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Safe From Harm

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 2, 2011

MySpace Retro blog from 2009 or 2010.
Earlier this evening I finished a nice roast dinner and decided to listen to some music to relax. But wait, my music system is broken. So, because I can’t go upstairs as my aforementioned music player is broken, I went to Youtube and put on some Massive Attack. I’ve liked Massive Attack since the early ’90s when they came out with the song Unfinished Sympathy! I didn’t find out the name of the band ’till later in the mid nineties.                                     
                                                        And here’s a video of Salford in the late 1980s:

The black flats with the burnt out windows was my grandmothers block. She moved off there around about the time this was made and moved to an identical one with security and CCTV.

I put on one of their songs called “Safe From Harm”, and the video I saw brought back memories of living on my old Council estate in the early ’90s. The High-rise flats my Grandmother lived in were just the same as the ones in the video! The tiles on the wall, the lift (elevator) as Shan Nelson walks in the hall way, and the stair case were the same! Only difference was the stair case on my Gran’s block didn’t have any windows on the inside stair-case. The external look of the block of flats is nearly the same as a block of flats that used to stand not far from my house, but the same external look as my Gran’s. The dead Pigeon at the start was also true, we always had a surplus of dead Pigeons for some reason.

The way Massive Attack caught the feeling of the time and put it in to Music and on video was great! Most blocks of flats in the late ’70s through to the early ’90′s were just like the video Massive Attack made. The sound of the wind blowing through the door as you walked in to the lift area was the same! The broken down lifts and some idiot blocking the way in was right, though that didn’t happen to much on my Gran’s block. They filmed it in black and white for a reason, it’s because things really did seem black and white in inner city areas of the UK at that time, when I think back to the ’80s and early ’90s most of my memories do indeed seem dull and grey! That could have a lot to do with the fact the weather in the North West of England is mostly dull and depressing.

But still, Massive Attack have a great knack for capturing emotion in sound and music that they still haven’t lost, even though they lost two of their members and reinvented their sound from scratch!

                                                                               Here’s the Massive Attack video:




8 Responses to “Safe From Harm”

  1. harshglare said

    I think you posted this song in one of my blogs in MySpace: I always liked massive

  2. Pete Judge said

    Watched the videos. Brought back a couple of memories for me. For a short time I lived in a tower block in a pleasant little council overspill estate in Haughton Green and the first video really reminded me of the time I lived there – and how much I hated it. It was only ever for a short time but it made even shorter because of the doom and gloom and the constant fear of the people who lived around you. I drive past the block some times and even though it has been completely modernised and I read somewhere, all the scumbags were kicked out – I still wouldn’t go near the place.
    Tower blocks in for council housing truly were the worst idea…..ever.
    Was a bit of a fan of Massive Attack myself. During a time of cheesy pop they had some soul and their songs a strong intelligent message. Might find myself digging the CD out at the weekend or at least a few viewings on You Tube – thanks for the memory.
    Have a good day and hope you’re feeling OK

    • Not my ideal place to live either! As I was saying to Daf, they’re OK for young people, other than that I wouldn’t put anyone else in there. Back in the early days of flats they didn’t even try to look after them, then they started to clean them up in the ’90s. Now there’s a belt around the city centers and Uni campuses up and down the country where they’re kept nice and clean. Think we both know why.

      Massive Attack are a great group, even though they’ve lost a few members over the years. Not heard their new album yet, will have to check it out.

      I’m not too bad today, besides the lack of sleep! By the way, was it just me or was the ’80s and ’90s black and white for you too?

      Take care, mate! 🙂

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    I live in a block of nine flats.

    One is the T&RA base directly under me and my neighbours all know each other so it’s a pretty social set-up as we look after each other.

    The block opposite is identical to ours and is a wreck because nobody wants to step out of their home and become a target.

    The kids even stripped away the waterproofing in the loft space in a determined effort of vandalism!

    Today all is quiet because the kids concerned are all on ASBO’s and on curfew, but they won’t last forever…

    Thanks for the tune – not one I’ve heard before, but oh soooo true!!!

    Take care of yourself my friend and God Bless!!!


    • Hiya Ian!

      You can see the same thing here, the flats are identicle, but some blocks are worse than others. Obviously, it’s the people that make them the way they are. I’m happy to say my Gran’s later block of flats was more socially tight than on the old block. It isn’t like that much anymore, most of the people who created and kept up that community spirit have since died off. Now it’s left to a handful of people who have little or no help or communication with the new tenants.

      Nowt like a bit of Massive Attack, is there? haha And the video is very true, eh?

      You take care too and have a quiet evening. 🙂

  4. hrhdaf said

    Hey hey Phil!

    Interesting blog (and not just cos ya chucked a bit of Massive Attack in there)! Tower blocks have to be one of the most depressing places ever. Another case of good intentions going awry cos of lack of money. Half the reason they fell into decay so quickly was because they were rush jobs and not enough money was spent on em or spent maintaining em. Oh and interesting the effects they had on mental health too! Funnily enough I just read something about this the other day saying some of em are gonna be done up as private ‘apartments’ for young executives. Ill be interested to see how that works out. Personally I dont think anyones meant to live like that. Gimme a house on the ground with a bit of grass round it any day, cos no matter how they dress it up those places remind me a bit too much of cages in the pet shop!

    Anywhoo read your blog about how the UC treatments goin and although its early days yet Im keeping my fingers crossed for ya bud! Now stop faffin on the pute and go tune that geeeeetar! ;O)

    Love and hugskis, Daf xxx

    • Hiya Dafski! 🙂

      I think tower blocks are OK for young people, I don’t think they’re a place for families and old people like they are currently being used for. I also think they could be shrunk a little too, to only about 10 floors maximum! Around me I have loads of 16 floor and two 22 floor types! Just a blot on the landscape and leaves you with a loss of privacy.

      Yes, they had good intentions, but they assumed a hell of a lot when they planned them. They assumed the population would be growing, so they built up. Well, in my area the population fell, leaving us with lots of empty flats, lots and old industrial areas. Now we have a surplus of land and flats, only not many people want the flats, so they go to Immigrants. And yeh, not enough time was sepnt on them, I read in a local history book that the flats behind my house had to be vacated and fixed because they were crumbling! LOL!

      They’ve already done a load of the flats up here, now they’re up-market, well taken care of, colourful and not so large! Now only bussiness types and students with rich parents can afford them. Shows how they’ll make a difference when people with money are involved?

      I had a bad time yesterday with the UC, needless to say I’m not feeling too good today and it has nothing to do with any kind of food I’m not supposed to eat. I’ve no idea why it went bad. I wont go in to details, read the blog on Tuesday. I should be OK by tomorrow, IF I can get some sleep. That’s right, I am actually tired but I can’t sleep, not even if I wanted to! :P. So, if you don’t mind I’ll leave the Geeeetar tuning for when I feel better. 😉

      Love and hugskis back at cha, matey! 🙂 xx

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