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The Invasion Of Iraq. What Really Happend! [WARNING: STRONG CONTENT!]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 20, 2011

9 Responses to “The Invasion Of Iraq. What Really Happend! [WARNING: STRONG CONTENT!]”

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  2. hrhdaf said

    Shocked stunned and appalled… those are words some people would use to decribe if they landed on your page accidentally ;O)
    Where as the rest of us go… Oh its Phil and he has a wierd obsession with naked men!
    Hope your weeks off to a good start amigo!
    (oh and hows the back? what did you do to it?)
    Love n huggles Daf xxx

    • People don’t land here accidently, they land here by a direct action of themselves. And as it says [Warning: Strong Content] they can’t bitch or moan about it!

      Wait, I have an obsession with naked men? Um, this is the only naked men pic I’ve ever posted! You need to lay off the Sheen! It’s messing with your head, mate! lol

      My back is a result of doing some strenuous house work and DIY on Wednesday! I was scraping the old paint off the toilet ceiling and cleaning it with a sponge and neat bleach. It was more hardwork than it sounds, especially when I hadn’t done sod all like that for 12 months +! So I messed my back up that way, was planning to do some painting this week but will have to give it a break now!

      Love and huggles back at cha mate! :O) xx

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Looks like the boys are happy – those prep Schools certainly turn out some wan*ers!!! LoL!!!

    Thanks for the visit Phil!

    The radiation is being blown out to sea apart from some local stuff and most of that is confined to the power plant.

    Biggest threat is Caesium 137 but there’s not much of that and Iodine 131 which decays after 8 days.

    As long as she gets Iodine tablets and takes them WHEN TOLD she will be fine – the risk of meltdown is pretty much averted and they’ve been getting water into the cooling ponds where the old rods are stored for a couple of days now.

    If – and it’s a BIG if – they can get the pumps running again then the hazard will be negated, but the reactors took some serious sh*t and water got into the plant so the motors may need replacing and the switchboards are pretty much shot so they are wiring around them which is what is taking so long.

    It’ll take months before the reactors are finally cool enough to start encasing them in concrete, or maybe just tear them down, but the worst case scenario has been averted.

    Tell her she’s getting more radiation off her smoke alarm than she’ll see in Osaka!!! 🙂

    Yeah the sleep pattern is a pain – I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a month and I get like this every three months or so, but that’s the meds for ya.

    Hope you have a better night’s kip real soon! 🙂

    God Bless mate!!!


    • They certainly do man! And that’s only one of them! Isn’t 60% of Government full of them? haha

      I think the worse case scenario is what is at the forefront of her mind and millions of others! It still could all go pear-shaped yet. If anything does happen I’m sure she will be given the right medication and stuff, just in case I’ll tell her what to take for the short term radiation effects.

      I think my sleeping pattern will normalise soon, been up since 11am, and will hit the hay about 1am and then be up at 9am tomorrow, try and fix things for mah future course and stuff. I hope you get yours sorted soon too, man!

      Have a good evening! 🙂

  4. I always wondered what happened at these meetings………..
    Very funny.

  5. penelopephoebe said


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