’ve annoyed myself with this post now, I pretty much dislike a hell of a lot of music, mostly because it’s generic and been done before. So before anyone asks what I like, I like a few things, the original pieces that were created by musicians with some spine and bollocks to try something different instead of sticking to the tried and tested formula. So I don’t listen to a lot of new Music anymore, just old stuff and one or two modern bands that are at least half original.

UPDATE: MY friend Sam has said my quoting of him callimg me tone deaf isn’t fair without you hearing the evidence yourself. Bear in mind these are vocals we’re listiening to. So here’s the two vocalists that I think sound the same:

Song One:

Song Two:

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Three On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 8, 2011

                                                           Week Three


Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks, then cut down to one tablet a day each week over the next four weeks.

Day 15 Tue 1st Feb 2011: 6:43AM I think I’m having a bout of mania right now! I still haven’t been to bed and I just feel awake, and a sort of odd feeling, inhibited, like nothing matters, though I can still feel things. Mostly annoyance at not being asleep, I seem to be more talkative too. I’m not happy, more neutral, but no happiness, not like last time. This is the second time I felt like this while being on Prednisolone. Granted it’s not the same as last time, but I don’t have them in this frequency without them. I’m still hungry, despite having nearly a full plate of fries. And I found out peeing more often on these tablets is normal. No bloating and no need to go to the toilet, though I may hit the hay in a few mins.

Ah, I’m bombing now, down we go… (4/10) (5/10)

Woke up at 2PM feeling bloated and tired after getting to sleep at 9AM. Ended up feeling bloated for most of the day, then went to the toilet in the evening and had a bad time! I went 6 times and bled with lots of straining. I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have, which just shows how random UC can be! It’s why it’s so hard to tell what foods cause what. However, when I went first time things were more formed, which is good! Things just gradually got worse as time went by. Had another shower and went to bed. (6/10) (6/10)

Day  16 Wed 2nd Feb 2011: Woke up at 3:30AM, couldn’t sleep and felt the UC ill/sick feeling, also had a headache coming on, so I went down stairs for an hour took some Co-dydramol (pain-killer) and had something to eat and waited for it to work. Went back to bed and didn’t sleep an hour properly, I kept waking up all the time, I just can’t sleep, even though I’m tired. I ended up getting up at 10AM, despite my best efforts to sleep. This is the Prednisolone, it has to be, I haven’t felt like this in a long while. Not feeling so bad now, but tired! (7/10) (7/10)

Day 17 Thu 3rd Feb 2011: Not been to bed long, slept about three hours, woke up with a rapid heartbeat and couldn’t get back to sleep again. So now it’s 6:05 an I feel fucked. Went to sleep around 10AM and woke up at 3PM, still feel tired and have a rapid heartbeat on and off. Feel bloated and should go to the toilet later. Went to the toilet, but didn’t do much.  (5/10) (6/10)

Day 18 Fri 4th Feb 2011: Went to bed at around 7AM, woke up at 7PM! Caught up on that sleep I lost earlier in the week, but I still feel tired. Not been to the toilet and feel a little bloated. Still having a rapid heartbeat. (5/10) (5/10)

Day 19 Sat 5th Feb 2011: Well, woke up around 5:30PM, went to the toilet not long after, for the first time in a while, no blood, and it’s looking more formed too! Progress! I hope it stays that way. I’m getting sick of eating Muffins, Carbs, Pork and Eggs! I started to get spots on my shoulders and chest. Rapid heartbeat still present and so is wonky sleeping times. (6/10) (5/10)

Day 20 Sun 6th Feb 2011: Been up all night, wrote a blog, have some gut ache, that’s about it. Felt hungry so I had some fries, um… as I said, sick of eating  Carbs! Especially Potatoes! Going to sleep soon. (7:24AM). Woke up 6PM, had some tea, and ended up going back to bed because I was really tired. Stayed a sleep untill 1AM. Have some pain in my left side, that’s about it. (6/10) (5/10)

Day 21 Mon 7th Feb 2011:Still have pain in my left side. After getting up at 1Am-ish, came down stairs and not done much. I may stay awake all day now, try to fix my sleeping pattern.

I’m still awake at 11:24AM and I haven’t been to bed. Not been to the toilet though I’m expecting to later. No bloating, though I did have some before. I start week four tomorrow, that will be the last week I have full doses of Prenisolone, after that I go down to one tablet a day for four weeks. So far things have progressed slowly, things have improved, but I think I will require a longer time on the full dose, and maybe more to speed up the recovery. Then again, I don’t want to push things too fast and make myself ill in other ways. I’ll have to see the Doc this week to talk about it, but I don’t want to go out. I missed by blood test last week because of my sleeping pattern being tits up! We’ll see what happens. 

I ended up falling a sleep for two or three hours, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I’m assuming this will affect my sleeping pattern some more again!  (5/10) (5/10)


Links To Other Weeks:

Week Two

Week One


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Cameron Attacked For Saying Multiculturalism Has Failed In The UK

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 6, 2011

I don’t always agree with David Cameron and I certainly don’t like the man that much. My personal feelings aside though, I partly agree with what he said the other day about Multiculturalism in the UK. Read Here for a run down.

Watch her for what the PM said:

First of all, I agree with most of what he said. However, I don’t think Multiculturalism has been a complete failure. There’s only been two failures in multiculturalism, and that’s the problem with some Muslim integration in to UK society and suppression of native English/British culture through shame and white guilt.

Everything else is fine, everyone else more or less rubs along together and hold the same ideals and mixes and intermarries with the Native population. East Asians, West Indians, Jews, Indians (Hindu, Christian, Sikh), Africans, Polish the list is endless! Everyone comes here, they hold the same ideals, retaining old cultural traditions while becoming English/British and their children having english/british blood running through their veins!

On the other hand we have Natives who are constantly shamed in to not taking pride in their historical past as well as their culture, whichever way you want to define it. While people are told to make themselves at home from other countries, the natives are asked to accept so many alien cultural ideals and religions, to accept these cultural changes that are happening so fast, while not having one of their own. Whether you think a country needs culture, tradition, Patriotism or not, doesn’t matter, the fact is it is the substance that holds a country and society together in current times, without it, the country will fracture.

Which brings us the other failure in British Multiculturalism, Islam and some Muslims. Obviously, many Muslims integrate well within the UK and become part of the community. When you take a look at Islam itself though, you will see it is made to resist full integration in to the non-Islamic society of a country where any Muslim community is. The Qur’an is written in such a way that stops Islamic culture, tradition and the religion itself from being diluted by other cultural and societal elements, while also staying part of and respecting the Non-Muslim community and culture in which it resides.

Of course, you can say this about certain Jewish sects and Black Nationalists, the difference is, they’re small in number and don’t tend to become violent and radical if they feel alienated or insulted.

You can also say the same for the White Nationalists, I think they can be as much of a danger to the country as Islamists. The thing is, they are tackled at every step they take by many anti-white nationalist groups and also the Police and other Government intelligence organisations.

I’d just like to make the difference at this point because a few people will be getting confused or foaming at the mouth for not making the distinction between Islamists and Muslims in general.

Islamists are a bad problem, on par with White Nationalism and Nazism. They can’t and shouldn’t be accommodated in society. That’s not to say they shouldn’t have the same rights as we do, I’d draw the line at calling for death and harming of people.

Muslims in general, over all they’re not much of a problem, most keep themselves to themselves, but the reality is self-segregation in a country that you should be doing your utmost to integrate in to is not a good thing. Obviously, not every single Muslim is like this, but a fair few actually are, to say they’re not is to ignore reality completely. I think this is the problem as much Islamists are.

Muslims are caught between being British and Muslims and the two sets of systems that go with them (Western and Islamic). Obviously, some see this as a very serious choice to make, and will always take the side of their religion on such choices, after all, it is the word of God, and that stands above any man-made law or system anywhere else in the world (These are Conservative Muslims [These are not automatically Islamists]). Other Muslims see no conflict and remain Muslims while being British, obviously omitting and not following a lot of things in the Religion that would conflict with the way of life here (These are Moderates), similar to the way Christians and Jews omit large parts of their religion because that type of thing wont be accepted in a modern-day secular society.

Many Muslims, from the moderates to Islamists, all have one thing in common, they don’t wont marry outside of their religion, and if they do, they do it at their own risk, as some family members and others can see it as insulting to them and God. Yes, Muslims will marry whites, blacks or any other group you can think of, as long as they’re also a Muslim. It’s that adherence to Religion again, the idea of keeping the religion, Muslim house holds and communities pure and free of cultural contamination and dilution that is also a problem.

Of course, there’s no law saying you have to marry certain people in British society, only in the Qur’an and some other religions and cultures, but in the UK we have no rules like that anymore, and as such people see fit to marry who they like, unless you accept an arranged marriage. White and Black nationalists also take advantage of this freedom and use it to keep themselves ‘Pure’ too, but in a ‘racial’ sense and not a religious one. Either way, racial or religious, you can see how that kind of attitude is detrimental and damaging to a country and the communities within it. Unwillingness to integrate and mix on a social, community and even a racial level is going to damage society, I don’t care what type of Muslim or Nationalist you are, it doesn’t help. However, as I said before, it isn’t a law in the UK so people will please themselves.

I’d just like to say, I am not lumping all Muslims in with Nationalists, I was just explaining what other groups have the same kind of attitude/policy on marriage and can have an effect on the community they live in.  

All the above is the reason why Muslims were singled out in this speech by the PM. It wasn’t a witch hunt, it wasn’t misguided opinions based on a distorted media image, it was based on reality. Some Muslims in the UK today are turning radical, and it’s because of their religion and Western actions in Muslim countries. The fear of speaking out on issues such as this has also helped things along, because no one can have an opinion on such issues without being called a racist or Islamophobic because Muslims and Liberals are so sensitive about it, which resulted in a blanket ban on talking about anything Muslim, unless a Muslim was saying it. This ban on not talking about Islam and being forced to respect it, every part of it, even when elements of Islam are/were at odds with our own law and ideals, only gave ammunition to far right groups.

Those far right groups have only grown and continued to exist partly as a result of fast constant immigration, cultural change and sensitivity of Muslims and others regarding their religion and culture. That atmosphere created by that ‘keep your mouth shut, don’t offend anyone’ Politically Correct policy is what nourishes the far right, what annoys the average person and ultimately leads to the friction we have.

This sensitivity can be seen even now, look at the reaction from Muslim groups in the UK in the above video. They basically say: “We’re being victimized.” That isn’t the case, they’re being called out on a legitimate problem that exists within the Muslim community, one serious enough to make the British Government question it’s policy of Multiculturalism and even the funding some Muslim charities get. Muslim groups just don’t like anyone having a view of them that isn’t sanctioned by them,  positive and displays them in a good light. It’s simple, they just don’t like criticism, and any radicalisation is someone else’s fault and not their’s or their religion’s. In my opinion I’d lay a fair bit of the blame at the religion’s door, it’s so restrictive, controlling and out-of-step with British society that the only way you can be a British Muslim in the UK is by ignoring a lot of what the Qur’an and Hadith say.

The fact one Muslim group mentioned Cameron and the English Defence League (EDL) being on the same page really annoyed me. Here is someone talking about a legitimate problem, in a nice way, and they stand up and say: “You should write for the EDL”. It’s because of that attitude and the defence of it by people on the left, center and right that’s lead to the EDL, and Cameron and other European leaders having to say what they do and call Moderate Islamic groups out on their problems. If they didn’t, where would the population turn? It would turn to less savory groups like the British National Party.

The time of hiding behind the cultural and religious sensitivity card has to come to an end, the Moderate Muslims can’t keep blaming Western society, ignorance and Western wars in Muslim countries for the problems Muslim communities in the West have. It’s a combination of their own Religion’s and culture’s conservative inflexibility in the face of a Secular Western state as well as the religion’s allowance to accommodate violence and propagate hatred.

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Safe From Harm

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 2, 2011

MySpace Retro blog from 2009 or 2010.
Earlier this evening I finished a nice roast dinner and decided to listen to some music to relax. But wait, my music system is broken. So, because I can’t go upstairs as my aforementioned music player is broken, I went to Youtube and put on some Massive Attack. I’ve liked Massive Attack since the early ’90s when they came out with the song Unfinished Sympathy! I didn’t find out the name of the band ’till later in the mid nineties.                                     
                                                        And here’s a video of Salford in the late 1980s:

The black flats with the burnt out windows was my grandmothers block. She moved off there around about the time this was made and moved to an identical one with security and CCTV.

I put on one of their songs called “Safe From Harm”, and the video I saw brought back memories of living on my old Council estate in the early ’90s. The High-rise flats my Grandmother lived in were just the same as the ones in the video! The tiles on the wall, the lift (elevator) as Shan Nelson walks in the hall way, and the stair case were the same! Only difference was the stair case on my Gran’s block didn’t have any windows on the inside stair-case. The external look of the block of flats is nearly the same as a block of flats that used to stand not far from my house, but the same external look as my Gran’s. The dead Pigeon at the start was also true, we always had a surplus of dead Pigeons for some reason.

The way Massive Attack caught the feeling of the time and put it in to Music and on video was great! Most blocks of flats in the late ’70s through to the early ’90′s were just like the video Massive Attack made. The sound of the wind blowing through the door as you walked in to the lift area was the same! The broken down lifts and some idiot blocking the way in was right, though that didn’t happen to much on my Gran’s block. They filmed it in black and white for a reason, it’s because things really did seem black and white in inner city areas of the UK at that time, when I think back to the ’80s and early ’90s most of my memories do indeed seem dull and grey! That could have a lot to do with the fact the weather in the North West of England is mostly dull and depressing.

But still, Massive Attack have a great knack for capturing emotion in sound and music that they still haven’t lost, even though they lost two of their members and reinvented their sound from scratch!

                                                                               Here’s the Massive Attack video:



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