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Cuts? I Have A Better Idea!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 28, 2011

It still pisses me off that people are willing to pay for the economic damage that was caused by bankers and their large firms! Why should the people pay the price for what the bankers have done? I can sort of understand the bail-out, I disagree with it, but the people wanted it. But now, we, the people are paying for this bail-out by cutting public services, wage freezes, higher tax and National insurance.

Just why are the people paying for it? Why? Politicians and people alike talk like there’s no other option but to cut public spending and increase taxes. Some say we need it now and others say we can do it slower. I don’t think we need to do any of this! There is another way! And no, I’m not talking about cutting slower and less like the Labour Party and nearly every other non-Conservative person keeps saying.

What I’m talking about is taxing the people and companies who started the whole problem… properly!

You may think that corporations (Banks included in that) are taxed enough as it is? That we shouldn’t pick on the people who bring the most tax in to the country, if you will… “Not to kill the Goose that lays the golden egg.”, or at least scare it off? Well, you would be wrong!

Mr. Osborne is planning to lower corporation Tax over the next four years from 28% to 23% by 2014. He cited that UK corporation Tax is too high and putting off foreign and domestic Companies from wanting to do business here, as a reason for doing so. The matter of the fact is that these top companies are not paying their full tax! They like to make out they are, but in reality they use complicated schemes to avoid paying as much tax as possible! Prepare to wet yourself at these numbers…. Between £95Bn and £150 Billion a year is not paid in tax by large UK Companies! Let’s take the lowest estimate, though recent numbers put it at £120 Bn. That’s right, £95 Bn! (It’s all legal by the way) One year… One. Year. That could pay for the £81Bn cuts to Public services and tax rises planned for the next four years and then some!

Why are we fucking putting up with this? Oh, I forgot, we’re a nation of morons who love to moan but wont do fuck all about it! Instead we go for the easy route, we’ll listen to the party that’s on our side, that opposes these cuts… we’ll vote Labour instead! Labour are useless, they are as much in the pocket of the bankers and large companies as the Tory Party are! How do you think the country got in to the debt it did? With the help of Labour, when it deregulated the financial system back in 1998, at the behest of the Bankers! Of course, can’t leave out the Tories, they’re the ones who started it back in the mid-’80s! Labour are nothing but tools for big business as the Tories are and that the Lib-Dems would be if the student population ever got large enough to give them a majority.

None of the main Parties, or the smaller ones, would consider asking the large companies to pay their full tax or close the loop holes that help them get out of paying, to help clear the national debt that they caused. Why? Because these rich companies are the ones paying a lot of tax, and if they don’t like the tax placed on them, they’ll leave. So they’re basically holding the country to ransom saying:

“You raise tax, and we’ll leave the country. So, you should have the country (people) pay off the deficit, make out like the previous Government has spent too much in the public sector.”

So, let’s get this straight…

(1) Labour WILL NOT save us from the cuts. In fact they help create them

(2) We shouldn’t be paying off the debts of companies that are avoiding tax and now have even less tax to pay because it is being lowered.

We are paying for their bad business decisions. Immigrants and benefit fraud (which is less than 1% of what the tax gap is) are small potatoes compared to what these bastards landed the nation with! And we’re being asked to shoulder that burden too while being told: “We’re all in this together!” It’s a fucking joke, they seem to be taking the piss, how do they keep a straight face?! These companies have the money to pay down the debt they caused faster and without cuts to public services, but refuse to do it? Not only that but they also hold the country to ransom saying they’ll relocate the business elsewhere if Tax isn’t lowered? And to put the icing on the cake, no current political party has the balls to challenge them?

This kind of taxing should’ve been planned for when Alistair Darling set the conditions for the Banks to be bailed out. He should have made it clear to them and said that if they don’t agree to pay down their debt when they’re making a profit again, then they wouldn’t get the bail-out. But now, we knew who was doing the dictating in that meeting!

Our economy needs to move away from being so dependent on financial services to survive! If we don’t move away from it we’re going to keep being held to ransom by the same rich greedy bastards again and again, with a political system that’s been well and truly bought by them! It’s funny really, the Tory Party wouldn’t be held to ransom by Miners and other Strikers in the 1980s, but they will be held to ransom by the Bankers and big business?

There is something you can do to try to change this, and it isn’t hard work either. Whenever you or someone else brings up the subject of the cuts and people start moaning, mention the numbers to them above! Explain that the same companies that caused the debt are not paying their full tax which could easily pay off the debts without the public at large suffering. Yes, it may be a small act, but if we get it in to the UK’s subconscious so all the people are pumping out the same thing with no understanding of it, like they usually do, then it’ll create a mood for something to be done about it.

Failing that am gonna nuts and take some people out!


15 Responses to “Cuts? I Have A Better Idea!”

  1. the ‘facts and figures’ dismay me. I wish you would go on question time phil. I won a seat in the audience on that show when it came to glasgow 2 years ago. But at the very last moment I ‘bottled’ it!
    Waits now for your ”OMG WHAT THE F*** MAGS WHY DID YOU NOT GO???” short answer is I don’t know really. But ive always regretted it.
    I loved your summation, and I really loved daf’s take on it.. so if you’all are heading to the chinese.. then WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEE!!! lol 😉
    mags x

    • I’m not sure it’d matter if I went on question time or not, Mags. They read all your questions before-hand. Not only that, even if I got up and asked a difficult question or thrown those numbers above at the panel, each side would, ‘um, ar… but!…’, and then avoid the question while blaming eachother! They’re such fucking cunts! Yeh, the audience may clap and agree, but what’s clapping abd agreement worth? It wont bring change, it wont bring action.

      You told me about the question time chance you had before! lol You could always try again, eh? How did you even get nominated for it?

      You’re most welcome to come to the Chinese with us! Just remember what I told Daf, the soft noodles and sweet&sour are mine! Understood? lol


  2. Androgoth said

    I have just changed my Space to Private and want to know
    if you can get into it okay? If you can leave a reply here on this comment…

    Thanks Phil…


    • Hey Andro,

      I just went over and I got in fine!

      Why’ve you gone private? Someone been giving you shit?

      Hope all’s well! 🙂

      – Phil

      • Androgoth said

        No there’s no trouble at the moment
        my friend, just being cautious I guess? lol

        Besides I have trouble replying to more than
        thirty five users anyway so it’s much better
        that I keep my friends all in one dungeon…
        I know that I have only just added you within
        My Gothic Realm but I do like your slant on
        the wider issues, and the opinions inside your
        blogs… Just don’t trip up over any Ghouls,
        and Vampires Coffins and you will be fine…

        When You Visit My Gothic Realm I Mean… lol

        Be Good Now –
        If that Is Applicable to You? lol

        Androgoth ; )

        • Well that’s good news! :). I understand about the commenting, I used to get a fair a few commenting on my old Windows Live Space, but those days are over, most of the time people agreed with me, mostly because they didn’t think for themselves. Get’s on your nerves after a while, you know? But am OK with the people here now, they’re mostly the ones who had things interesting to say anyway.

          Oh, and btw, if you ever think “I don’t agree with what Phil’s saying there, he could be wrong/I want to dispute that!” Then DISPUTE IT! If I’m wrong about something I want to know and I wont bite your head off or belittle you if you’re wrong or right. I’d rather have people be honest and genuine than agree like a few other people on the net I’ve met have done.

          I wont be trippin’ over any Ghouls, I have Night Vission as I’m part Vampire for a few weeks every month! I also wear Steel toe-cap shows, so any Ghouls best get outa the way or they’re going to be sore tomorrow! lol

          Have a good weekend, Man! :O)

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the comment – I’m having trouble posting comments on a few blogs because the system seems to be partly down including Daffski’s blog, but I’m going to check in a moment and see if she’s back.

    I’m allowed 2,000 calories a day, but I’m aiming for 1,500 which seems to work pretty well, although I’m sick of spitting out orange pips – I asked for Satsumas and got oranges well past their sell-by date…:(

    The vouchers for Weightwatchers STILL haven’t arrived, but I’m doing OK so far as I lost seven pounds inside a couple of weeks according to the Nurses scales (very sexy babe!!!), but I’m trying not to lose it too fast!

    Yeah the sleep thing is a nightmare! 😦

    Today I have to stay up until 7am to go get milk etc. so I’ll probably be up longer and Sunday I have to go to church because I missed it due to having a cold and a bad cough that still irritates me, but seems to have mostly gone.

    Janice is a children’s dietician so I got plenty of tips off her and Lillian told me where to find calorie counted meals, so my freezer had 54 meals in it Thursday!!!

    I still have a long way to go, but I’ll get there – then I’ll be off looking for a woman or three!!! LoL!!!

    Jokes aside: It’s boring, I’m often hungry and the meds make the hunger worse so I’ve learned to take the pills and eat about the same time so my stomach has something to work on.

    Yeah having so little money to work with is a pain.

    People think we live in the lap of luxury – I even had some daft twat from the BBC phone me to ask if I knew of people who were happy living on the dole!

    I said: “You’ve never been on the dole have you?” and he said no.

    ‘Nuff said…

    I spent two years scrimping so I could have enough money to hand that I could afford to go on direct debit for my utilities and after a year they gave me back around £326 they’d overcharged me by!

    THAT money is going on a new stereo system at some point, but for now it’s a reminder that I can expect another rebate because they are still overcharging me…

    I’m still pretty sure the Japanese Government is covering up a lot, because there’s a ship come into port that sailed by the Fukushima power plant last month and it’s hot as hell!!!

    The radiation levels inside the buildings are ‘way too high and the guys doing the work are wearing inadequate protection, so we’re talking some very brave folks who are going to die because they’re getting four times the amount of radiation they’re supposed to receive in a year inside an hour.

    An expert recently admitted to breaches in the torus below reactor 2 causing a serious loss of pressure and to containment damage to number 3.

    If they get the pumps running then we’ll be able to relax, but right now the reactors contain a very saline solution thanks to the evaporating seawater they are pumping in via fire engines which is causing corrosion problems – as if they didn’t have enough problems!

    They are now talking about pumping in fresh water, but they are a loooong way from actually doing it…

    Your friend is OK for the moment – the prevailing wind seems to be from the West – but now there is so little bottled water available that we are sending them supplies from England!

    What troubles me is that they were saying there was little danger, then they had to admit to Iodine 131 being in Tokyo’s water supply and it was at levels so high it was unsafe for kids to drink it!!!

    My best guess is that they’ll need another week minimum to repair the switchboards and the pumps, but after that they’ll need several months to cool the reactors to safe levels and maybe a year before they can defuel the cores – IF they can get the damaged rods out of the reactors as all three had meltdowns.

    Given what we know from Three Mile Island, it could be years before this is over – and they have three times the amount of waste they need to get rid of so the cleanup operation is going to cost billions…

    Cheerful bugger ain’t I? LoL!!! 🙂

    Enough to put you off Nuclear Power for life… 😦

    Yeah Manchester is like an anthill full of VERY disturbed Ants these days – I’m not allowed to go there without an escort because of my illness, but thankfully I won’t be going any time soon, just to the Co-Op at the end of Birchwood Rd…

    Have a great day my friend – you seem Sooo much better!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  4. prenin said

    Too true Phil! 😦

    Unfortunately those with money can buy indulgencies from the Government in return for a cushy job or three after they ‘retire to spend more time with their families’.

    The whole system is rotten, but changing it is a painful process when none of those in power have any interest in change that will affect their self-interest.

    Maybe one day dude, but not today…

    God Bless!


    • I just can’t accept this, I can’t accept nothing will change… every time I try it winds me up even more! I still have to try and do something, at least then I know I’ve tried my hardest to make a positive change. And when I say that I don’t necessarly mean a small change, which is good, but large-scale change, because that’s what we need!

      Hope ya well Ian! 🙂

  5. Androgoth said

    Fifty odd million peeps in England? lol
    Well sometimes it feels like that I guess?

    Have A Good One DeadAnarchistPhil


  6. Androgoth said

    Well you’ve certainly covered all the bases with this blog DeadAnarchistPhil and you’re right to bring this, shall we say The Crap Alternative to Political Leadership down to their knees where they belong, not that they give a shit about it; no they are too busy dipping their greedy little power hungry fingers into every pie going in order to feather their own pockets!

    Well no surprises there then, as fifty odd million people in England shout out in total agreement, and while the country turns into an uncontrollable void without an end to all their ridiculously mundane bullshit they sing to us with their far-fetched out of touch mandates, telling us that we can all expect a brilliant future under their wing, yes I have heard it all this somewhere before!
    Well as everyone already knows it will be just the same as every other lying bastard politician, they dangle their unattainable cherries under the voters noses and pedal their out of this world speeches, Kiss Babies, Frogs Arses and Camel Dung if it gets them into power, yes they offer us this, that and the other, promise us what all the other parties are lacking, and like gullible twats everyone follows their seed trail, what a crock, those idiots couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery not to mention our country in a diabolical crisis, well how could they?

    I mean they‘re too far out of touch with us, and I do mean ‘US’ at the grassroots level, after all they’re too busy going out spending all of our hard earned cash, giving it away to foreign lands, helping anybody with a begging bowl to give a shit about the ordinary hard working man and woman in the street, well it’s not going to get much better with this lot in power as we’ve had a taste of the Conservatives before, and of course New Labour weren’t that impressive either, I know why don’t we put the Chuckle Brothers in charge because let’s face it, these lot are having a right fu*king laugh at our expense…

    Sorry about all the profanities in this one DeadAnarchistPhil but I guess with all the everyday cock-ups, taxes and rising debt there will be a lot more to swear about before the tide changes, well that’s if we are going to get some positives during the life cycle of these New Wonder Boys?

    Never mind though peeps with summer coming along and all those extra taxes they are slamming onto everything they clap their beady eyes onto we can at least look forward to an ice cream, but I don’t mean to eat, oh no, I mean to shove right into that Cameron’s face, hmm, not the cream that he was expecting me thinks? lol


    • Hey Andro. 🙂

      Yes, I would think a lot of people in the UK as whole would be in agreement with me. Thing is, the thinking and research has been done for them and they haven’t learned a thing and nor will they do a thing about it. They just do what the British do best, and that’s sit and moan while taking on another burden that is not their’s to carry. Why? Because they’re too lazy to kick up a fuss about it. More people get upset about immigrants and benefit fraud than they do about this, even though it’s only £10Bn and the cost of the non-payment of tax in the UK by these companies is between £95Bn and £150Bn. Surely that’s more worth getting pissed off over than £10Bn? But alas, it doesn’t seem so. So as I was saying to Daf, it’s the people’s fault as much as it is the Government’s.

      Hey, don’t worry about the profanity on here, I think they’re as legitimate as other words are to use. So, go nuts if you wish! You wont be bollocked on here mate! :O)

      Ice-Cream in Cam’s face? Nah, I’d rather stick his UB40 and a bill for all the cuts in his face! The chinless wonder! I think he was expecting Osborne’s cream in face anyway:

      LOL! Hope the week is OK to you so far! :O)

  7. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeey Phil!
    Happy Monday n all that! I think Ill leave one comment for the last two blogs, cos they kinda tie in anyway I think. First, I think people do care more than you think, but you only have to look at where protests (and I mean the peaceful ones, not the few idiots that give em a bad name) get you to realise that even if you do act, noone listens and I think this leads to a feeling of hopelessness. I mean even you, with all your political acumen dont really know how to fix it, so the average man in the street is left complaining but feeling like he’s banging his head against a wall. Even if you do put pen to paper and write to your local MP about your concerns you end up getting back a standard letter that doesnt really address anything you said in the first place (cos this happened to my dad just recently). These people don’t represent us, they represent themselves and their own interests and only today I was listening to the news and there were people on there basically saying… Yeah we understand the country’s finances are in a mess so we have to deal with cuts. Damn right noones telling them about big business! Oooooh you’ll get me on about unfair distribution of wealth in a moment, which has been one of my bug bears for years and then Ill just never shut up. So Im gonna take a deeeeeep breath and move on….

    Im thinkin, youre gonna go nuts and take some people out? Well if your thinking of taking anyone to an all you can eat Chinese buffet, just remember who your friends are (hinting like mad there ;O)

    Hope your weeks getting off to a good start!
    Moocho (that just nearly came out as mocha… I must need coffee) love Daf xxx

    • Hiya Matey! :O)

      If people did care then we wouldn’t have the problems we currently have. People are just lazy or plain don’t give a shit. Yes, a lot of people protested yesterday, but a quarter of a million people is nothing compared to the larger population of 62 million. That quarter of a million people are ideolgically blinded and driven anyway.

      The reason no one else acts is because only a minority stand up and ask for something to be done (even if those people are ideological challenged), they just moan while the rest of the nation sits on their collective arses letting someone else do all the changing and protesting for them because they’re too lazy and bone-idle to even educate themselves, let alone go out and protest!

      It’s like a community that has a problem family, some members of the community will stand up and say something needs to be done and challenge the family, while the rest sit on their arses letting them do the fighting for them while some others defend the problem family.

      Short story is The Government doesn’t care because it knows the people don’t care. A quarter of a Million people protesting means nothing to them. If the country revolted on a scale similar to the Poll-Tax riots then we’d see them changing their policies.

      To keep a Government in line and on Its toes the electorate needs to be educated and paying attention. They are the two things they don’t do, because they’re thick! So it’s the people’s fault as much as it is the Governments.

      “Yeah we understand the country’s finances are in a mess so we have to deal with cuts.”

      See, they haven’t got a clue! Why are they even willing to shoulder the burden of the cuts when the companies that caused the problem could easily pay it off within five years with their tax.

      I offered a soloution to the problem, make the Corporations pay their full tax. But to do that, we need an educated electorate that actually cares and thinks, in reality they don’t because they’re basically thick. And when I start thinking about this, it’s where the Nhilism creeps in and wonder why I should even bother doing anything!

      If I do go nuts mate I’ll take you out to that Chinese all you can eat buffet! But, be warned… The soft noodles and sweet and sour trays are mine! Mine I tells thee! :O) Hope your week is getting off to minted Daf start! As for Coffee? Eeeeeeewwwwww Ya need to lay off that as well as the ciggies! haha Much love comin’ at cha mate! :O) xxxxxx

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