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Archive for March, 2011

Pointless News And Pointless Actions

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 30, 2011

Originally Posted on:  Sep 7th 2008. On MySpace.


I read the paper last week, yeh I know it sounds really exciting! The thing is I don’t read or watch much news these days. The reason being is it’s so depressing and full of bullshit! This first time I opened to read in ages was NO exception!

For some reason, that beggers belief, some talentless twat is making a life-size gold statue of Kate Moss!!!! What I want to know is… WHY? His answer…

I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment

… is NOT good enough! I was thinking maybe it’s because you’re an attention seeking talentless twat? Make a shitty statue of a brain-dead equally talentless “model” and get recognition? Hmmmmmm? I think that’s right! But wait? The man making the statue has already been in the headlines for making pointless stuff before… like a bust of his own head made out of his own blood???? What a pretentious wanker! I bet he thought he thought it was very ‘contemporary’.

Well let me tell you what it is… Pointless and a waste of TIME! What are we supposed to do? Go there stare at it and say… “Woh… ooooooh ahhhhhh that’s really something. This man is truly talented!” I can see the middle class wankers standing there and debating it with Tracy Emin while she pisses herself and sells her knickers as art to some Japanese tourist!

Pointless people, pointless story and an epic waste of time! But then again, if there’s going to be pretentious, brain-dead art dicks cueing up to “hmmm” and “ahhhh” at it, then so be it! Stupid cunts!

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Ten On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 29, 2011

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four One 5mg Tablet(s) daily for four weeks [Now six weeks], then cut down by one tablet a week each week over the next four [Now three] weeks. Untill I see the specialists in April 2011.

Day 64 Tue 22nd March 2011:  Woke up at 8:50am after going to sleep at 4:00am. Back still sore and I feel shitty, I don’t want to do anything but sleep or stare in to space. It’s moods like this that worry me for when I start studying! I just wont be able to take anything in fully because it.

Went to sleep for a few hours because I felt tired and pissed off. Back getting better though) (2/10) (6/10)

Day 65 Wed 23rd March 2011: Went to the toilet twice, it’s all normal. Back is very much better, will start doing the back strengthening tomorrow. Mood still low-ish, but better than yesterday. (2/10) (5/10)

Day 66 Thu 24th March 2011: Didn’t sleep well last night, I lost count of how many times I woke up. I went to bed early but wound myself up when the OCD/T started. It’s going to be one of those days where I don’t want to be around anyone.

Everything else is normal. (2/10) (7/10)

Day 67 Fri 25th March 2011: Low mood again since I woke up. Spent most the day in my room reading.

UC still at bay and everything is normal. I say normal, it isn’t quite 100%, I still have the tiredness you get with UC and the occasional cramp and pain. (2/10) (7/10)

Day 68 Sat 26th March 2011: UC still at bay, toilet visit fine.

I’ve been doing some exercises for my back and warming up the rest of my body for when I start proper exercise. You know you’re fat and out-of-shape when you have to do warm-up exercises for your warm-up exercises, a week in advance!

Mood still low. (2/10) (8/10)

Day 69 Sun 27th March 2011: Despite the fact I went to bed early, 11:30pm, and woke up at 9am, I still feel tired! I think the tiredness is more the result of low-mood than UC. Still feel low.

Toilet visit was normal! Prednisolone do work for me! Which is a good thing, so good to have normal toilet visits! (2/10) (7/10)

Day 70 Mon 28th March 2011: Woke up late after going to bed late, I’m not 100% sure but I think my tiredness is mostly due to low-mood.

Toilet visit was fine!

Mood still low.

The green readings will remain 2/10 untill I can be sure the UC is not causing the tiredness. (2/10) (6/10)

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Cuts? I Have A Better Idea!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 28, 2011

It still pisses me off that people are willing to pay for the economic damage that was caused by bankers and their large firms! Why should the people pay the price for what the bankers have done? I can sort of understand the bail-out, I disagree with it, but the people wanted it. But now, we, the people are paying for this bail-out by cutting public services, wage freezes, higher tax and National insurance.

Just why are the people paying for it? Why? Politicians and people alike talk like there’s no other option but to cut public spending and increase taxes. Some say we need it now and others say we can do it slower. I don’t think we need to do any of this! There is another way! And no, I’m not talking about cutting slower and less like the Labour Party and nearly every other non-Conservative person keeps saying.

What I’m talking about is taxing the people and companies who started the whole problem… properly!

You may think that corporations (Banks included in that) are taxed enough as it is? That we shouldn’t pick on the people who bring the most tax in to the country, if you will… “Not to kill the Goose that lays the golden egg.”, or at least scare it off? Well, you would be wrong!

Mr. Osborne is planning to lower corporation Tax over the next four years from 28% to 23% by 2014. He cited that UK corporation Tax is too high and putting off foreign and domestic Companies from wanting to do business here, as a reason for doing so. The matter of the fact is that these top companies are not paying their full tax! They like to make out they are, but in reality they use complicated schemes to avoid paying as much tax as possible! Prepare to wet yourself at these numbers…. Between £95Bn and £150 Billion a year is not paid in tax by large UK Companies! Let’s take the lowest estimate, though recent numbers put it at £120 Bn. That’s right, £95 Bn! (It’s all legal by the way) One year… One. Year. That could pay for the £81Bn cuts to Public services and tax rises planned for the next four years and then some!

Why are we fucking putting up with this? Oh, I forgot, we’re a nation of morons who love to moan but wont do fuck all about it! Instead we go for the easy route, we’ll listen to the party that’s on our side, that opposes these cuts… we’ll vote Labour instead! Labour are useless, they are as much in the pocket of the bankers and large companies as the Tory Party are! How do you think the country got in to the debt it did? With the help of Labour, when it deregulated the financial system back in 1998, at the behest of the Bankers! Of course, can’t leave out the Tories, they’re the ones who started it back in the mid-’80s! Labour are nothing but tools for big business as the Tories are and that the Lib-Dems would be if the student population ever got large enough to give them a majority.

None of the main Parties, or the smaller ones, would consider asking the large companies to pay their full tax or close the loop holes that help them get out of paying, to help clear the national debt that they caused. Why? Because these rich companies are the ones paying a lot of tax, and if they don’t like the tax placed on them, they’ll leave. So they’re basically holding the country to ransom saying:

“You raise tax, and we’ll leave the country. So, you should have the country (people) pay off the deficit, make out like the previous Government has spent too much in the public sector.”

So, let’s get this straight…

(1) Labour WILL NOT save us from the cuts. In fact they help create them

(2) We shouldn’t be paying off the debts of companies that are avoiding tax and now have even less tax to pay because it is being lowered.

We are paying for their bad business decisions. Immigrants and benefit fraud (which is less than 1% of what the tax gap is) are small potatoes compared to what these bastards landed the nation with! And we’re being asked to shoulder that burden too while being told: “We’re all in this together!” It’s a fucking joke, they seem to be taking the piss, how do they keep a straight face?! These companies have the money to pay down the debt they caused faster and without cuts to public services, but refuse to do it? Not only that but they also hold the country to ransom saying they’ll relocate the business elsewhere if Tax isn’t lowered? And to put the icing on the cake, no current political party has the balls to challenge them?

This kind of taxing should’ve been planned for when Alistair Darling set the conditions for the Banks to be bailed out. He should have made it clear to them and said that if they don’t agree to pay down their debt when they’re making a profit again, then they wouldn’t get the bail-out. But now, we knew who was doing the dictating in that meeting!

Our economy needs to move away from being so dependent on financial services to survive! If we don’t move away from it we’re going to keep being held to ransom by the same rich greedy bastards again and again, with a political system that’s been well and truly bought by them! It’s funny really, the Tory Party wouldn’t be held to ransom by Miners and other Strikers in the 1980s, but they will be held to ransom by the Bankers and big business?

There is something you can do to try to change this, and it isn’t hard work either. Whenever you or someone else brings up the subject of the cuts and people start moaning, mention the numbers to them above! Explain that the same companies that caused the debt are not paying their full tax which could easily pay off the debts without the public at large suffering. Yes, it may be a small act, but if we get it in to the UK’s subconscious so all the people are pumping out the same thing with no understanding of it, like they usually do, then it’ll create a mood for something to be done about it.

Failing that am gonna nuts and take some people out!

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Blah! Basically…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 26, 2011

Retro blog. originally Posted on: Jun 21st 2009 on MySpace.

I was pissed off at the time. Yeh I know… I’m always pissed off! Anyway, enjoy…


Blah! Basically you’re all a bunch of hollow, lazy, ostentatious and selfish lot of bastards! It’s your fault there’s war, famine and disease in most of the developing world!

How is it you fault I hear you ask? Well, you vote the Governments in that cause the mess! It happens because the west dumps surplus grains and produce on the developing world, those Western goods then sell more cheaply than the local made goods. This then destroys the local economy. Because the local economy is destroyed, thus the people have no jobs and when they have no jobs they can’t buy food! Hence food Aid to the third world and starving Africans and Bob Geldof asking for money on their behalf! You can see this happen in Africa right now! The Government you vote in to represent you, allows and does this!

Not only is your Government allowing the selling of produce there, it’s also allowing the flow of guns, which it creates, markets and sells, in to the starvation area. These weapons are then used by undemocratic leaders to suppress its people and continue the political instability in the area which helps in causing and furthering the starvation! So not only are you starving people you’re having them killed and suppressing them!

I hear you say “I never asked them to!”. Well you voted them in to represent you, and you don’t pay attention to anything they do in your name. So… yeh.. you did!

Why didn’t you know it was happening? Well because you were too busy with your pointless possessions and pursuit of social status symbols! Like your new expensive car to impress the neighbours and help you get laid! You HD TV, £300 shoes, all that jewelry, your $100 hair cut! Your new £200 mobile phone! Come on people these things are NOT essential to your life! They’re just there to distract you! There’s nothing wrong with having them but you love and prize them so much you don’t realise you just got ripped off and can’t see what’s going on around you politically, socially or internationally!

What can we do about it? I don’t know, but I know it starts with getting angry and educated! When I say “educated” I don’t mean pick a political ideology like Communism or Socialism, that will just restrict you to one way of thinking. Do not look to the media to educate you! It’s a good source of distorted fact, fiction and half-truths, but nothing more! To see this just read several different news papers then look on the net, then watch TV news! If you hadn’t figured from reading the different news papers you’ll see a lot of the same story is changed to serve what ever political or economic slant the organisation has. Read between the lines! And open your eyes to the mess in the world and the things that are being done in your name!

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Constupro Aeternus Eternus (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 25, 2011

I’d like to think this picture said more than a whole rambling post could, but I doubt it very much.

I wont tell you what it says because it’ll spoil the fun for you finding out what it says. Here’s a tip, translate each word by itself (They’re Latin by the way). Actually, tell me if I got the translation wrong!

I’m going to work on this and maybe make a few others.

The Original:

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Nine On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 22, 2011

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks [Now six weeks], then cut down by one tablet a week each week over the next four [Now three] weeks.

Day 57 Tue 15th March 2011: Woke up at 11am, not been to the toilet yet and no twinges from the beef I ate yesterday. But still, I’m not going to eat any of the foods that may cause a  flare-up untill I’m fully off the Prednisolone.

Went to the toilet, normal! Down to one tab a day from today, wish I remembered that this morning when I took two! Oh well. (2/10) (6/10)

Day 58 Wed 16th March 2011: Got up late (10:30am), didn’t sleep well. Went to the toilet and it’s still normal. No cramps or pains. Did some cleaning and work in the Bathroom, felt OK, besides the fumes from the bleach and the stretching!

Went to bed at 2am, couldn’t sleep or get comfortable. Got up and did some writing then went back to bed at 5am. (2/10) (5/10)

Day 59 Thu 17th March 2011: Got up late, about 12:10pm, I didn’t sleep well again! I don’t think the bleach fumes helped, it’s given me a bad chest! I’ll buy a mask for when I start painting! (2/10) (5/10)

Day 60 Fri 18th March 2011: Didn’t go to the toilet yesterday, so I’ll go some time today. So far, no bloating or cramps.

Went to the toilet, it was normal. It’s so good to feel well again, I mean, I’m not perfect but I feel a lot better. I still feel tired in the day like I used to, but it’s better. Dare I say it… I feel ‘Normal’! (2/10) (4/10)

Day 61 Sat 19th March 2011: Woke up late, about 11:15am, with a bad back! It must’ve been the cleaning and stretching to get the old paint off the ceiling in the toilet on Wed! I still have it now at 5:20pm.

Went to the toilet, it was normal. But I was tired before that, I fell asleep for an hour and half. Though the UC is sort of at bay, I still have the tiredness that comes with it. (2/10) (4/10)

Day 62 Sun 20th March 2011: My back is a little bit better this morning, at least I’m not walking around like an old man!

Went to the toilet, ’twas normal!

I’m feeling a little drop in mood today.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I went to bed early, and my back suddenly got extremely worse when I got up again to get comfortable! It was as painful as 2009 when I last had it this bad! Because of this I stayed up really late and my sleeping pattern is well and truly out of the window! Feeling pretty shitty right now. The pain killers (Co-dydramol) don’t even work! (2/10) (5/10)

Day 63 Mon 21st March 2011: Woke up at 12:15pm! I wasn’t up long before I had one of my downturns in mood. When I get them I just don’t want to be seen by, spoken to, looked at  or be near anyone. I also don’t feel like doing anything either. So I went to my room and fell asleep for a few hours, I felt a little better afterwards, though I’m still feeling it.

Went to the toilet, was normal! Just had a shower and preparing for a boring night in front of the TV or messing on about on the PC. (2/10) (6/10)

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The Invasion Of Iraq. What Really Happend! [WARNING: STRONG CONTENT!]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 20, 2011

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It’s Da End Ov Da Wurld… Init! (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 19, 2011

First of all, how great is this picture? Looks a little like Freddy Krueger crossed with Venom from Spider-Man! It is now my desktop background, yes… it’s that great! I have no idea who made it if anyone’s planning to ask. Just thought I’d share it!

With all the “It’s the end of the world!” talk recently, I thought I’d share a end of the world prediction from history.

This is a funny one and testament to how stupid and gullible Humans can be!

The Millerites were a U.S. Christian sect who formed around William Miller‘s prediction that Jesus would return to Earth on the 22nd of October in the year 1843. Miller predicted this using the book of Daniel and the Day-Year Principle of prophecy (That basically means a day mentioned in the Bible is a full Year on Earth).

Millier managed to gain 50,000 followers at the peak of his prophesying. Most of those followers believed in him so much that they sold all their belongings! Some tried to be a little more crafty, one lady tied her trunk to her so that when she ascended to heaven the trunk would have to follow! I don’t know about you but I know Jesus wouldn’t be having any of that!

Another interesting story is the man who tied Turkey wings to his shoulders in preparation to for his ascent to heaven. He sat in a tree and waited untill it was time and jumped out of the tree expecting to go up to heaven. He had no such luck, he fell down and broke his arm!

Other equally stupid people held on to umbrellas to help them ascend in to heaven!

One Man had given his farm and home to his son, who was a non-believer, and when nothing happened on the day Jesus was supposed to come to Earth, he went back home and his son wouldn’t give the farm back!

When the day in which Jesus was supposed to come back to Earth had passed, all the people went home, apart from the bloke who broke his arm and the bloke who gave his farm away, one went to the hospital and the other to the local mission, I should imagine!

Of course, Mr. Miller was somewhat disliked for his wrong predictions. However, in a fit of depression he suddenly realised he was calculating using the Christian year and not the Jewish year. So he came back with a new set of numbers, which said the world would end on 22nd of March 1844. It never happened! Miller died five years later, disliked more than a Jew at a Neo-Nazi rally.

Ah well, at least he admitted he was wrong before he died, how many people in his line of work do that?

                                                                                           William Miller

People are still at it lol:

I Smell another William Miller on the way! Though I can’t see them calling it Camperism or his followers Camerites after Mr.Harold Camping LOL! How is this guy still in business?

Anyway, note it in ya diaries folks, 22nd of May 2011!

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Two Atomic Bombs And Constant Earthquakes Weren’t Enough?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 18, 2011

Let’s get something straight, what has and is currently happening in Japan is horrific! Thousands have already died in the North East of the country as a result of the 9.0 Magnitude Earth Quake and Tsunami that followed. Many are also missing, homeless and many more may die from disease and radiation poisoning if the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant‘s reactors explode!

You’d think this on-going tragedy was bad enough without heartless, ignorant people adding to the misery of it! Some callous, seriously ignorant people have been calling what’s happening in Japan as a ‘Message from God’ and ‘Karma‘ because the Japanese are Shintoists and Buddhists. which means they’re basically Atheists, and for the country’s actions during World War Two.

Glenn Beck’s Comments , yes, Glenn Beck again, well his comments on the natural disaster that happened in Japan were just typical of an brain-dead idiot like himself. He called it: “A message from God.” and “What God does is God’s business, I have no idea. But I’ll tell you this: whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus – there’s a message being sent. And that is, ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it”.  He went on to say we could “appease” God by following the Ten commandments!

Beck wasn’t alone with his comments, another idiot, this time the Japanese Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara – another man not adverse to saying stupid things, said the earthquake and resulting tsunami was: “divine punishment.” and that::  “It is necessary to wash away the greedy mind … by using tsunami” Obviously Mr. Ishihara retracted his comments, as all self-serving and self-saving Politicians do, which is something Ishihara is used to! 

There has also been an accompanying chorus to these comments by some normal people. These people are saying Karma has come back and hit Japan for the country’s past history.

OK, where to start! Oh yeh, geological activity and natural disasters, you know, Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis and the like have been going on since the Earth was able to form oceans and continents! Which is about, oh… um… 3Bn years ago for the continents! There is nothing divine about it, it has nothing to do with God. Even if it did, God knows all and sees all and knows what it is to come. Which means God created and planned what the Japanese were going to do and subsequently punished them for Its own actions. That is just complete rubbish!

Karma. Ok, this concept too… is rubbish! If it were a solid concept then a lot of bad people in the world would suffer before they actually die. The fact is a lot of them don’t! People get away with murder and all sorts of acts that would demand Karma at some point, but it rarely happens to the right people. Instead it happens to people who have never hurt anyone or done something really bad in their lives. 

Even if the concept was valid and true, it wouldn’t apply to a country as a Political unit, as Karma works on an individual level, not collective. It also wouldn’t punish many innocents along with the perceived guilty. If we look at Japan now, only 11% of the Population are 75 or over, of that 11% only those over 85 could’ve fought in/for the war to some degree that the country is being punished for. In a country of over 127 million people, that isn’t a lot. So the idea Karma would wipe out the North East of the country to take out less than 11% of the population is ridiculous!

There’s a few things going on here. Number one is the typical religious reaction to a natural disaster, it’s the only way they can deal with so many people suffering that they look for a reason why God would do such a thing. Also gives them the opportunity to feel like they made the right choice, because they haven’t been harmed, and take it upon themselves to remind others that they’re doing and believing the wrong thing.

Number two, a lot of hate for the Japanese for actions that happened over sixty years ago! The modern people of Japan have nothing to do with what happened, besides those within the 11%. Why dislike a whole nation for the actions of their ancestors? That’s so narrow-minded, tribal and stupid! Why blame the son for the sins of the father? If we all did that we’d be hating each other – even more than usual! These people also seem to forget that Japan were bombed twice by Atomic bombs, gets hit by numerous earthquakes and has been under U.S. domination since the end of WWII. Wouldn’t that be Karma enough?, if indeed it could ever a working force.

People need to learn and understand that the present day populations have nothing to be sorry or ashamed about, even if their parents, grand parents or other ancestors were involved in wars and acts that were horrendous. People also need to learn people are people and this type of thing will be going untill the Human race dies out, so you may be the mother or father of the next Hitler!

But forget about that, and think about some of the poor people in Japan who have lost everything they had! Even their family members! Just have a heart and remember they’re Human too!

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Where’s Glenn Beck? (#1)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 17, 2011

Everyone’s, sorry… every intellectually challenged ideologically blind favourite U.S. Conservative Fox News presenter has gone missing from his show! Since Mr. Beck – presenter of the ‘Glenn Beck Program’ (What an imaginative title, eh?) – started going over the top with his far-fetched, and quite frankly deranged, conspiratorial rants about Jews having influence in the U.S. Government (Frances Fox Piven being one of them), and them being in conjunction with the Marxists, Leninist, Teletubites and Islamic Socialists on his show, lead to 300 advertisers pulling out of showing their ads during the breaks on the show.

Of course, the people at Fox news are upset about this because nothing turns them on more than lots and lots of money, because this buys them power, influence, interests, not to mention virgin Christian Children that they can sacrifice to their God! Oh, and the lawyers that can get them out of trouble if they’re photographed by the likes of David Icke!

You may not know this but it takes a lot of money to Davide Icke-proof a building or compound! The Man can get where the most determined reporter, and to a lesser extent, former Royal Family members (*Ahem* Fergy *Ahem*) can’t even get! And when you’re Sacrificing Children, shagging goats and letting the ole scales see the sun after a long year of pretending to be Human… that’s not what you want!

So, the big wigs at Fox News weren’t happy with the loss of revenue caused by Beck’s rants. So it’s thought they’ve told Beck to take some time out while they decide what to do with him. Maybe they’ll ask him to tone it down, sack him, put him elsewhere on the Fox Roster or maybe have him doing the weather? That would be one long, gloomy tear riddled report! Never would the U.S. population have seen such a Patriotic showing, and love, for the U.S. weather system!

Anyway, it’s thought Beck has gone around the world to find some inspiration to help him decide what to do next in his life if he’s sacked from Fox News. He is still broadcasting his radio show, but no-one knows where from! So I went on the net looking for stories of him and his whereabouts, and I found this picture on Google:

It’s hard to tell where he is, but he looks like he’s having a good time! Well, I assume he is, it’s hard to tell because he’s happy when he’s crying, right? Crying with happiness? I don’t know, personally I think the man’s a few Teabaggers short of a porn film!

If you know where he is, then tell me, you’ll win a prize! Actually, no you wont, you’ll win a cyber pat on the back, if you’re a man, or a cyber pat on the bum if you’re a lady!  

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