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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Six On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 1, 2011


                          WEEK SIX

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks [Now six weeks], then cut down by one tablet a week each week over the next four [Now three] weeks.

Day 36 Tue 22nd Feb 2011: Can’t remember what time I woke up, but it was earlier than yesterday. Went to the toilet, it’s same as before more or less with no blood still. Wasn’t on there as long either. Though I think I may bleed again this week because my mood is so low today, it’s been dipping since last week. Getting to that point where I don’t want to be around anyone again. Didn’t really want to make this diary about anything else, but seeing as mood is connected to the UC and cycle of depression and UC, I will have to include it.

Had some tea, well… I say tea I mean 4 bags of Nik-Naks and some Piri Piri Chicken, which wasn’t that good! Now I have a headache and a rapid heartbeat. (4/10) (8/10)

Day 37 Wed 23rd Feb 2011: Didn’t get to sleep ’till gone 12am yesterday. Got up late, not been to the toilet today at all, which means I’m getting back to the point I was at before things messed up. No pain, no discomfort So far.

I just accidentally posted this blog because I wasn’t looking at what I was doing!! (>_<)! Duh! (4/10) (8/10)

Day 38 Thu 24th Feb 2011: Got up early, had breakfast, didn’t go to the toilet untill mid-afternoon. When I did, I was on there for an hour! About as formed as yesterday, with a little bit of blood. No current pains or cramps, but OCD and Anxiety still a shit!

Finding it hard to motivate myself to do things, don’t want to think and can’t concentrate fully. I feel annoyed because of it. (4/10) (8/10)

Day 39 Fri 25th Feb 2011: Woke up late, about 9:20AM. I did want to get up at 8 or 8:30AM to keep my sleeping pattern normal. But with the New Laurel and Hardy show in every night in my house, plus them musical cats, I usually wake up more than I should do!

Anyway, haven’t been to the toilet today, which means things are settling again, but today hasn’t been without any discomfort. Woke up with pain in my abdomen.

Felt tired and pissed off most of the day, looking forward to a sleep. (5/10) (7/10)

Day 40 Sat 26th Feb 2011: Woke up late again today, went to the toilet when I got up, was less formed than usual but no blood. Also went four hours later, it was even less formed then, but still no blood. No pain or discomfort so far, but still have a lack of motivation.

Went to bed late and woke up at 1am, and slept untill 10:30AM. (4/10) (6/10)

Day 41 Sun 27th Feb 2011: Woke up late, not been to the toilet so far, no pain or discomfort.

Went to the toilet late in the evening, it’s gone backwards again, less formed and blood again. It’s not like it was before I started taking the Prednisolone, but it still isn’t good. Went three times and had discomfort with it afterwards. (5/10) (6/10)

Day 42 Mon 28th Feb 2011: Didn’t get to sleep untill gone 2:30AM and got up at 8:30AM. I’m tired but I do it to keep my sleeping pattern as normal as possible for when I start my Open Uni study. So far, no bad discomfort, but feel a little bloated. I start lowering the dose tomorrow to three tablets a day for a week and decrease by a tablet a week untill I’m off them. I assume then I’ll need a months break to let my body recover before starting a higher dose. Things haven’t gone to plan at all, and looks like I wont be making any good progress untill mid-May or even June. 

Well, it’s 10:55pm, I’ve felt a little bloated all day, but not been to the toilet. Made an appointment to see the Doc next week about sorting out another course of the Prednisolone. I’m thinking I’ll have to take a month off them. The obsessive thinking is getting really annoying, I’m starting to thinking about people, situations and things all the time, I mean, like all the time! It’s starting to engulf my whole day, I’ve been here before but not for a while. Needless to say it’s winding me up. Anyway, going to set this to publish and then am off to bed! (5/10) (7/10)


2 Responses to “Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Six On Prednisolone”

  1. Hello,
    Still a bit of mix and match. Worrying that your depression has grown a little when your general well being is showing good signs. This med is proving to have a bit of a differing affect on you and everytime I see an update in my mail, I always hope the blue and the green numbers both get much, much lower.

    But again, positive signs, something to build on or cling to but it is just those mental side effects, the thoughts the thinking, I know how difficult that can be to manage. Hopefully the course will help you focus your mind away from that.

    Keep doing what is right and fingers crossed for some progress my friend

    • Hiya mate 🙂

      Yes, there have been good signs and progress, but nowhere near as much as what I thought. I’m just a little frustrated that I’m going to have to wait for any solid, stable progress untill Summer, which sort of sets back the going out and exercise.

      I’ll be off these soon, and then I’ll have to have a break from them I think, unless the Doc tells me otherwise on Monday. We shall see what happens! 🙂

      Thanks for the support, Mate! 🙂

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