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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Eight On Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 15, 2011

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Treatment for: Ulcerative Colitis.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks [Now six weeks], then cut down by one tablet a week each week over the next four [Now three] weeks.

Day 50 Tue 8th March 2011: Ccmpletely forgot to do it this day, but on the whole things were normal. (4/10)(6/10)

Day 51 Wed 9th March 2011: Had to strain when I was on the toilet, not had to do that for a long time! But still, the best it’s been for a while. OCT/D and low mood still there. (3/10)(7/10)

Day 52 Thu 10th March 2011: (Forgot this day) ()()

Day 53 Fri 11th March 2011: Went twice today, no change in it though, it’s still good. Had some cramps though. OCD still there but not so bad. (3/10) (6/10)

Day 54 Sat 12th March 2011: Been to the toilet, it was normal, well 99% normal, it aint perfect but it’s better than how it was. Only went once, but have cramps and may have to go again.) (3/10)(6/10)

Day 55 Sun 13th March 2011: Woke up late, but my sleeping pattern is staying consistent for the time being. I didn’t go to the toilet again yesterday, not been today either and it’s 2:22am! Only minor cramps, nothing bad really. My scalp is still itchy but not as a much as before. OCD not that bad but still feel low.

Went to the toilet, I have to say… you know you have UC when you’re happy to see a normal bowel movement! It’s so good to be in the toilet for only 15 minutes at the most instead of three-quarters of an hour at the least! (3/10)(6/10)

Day 56 Mon 14th March 2011: Not much trouble today, haven’t been to the toilet yet, have no cramps but I feel tired. Then again, I feel tired every day.

Fell asleep for two hours because I was tired.  OCD and anxiety aint been that bad. Went to the toilet and twas normal.

 So today I tried beef for the first time in months! I had a beef curry, to see if beef affects me. Though I don’t think anything will show while I’m still on the prednisolone. I think I was a little premature in trying this today, I will leave the foods alone untill I am off the steroids, that way I can tell if something really sets UC off without the steroids dampening things. (2/10 )(5/10)


8 Responses to “Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week Eight On Prednisolone”

  1. Pete Judge said

    2’s and 3’s!!! Feckin marvellous!!
    It’s good to have some good news and whilst you aren’t quite there yet but turning the corner you definitely are and I am really pleased for you.

    Things I take for granted – like a reasonably quick and painless visit to the loo – are such an ordeal for you at times. Makes me think when I do have the odd bad visit, that it could be a whole lot worse and like in your case, a whole way of life.

    Keep your spirits up mate

    • That it is, eh? :O) I have been feeling a little better, but still having downers and bad days. But the UC has been down to the best it’s been since 2008!!! :)) Just hope I can sort the others out now! 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts and encouragment, Mate! 🙂

  2. hrhdaf said

    Hey heeeeeeeey Phil!
    Well thats lookin pretty good for you at the moment innit? Although Id have to agree beef curry seems like throwing yourself in at the deep end! Then again I seem to remember when you were ‘testing’ the alcohol you chucked yourself in at the deep end too! ;O)
    Oh and I saw below your starting your course stuff! Good luck!!!!
    Huggles Daf xxx

    • We just diucussed this, so I don’t need to say much do I? LOL!

      Yeh, the alcohol test, which was sort of inconclusive! I will HAVE to do another test to see if it affects me when I’m off the Prednisolone! Only sure fire way to test if it affects me! LOL!

      Thanks for the support on the Course! As I said, we’ll see! 🙂

      Much love as always mate! 🙂 xxx

    • Now THAT’s ‘In at the deep-end’! LOL

  3. prenin said

    Bugger – forgot the notify flag!!!

  4. prenin said

    Sounds much better Phil – Keeping everything crossed it stays that way!!!

    Beef Curry sounds a bit risky – all that oil etc… But you are only going to find out if you try…

    Lotsa luck dude!!! 🙂


    • Hi Ian!

      Things are OK so far. But, because I’m on the Prednisolone I don’t think I’ll be able to tell. I’ll wait untill I’m off them fully before I try stuff again, don’t wanna push my luck! lol

      Thanks for the support! 🙂

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