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Death And The ‘Afterlife’?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 15, 2011

First off, sorry if this is a bit morbid, if you don’t want to comment on this blog because it upsets you or it just isn’t a topic of interest, then sit this one out.

I find myself thinking about death and the afterlife a lot seeing as I’m an Obsessive Thinker and ruminater caused by OCD. But I don’t think I’m alone in thinking about this subject, you don’t need to be deep thinker or have OCD to think about Death and what may or may not lie beyond it.

When I think of death it brings a feeling sadness, darkness and images of a road on a rainy night with the street lights shining while the fine rain is blown by the wind as it falls past the lamp light at different angles. Graveyards are an obvious one, I dislike them a lot, it reminds me of the inevitable fate we, and indeed, everything else that lives faces in the end. 

It so sad to me that everything we are, all our memories, experiences talents and basically everything else is snuffed out forever when we die. I can’t really describe it properly but the majority of the time it leaves me feeling very Nihilistic and that nothing we do will ever matter in the grand scheme of the Universe. I know the fact we’re all going to josh-it one day doesn’t mean we can’t live for today, but that sense of Nihilism, at that point, is so overwhelming that nothing does matter, it makes you not what to do anything. Everything just shrinks in to insignificance. And then you come back to ‘normality’ and it sort of annoys me that as well as not existing at all I’m going to miss so much after I die! So many wonderous things, the bad things I can miss, but there’s going to be so much change, inventions and discoveries I’m going to miss!

My question to you on this subject is, what do you think of Death? Are you worried about it? Does it bother you that one day your family members will die by before you? Does it bother you that you’ll leave people behind and that you’ll never be awake ever again? Oh, that’s assuming there is no afterlife! Now, I’m not going to say there is an after life or there isn’t… but… my gut feeling is there is nothing once you’re lights go out. That’s it, you’re done. I mean, I hope I’m completely wrong, but to me it seems obvious. That disclaimer out-of-the-way let me continue, so… will it bother you that you’ll be missing out on so much after you die? Not just the good things but the good times you could’ve had with family and friends? On the flip side, do you believe in an afterlife? If so, what makes you think it exists and what evidence is there to support that?

Ghosts! Do you believe in Ghosts? Have you ever had an encounter with one?

My opinion on Ghosts is just because I can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that something isn’t there, especially when so many others have supposedly seen or felt these things.

I have family members who’ve seen Ghosts! My Gran is the main one, she’s told me a few stories. One of the main ones she told me about was when she and her co-worker where working at a local pub that they didn’t know was haunted and saw the ex-landlord who hung himself. They were cleaning one evening (or morning) when they both saw the same Ghost… her co-worker was so scared her hair went white and she refused to go back to the pub ever again.

Apparently my Gran’s mother was a ‘Medium’, she had also seen Ghosts.

Another family member of mine had seen her Grand Father, whom she’d never met and only knew from pictures, in the door way of the living room. I was in the house at the time and heard her go hysterical. At first I thought she was laughing but she was crying. The same family member saw my aforementioned Grandmother twice since she died a few years back.

Now, I know these family members well, do they have reason to lie? No, they don’t, I don’t think they would say such things just to attention seek. Do I believe what they say they see? Well, I’m a skeptic, I can’t believe something without facts, evidence or a solid explanation as to why or what they say they’ve seen is actually there. Being exposed to high ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) can make some people feel or even see things that are not there. So, some family memebrs of mine may be predisposed to seeing things if they’re ever exposed to high EMFs. I’m more inclined to believe this because it has a basis in reality and can actually be replicated in the lab. These lab results show that all people can experience that ghostly feeling if the EMF is turned up high enough, it’s just some people have more of a sensitivity to EMFs, and these are the people who see or feel Ghosts where EMFs are to high for them.

You don’t always have to be exposed to EMFs to see things. The Human brain is also programmed to find faces and form in everything, which is why we see form everywhere (You see the Hitler house in the news lately?). Imagine going from a  light room in to a dimly lit or dark room and your eyes adjust, you brain will struggle to make sense and find out what and where everything is, and with the light that was just in your eyes fading away your brain makes pictures and faces, if you’re that way inclined think that, which you would if you were scared of the dark or believe in Ghosts. If you didn’t and wanted to see a light switch on a near by wall you’d reach for it and fall over because the wall you imagined wasn’t actually there.

Myself personally, I haven’t seen or heard anything! Family members on the other hand hear something everyday! Every creek, thump, breeze, unexplained electrical appliance cutting out, flickering light, dark shadow from the corner of their eyes, things going missing and door shutting (when there’s an obvious explanation for it) is a Ghost of a family member. When I hear the above I don’t think Ghost, sometimes it doesn’t register at all, unless I’m in bed, in which case I’ll know what it is. It’ll either be people up, floorboards popping back in to place, a window open, door being shut too fast, cats messing about or heating coming on. If it is none of them and I know people are in bed then I will think: “Someone’s broken in!”

However, even if I did see something, I wouldn’t put it straight down to a super natural force, as I explained above, I could be in a high EMF area, really tired, my eyes receiving signals from my brain when adjusting to light/dark  (playing tricks) or I’m under the influence of some chemical.

The above is my take on it, I want to hear your take though, if you believe otherwise then tell me your stories, I’d love to hear them! However, I may try to dispute what you saw by offering up explanations, but I wont really baulk at you… much! lol

Hope all are doing well and have a great weekend!


24 Responses to “Death And The ‘Afterlife’?”

  1. renxkyoko said

    Well, I’m late for the party.

    To be honest, until someone can give me a scientific explanation for the Big Bang, I will live my life believing in God. ( although I have a problem with different religions )

    • Hiya Ren! :O)

      Doesn’t matter if you’re late, I like reading your opinions anyway!

      I find it curious you want a scientific explanation for the Big Bang but not for God? There’s at least some evidence that the Big Bang actually occured, the universe still expanding and cooling – but there’s aboloutely nothing solid to base a belief in God on.

      Having said that I’d like clarify my own position on God. For me, the Gods in all the religious books of the world are man made, it’s blatantly obvious, with all the contridictions and unbelievable things going on in them. However, you could argue that God didn’t write the religious books but that Humans did, in this case why would God let It’s word be put down by flawed humans? God must’ve known Humans would not do a good job at it, but let it happen anyway, which doesn’t sound like a perfect being.

      The above though does not rule out some kind of God, or entity, inside or outside (If that concept’s even possible) the Universe that created the conditions for life to flourish. This is because at present I can’t, and nor can anyway else, say there is or isn’t a ‘God’ or creator, because we lack the knowledge and the technology to find out for sure (This isn’t the case with the Gods’ in the religious books of the world because they disqualify themselves because of their content).

      So, you could probably call me Agnostic, but not in the traditional sense.

      What problems do you have with other religions?

      – Phil

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Yessir I believe in other energies – or say, other realms. Here’s a video of me doing one of my chapters, and it’s about exactly that – http://wordsfallfrommyeyes.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/the-galloping/.

    You now, Phil, if it’s in your family, though you haven’t seen anything yet, you never know when it may awaken. I didn’t know that about EMFs. Interesting indeed.

    Damn you’ve been through a lot…

    What do you think it is when my cat suddenly sits upright and stares at something just above my head or to the right of me, that I can’t see, and even follows it – and once leapt off the bed to chase it and swipe at it? What do you reckon? It’s intriguing, completely intriguing.

    • I’m not sure there’s anything there to ‘awaken’, Noeleen. It seems highly unlikely to me, then again, I’m an annoying sceptic! lol

      Our family cats have ALL done the same thing. One of my Mam’s was doing it just the other day, so I went over to see what she had, because they’ve brought mice, rats, voles, birds and even big moths in. I had a look what she was looking, pawing and sniffing at and there was nothing there. Cats always look at the wall and stuff, it’s something daft they do! hahaha

      I think your cat may have saw something you didn’t, like a tiny fly or a spider, ours do that all the time, and then chased after it. Coould’ve also been a whisp of dust or a hair? Cats will play with and chase anything!

      OK, I’m off to bed, thanks for your thoughts on the subject, Noeleen! Hope you’re weekend’s been a good one!

      – Phil 🙂

  3. jennyozzy said

    hi phil the afterlife has always been my quest to find out if it exists ever since loosing my mum im still waiting for her to come back to me ive been told things by mediums that have made me sit up but even so i still find myself asking more ghosts the same ive seen things but need to see more for longer and clearer before i say yes ive seen a spirit old grim reaper scares me i find death fascinating but dont want to experience it just yet i dont believ in embalming and messing about making bodies look pretty i think put in the coffin lid on and dont oggle loved ones i hope that my wishes are seen too this way who knows what is beyond death if anything its like god who knows anyway lol have a nice easter phil your not morbid just curious xxjen

    • Hi Jen 🙂

      When I got home from my Dad’s funeral and I was on my own, everyone else stayed at the wake/after party or whatever they want to call it, I asked him to knock one of the cards off the TV or do something to show he was there. Nothing happened and never has.

      Like you, I want to know if something is there, but my gut instinct is that there is nothing, but I really hope there’s something, even if it does feel a little silly to think that way.

      I hate death! I wanna beat death, like Homer Simposon did! lol And like you, I don’t wanna experience it just yet, hope I don’t untill I’m 70 odd or something! haha. You have an interesting opinion on the open coffin trend, I suppose it is a little odd, I know I didn’t want to se emy Gran when she died, I’d rather remember her as she was, sort of spoiled it.

      Easter? LOL! Tell you what, am looking forward to ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ and Charltan Heston saying in his American accent: “He truly was the son of God!” LOL! It always good for a laugh, also funny to pick out the movie and book inconsistancies in there! hahaha

      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, Jen! I hope you and Andro are both kicking ass and feeling good today! :O) xx

  4. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeeey Phil… Oooh I like this post. Something to sink my teeth into (plus I just love giving my opinions on pretty much everything so thanks for askin ;O)

    So first bite of the blog… death and the afterlife. First I dont believe in God, I don’t believe there’s anything after this. I basically think this is it so make it count. Having said that as I mentioned in a previous comment to you I love the idea that matter and energy can’t be destroyed and are always there in one form or another. I love the idea we’ve been here since the beginning of time and will be til the end. I mean yeah I wont know anything about it but the idea of being part of a tree or a nebula or just anything is pretty fab to me!

    I would agree with Prenin in that Im not afraid of being dead. When I had my health scare a while back I was pretty much petrified for a while, til I got to the stage I just thought… bugger it, if this is it do I wanna go out sitting about crapping myself? That was about ten years ago now, and obviously everythings under control now, but Ive said a few times in a wierd way it was one of the best things to happen to me, stopped me sitting in my ass being complacent about things. Now I really hate to feel like Ive wasted even a day. However given the choice I’d choose a quick painless way out, but then who wouldn’t?

    As for ghosts… I noticed in his comment that Prenin thinks a possible reason for seeing ‘ghosts’ is mental illness. What people dont realise is that it’s pretty well documented that for no apparent reason occasionally people can hallucinate. Perfectly healthy people with no history of any kind of mental illness can just ‘see things’. It’s just the brain playing tricks on us, and often happens in times of duress or tiredness, or in some cases it’s because of eye problems. My son in laws grandad had problems with his eyes a while back (cant remember exactly what it was, Id have to ask my girlchild) but anyway, he was always seeing people that werent there and that was down to a physical problem. So Im giving ghosts two thumbs waaaay down, but can completely understand why some people think theyve seen them. Friend of mine was really shattered one night and could see bats flying around his room out of his periphoral vision which totally werent there.

    Right… Im outta here catch ya later and hope your having a fab n sunny Saturday! OOOOh and whilst I agree the confectionary of which you spoke was good stuff, most of it’s the kind that makes me frightened Ill stick my dentures together (what with being 70) so I think Ill stick to me crunchy polos thanks ;O)

    Love n huggles Dafski (DAD OBE FAB) xxx

    • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarffffffskiiiiiiiii! Ello Poppet! :O)

      Don’t you think point-blank saying God doesn’t exist is a bit arrogant? I mean, we can’t prove it does or doesn’t exist, Ghosts are pretty much the same in my book. I mean, I’m open-minded about both, but my gut feeling is there is no God and people are seeing things for any number of reasons. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, because I could be wrong.

      Anyway, on to death, yeh, Death is a little scary to me, just thinking about what it will feel like and the end of my life as I know it, I can see why people believe in God and the afterlife, that thought of nothingness and not seeing family members is saddening and depressing. Though those thoughts don’t make me want to do some mental gymnastics and turn all religious deist! However, I’m more scared of losing my family members and friends while I’m still alive, I hate the thought of having to lose them.

      Yes, our energy will go on forever, that’s amazing and great, but in a way it brings me no solace as it wont beat death for me! lol

      I know, you’re health-scare sort of kicked you in to action and out of the mindset you were in at the time. My health problem doesn’t really do much for me in that sense, but I still feel the loss of a another day I haven’t done anything! Because I know… I’m going to be a long time dead and I’m not only wasting days, I’m wasting months and years!

      I agree with your deduction on Ghosts, it’s rational and logical, which is how I usually try to address things, especially the supernatural! My Gran was the same as she got older, she started to see more things, but I put this down to her medication and cataracts at the time.

      My gut feeling on both God and Ghosts are that there’s nothing there, but I can’t rule out the possibility that there could be something, something I can’t really understand at this level of intelligence, the same way a chimp fails to understand writing and language fully… we could only be grasping near the very bottom rung of understanding and intelligence.

      I forgot about ya dentures! You could always put them in a blender with warm water and turn them in to a paste or drinkable smoothy? Yeh? Simples! Mah saturday is boring, but I hope yours is better and you’re enjoying the weather and arm wrestling practice you’re bound to be doing right now!

      Oh, you forgot MAD from your list of awards and titles! LOL!

      Much and hugs coming back at cha, mate! :O) xxx

      • hrhdaf said

        Aaaaaaah but you asked me what I thought, and indeed I could be wrong. But right now what I think is that there is no God. Is it any more arrogant of me to say I dont believe than for someone else to say they have total faith? Am I supposed to lie and say I think there may be? I only think it would be arrogant if Im telling everyone else theyre wrong, which Im not. I think everyone is entitled to believe what they like. The problems start with the ‘Im right and your wrong’ attitude.
        And again youre completely right we cant prove God exists or doesnt, but I cant prove the flying spagetti monster doesnt exist, I cant even prove that I do, however I kinda like to run with amassed evidence (being of a scientific ilk) so there ya go.

        Personally I dont find the idea of nothingness depressing at all. Cos way I see it I wont know a thing about it. As for losing the people you love, course thats an awful thought and its totally natural to be upset at the thought of it, but those are bridges we have to cross when they happen and part of the human condition.

        Anyway, Im gonna leave this there, cos while I have no problem having an indepth chat with you about this some time its not something I really wanna go into massively in a comment so Im gonna sod off or maybe change the subject. Oh look… its nearly beer time (and time to behave myself cos of the posh bird)! Wish me luck as you wave me goodbyeeeeeee! (Voice of an angel huh?)

        Moocho hugs Daf xxx

        • “Is it any more arrogant of me to say I dont believe than for someone else to say they have total faith?”

          No it isn’t, but that’s why I’m on the: “Well, there could be” fence! lol And no, I’m not expecting you to lie, was just asking if an absoloute answer to a question that can’t really be answered either way is valid. But it seems because I asked you a question your absoloute answer isn’t absoloute anymore when I ask you if it’s arrogant? It just seems arrogant to me, and no, I DON’T think you’re arrogant, cos I know you’re not, though you are a little mental! haha

          Yes, evidence, but we may not be in possession of the evidence but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and even if we did have possession, what if we don’t have the capacity to understand it?

          Anyway, you don’t want to go in to it so we’ll leave it here! But hey, yeh, tis beer time for tha Daf! Remember! No doing what I pointed out yesterday! Tombstoning and bodyslams are out of the question! OK? Have a good time *waves bye to Daf as she drunkenly staggers off to meet the mate and the posh bird* lol Much love as always budski! :O) xxxxxxx

          • hrhdaf said

            I do see what your saying, and of course you could argue that there are no absolutes. As I said earlier I cant even prove I exist, it’s the old ‘I think therefore I am’ arguement, which is massively flawed if you wanna get into a philosophical discussion. However I believe I do. I dont believe Im a dream within a dream, I dont believe Im part of a holographic universe, I dont believe any of the many other theories out there. I believe Im a flesh and blood person sat here at my pute. And thats kinda where I started. I apply the same kinda thinking to religion. And I really am gonna shut up now cos I really dont wanna offend any of your other readers. If you wanna continue this lively debate remind me next time I catch you on line.
            Reet off to have some tea n beautify myself (if IM gonna be a drunken bum, Im at least gonna be a fabulously dressed one ;O)
            more love n hugskis Daf xxx

            • hrhdaf said

              Oh and just a weeeny adendum. You reckon we have no evidence there is no God? Look at the state of the world mate!

              • Sorry to break this to you, Daf, but your part of my dream world! You don’t exist for any other reason but to interact with me on some level. You’re whole life was dreamed up by me. I would’ve dreamed you up a bigger house with a few cars, but I got bored. Sorry about that! lol

                No worries, we’ll continue this on-line missy! I hope you had a drunken money night and didn’t cause too much embarrasment to your mate! lol

                Oh, God didn’t make the mess in the world… again, it was my imagination! 😛 haha

                Much love coming at cha materssssssss! :O) xxxxx

  5. prenin said

    A lecturer was asked: “Will there be sex after death?” and he replied: “Yes, but you won’t know anything about it”… 🙂

    There is a simple way to look at life after death: It may exist, it may not, but we’re going to find out sooner or later so why worry…

    I’m not afraid of dying – been there done that – but I worry about the manner of my death.

    If my father has his way it’ll be under the wheels of his penis extension, but while I stay alert to the risks involved, I don’t let it rule my life.

    My belief in the Creator is taken as a matter of faith – I can’t prove there IS a creator, or there isn’t one, but I’d sooner live as if there is a God and be wrong than live my life as if there is NO God and be wrong…

    As for Ghosts: Yes I see things, but that may be down to my particular brand of Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    I have seen things in an old factory where I used to work and I know of others who have seen things there, but I have no definitive proof that what we saw were indeed ghosts.

    Again I suspect this is a matter of faith – you either believe or you don’t.

    Mind you I should point out that there have been many attempts to prove the existence of ghosts either one way or the other and none have come up with definitive proof – or a rational explanation for the unexplained!

    That people can pick up on EMR is well documented and there have been many experiments which prove minimal telekinesis can occur in such a field, but you won’t catch me sticking my head in a microwave!

    There have for decades been Military experiments to explore the potential of ESP, but as to their success or failure we simply do not know because the files are Top Secret.

    In truth we all have questions and no definitive answers.

    All I can say on the subject is: We are the Human Animal with no limits or restrictions on our behaviour so we have laws and religeon to give us a veneer of social responsibility.

    Without the fear of Hell we make Hell on Earth.

    A good reason to spread the word of God, the existence of Hell as a destination for sinners and all the stories of life after death, ghosts of people passed and ghostly explanations for what goes bump in the night…

    God Bless!


    • Hey Ian :O)

      Hahahaha I think I’d rather not know about it either! lol

      Well, I try not to worry, but I find myself mostly worrying about family members dieing rather than myself. As I said to lisa below, that worries and upsets me more than dieing.

      I never used to be worried about dieing either, like you I juts used to worry about the way I may die. Then my father died, and I’ve contemplated it ever since. Wondering how it will happen, what it will feel like and in the end… will there be anything after it, to which my gut feeling says… No.

      Why can you not live your life as an Agnostic? And if there is a God when you die It will forgive you because there was so much uncertainty about It’s existence, that’s assuming the Christian God of the New Testament is as forgiving as It’s made out to be.

      Interesting, you’ve seen things? Tell us about them, Ian! I like to hear about them. If you and other people have seen them. Though I still have to remain skeptical as I wasn’t there and there are so many things that could affect you outside of controlled conditions.

      That is true, test are inconclusive, but that usually is the end result of super natural studies, especially if you had nothing physical and no starting point to start from.

      I’ve read and watched about the CIA doing the ESP trials, they’re still going on… I think! Last time I heard they used them were during the first Gulf War.

      Ah! That was it… Electromagnetic Resonance! For the life of me I couldn’t remember it. Nah mate, they don’t use Microwaves anymore, they use a helmet! lol

      We can have the rule of law without having religion involved. As for hell being some kind of deterrent, I disagree, it does nothing if you’re of the opposite faith, faithless or believe that God is on your side, hence why we’ve had a constant stream of violence throughout history. In fact religion makes it easier to justify murder, rape, war and all the bad things that many people would consider help.

      Take care man and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        Yes, I have a problem with a black cat that wanders into my flat from time to time – but when I focus on it, it ain’t there no more!

        The factory was in an old Victorian cotton mill and it wasn’t unusual to see stuff there too – like a big guy in a collarless white shirt, braces and flat cap who would turn up from time to time, but when you LOOKED at him he wasn’t there any more.

        Then there was the woman in a long skirt and hat who showed up while I and one of the other lads were doing a stock take and when we went to investigate we just found a bricked up doorway.

        Add to that our childhood neighbour – a Jehovas witness – who promised to look after us even if she died before succumbing to measles, a shadowy shape and a sensation of ‘presence’ used to occur at the top of the stairs.

        One night I had been battered and sent to bed without dinner or tea, so I sneaked downstairs naked so I’d make no noise in the early hours and I made a sandwich.

        I came out of the kitchen in the darkness and a woman reached out to me over the bannister rail, but when I turned on the light there was no-one there…

        Pause for the Twilight Zone Theme… 🙂

        Add to that a shedload of shadowy shapes and figures from time to time that weren’t really there and you start to question WHY we see them! 🙂

        I agree about religeon being used as an excuse for all kinds of evil – suicide bombers who are too poor to get laid killing themselves in the hope of getting 72 virgins in heaven is a case in point – but you have to remember that the Old Testament God was pretty vicious to the point he’d strike people down for the least infraction.

        In the bible a guy reached out to steady the Ark of the Covenant when the cart wobbled and he was instantly struck dead – a bit extreme you’d think…

        Unfortunately as long as there are people willing to manipulate the vulnerable we’re going to see religeous and political extremists calling on their followers to die in their name until we all manage to wipe ourselves off the planet.

        God Bless my friend – and be well!!!


        • Hmmmmm interesting. Would’ve been great if we could have had a team to investigate this.

          Let’s not get me started on suicide bombers, religion and religious fantics, they wind me up big time! And it’s too early in the morning and in the week to be getting wound up! lol

          Wishing you all the best for the week ahead, Ian! :O)

  6. Lisa said

    Well Phil, this one has pulled me over to actually sit here and write a comment. Not that others haven’t interested me, just that I caught this one and found myself wanting to put my thoughts down on the subject.

    Death and does it worry me .. There was a time when I was so worried about dying I could think of very little else but then I realised that for me death will signify that I actually lived in the first place, so I got on with living even though at times I wish I was dead!.

    Life after death, why not? Or is that our human ego taking over having us think of ourselves living in a different dimension. I guess its all down to personal beliefs and experiences. We are surrounded by our own force field or so we are led to believe yet for me I believe it. Ever been close enough to touch someone yet had no contact and yet they could still feel you? Isn’t that your energy fields merging? You can’t destroy energy it’s impossible so it has to go somewhere. Is that your spirit, your ego, your soul that moves on as we leave our physical bodies behind. Where on earth do we go when we dream inside our head because half the time I could quite happily stay there, there is no physical weight when we dream we just seem free, yet when we have a scary dream we are so glad to return back into the comfort of our skin

    If the Universe is forever expanding and we are all but one pin hole in a very very large mass is it impossible to believe that we could be destined to live a different life in death on a different galaxy? Are UFO’s actually real and if so where do those extraterrestrial go to when they die? We can’t be the only life force in the Universe

    My daughter wants to bring back her grand parents and asks me why I don’t. Personally I wouldn’t want either parent to come back to re experience such a miserable end to a great life. I would like to think that if there is an after life they are busy creating a new trail for others to follow. I would hate to think they have to come back to babysit my worries on my demand.

    I used to work for a Ghost Hunting team, I was the Skeptic, I would always find a different answer to what could be an orb, what could produce emf’s etc. I have had my fair share of listening to Mediums who produce all but a relevant name and date. If a spirit has taken the time to make contact would you not think they’d have no trouble saying who they are? These things are always open to questions and you really do need to experience stuff first hand. I have had two instances where I could not explain sounds which were very close to me on an investigation – does this make me a believer in ghosts? I guess I don’t rule them out. However what I do rule out is mediums trying to move spirits on. In my view there is no closed door between this life and the next, only those we wish to install ourselves. Our minds are very powerful tools yet we use a very small percentage of it and clutter that with crap.

    I’m a deep thinker, I do my farm to stop me thinking to focus on something other than stuff I cannot solve. It works to a degree 😀

    • Lisa! Nice to see you’re OK! :O) Been wondering where you’ve been and if you’re OK, I haven’t seen or heard from you since before Christmas, even though I’ve e-mailed and messaged you! You need to keep in contact more often, mate!

      Oh, stop lieing! You find most of my posts annoying and boring, admit it! lol!

      You know, I’m not that worried about myself when I think about it, yes it pisses me off I’ll miss a lot of stuff when I die, that I may never exist ever again, wonder what dieing feels like and stuff, but it pisses me off and upsets me more that I will lose the people I love! That’s my biggest fear and worry about Death.

      When we die, that “force field” we have, dissipates, breaks down and stops, it just stops, that’s my understanding of it anyway, or the understanding I’m capable of as a Humanbeing. You could be right, we could move on and take everything we have with us, but as I said, my gut feeling is we just die, the synapses stop firing and everything we are, within our brain is lost forever. The energy our bodies are made up of, of course goes on, because you rightly say, energy cannot be destroyed, but that energy does not contain who were are so we wont be preserved, or so it seems.

      The dream world is in our own heads. Why we dream, I don’t know, some say it’s to consolidate what we’ve learned during the day, but that wouldn’t explain the utter madness that I dream of!

      UFO’s are most likely top-secret Human made Air-Craft or some as yet unknown type of weather. If Aliens did come here, you have to ask yourself, why just hover in the sky and not come down and introduce themselves. And if they’re that advance to come across the Universe then why not make themselves invisible too so no one can see them at all?

      Yes, the Universe is expanding constantly and there are so many things we still don’t understand about it, even with our current Human intelligence, who knows what else is out there we can’t even begin to fathom!

      I agree with you about bringing loved ones back. Though, if I could bring my Dad back with no health problems I would, because he died at a young age and was still needed as a Husband, father, Brother a friend and also needed on so many other levels.

      I remember you telling me about the Ghost hunting thing, though you never told me you heard things, then again maybe you did and I’ve forgotten, sorry if I did! (>_<)!

      As for mediums, yeh, some actually believe they have a power. My great-grandmother didn't do medium readings for money or for pleasure, it's just something that happened. Though I never met her and only know her from what my Grandmother told me about her. But yeh, if dead people were there, they would be able to give a little more detail. This is one of the things I forgot to touch on in my post, these type of people are frauds! Derek Acora being the biggest in the UK. I'm somewhat ashamed to say members of my family fall for this crap! Especially the TV stuff. It is so easily done!

      I can't believe in Ghosts, untill I see proof and know that if I ever did I was not under the influence of anything. But tell me about your stories, what did you hear those two times?

      When you say "Mind" do you mean brain? Because if you do then it's wrong because we use all of our brain, just at different times.

      Yes, I know very well you're a deep thinker and intelligent! Which is why I thought you would've done something more than 'the farm' to distract yourself from the things you can't solve? I'm going to be doing my OU course to try to change the things that people keep telling me cannot be changed. We shall see! 🙂

      Keep in touch more often!!! Much love to you and little M, well… she's not so big now but you know what I mean! :O) xxx

  7. penelopephoebe said

    A very interesting post of two halves. I do not believe in ghosts, so that is my comment on that half. The other half is much more interesting. My personal belief is that when we die our essence rejoins the life soup of our creator. I think all of the individuality we have spent a life time building is lost. Does this sadden me? Well yes, because I am unique as we all are. Since I had my strokes, I am bitterly aware of my own mortality, whist striving to ignore it. Best thing is to enjoy what we have, whilst we have it. Thanks for such a thought provoking post Phil. Take care. Pen.

    • Hey Pen! 🙂

      You don’t believe in Ghosts? OK then, that’s been made very clear and precise! haha

      Obviously you’re basing your belief off our ‘life essence’ and ‘creator’ on a gut feeling like I’m basing my feeling on a gut feeling? I don’t actually believe one way or the other there is isn’t an afterlife, I just have a gut feeling and I wont find out untill I die. If there is something, then great, if there isn’t, I wont be any the wiser. But it is still very sad.

      You know, I was never bothered about Death untill my father died, before he died I never had an experience with death. Since then I contemplate it a lot, I think the same thing happened to you when you had your strokes. A personal loss or a shake to your confidence by a bad illness will make anyone contemplate I think.

      Thank you for your thoughts, Pen, and take care! :O) x

      • penelopephoebe said

        Thanks for responding to my comment Phil. I forgot to add that I hope you are well and not suffering on the bowel front too much. Hope you are having a great weekend. Take care. Pen.

        • It’s OK, I always like to read your take on subjects, Pen! :O)

          My UC is under control and not much trouble at all, I’m hoping it’s going to stay that way, I see the specialists today about the medication I take, I’ll be blogging it on Tuesday. :O)

          I hope things for you are comfortable as can be after your strokes! Take care and much love! :O) x

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