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Murdoch Given The Go Ahead To Buy BSkyB

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 3, 2011

What does the following creature have in common with our current UK Government?…

Well, let me tell you, besides being slimy, slow to act, useless and inconvenient, they’re also spineless!

Today the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt , gave the green light for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to buy up the remaining 61% of British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB).

If you’re asking yourself: “What’s wrong with that?” Well, what’s wrong is Rupert Murdoch will own over 50% of the UK media! That means he, one man, controls half of all news we get or see. And thus can manipulate it, control opinion and, if he wants to, stifle debate and free speech, not to mention influence the outcome of Political elections.

The Culture Secretary has only given it the green light because News Corp said they would make Sky News a semi-independent company, free of News Corp… for 10 years. Oh, that solves everything right? No, it doesn’t! Though Sky News would be defacto independent it would still be funded by News Corp. And as you know, He who holds the purse strings controls the flow of money. And if they control the flow of money, they will control who gets paid, and those people getting paid better broadcast what the people with the purse strings says to.

This is just typical of Tory Government, I wouldn’t expect anything less, everything is for sale, as long as someone is making money out of it. Fuck media plurality, what’s that compared to a media mogul who brings billions in to the UK economy, helps fund the party and can help them win the next election by having the Tories viewed in a positive light throughout his media.

This has already happened in the USA, have you seen the state of US media reporting? They’re biased, and I don’t just mean BBC light bias, I mean obvious out-right bias. I’m not just talking about Fox News here that is owned by News Corp, but all the media channels! They’re all owned by one company or another, and are thus not independent, they report what they’re told to, for the sake of the owners and for the sake of viewer numbers.

It’s just so wrong and not good for a healthy media. If the media isn’t healthy then a lot of the citizenry wont be able to make an informed choice when voting. It really infuriates me that our Government just waves this takeover on like they’re directing traffic! This is one of the biggest problems in the West these days, large corporations telling Governments what to do and control the media, banking to the industry of the country!

The country is supposed to be run for our benefit, the people, not large multi-national corps. And what’s sad is no political parties seem to see this as wrong or a problem, nor would they do anything about it!

If I had any faith left in Government this would’ve taken the last piece. It’s a sad day for the UK media and UK Media plurality.


10 Responses to “Murdoch Given The Go Ahead To Buy BSkyB”

  1. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Yep: Poorly sick is a pain – I think my last taxi driver had TB judging from his cough!!!

    I’m due my meds Wednesday so I’ll get more cold cures then.

    You are right about the UN, but the UK IS doing something: Reports are that eight SAS were captured by the rebels as they escorted a Junior Ambassador to meet with the rebel leaders.

    Bet THAT gets Gaddafi’s back up!!! 🙂

    There’s also shooting in Tripoli which the Powers That Be claim is just celebrations, but I very much doubt it!!!

    You are right about it being a situation that could end with Gaddafi winning, or Civil War while the rest of the world sits on the fence, but the whole thing is weird because Gaddafi isn’t using the majority of his forces and they are not showing much backbone even though they are up against lightly armed and untrained civilians?

    Something doesn’t smell right…

    God Bless!


    • Good job we’ve had our vacs eh? I hope you have anyway, or you’ll be in for a rough time! lol

      Yeh, apparently the SAS was captured by anti-Gaddafi supporters. Which is a bad thing to do really because they were there to escort a diplomatic team and help them. If it is the SAS I’m assuming they didn’t fight back because they didn’t want to be seen as enemies by the anti-G forces. If they wanted to, I think they could’ve caused trouble and we wouldn’t have even known they were there.

      You’re right, Gadaffi isn’t fighting back with all his power, or the power that he says he has. But if you think about it, he only has control of the Capital and some parts off the West, that’s it. Maybe that’s why he can’t bring the full power, because he doesn’t have the numbers or the military hardware?

      Hope the illness has eased a little! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        Sounds like the SAS event was more of an embarrassment than anything else! LoL!!!

        Gaddafi is sending more of his forces in to quell the rebellion, but it sounds like there was a firefight in Tripoli which brought Gaddafi’s supporters out on the street to fire guns in an effort to hide what was happening…

        From the sound of it he’s not only spread thinly – this revolution is popular and spreading – but he is also not too sure of the loyalty of his Armed Forces.

        There was also a report that his soldiers were using civilians as Human Shields, but I’ve heard nothing since…

        As for the cold or whatever the hell it is I’ve got – ACHOOO!!! (sniff)…

        Nuff said…

        God Bless!


        • hahaha I know! Why didn’t they just get off the warship and ask to see the intrim Government? Why the secrecy? Me thinks something was going on, involving weapons and Oil deals?

          The West is losing a valuble opportunity here, they could create a No-fly zone and let the anti-Gaddafi forces do the rest! But of course, creating a no-fly zone would require bombing Gaddafi’s air control centers and defences, which would constitute a act of war. And we all know the West doesn’t want to get drawn in to another protracted war that has the potential to go on for a while!

          Not heard anything about Human shields, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all!

          Get well soon, man! 🙂

  2. penelopephoebe said

    I SO agree with you Phil. The British people will be floundering in the dark!

    • Hi Pen! 🙂

      All may not be lost yet, Pen, we have the Internet… for the time being! Even if the TV media is controled by Darth Murdoch we can still get raw news from the Internet! Whether people will search for it on-line or just accept what the TV media has to say is another matter though.

      But my instinct is like that of yours.

  3. jennyozzy said

    this cameron is the flame from hell maggies crutch and just as dirty if no one stands up to them hes got a hitler mustache growing faster than hairs on well fast lol xxjen

    • lol Hi Jen!

      That was funny! I’m glad to see you know all this is being allowed by him and not just actions taken by the Culture Secretary! Cameron could easily help get this stopped, but he wont, he’s now friends with Rupert Murdoch so there’s no chance. And we all know what Cameron’s been offered by Murdoch for his services! That’s right, cash and support from Murdoch! Urgh!

      Thanks for visiting, Jen! 🙂

  4. prenin said

    Oh how true!!! 😦

    Now we have to wait 10 years before Murdoch owns everything…

    God Bless.


    • Hiya Ian! 🙂

      It might be sooner than you think. When Murdoch buys up a company it’s for the long term, but also has ways around waiting the long term. Like with the Times and other media, he said he wouldn’t have the influence, but he did. Why? Because he’s paying their wages, and you do as the boss says.

      What he’ll do is take control of Sky News piece by piece, and though Sky will look independent it wont be, because the board will be full of people loyal to him. There’s also the fact Sky News will be running at a loss, and when something runs at a loss no one will want to buy in to it. So, you can see who’ll be buying shares up?

      Have a good weekend, man! 🙂

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