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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Three On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 8, 2011

                                                           Week Three


Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks, then cut down to one tablet a day each week over the next four weeks.

Day 15 Tue 1st Feb 2011: 6:43AM I think I’m having a bout of mania right now! I still haven’t been to bed and I just feel awake, and a sort of odd feeling, inhibited, like nothing matters, though I can still feel things. Mostly annoyance at not being asleep, I seem to be more talkative too. I’m not happy, more neutral, but no happiness, not like last time. This is the second time I felt like this while being on Prednisolone. Granted it’s not the same as last time, but I don’t have them in this frequency without them. I’m still hungry, despite having nearly a full plate of fries. And I found out peeing more often on these tablets is normal. No bloating and no need to go to the toilet, though I may hit the hay in a few mins.

Ah, I’m bombing now, down we go… (4/10) (5/10)

Woke up at 2PM feeling bloated and tired after getting to sleep at 9AM. Ended up feeling bloated for most of the day, then went to the toilet in the evening and had a bad time! I went 6 times and bled with lots of straining. I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have, which just shows how random UC can be! It’s why it’s so hard to tell what foods cause what. However, when I went first time things were more formed, which is good! Things just gradually got worse as time went by. Had another shower and went to bed. (6/10) (6/10)

Day  16 Wed 2nd Feb 2011: Woke up at 3:30AM, couldn’t sleep and felt the UC ill/sick feeling, also had a headache coming on, so I went down stairs for an hour took some Co-dydramol (pain-killer) and had something to eat and waited for it to work. Went back to bed and didn’t sleep an hour properly, I kept waking up all the time, I just can’t sleep, even though I’m tired. I ended up getting up at 10AM, despite my best efforts to sleep. This is the Prednisolone, it has to be, I haven’t felt like this in a long while. Not feeling so bad now, but tired! (7/10) (7/10)

Day 17 Thu 3rd Feb 2011: Not been to bed long, slept about three hours, woke up with a rapid heartbeat and couldn’t get back to sleep again. So now it’s 6:05 an I feel fucked. Went to sleep around 10AM and woke up at 3PM, still feel tired and have a rapid heartbeat on and off. Feel bloated and should go to the toilet later. Went to the toilet, but didn’t do much.  (5/10) (6/10)

Day 18 Fri 4th Feb 2011: Went to bed at around 7AM, woke up at 7PM! Caught up on that sleep I lost earlier in the week, but I still feel tired. Not been to the toilet and feel a little bloated. Still having a rapid heartbeat. (5/10) (5/10)

Day 19 Sat 5th Feb 2011: Well, woke up around 5:30PM, went to the toilet not long after, for the first time in a while, no blood, and it’s looking more formed too! Progress! I hope it stays that way. I’m getting sick of eating Muffins, Carbs, Pork and Eggs! I started to get spots on my shoulders and chest. Rapid heartbeat still present and so is wonky sleeping times. (6/10) (5/10)

Day 20 Sun 6th Feb 2011: Been up all night, wrote a blog, have some gut ache, that’s about it. Felt hungry so I had some fries, um… as I said, sick of eating  Carbs! Especially Potatoes! Going to sleep soon. (7:24AM). Woke up 6PM, had some tea, and ended up going back to bed because I was really tired. Stayed a sleep untill 1AM. Have some pain in my left side, that’s about it. (6/10) (5/10)

Day 21 Mon 7th Feb 2011:Still have pain in my left side. After getting up at 1Am-ish, came down stairs and not done much. I may stay awake all day now, try to fix my sleeping pattern.

I’m still awake at 11:24AM and I haven’t been to bed. Not been to the toilet though I’m expecting to later. No bloating, though I did have some before. I start week four tomorrow, that will be the last week I have full doses of Prenisolone, after that I go down to one tablet a day for four weeks. So far things have progressed slowly, things have improved, but I think I will require a longer time on the full dose, and maybe more to speed up the recovery. Then again, I don’t want to push things too fast and make myself ill in other ways. I’ll have to see the Doc this week to talk about it, but I don’t want to go out. I missed by blood test last week because of my sleeping pattern being tits up! We’ll see what happens. 

I ended up falling a sleep for two or three hours, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I’m assuming this will affect my sleeping pattern some more again!  (5/10) (5/10)


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9 Responses to “Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Three On Prednisolone”

  1. Pam said

    In case you aren’t aware, and are interested, many people are completely healing, or significantly improving, illnesses such as digestive problems, crohn’s, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, and cancer, using non-conventional treatments. I personally have been completely healed from crohn’s this way, and my autoimmune disease is healing too. My story, and all the information I’ve learned, is at thetruthinthisworld.com.

    • Let me guess?… your belief in God?

      You gave yourself to God completely and He healed you? And because I suffer with UC you’d think I’d be desperate enough to give it a go?

      God will cure me? Answer me this question, why did God afflict me with this condition in the first place? So I will turn to him in my hour of need and be saved? If that’s the case why didn’t God just make me believe from day one? Was it because He gave me free will? If that’s also the case then God is a very vindictive, crule person to make me and millions of others suffer, just so we believe in Him. Sounds like a megalomaniac with self-esteem issues.

      Despite you saying you were cured, what about the other millions who also believe and still have illnesses? They aren’t beliving hard enough, I assume? Or maybe they’re still learning something God wants them to learn? What are they learning by going through the same thing over and over again, even when they already accepted Jesus in to their heart?

      I’m sorry but, no…. I’m not sorry, the fact people like you go around the net and the streets in real life offering a cure and fake hope alarms and disgusts me! You’re offering people nothing but hollow promises not a cure! People need to deal with the reality of this illness and not take on false hope from people like you.

      So let’s get this straight: You offer no cure, just fake hope, lots of lies and a support network.You have nothing else to offer. And I aint buying.

      • prenin said

        They can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time…

        Well said Phil!!!

        God Bless! (LoL!)


        • I’d say they fool a lot of people a lot of the time!

          I know you’re a believer of sorts, Ian, but I know you don’t and never would go around offering the belief in God as a cure like the lady who left that message. There’s a difference between people like you and people like them, so don’t take that reply as being aimed at you. 🙂

          Just for the Record, I’m Agnostic, not an Atheist. However, I’m not agnostic about the Gods’ of the religions of the world, they’re obviously invented, the way they’re written and have so much contradiction in them proves they were invented by Humans. But I don’t think that rules out the possibiity of God in the Universe, it would be arrogant of me to say there isn’t one when I’ve only got this tiny fraction of the Universe to look for it in. It would also be arrogant of me to say there is one.

          Hope all is well! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Did you hear of the Dyslexic Agnostic who sat up all night wondering if there was a dog??? 🙂

            If we are Gods creation on Earth – and considering how we got here at this point I’m not one to believe in co-incidence – then we have to be at the very beginning and I cannot help but wonder what the human race will be like a Million years from now…

            But if we do foul up and extinguish ourselves from the face of existence, I wonder what will take our place???

            God Bless my friend!


            • I heard that one before haha

              If God (not any current Human concept of God) did create the Universe, It basically did what It did and then dissapeared. In that case we wern’t necessarily planned, but the conditions in the Universe were set for life ingeneral to come in to being. I don’t think God had a hand in creating us, or anything else, except for the conditions. If It did create us, then that would rule out Evolution and would infer Divine creation and interference, which as we know from solid evidence and Science fact, isn’t what happens.

              As for the Human race, I’m not sure if we’ve hit a evolutionary plateu or we could go on evoloving. Only time would tell. Though I think time is not something we have a lot of. I’d be very surprised if Humanity lasts untill the end of this Century, let alone million years from now. There are so many factors that are against us, the biggest one being ourselves, that will either kill off Humanity, halt advancment or replace us.

              If Human’s were gone tomorrow either the Chimps or some other great ape would step in, assuming the conditions we left them with after wiping ourselves out were good enough to exisit in. If the Chimps didn’t step in, we have Dolphins, Wales and Octopuses (the only other intelligent life after us), and possibly Rats. Again, these all depend on the environment being left in intact enough after we’ve killed ourselves off.

              Hope the week got off to a good start for you! 🙂

              • prenin said

                Yeah – we seem determined to wipe ourselves off the face of the planet!!!

                If it comes to Nuclear war Cockroaches will probably be all that remains…

                Have a great week Phil – I’m sleeping silly hours again.

                DOH!!! LoL!!!

                God Bless!


  2. prenin said

    Still early days my friend – as long as you keep to the routine I have high hopes for you!!! 🙂

    I know what you mean about crazy sleeping patterns though – irritating…

    God Bless and sweet dreams!


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