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Two Atomic Bombs And Constant Earthquakes Weren’t Enough?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 18, 2011

Let’s get something straight, what has and is currently happening in Japan is horrific! Thousands have already died in the North East of the country as a result of the 9.0 Magnitude Earth Quake and Tsunami that followed. Many are also missing, homeless and many more may die from disease and radiation poisoning if the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant‘s reactors explode!

You’d think this on-going tragedy was bad enough without heartless, ignorant people adding to the misery of it! Some callous, seriously ignorant people have been calling what’s happening in Japan as a ‘Message from God’ and ‘Karma‘ because the Japanese are Shintoists and Buddhists. which means they’re basically Atheists, and for the country’s actions during World War Two.

Glenn Beck’s Comments , yes, Glenn Beck again, well his comments on the natural disaster that happened in Japan were just typical of an brain-dead idiot like himself. He called it: “A message from God.” and “What God does is God’s business, I have no idea. But I’ll tell you this: whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus – there’s a message being sent. And that is, ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it”.  He went on to say we could “appease” God by following the Ten commandments!

Beck wasn’t alone with his comments, another idiot, this time the Japanese Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara – another man not adverse to saying stupid things, said the earthquake and resulting tsunami was: “divine punishment.” and that::  “It is necessary to wash away the greedy mind … by using tsunami” Obviously Mr. Ishihara retracted his comments, as all self-serving and self-saving Politicians do, which is something Ishihara is used to! 

There has also been an accompanying chorus to these comments by some normal people. These people are saying Karma has come back and hit Japan for the country’s past history.

OK, where to start! Oh yeh, geological activity and natural disasters, you know, Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis and the like have been going on since the Earth was able to form oceans and continents! Which is about, oh… um… 3Bn years ago for the continents! There is nothing divine about it, it has nothing to do with God. Even if it did, God knows all and sees all and knows what it is to come. Which means God created and planned what the Japanese were going to do and subsequently punished them for Its own actions. That is just complete rubbish!

Karma. Ok, this concept too… is rubbish! If it were a solid concept then a lot of bad people in the world would suffer before they actually die. The fact is a lot of them don’t! People get away with murder and all sorts of acts that would demand Karma at some point, but it rarely happens to the right people. Instead it happens to people who have never hurt anyone or done something really bad in their lives. 

Even if the concept was valid and true, it wouldn’t apply to a country as a Political unit, as Karma works on an individual level, not collective. It also wouldn’t punish many innocents along with the perceived guilty. If we look at Japan now, only 11% of the Population are 75 or over, of that 11% only those over 85 could’ve fought in/for the war to some degree that the country is being punished for. In a country of over 127 million people, that isn’t a lot. So the idea Karma would wipe out the North East of the country to take out less than 11% of the population is ridiculous!

There’s a few things going on here. Number one is the typical religious reaction to a natural disaster, it’s the only way they can deal with so many people suffering that they look for a reason why God would do such a thing. Also gives them the opportunity to feel like they made the right choice, because they haven’t been harmed, and take it upon themselves to remind others that they’re doing and believing the wrong thing.

Number two, a lot of hate for the Japanese for actions that happened over sixty years ago! The modern people of Japan have nothing to do with what happened, besides those within the 11%. Why dislike a whole nation for the actions of their ancestors? That’s so narrow-minded, tribal and stupid! Why blame the son for the sins of the father? If we all did that we’d be hating each other – even more than usual! These people also seem to forget that Japan were bombed twice by Atomic bombs, gets hit by numerous earthquakes and has been under U.S. domination since the end of WWII. Wouldn’t that be Karma enough?, if indeed it could ever a working force.

People need to learn and understand that the present day populations have nothing to be sorry or ashamed about, even if their parents, grand parents or other ancestors were involved in wars and acts that were horrendous. People also need to learn people are people and this type of thing will be going untill the Human race dies out, so you may be the mother or father of the next Hitler!

But forget about that, and think about some of the poor people in Japan who have lost everything they had! Even their family members! Just have a heart and remember they’re Human too!


9 Responses to “Two Atomic Bombs And Constant Earthquakes Weren’t Enough?”

  1. got pussies

    Two Atomic Bombs And Constant Earthquakes Weren’t Enough? « I Don’t Fear The Chaos!

  2. Takeo said

    Hi Phil!

    Have a peaceful weekend!


    • Hiya Takeo! 😀 How are you? I was going to send you a message later, but you beat me to it1 Good see you’re still OK, despite hat’s going on not far from you! Are you OK where you are, are you not tempted to leave?

      Thanks for the pics, I can’t see the first one but the second one are can! Good Samuri! :OD lol

      You have a peaceful weekend too, man! 🙂

  3. prenin said

    I had the same bullsh*t off my mother that it was divine punishment meted out to the people of Japan for their crimes in WWII as quoted in the bible about the sins of the father etc.

    I felt so angry, but I couldn’t say what I was thinking – cowardice I guess…

    This MESS is Japan isn’t helped by the authorities trying to keep secret the fact that they have three, Three Mile Island events and even worse when you consider the spent fuel rods in Reactor Building 4 and what is happening with them!!!

    Now the emergency alert status has gone to Level FIVE, an accident with wider consequences, anyone in Japan with any brains is shitting themselves yet the Japanese officials are basically saying sod all!!!

    Please GOD Let the real heroes on the ground put an end to this nightmare!!!

    God Bless my friend.


    • Hi Ian! 🙂

      Divine punishment is bollocks! If there really was any we’d see certain people struck down dead or suffer badly before they eventually do snuff it. But it doesn’t happen.

      Yeh, the Japanese Government and Nuclear guys are not helping the problem by not giving out the right info. Not only is it bad for them, it’s bad for the population as a while and east Asia!

      I hope it doesn’t go off! There are so many people suffering as it is, that would be the icing on the cake and knock the world economy for six too! Taking out the 3rd largest economy would obviously effect us all.

      I hope the people on the ground do get stuff fixed, but I don’t think God will have anything to do with it if they do.

      Have a good evening, man! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Yeah I guess you’re right dude – be a pisser if they claim on the insurance and it gets refused as ‘An Act of God’!!!! ROFL!!!

        I know you don’t believe dude, but I’m praying the heroes of Fukushima pull the rabbit out of this hat and get the pumps running.

        They truly sre the heroes of the hour!!!

        God Bless! 🙂


        • hahahaha I’m sure the Japanese have Earthquake insurance!

          I know, let’s hope they do get things under control. And you’re right, they are the heroes! But I bet some Politicians try to take the credit for it! They usualy do, and I don’t mean directly, I mean indorectly, like Rudolf Juliani, the mayor of New York who almost became a Winston Churchell like leader during 9/11!

          Have a good weekend, man! 🙂

  4. hrhdaf said

    Hey hey!
    Damn right Phil! This is just a terrible tragedy.
    My grandad was killed in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. My mam hates the Japanese with a firey passion. I dont hold that against her. Trauma when she was a kid and all that, but I cant see that what’s happening there is anything to do with that. It’s just the earth stamping it’s feet as it does occasionally.
    Did you know there are 20,000 earthquakes on average a year? And did you know that the recent one in Japan is only the 5th strongest in the last hundred years?
    Im just saying that I dont believe this is anything to do with God or the spaggetti monster. And as for karma I do believe in general what goes around comes around. You act like a prat enough and people will start treating you like one, but there’s nothing mystical about that!
    Anywhoo that bit in your other blog about ‘letting the ole scales see the sun’ really made me laugh!!
    Hope your having a good one amigo!!
    L’n’H-skis Daf xxx

    • I read somewhere there are many Earthqaukes a year and I did know that the recent one was only the 5th strongest since records began. But yeh, it has sod all to with god or Karma. Talking of Karma, well… what you say is more of creating reactions against you because of what you’ve done. That’s not really the orginal idea of Karma, so yeh there’s nothing mystical about that.

      LOL! The scales bit? Glad it made ya chuckle! It’s so sad that people actually believe that stuff!

      Moochoo love coming at cha! 🙂 xxx

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