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UC Diary: I’m So Out Of Shape!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 7, 2011

While I was cleaning the bathroom last week I noticed how easily I got a little out of breath and start sweating, I mean, even more than I used to, and it wasn’t really hard work! Just circular motions with the sponge while applying pressure. I did the same thing with the mop, which I found caused more sweating and increased heart beat than it should. 

This wasn’t the only time I noticed this, I noticed just running up the stairs and putting my sister’s Rat cage together, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

I went to the Doctors today, walking briskly, I wasn’t that out of breath, but it was harder work than it used to be, I could feel the difference, there was more stress on my heart., I had to take more air in. By the time I got to the Doctors I had to sit down and take my inhalers, even though I was sat down I was still finding it hard to breath a little. During the walk my saliva got so thick, like it does when you first starting exercise after a long break. I’m not sure why that happens! I’ve read everything from increased air intake to not hydrating properly. If anyone can tell me why that happens I’ll be grateful!

I’ve also been in the garden today digging, unfortunately it was a hole for one of Cats, she’s not been well for two months or so and she’s had to be put down. I think that is better than not being able to eat, drink and losing the use of your legs! So I dug the hole in preparation for her coming home, a little sad but it had to be done. Anyway, I noticed I was knackered just diggining a hole! And I never used to get that knackered just digging!

After discussing my medication with the Doc I asked him to weigh me. I already knew I was 23st as I have home scales, I just wanted to be tested on a more accurate pair, which these ones were! Low and behold I am 23st 6! I can’t say it shocked me but the extra weight and my inactivity is having an effect on me!

I know, I need to diet! Thing is, if I start doing brisk walking every other day I’m running the risk of setting the UC off or making it worse! A diet by itself wont be much help either because I’ll not have a lot of choice of food as I still can’t eat many. There’s also the fact a bland diet would make me so damn miserable as food is the thing I enjoy most, even in its limited to certain kinds.

ever since I got the UC I’ve been doing exercise on and off and I’ve never been able to keep it constant! I used to love exercising, I used to do it six days week! Mon, Wed, Fri I would do cardio on the treadmill or bike. Tues, Thu and Sat  I’d lift some weights. It was hard doing it now and again, not just because of the UC but the strong mindset you need to keep at it when you just don’t feel like doing it, I find that very hard to do.

I’m not going to whine anymore, I just wanted to document this. So I’m going to have to wait untill I make some good progress on my Prednisolone medication, which is looking like late May or early June.

I was going to do a blog on Glam, but I decided against it, I’m not sure many people want to read about a Cat. But she was my Cat, that I rescued back in 1994 from a building site. I’m glad I did and gave her a longer life than she ever would’ve had out-doors. She brought happiness to our lives, as well as three kittens, two of which we kept! She especially brought happiness to my mother whose own cat had died a few weeks after I brought Glam in. If there is some kind of afterlife after anything dies, then I hope Glam’s sat up there on her own ironing board, yes she loved to sleep on them, aswell as any low down cardboard boxes, plastic bags, dirty or clean washing and maybe on your head if it took her fancy! R.I.P Glam


7 Responses to “UC Diary: I’m So Out Of Shape!”

  1. Lizz said

    DeadAnarchistPhil : no spamming:)

  2. Pete Judge said

    First, sorry to hear about your loss and you’re right, better off being put to sleep than having an agonising existence. Cats do bring a lot of happiness even if they do stink the house out and leave hairs everywhere. I have two and sometimes I want to chuck them into the canal but I wouldn’t swap them for anything.

    Well you know my thoughts on weight loss and getting fitter but I didn’t have the problem you have. Hopefully you find something that works for you both in diet and exercise, something you can easily stick to, doesn’t affect your UC and loses those few pounds you need to shift.
    Be patient though mate. A couple of pounds a week and some weeks you will fail but something you find is as you get on, it does start to get easier. As my body got lighter and fitter, some weeks I seemed to lose weight without really trying.

    But it is the weight that is making you get out of breath and sweaty without a doubt. I gave up smoking because I needed oxygen but as you know, piled the weight on. When I got to 24 stone, even though I hadn’t smoked for a couple of years, I still huffed and puffed to do anything. All good now.

    Head up mate and you’ll find a way…….but never a diet!! Lifestyle change…..

    Take care

    • You know, our cats never smell the house out, they’ve always gone outdoors to do their business since we moved here. Obviously, that has it’s own problems when you think about it. Only time it’s smelled in the house is when one of them has got caught short because no one was around or awake to let them out. But yeh, they’re worth the fuss and mess they create.

      I wouldn’t mind a diet if I could eat the right foods. When I lost weight in the past I used weigth watchers and exercise, I lost a lot of weight that way. I lost 2 pounds every week after the initial month and stubbon weight loss phase. Even though I was eating some stuff that I shouldn’t have been eating and eating over my points. The thing was I was eating significantly less calories and exercising too, which is what I wasn’t doing before I started. I need to do that again, but as you know, I can’t and if I could I would’ve done it already.

      However, the UC seems to be almost under control! So, with a few more weeks and a visit to the Prof I should be ready to exercise and introduce some old foods again and see which sets me off.

      Thanks mate, you take care too and talk soon! 🙂

  3. Lizz said

    Ive followed the instructions on a web page I accidently stumbled upon. After three months, I lost over 15 kg(33lbs).
    If you’re interested, read more about it on http://foxmuldyr.com/looseweight .

  4. prenin said

    Hi Phil!

    I’m 18 and a half stone and I agree about the problem with being out of shape.

    Blood pressure is 171/80 and heart is 88bpm, so I’m going on a diet and see if I can reduce this pudding on legs back to a 32″ Waist!!!

    Hope everything works out and I’m sorry about Glam.

    Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family…

    God Bless!


    • I didn’t look too bad at 18 stone! lol! I need to get down to about that, with weights and exercise I could build up muscles and burn the fat while staying heavy-ish! lol 😉 I hope your diet goes to plan mate! You should keep us up-dated about it, if you aren’t doing that already! 😉

      Glam’s better off where she is, she couldn’t have gone on the way she was. It’s sad, but we have to move on. And you’re right, they do become a member of the family, but for me, personally, it’s a little easier to lose a pet than a Human being.

      Good luck, Man! 🙂

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