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The Universe (Updated)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 16, 2011

While on the toilet a few weeks back, yes I know, of all the place, right? Well, I do/did a lot of my thinking and reading on the toilet because I was in there for so long with my illness (Ulcerative Colitis).

Anyway, enough toilet talk, while I was on there I started pondering about the Universe. My thought was a simple one: Is all the matter that will ever be in the Universe in it right now? Is there no more matter being pumped or being created in/to the Universe as it expands? Or is space one long expanding thing with everything already included?


From the video, if you didn’t watch it, apparently hypothetical ‘dark’ energy is welling up from the vacuum of space. This welling up of energy is what caused the creation of the Universe. Not only did it do that, though local regions are drawing more together because of their increased mass that creates stronger gravity as they collect, space itself is being forced apart at an ever-increasing speed because of this dark energy that’s welling up. 

So before the Universe came to be this energy already existed? And it was this energy that caused matter to be created and expand, if that is the case then this energy is also matter, right? This sort of begs the question… are matter and energy the same thing or different? From what I’ve read they are sort of the same thing. Different pieces of energy, electrons, protons, and neutrons, fuse together to create Atoms, which in turn gives mass and creates matter.

Apparently this dark energy is still coming in the Universe and pushing it apart, but doesn’t seem to have mass or be matter?… well, not in the conventional sense I don’t think! If it was like normal matter that would mean matter is still being created in the Universe, but it isn’t, its invisible and just theorised to be there. Does this dark energy even constitute matter?


There was no dark energy at the beginning of the Universe, but now it accounts for 72% of it? Where did all the dark matter go? Will we have nothing left in the Universe in a few trillion years time? Just an ever-expanding void full of Dark energy?

With the Universe pulling away all atoms that make up the matter we know will be slowly pulled so far apart and broken down in to their constituent components that there will be no other matter in the Universe to make anything.

So, to answer my question, I aint got much of a clue! It’s all hypothetical and not a solid theory unless we can get a look at this Dark energy and where it’s generated from. 

I think this blog has come across the wrong way, I’m not actually saying I know what I’m talking about, because I’m not sure! I was just working through the question with the info I have read. If I got anything wrong then please correct me. Anyone is welcome to comment!

Another thought I had long ago, and I know countless others have to, is: If the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding in to?

I’m sure there’s another blog for that, but not today! So here’s another video instead:


19 Responses to “The Universe (Updated)”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    I love the way you write, Phil – chronicles from the loo.

    You’re such a thinker! Infinitely fascinating is all of this, and just sends your mind in a spin. A heaps interesting read, as I learned a lot – like, I didn’t know there once was no dark matter & now 70%. Insane. Really does raise questions.

    I’m off to watch that video at the end now. So intrigued. This is nuts… & what does it all mean… & when will it end, indeed…

    • Hiya, Noeleen! 🙂

      I forgot I wrote this post, I really need to do more like this again! The problem is feeling like writing when I’m either tired all day or been busy doing study! 😛

      – Phil

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes said

        I know exactly what you mean re tired as though I want to get my book out, work just leaves me a zombie. Exhausted, and head cluttered. Uncreative. I get ya.

  2. Pete Judge said

    I’m passing on this one mate……I am way too tired to think right now!!

  3. jennyozzy said

    if i tried to work this out id be sat on the loo for months its like religion is there a god we cant see is there an afterlife were we created born from monkeys do spirits actually exist is there life on another planet like earth it can go on and on even the brainiest scientist dont know as we are only human i know one thing for sure im not sitting on the tepot trying to think this one through hey get up phil you will go numb xxjen

    • Hey! I’ve been sat on the toilet so long mah legs have fell to sleep! So I’m half way there! LOL!

      The difference between the things you mentioned, (God, an afterlife and spirts) and the Universe and Human Origins is that we know the basics of what makes up the Universe and the laws that govern it, which means we can theorise about things that could exist. Fossiles can be seen, touched and analysed, the same can’t be said for things you mentioned.

      Hope ya weeks going good, Jen! 🙂

  4. prenin said

    Wish I had an answer Phil, but I don’t!

    If the Universe started with a big bang and is continuing to expand as appears from our view of the universe, then eventually we will be a galaxy alone in the void, slowly darkening as the hydrogen that fuels our stars is consumed.

    Seems we’ll go, not with a bang, but a whimper…

    God Bless!


    • I don’t think anyone will truely have 100% answers untill we can get out there and see things close up. But it’s fair to say a lot of the stuff we know is fairly solid.

      I’m not sure about things going dark, when a sun explodes it sends out atoms that can create a new a star. The problem is space is expaning, and as I said to Daf, this means atoms will be so sparcely placed that there wont be enough atoms to create anything.

      Have a good day, Ian! 🙂

  5. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeeeey Phil!
    Oh jumped right in on this one haven’t ya! I have to stop you right off the bat and say most of the stuff your talking about here isnt hypothetical its theoretical (slight difference but it matters… matters? get it??)
    Ahem aaaaaanyway. In answer to a couple of your questions….

    Matter cannot be created or destroyed it just changes form.
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed either, again it just changes form.

    You could spend days reading up on various theories of the beginning of the universe, cos nobody knoooows dum dum duuuuum!

    The universe is infinite (which is a mind boggler that I kinda love… that just it goes on forever and ever and ever thing.. and whats on the end of that? well nothing cos it has no end. If I think about that for too long my brain fries and I end up drooling a bit)

    So yeah in theory everything could just keep going out and out and out, although theres another theory that itll expand so far and then collapse on itself and yet another one that its actually in the shape of a figure eight kinda thing and continually flowing round it.

    Im not a fan of the dark matter theory because there are so many gravitational forces in the universe I think thats more likely to affect things. Also once you get huge gravity you start messing about with time too which can affect results and what not. It’s all very interesting and to be honest shows how little we do know about stuff.

    As for the universe expanding outwards, I suppose your point is that eventually youd just have a massive universe interspersed with single atoms? But see personally I doubt that cos you have to remember that atoms attract other atoms, so in effect they like to stick around eachother. You may end up with huuuuuuge distances between different galaxies and stuff but I reckon there will always be solar systems and clusters of planets cos they just find eachother too damned attractive ;O)

    Anyway thats my ten minute take on things. Sorry I didnt have time to watch your vids but for every theory there is you can bet ya life theres another one saying something completely different.

    Hope your UC is still at bay amigo!
    Love n huggles Daf xxx

    PS Wierd Al Yankovich??? Reeeeally??!?? LMAO!

    • Helloooooooo mah mate! 🙂

      I knew you’d be the one to correct me, you being the scientific type! Yeh, I see I used the wrong word, I’m surprised I didn’t notice! I shall correct it in a few when I’ve finished the comments! 🙂

      “Matter cannot be created or destroyed it just changes form.
      Energy cannot be created or destroyed either, again it just changes form.”

      Fair enough, but it still doesn’t answer my question, is all the matter (and energy) that’s currently in the Universe the only matter we’ll ever have? Or is there more being created as Space expands or is this ‘dark energy’ welling up from space creating more?

      Put simply, if the Univers was a Lego set, do we only have the blocks in the box and that’s it?

      “cos nobody knoooows dum dum duuuuum!”

      God did it, init?

      How can the Universe be infinite? If it’s still expanding, then It must be still expanding in to something, which means it is not infinite and will always have an end. Btw you drool at the best of times so it’s a normal reaction either way.

      I heard the theory about it colapsing, not sure about that. But I read that our Universe could be a expanding bubble and we’re in the skin of it, and if we go far enough we’ll eventually comeback around to the point we started at!

      I supposes there is no way to tell what other things there are out there, we don’t fully know how it works and for the boffins down on Earth, all they can do is speculate.

      On the matter front and the expanding Universe, well… space will extend so far that individual atoms will be so far apart they wont be able to to attract or stick together. There’s also black holes sucking a lot of that matter and enegry out of the Universe!

      Actually, we’ll end up with an ever expaning Universe with one huge blackhole in it! Makes me think, what if you put all (or nearly all) matter and enegry in to one point in the Universe, i.e. a black hole, what would happen? Could it end up starting another big bang? Would sort of make a life cycle of the Universe. Would also mean the Universe could be older than 14Bn years-old! Just a thought! 🙂

      UC is still at bay and I’ve even been doing a bit of house work and DIY! Wish I’d worn a mask dealing with the bleach though! 😛

      Weird Al? lol I don’t like his music but the picture seemed sort of funny and apt! lol

      Much and huggles back at cha mate! 🙂 xxxx

      • hrhdaf said

        Someones not paying attention :OP iiiif energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed it follows that yep… the lego we have at the moment is all were getting! ;O)

        And ok if your gonna be pedantic space is infinite therefore the universe can expand infinitely into it.

        Also why do you think all matter will end up being pulled apart? Black holes are kinda the exact opposite of that arent they? Black holes dont suck energy and matter out of the universe. It’s still there just in a different form and that’s kinda what I was getting at in the first place. Everything that exists right now has always existed and will always exist. It’s just a case of in what form.

        Aaaaand another thing ( ooh you got me started so it’s your own fault) yeah there’s lots of stuff that is theoretical but there’s also alot of stuff we can measure fairly accurately. It’s not all airy fairy made up theory.

        Oooooooh and your so smart sometimes that you need a gold star! Becaaaaaause yes black holes can explode and chuck everything out again. I think its unlikely youd ever get one that contained everything in the universe buuuuut going back to the universe collapsing theory iiiiif that happened and you did end up with a black hole that then exploded that would certainly back up the theory (which is just a theory mind) that the universe has ‘big banged’ and then collapse several times before.

        And Ive really talked enough about this now, sorry for the huuuuuge ramble but its just nice to actually get to talk about this stuff for a change!!

        Huggles Daf xxx

        • hrhdaf said

          Sorry I just had to tack this on. Dont ya think its kinda cool to know that you’ve been here since the beginning of time in one form or another? To think y youre biiiiiillions of years old. cos I do :OD xx

          • prenin said

            Daf you are one very smart cookie! 🙂

            Recent research has brought forward the theory that there are signs in the Cosmic Ray Background of several prior explosions to the Big Bang..

            Only a theory mind, but a compelling one…

            God Bless!


            • hrhdaf said

              Why thank ya! Have to be honest a great deal of what I know started with my hero Einstein, specially sticking my tongue out ;O)

              Hugs Daf xxx

              • prenin said

                Albert is one of my heroes – he was also a VERY religious man!!!

                He once said: “If I do something right the Germans call me a German and the French call me a Jew – if I do something wrong the French call me a German and the Germans call me a Jew!”

                God Bless!


            • Excuse me Dear Sir! But I was the one who came up with the idea! I want mah gold star and mah name on a on somert! lol

          • YUP, it’s fuckin epic!!! I just wish our memory and the person we are would survive with our matter in some way. But maybe that’s being selfish, because if it did then nothing else would get the use of it! It’s sort of humbling I was once a piece of Poo! lol

        • ‘Ello Smart Arse! :O)

          So we can say for sure there is no other lego being created as the Universe expands in to whatever it’s expanding in to? Maybe the expanding Universe is creating more matter and enegry as it goes a long? Maybe that would account for the Universe’s missing mass?

          Well, I didn’t mean out of the Universe altogether, I mean in to the black hole and out of free space, you know… so the matter is not contributing to stellar nuseries and such. And when I say pulled apart, I don’t mean the matter itself being pulled apart litteraly, I mean Atom A bieng pulled so far away from Atom B by the expanding Universe that they can’t attract to eachother. When I say this I’m assuming Atoms are pulled further apart by expanding space, am I wrong or right in thinkin in thinking that?

          I think, given time, and assuming there’s only a limited amount of matter and energy in the Universe (like you suggest), that there could be one giant black hole left in the Universe that would have swallowed up all other black holes and the remaining matter, assuming the Universe isn’t making any more and gravity from the Black hole is strong enough to pull all matter in the Universe towards it. Imagine all that matter and enegry in one place, the heat would be so intense and the matter packed so densely it would be like the beginging of the big bang all over again. This idea doesn’t involve the Universe imploding by the way.

          Mate, talk all ya laike, I like debating, reading and talking about this! It’s a break from Politics! :O) So rant aaallll ya like mate!

          Huggles back at cha! :O) xxxxx

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