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It’s Da End Ov Da Wurld… Init! (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 19, 2011

First of all, how great is this picture? Looks a little like Freddy Krueger crossed with Venom from Spider-Man! It is now my desktop background, yes… it’s that great! I have no idea who made it if anyone’s planning to ask. Just thought I’d share it!

With all the “It’s the end of the world!” talk recently, I thought I’d share a end of the world prediction from history.

This is a funny one and testament to how stupid and gullible Humans can be!

The Millerites were a U.S. Christian sect who formed around William Miller‘s prediction that Jesus would return to Earth on the 22nd of October in the year 1843. Miller predicted this using the book of Daniel and the Day-Year Principle of prophecy (That basically means a day mentioned in the Bible is a full Year on Earth).

Millier managed to gain 50,000 followers at the peak of his prophesying. Most of those followers believed in him so much that they sold all their belongings! Some tried to be a little more crafty, one lady tied her trunk to her so that when she ascended to heaven the trunk would have to follow! I don’t know about you but I know Jesus wouldn’t be having any of that!

Another interesting story is the man who tied Turkey wings to his shoulders in preparation to for his ascent to heaven. He sat in a tree and waited untill it was time and jumped out of the tree expecting to go up to heaven. He had no such luck, he fell down and broke his arm!

Other equally stupid people held on to umbrellas to help them ascend in to heaven!

One Man had given his farm and home to his son, who was a non-believer, and when nothing happened on the day Jesus was supposed to come to Earth, he went back home and his son wouldn’t give the farm back!

When the day in which Jesus was supposed to come back to Earth had passed, all the people went home, apart from the bloke who broke his arm and the bloke who gave his farm away, one went to the hospital and the other to the local mission, I should imagine!

Of course, Mr. Miller was somewhat disliked for his wrong predictions. However, in a fit of depression he suddenly realised he was calculating using the Christian year and not the Jewish year. So he came back with a new set of numbers, which said the world would end on 22nd of March 1844. It never happened! Miller died five years later, disliked more than a Jew at a Neo-Nazi rally.

Ah well, at least he admitted he was wrong before he died, how many people in his line of work do that?

                                                                                           William Miller

People are still at it lol:

I Smell another William Miller on the way! Though I can’t see them calling it Camperism or his followers Camerites after Mr.Harold Camping LOL! How is this guy still in business?

Anyway, note it in ya diaries folks, 22nd of May 2011!


17 Responses to “It’s Da End Ov Da Wurld… Init! (UPDATED)”

  1. alecho said

    what? it’s a fraud? damnit… I already sold all my belongings except for this computer I’m using to make this comment. darn.

  2. Some people will believe anything wont they? Religion? The best form of natural control.
    Saw something quite funny the other day in central Manchester which might amuse you. Jews recruiting…..seriously, from a VW camper van. ONe came over to me with a stack of leaflets in his hands.
    I have something very special for you…..he said
    I rather think you haven’t…..I replied.

    Jews….the new Jehovah’s Witnesses……who would have thought it?
    Take care matey

    • Was it in Picadilly Gardens or on Market street? What a bunch of idiots! I always thought Jews didn’t bother with conversion? Are they a new sect or what? I think I’m asking the wrong guy! LOL! Talkin of people peddling religion, some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to our house the other day, unfortunately I was upstairs in the shower. They gave my sister some leafletts and they’ be back in a few weeks to see if she enjoyed them! Oh, oh… oh… they have no idea what awaits them! lol

      You take care too, mate and hope ya having/had a cracking weekend!

  3. timkeen40 said

    It is amazing how a great orator can cause tens of thousands of people to abandon all reason and follow them blindly. It will happen again.


  4. andro51 said

    Yes an interestingly added graphic with just a twist of the macabre attached, perhaps with a bit of imagination peeps will see all kinds of horror within the brush strokes of creativity, of course there are others that would just describe this Dark Art a waste of good paint, lacquer, water colour, acrylic… or whatever, but it is certainly worthy of your desktop nonetheless. Chicken wings indeed, well perhaps a few cans of Red Bull would have worked better and as the inevitable happened anyway, well who cares? Only a numbskull with the cranium mass of a pea would expect to ascend with a screwball attempt such as that, mind you it certainly takes all sorts of madcap lunatics to fill an asylum… A straight jacket anyone? lol Have a great rest of weekend Phil and I will call back soon to read some of your previous postings…


    • Hey Andro, Welcome!

      Yeh, it aint bad is it? And yeh, some people wouldn’t like it, I don’t like a lot of things, art, people, music etc… But as I’m always told, it’s personal preference.

      I could write a short story on the oicture alone! So I get what ya saying about seeing more potential in the brush strokes. Though I think this is a computer made piece, though don’t take my word for it, I could be wrong. I’ve so many Computer made art that looks like it was painted!

      The Turkey wings bloke made me laugh! What’s sad is people are still like that today, granted, not all religious people are that daft, take my cyber friend Ian (Prenin) for example, he’s a ‘believer’ but he aint a blind idiot like the Turkey bloke! lol. I just think the majority of the Human race want and LOVE to be led by the nose in to believing or doing anything, they seem to be hard-wired for it.

      Hey, WE’RE the normal ones in the asylum! hahaha. Have a gander when you want, it’s all good. I did nip around to your site yesterday but I was tired and went to bed, was planning to go today again but my back’s been bad. So I’ll be around tomorrow hopefully! Untill then, stay safe and take care man! 🙂

  5. hrhdaf said

    Bugger forgot to click the notify thing. Agaaaain! xx

  6. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeey Phil!
    I really do like your pic. It reminded me of this short animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWJAof-O5Pc&playnext=1&list=PLC5356D7F51C15AE8

    And how dare the end of the world have happened twice already and noone bothered to keep me informed? I shoulda been out there panic buying hens (cos who doesnt love a chicken dinner?),sharpie markers (just cos theyre good) and marmite (cos the post apocalyptic people would either love it or hate it, but if they loved it Id make a mint! ;O)

    Right Im off… it’s Saturday night dont ya know and I have places to be and people to annoy and drinking to do!!

    Hope your having a good weekend!
    Huggleskimasks (cos Im goin raiding) Daf xxx

    Sometimes I do talk utter claptrap dont I? *sniggers to self and legs it*

    • Helloooooooo Dafski! :O)

      That was a little bit of a freeky video! Reminds me of the Radiohead video where Thom Yorke becomes a tree at the end! Bit pointless really aint it? Was expecting some great big evil moster made of black tar to eat him or something!

      Yeh, not only happened then, but 1000 of times before! And if you look up in to the blog again, I added a brand spankin’ NEW prediction! This time you wont miss it mate! You can wait for it and snigger when it finally doesn’t happen… AGAIN! haha But if you feel the need then you can horde stuff, go for it, just horde me some of ya carrot and cheesecake! :O)

      Actually I pulled a muscle in mah back, am in pain! But at least I don’t full UC anymore! 😀 Hope you enjoy ya time out mate and ya always welcome to talk claptrap on mah blog, tis always good for a laugh! :O) xxx

      BTW, the band the other night was ‘Terrorfakt’

  7. prenin said

    There are those who lead and those who follow – then there are people like us who follow our own path.

    Just be glad he was proven wrong – Twice!!! 🙂

    Now all we have to worry about is 2012… LoL!!!

    God Bless!


    • 2012? lol! You what would be really funny, if in 2012 the world really did end and the Olympics couldn’t be held! It would be SO typical of the British, they get the Olympics and they don’t even take place, not only that the world ends! LOL!

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