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Blah! Basically…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 26, 2011

Retro blog. originally Posted on: Jun 21st 2009 on MySpace.

I was pissed off at the time. Yeh I know… I’m always pissed off! Anyway, enjoy…


Blah! Basically you’re all a bunch of hollow, lazy, ostentatious and selfish lot of bastards! It’s your fault there’s war, famine and disease in most of the developing world!

How is it you fault I hear you ask? Well, you vote the Governments in that cause the mess! It happens because the west dumps surplus grains and produce on the developing world, those Western goods then sell more cheaply than the local made goods. This then destroys the local economy. Because the local economy is destroyed, thus the people have no jobs and when they have no jobs they can’t buy food! Hence food Aid to the third world and starving Africans and Bob Geldof asking for money on their behalf! You can see this happen in Africa right now! The Government you vote in to represent you, allows and does this!

Not only is your Government allowing the selling of produce there, it’s also allowing the flow of guns, which it creates, markets and sells, in to the starvation area. These weapons are then used by undemocratic leaders to suppress its people and continue the political instability in the area which helps in causing and furthering the starvation! So not only are you starving people you’re having them killed and suppressing them!

I hear you say “I never asked them to!”. Well you voted them in to represent you, and you don’t pay attention to anything they do in your name. So… yeh.. you did!

Why didn’t you know it was happening? Well because you were too busy with your pointless possessions and pursuit of social status symbols! Like your new expensive car to impress the neighbours and help you get laid! You HD TV, £300 shoes, all that jewelry, your $100 hair cut! Your new £200 mobile phone! Come on people these things are NOT essential to your life! They’re just there to distract you! There’s nothing wrong with having them but you love and prize them so much you don’t realise you just got ripped off and can’t see what’s going on around you politically, socially or internationally!

What can we do about it? I don’t know, but I know it starts with getting angry and educated! When I say “educated” I don’t mean pick a political ideology like Communism or Socialism, that will just restrict you to one way of thinking. Do not look to the media to educate you! It’s a good source of distorted fact, fiction and half-truths, but nothing more! To see this just read several different news papers then look on the net, then watch TV news! If you hadn’t figured from reading the different news papers you’ll see a lot of the same story is changed to serve what ever political or economic slant the organisation has. Read between the lines! And open your eyes to the mess in the world and the things that are being done in your name!


10 Responses to “Blah! Basically…”

  1. hello dear phil.
    so? who CAN we vote for, they’re all the bloody same!!!!!
    we don’t have any other choices? apart from ‘monstor raving looney party’ ( i don’t think so somehow ) ‘the green party’ Who don’t have a manifesto.. ‘BNP’ no!
    I’m sticking with the S.N.P. at the moment, but seriously? come the next election, WHO do I vote for, who is going to actually shake up this country (in a POSITIVE way) and bring about change (for the BETTER!)
    and I’m sure Ive asked you this already phil, but why do you not run for local council!!!?
    mags x

    • Hello Mags Moo! :O)

      (1) Make Politics unprofitable, unless you’re doing things right. This means Politicians only get paid when they’re doing a good job. This ‘Good job’ isn’t based on opinion polls or the popular vote or faked/twisted numbers, but ACTUAL work that involves making the lives better for the people of the UK and carrying out the policies they were voted in for.

      (2) Accountability. This means if Politicians are found to be fiddling, accepting cash/gifts from outside sources such as banks, Unions etc and looking after their interests and not the people’s first, then they’re stripped of ALL money they’ve made, no matter where it is! They will then be banned from ever entering local or national government ever again.

      (3) We EDUCATE ourselves with facts and figures, just as I have done! If we understand what is going on and how it works then we can make a better informed decession when we vote. And if the candidates on offer are still doing business the old way (i.e looking out for their own and other interests of businessmen etc) then we don’t vote. Eventually, Politicians will HAVE to change, and we’ll create a new breed of Politicians who’s only interest is to do a good job for the people and himself because his livelyhood depends on it!

      So it’s simple what we can do, don’t vote for now, to vote would be to endorce the corrupt system the way it is, and that sends the wrong message to the Politicians. Educate yourself so they can’t manipulate you. And ask for more accountablity like I set above!

      If you’re worried about not voting because it feels like you’re disrespecting the people who fought for the right for it, then think again! To vote in such a corrupt system, one that DOESN’T deliver what our ancestors fought for, doesn’t do them ANY JUSTICE and is more of a slap in the face than not voting.

      The local council? I’m working on it, I’m doing my course, need to fill in the gaps and get some paper to back up my mouth to show them I know what I’m talking about.

      However, I face an almost impossible task. I’m far to honest and forth-coming with my opinions. That honesty would give far too much propaganda ammo to the other parties/candidates and I’d be labled everything from a Nazi to a Communist! And the population of the UK/local area, being as thick as they are, would take in that propaganda from whatever source they get their News from and will swollow it without thinking. Then, my character is tainted and whenever I appear anywhere or open my mouth I will always be seen for the controversy I generated or whatever character the media has cast me as, most likely a right-wing racist with hatred for Muslims, and not for my actual ideas and policies.

      Gonn be a good three years before I get anywhere, but I aim to try and change things. But I can’t do it on my own, I need people behind me. So you best vote for my party when it comes North of the border, Mags! :O)

      Much love mags! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. jennyozzy said

    policol is a new wall paper paste lol or else i cannot type xxjen

  3. jennyozzy said

    im not very good at politics but i know the cons always look after the well off most of them were brought up within a fortune and they plan on making it bigger before their polical career is done labour at least does not look down on northerners ed milliband is young and just might have listened to the younger generation more instead of demanding they get jobs that are not there and stopping the chances of college but i hate all politicians all money grabbing starts with b and ends in ards get my drift im off my soap box now phil have a good week and dont slap me too hard lol xxjen

    • Hey Jen 🙂

      The Labour Party look after the rich too, that’s how and why they deregulated the financial system that led to the crisis we’re having now. Ed Milliband is just a tool of the Unions and he’ll be a tool of big business too if he gains power. He likes to give the impression he listens and is on yoursid, but in reality it is all an act to gain you trust and vote. Once he’s in Government it’s business as usual and people come third after themselves and big business.

      I’m not going to slap you! lol I don’t blame you for being bored with Politics, but I think it’s something we have to understand and be more aware of so we can make effective change and hold our elected officles to account.

      Have a good week Jen and take care! 🙂 xx

  4. Yes indeed…..what can we do?
    I have always had issues about this wholesale and commercial approach to fund raising for Africa. Comic relief, live aid etc. The money flows in whilst celebs prick at our conscience and raise their profile…hundreds of millions yet every year the situation seems to get worse. Where’s the money going then?

    You see my friend, people buy themselves expensive things they dont need – and sometimes I can be one of them – to avoid the reality of life. Sure people are quite entitled to spend their – or their banks – money how they so choose and good for them. But is really thinking about some of the very pertinent questions we pose? Do they really know what they are voting for? Do they really care?

    I understand why you get so down sometimes with life. So much is happening and so much that is wrong. Society is falling apart, we fight pointless wars, we almost create famine by our policies with food and arms in third world countries and like me, you look around and see knuckle dragging pricks who don’t care and don’t think about it……come to think about it, they probably don’t think period to be honest but you know what I mean.

    Hope all is well…..sorry not been around, so bloody busy at the moment but I will catch up some day!

    • Hey mate! 🙂

      What can we do? I would say let’s start with educating the people! But, as you know, we’d have more chance learning chimps to be better Human’s than the wankers in this country, that also goes for those people who aren’t scallies and chavs! The same ideologicaly blind idiots who vote for the same damn party every time, or the ones who buy in to the biggest lies and vote purely out of self-interest.

      Long story short? It’s going to be up to me! It’s almost impossible but I someone has to try and change things!

      Not to worry about not coming arounf, I know you’re busy with family and the job. So it’s all good budski! Take care and talk soon mate! 🙂

  5. prenin said


    Right now we’re being screwed by the current government because of what the last government had to do to prevent economic chaos – how in Hell do we pick a good governemnt from only three parties when only two end up in power???

    The Lib/Dems sold out big time for a taste of power and boy do we know it…

    God Bless mate!


    • The Cons would have you believe the economic colapse, the common cold and the out-break of WWII was Labour’s fault! The fact is Thatcher and the Cons started the Financial system’s deregulation in the mid-’80s, which was then carried on by Labour in ’98 with Conservative support. Long story short… they’re both to blame!

      As for the Libs? They’re a useless lot of spinless wankers! What they’re currently doing in Government is proof of that.

      Even with the ‘Alternative Vote’ system, the people at the top with still be corrupted and wont deliever what they’re supposed to because the political system is still the same and Politics will still be done in the same way. That same way is:

      “Personal and Private business first… then the people… if we can be bothered!”.

      The WHOLE system needs a top down change! And that isn’t going to happen when NO ONE is offering any realistic change to the way the internal political system is set-out and run.

      All the best for the week ahead, Ian! 🙂

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