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One Wants One’s Country Back!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 8, 2011

Just spruce up my poster a made a while back, added the Queen for a laugh and stuck my display name on there. Not sure if I can use it for a background or as a poster I can use to advertise my site elsewhere on the web.

But I’m not sure I want all that traffic and the inevitable aggro I’d get and have to deal with. I already get it on my Youtube page, I’d get worse on here. I’m not so much bothered about me though, I’m worried about these idiots going for other commenters and bloggers I talk to on here.

Anyway, thoughts on the poster are welcome.

Libyans are complaining they’re upset with NATO’s actions, or lack of, in the country. Well, maybe we should take our military hardware and go home? Maybe we should do that and leave the support up to the Arab Countries who are also supposed to be helping you but have a taken a back seat! In the West you can’t win, you go in to save a people, and they still bitch and moan. We should pull out and leave the business up to the Arab League and the Arab countries that are bitching about NATO doing things wrong. Pull out and let them take care of it, but they wont, because they’ll fail outright and also cost them money. So… they should either shut the fuck up or do it themselves, same goes for the Libyans complaining.

Oh, and how cool is this: The Stars Sing. No, I’m not talk of the Human kind, but like our own Sun! They actually sing! I hope they do anyway and the BBC isn’t pulling a late April Fools! I’m not sure how recent this discovery is, it strikes me as something that should’ve been known for a while. Anything with such power and force must emit some kind of hum. I’m sure it’s old news but they’ve discovered something new about it. I would find you the story but the BBC don’t have it on their site yet!

A new particle may have been discovered in the USA via their Tevatron Accelerator. I just hope it’s real and one of the workers haven’t dropped a Cheeze Burger in there! Imagine it… ‘Tha Cheeze Burger Particle’.

Have a good weekend to all!


18 Responses to “One Wants One’s Country Back!”

  1. Androgoth said

    I am just calling by to see what you are getting up to,
    of course if it is something wicked then that will explain
    your abscence here… By the way I think that you should
    add a new page with all your posters on… well not ALL of
    them but a nice selection for our viewing pleasures… lol

    Have a Ghoulishly Frightening Wednesday DeadAnarchistPhil

    Androgoth ; )

    • I haven’t been doing much actualy, just the garden and a lot of pottering about!

      That’s an idea I’ve had before regarding the pictures, I just may do that! When I create a new page I’ll let you know so you can have a gander! 🙂

      Have a day too, Andro! :O)

  2. jennyozzy said

    do you think shes going to shoot the duke lol well we can always hope lol hi phil xxjen

  3. Androgoth said

    Just calling by to wish you a
    Ghoulishly excellent week Phil…


  4. You can’t win can you? I know our only involvement is because of the oil and we have a duty to protect our interests and not allow the arab countries to have too much of a hold over us but for fucks sake, do we really have to poke our noses into every single conflict in the world – especially when our armed forces are being cut? I don’t know…..
    Sounds good, bad and indifferent on the UC front. So many positives but the negs are still there but overall, I would say there has been improvement and hopefully the quality of life does improve. ON top of all that you’re eating big macs and the effect wasn’t too bad was it?

    Thanks for your words on my last blog. Just been feeling a little low and down recently. New me, new job but at the end of the day, same old shit. What does make me feel a little down more than anything is that horrible thought that I can’t ever see myself getting out of this house and out of the area I live. Thats why I referred to the house thing because I have started to think about times in my life I have had opportunity and made choices and looking back and wondering whether I did the right thing. In some cases it’s quite clear that I didn’t. It’s not the be all and end all having ‘stuff’ but just being somewhere I feel a little happier would be a good start!!

    Anyhoo, keep your chin up – have you statred the OU course yet?


    • Hey mate! 🙂

      Nah, you can’t. We didnt go in there for the Oil, we could’ve sat back and watched Gaddafi’s troops kill the rebels, we’d still get oil out of him all the same. But the West/NATO wanted to save face and do something about it I think (Also helped Cameron out by looking like a world leader and distracted the French electorate for Sarkozy). Which is stupid really, why do WE have to save face?, let the Arab League or the African Union deal with it! And when they make a mess of it we can say: “Seriously? WTF?” for a change.

      But you’re right, do we have to be everywhere? We’re skint and saying there’s no money in the kitty and we’re spending money on this? I think we both know who it’s for the benefit of!

      UC is under control! It’s normal, just wish the other stuff had gone with it! They’re such a damn pain! If I ever start again they will be the ones to set it off!

      I’m sure you’ll pull out of the mind-set you’re in mate. You wont always be trapped there, you’re in a better area than I’m in already, could you imagin living here? You’d feel worse mate! LOL! I can’t really say things will definitely improve for you, but as we’ve said, it could be a hell of a lot worse. I feel like a cunt when I say that because such a shitty thing to say, I just wish you could get what you want mate, but the reality is we don’t always get that, unless you were born with a silver spoon in ya gob or have a time machine! Actually, that’s what ya mate’s got, use it, go back in time and get in the that deal! Bit like Lister did in that episode of Red Dwarf where he went back in time with the picture time machine!

      My OU course doesn’t start untill the 7th of May or thereabouts. However, I get more prep work two weeks before that. I just hope I can keep my head together and do what needs to be done, I’m worried I’m going to completely fuck this up or not do as good as I could’ve done because of illness! We’ll see what happens though.

      As always Pete, thanks for your support and kind words! I hope this week is better for you than the last and you feel somewhat better about your situation, mate! All the best! :O)

  5. jennyozzy said

    thats hope your fine hmmneed typing lessons lol you offering xx

    • Me? Typing lessons? Have you seen how bad my typing is? lol So the answer to that, will be NO, unless you want to worse than you already are! lol

      Hope you’re fine too and had a good weekend! 🙂 x

  6. jennyozzy said

    hi phil i wont be watchin the royal wedding im not a royalist in fact i can t stand them so tv will be on film mode lol it makes me sick all this street party rubbish people are fools to be taken in by it lol rant over hope your fie xxjen

    • Hey Jen,

      Neither will I! Though I just know some of the people in my house WILL be watching it. I think I’ll hold in my room for the day!

      On the bright side, there will not be as many street parties this time around! YAY!

  7. Androgoth said

    Yes they do sing, and I have also heard a lot of other singing Planets lately in the guise of idiots in suits spouting this, that and the bleeding other, but as for which Planet is in question it is definitely not Mars or Pluto, or even Mercury, but as everyone already knows… It’s those rapscallions talking out of Uranus, well not yours but theirs I mean… lol And as for the casualties of war, if not for a better phrase it is just how it goes and if one wants airstrikes to obliterate massacre, bloodshed and carnage, then it can never be surgically implemented as combat is never so precise, in fact it is always unpredictable even in warfare of the 21st century…

    BTW –

    That is a most wicked placard of yours and one that will certainly grab the attention of any passersby, of course if those peeps want to attack other users just for opinions offered then that is their problem, I couldn’t give a monkey’s fart what they thought of my comments, it’s all mine, mine I tell you… lol

    Be well Phil and enjoy your weekend…

    Androgoth ; )

    • If Planets were Politicians then Uranus would be Cameron, that is an obvious one! haha

      Clegg could be Pluto, like Pluto, he’s not quite what he’s supposed to be, is insignificant but is part of the wider group anyway.

      Eric Pickles could be Saturn, because it’s fat and full of hot air.

      Jupiter can be John Prescot, huge, full of gas and has a group of small things floating around him because his gravitational pull!

      Ed Milliband can be the moon, boring, almost usless and odd looking.

      Geroge Osbourne can be Neptune, cold and a million miles away from Earth and reality!

      Pete Mandelson can be the Death Star!


      Yeh, everyone moans when war starts and people die, I was thinking: “WTF??? You taking the piss? You’re moaning because people are dieing??? It’s war!!!”

      Not everything is precise as you say, but it’s a hell of a lot better than back in the days of WWII!

      Thanks for the opinion on the poster, I may post it on the web elsewhere soon, not sure about it yet.

      Hope you had a good weekend man and hope the week is going great too! 🙂

  8. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Love the poster – kind of says it all really! LoL!!!

    What gets me is they moan when NATO actually tries to prevent accidentally killing civilians, then complain even more when they get hit by air strikes because the aircraft can’t tell the difference between rebel hardware and Gaddafi’s hardware BECAUSE HE BOUGHT THEM BOTH!!!

    The only way to prevent this is for them to send in air controllers to direct the attacks from the ground, but they can’t because it would mean ‘boots on the ground’.

    To be honest the best the rebels can expect is to end up in a stalemate with Gaddafi’s forces hiding in the civilian areas as they are today and the rebels just holding ground – when they’re not running away that is!

    Yes, the stars DO sing – across quite a radio spectrum, but it can be heard.

    I read about the possible new particle they’ve discovered.

    If they can prove it, the existence of this new beast is going to mean they’ll have to rewrite the physics books!!! 🙂

    Remember it’s early days yet and they have a lot of numbers to crunch…

    The Cheese Burger Particle… Mmmm…. Cheese burgers…

    This diet is killing me…

    God Bless!


    • Hi Ian!

      Yeh, you can’t win, they bith if you do and they bith if you don’t. However, the rebels don’t care if pro-Gaddafi civilians get bombed, I think that’s what is pissing them off, because THEY have to go IN to the CITIES and clean out the Gaddafi forces! They’d rather NATO bombed the shit out of the place.

      I say, let the Arab League deal with it, they also moan when the West or NATO doesn’t do something right or not enough. Let THEM spend £500 million + over the rest of the year!

      I don’t know why the rebels bothered, they’re only going to vote for some hard-line dickhead anyway, it’s inevitable because they’re Islamic and will have some kind of Islamic code in any new state constitution. And when you have that, it will lead to the type of Government what is already in place all over the Arab parts of the world.

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Burgerking Whopper Particle! That’d be a particle worth finding AND eating!
      I’m sure the Diet will get a little easier for you soon, if it doesn’t, then drink lots of water to stave off the hunger pangs!

      Hope you’re day will be a good one, man! 🙂

  9. hrhdaf said

    Mooooooorning Phil!
    I always suspected the Queen was more bad ass than we’ve been lead to believe. Would have to be to keep that hubby of hers in check! As for worrying about your fellow bloggers, I know that Im not in the least bit worried about getting aggro cos Im your mate, but I can understand your concerns cos some people are a tad more delicate than I am and flaming and stuff really does bother em. Personally I reckon you should just publish and be damned, cos people can always avoid commenting on things that they think might cause em grief.

    Im not that up on the whole Libya situation to be honest, havent caught much news in the last week cos I been a busy bee, but last I heard we were supposed to be helping. Are we not now then? Sheesh sometimes it seems nothing is the right thing!

    Speaking of stars singing, would you like to hear my fave planet singing? (Jupiter had always been my fave cos its our great big protector :O)

    As for that new particle, would be an amazing discovery iiiiif it really exists, but as that article says… still not confirmed so I think I’m just watching this space on that one!

    Have a great weekend amigo!
    Big huggles and mooch love, Daf xxx

    • Hello Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf! :OD

      Yeh, the Queen just went nuts and realised she’s part of the Dead Anarchist Contingent, as you and many others, and so she quit her job and started to fight back!

      You’re now Dead Anarchist Daf, or D.A.D! LOL!

      Are you really sure you want religious nut-jobs of many sects having a go at you and even seeing your videos? Are you sure you want the trolls from 4Chan making you in to a Gif and photoshopin you? lol That’s only two and not mentioning the regular right-wing nut-cases from this side and the other side of the pond!

      I’m going to get shit from every direction if I hold a sign up (posters) and say: “I’m over here, and I disagree with you and also think you’re a cunt!” lol I aint really arsed, but again, tis you lot am thinking of. I already post what I want but if I bring this to a wider auidence, there will be more fruit cakes about!

      Yeh, the Libyan rebels were moaning because we weren’t, apparently, doing enough! They don’t realise that to help more than we’re already doing we’d have to endanger civilians on the Pro-Ghadafi side! The rebels don’t care about them, but we have to, because it’s part of the mandate by the UN! I say we’ve done enough, we should pull out now and let the Arab League/Nations deal with it. After all, the Arab Nations are all to quick to criticise the West/NATO for what they’re doing wrong, let them take on the job and the flack!

      You know, the sound of Jupiter sounds like the road behind my house! Cars driving up the road and then fading to the distance. Only difference is the sounds from Jupiter don’t fade after rising. Also, there looks to be a gas woman giving Jupiter’s big red dot a a blow job! Either that or It’s eating a Banana!

      Yes, would be good if they find more particles! I hope it’s useful, like as a clean fule for us here on Earth. Though that’s unlikely! 😛

      I hope you had a good weekend Daf and that the week so far is treating thee well! Talk soon and moocho loveski to ya! :O) xx

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