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Facebook Has Given Me The Boot

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 29, 2011

Why did they delete me? Well, not because I said, wrote or posted anything bad, it was because my name didn’t match what I signed up with. Like many people on Facebook I changed my name now and again, and because it was ‘Phil Nihilism’ they disabled my account.

I don’t know about you but that is just utter shit! When I signed up to Facebook the real name stipulation wasn’t there. I signed up with the name ‘Flipper Sunk The Boat’ just for a laugh, and changed it a few times since. I couldn’t really stand Facebook anyway and was only there for some family and friends I couldn’t speak to anywhere else on a regular basis. I’ve gradually got really pissed off with the site and what it offers, for instance the limited characters in wall posts and comments, the bland look of the site and the fact Facebook takes your details and gives them away to third parties, as do you when you add Applications to your profile.

So I’m not really arsed about Facebook, I could put my real name back in and gain my account back, but when a site is telling me what my name should be, making the site for the ADD generation and thick people then it’s time for me to leave. Only thing I’m sad about is leaving some people on there. However, this will be a good opportunity to see who will get back in contact with me, I’ve got a feeling only two or three will even bother.

Which just confirms my feelings on making friends on the net and in the real world, don’t bother because  a lot go away in the end when they’ve either had their fill of you or you’ve bored them and thus you’ve served your purpose. Humans are fickle, arrogant and self-serving creatures. Well.. the majority are anyway. And people wonder why I’m so unsociable and unwilling to make friends so easy?

Anyway… fuck Facebook! 


21 Responses to “Facebook Has Given Me The Boot”

  1. facebookhater said

    I did this 2 years ago… and never had the feeling I missed anything. Fuck Facebook, hell yeah! Next week I will delete whatsapp too after I finished telling all my poeple to move to telegram.

    greetz from Munich

    • Hi and welcome,

      I don’t feel I’ve missed much either, I’m glad they kicked me off! If people want to talk to me they can text, phone or come talk to me in person if they need to that much.

      As for whatsapp, as soon as I saw Facebook bought it I new they’d be charging for it, and low and behold, they now are!

      That’s the first time I’ve heard of ‘Telegram’, I mostly use Pidgin with OTR for IM these days.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      – Phil

  2. Facebook is EVIL, it is actually the model for the Global database (which will be tied in to Bitcoin and RFID chips)
    The SMART grid is being implemented using the TV TX transmitters planet wide (this is what the digital switchover was about)
    Enabling the TV TX transmitters to be able to send/receive packed bitsreams

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Wastebook indeed, I SO agree, Phil.

    I tried FB for about 3 months. My actual reason for joining was simply to enter competitions and to play Scrabble. I felt genuine embarrassment to use my name (to be associated with FB, and lest anyone found me) so I tried to name myself “Just Comps” but they suspected it was WRONG so I tried a few until I came up with “Justine Comps” and that was accepted. So I was Justine Comps for a while, entering online competitions and playing Scrabble, when I discovered a lot of misogynistic shit going down, & FB double standards (like breast feeding pics where breasts are completely covered – no no; alternative, pics of tits and ass galore yes yes) and I killed it. I don’t like FB a bit – the bullying that goes on via, people’s “need” for likes and comments and so on so on. I’m just not into it.

    So good for you! I’m sure you don’t miss it 🙂

    Hey, came by to see how you are – pain, wellbeing. No updates, so truly hoping you’re okay. N.

    • Hiya Noeleen!

      I don’t remember how long I was on it for but it was too long! Though it couldn’t be no more than 2 years and I barely used it anyway!

      I think we both agree it’s a sack of shite, it’s a popular sack of shit, but still… it’s a sack of shite! Another reason I’m glad I left is their privacy policy! They get the rights to EVERYTHING you post or write! Which means pictures of you being used on the internet (Or real world porducts) to advertise things, and you don’t get asked for your permission and no money either. Not only that the tossers at FB HQ let the U.S. intelligence services look at any info from any profile they want. And that’s a huge breach of privacy in my book!

      The pain hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been swimming and feeling good for it! Thanks for asking, Noeleen! 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

      – Phil

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes said

        Phil, very glad you’ve been swimming & feeling good for it.

        Re FB, my gosh the whole world is suckered in, isn’t it. Suckered in. They’ll wake up one day and be sorry. Individual upon individual upon individual.

  4. jennyozzy said

    hi phil how are you just called by before i hit the pillow tired out tonight been muggy and warm today sweet dreams xxjen can t even think of a cheeky comment lol but im sure you can

  5. jennyozzy said

    hi phil just came by to see how your doing no im not mentioning politics lol loads of sheep bahing in a field of cows lol have a great week xxjen

    • I’m not quite following that analogoy, but I have an idea! Cows = Politicans and Sheep = People? If that’s so I never heard that before, only with Shepards.

      Anyway, thank you for stoping by while I’ve been gone, not done much really, just threat of over study and being a little bemused at how easy it seems to be!

      Warm? It’s been cool here today, I’m glad of it really, I hate warm weather, plus the rain is good for the garden!

      Hope you’re well and the rest of the week is cooler and good for ya. 🙂

  6. Androgoth said

    Well never mind they lose all the best bloggers
    on Facebook… I haven’t been on there, but I’ve
    not missed anything, I mean it takes me all my
    time to keep up-to-date on here (How do you mean
    YOU KNOW?) Oh you must be talking about the very
    late response on this one… lol Well I’m here
    now so shut thy trap and get blogging… No not
    YOU I meant him… lol Okay YOU then… lol Okay
    I’m out of here before I say something cheeky…

    I hope that you are okay Phil…

    Androgoth ; )

    • Hello Ali ali Androo Ali Ali Andeeer-ooooo! lol 😉

      Facebook? Best bloggers? LOL! They never had anyway, even when I was on there I couldn’t muster the stregnth to write on anything, it was so damn shite. I had to write posts on WLS or MySpace and re-post there, untill I came on WordPress and automaticaly posted anything on FB at the same time I posted anything on WP. But hey, tis all over now!

      Haha, Andro, don’t worry about getting around to my blogs, if you find something you like, then post a reply, if it doesn’t tickle your fancy then don’t bother, it’s all good, man! 🙂

      All is good with me so far, I hope things get better though! 🙂 Hope all the same and best for you! 🙂

      • Androgoth said

        I usually read a Space at a time when I get in the groove,
        back-tracking well, I have always done that and I am sure
        that there will be many posts on here that I like, Fact is
        always very interesting, Fiction is too but finding one’s
        own alternative views on any given subject matter is very
        appealing, I’m just surprised that your reader base is not
        over-flowing with interest? Controversial blogging should
        enable a healthy debate on many differing themes, however
        the main focus, which is your own personal viewpoint kick
        starts the blogging and hopefully generates a wider field
        of interest… Well in theory anyway? lol Keeping all the
        Skeletons out of the cupboard makes everything B&W and easy
        to follow don’t you think? Okay I’m out of here… I am glad
        that you are feeling good so far, just keep building on that

        Be very well now DeadAnarchistPhil


        • My reader base? lol It has gone up, but only to 15, I think. A lot of people do view my blogs, they just don’t post any comments, which is fair enough really. I also don’t see what I write as controversial… much! Even if I was really controversial it wouldn’t spur more comments to talk on a subject, a lot of people are locked in to their own little ideological box and decide you’re wrong after reading a few lines.

          I don’t have any skeletons anyway, though I’m sure some people somewhere would try to make use of some history of mine that they think would be damageing.

          I hope you’re well too, Andro! Have a good week, man! 🙂

  7. jennyozzy said

    i got rid of my fb phil i think its rubbish anyway just like live dumped us all too they dont care i have a my space floating around somewhere too but got bitten a few times there too hope your well soon be another bank hol maybe this one wont be spoiled by weddings hmm xxjen

    • Hey Jen 🙂

      I’m not going to hate on all people who have an Facebook, but th site itself is complete bollocks and stupid, as are the brainless majority that use it. You have a MySpace? I got rid of my main one, I still have a back-up one I’ve yet to delete. MySpace wasn’t too bad untill they started making obviously BAD changes that next to no one liked.

      Nah, my Bank holidya Monday was a good one, went out to see family friends and all had a good time ’till late! And there was no Royal wedding in site! YAY! 😀

      I hope your Bank Holiday and the week so far has been good for you. 🙂 xx

  8. Hello,
    Hope you are well and enjoyed the wedding. I can see you there, sat in front of the TV waving a little union jack joining in with the millions wishing the happy couple well in their new lives………….

    So facebook have dumped you? You must be so pissed off, depressed even. For me that site says everything about the decline in our society. Sure it’s a great tool to keep in touch with ‘real’ friends especially when you have them all over the plave but for me it is just sums life as we know it right up. Bland, lacking in soul, no depth and just not nearly as important as some people think it is.

    I only put a few pounds back on and yes, through completely overdoing it with the beer and munchies but now all the bank holidays have stopped now, I suppose I better start behaving myself. I’ll soon drop the few pounds but the bigger problem is why I am drinking so much at the moment, when i know myself I might just do something about it!!

    Check out a band called The Redskins – Soul influenced social commentary from the mid-eighties. I was a big fan and saw them a couple of times but before they really got big they split up. There are a few tunes on you tube.

    Hope all is well and things are looking up


    • Hey Pete! 🙂

      Oh yeh, twas the greatest thing since Di’s wedding.

      Ohhhh didn’t he look like his Mum? She’d be SO proud of him! Didn’t he look smart? Wasn’t the Queen misserable. I think there will be sparks between Harry and Middleton’s younger sister! <—- THAT was some just a sample of some the shit I HAD to endure! I stayed out of the way for most of the day and I come back in the living LONG after the wedding was over and there was replays on the TV! I wouldn't mind but no one in my family is really Royalist! Seriously… NO MORE!!!!

      You're right on the money with FB, I can't add much to it, the site is a joke and the smart people on there should leave and not be pulled back by feelings of guilt for the friends and family.

      You've probably already lost the weight you put on by now! As for the drinking, um, maybe it's the weather and the little dip in low-mood recently? I'm not sure, you have to search deeper for an answer. Wait, I sound like such a twat when I say that!

      I shall indeed check oot that band mate. Things are looking good, UC staying gone, mostly, and I start real study this week, as in… it HAS to be done. It should be all good, just waiting for my tutor to ring me.

      Hope all is well with you too, Pete! Take care and much love to all! 🙂

  9. penelopephoebe said

    What a pathetic excuse to erase an account, Phil! I thought we lived in a country where we can call ourselves whatever we wished.

    • Hiya Pen,

      It’s a US site and cyber space anyway, their site, their serves, their rules. When you join them you abide by US law and their terms of service. So, fuck them.

      As I said, no loss to me, just some people on there are. I knew you’d be on here anyway so I didn’t have to send you an e-mail.

      Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, Pen. 🙂

  10. prenin said

    Don’t be sorry you got booted – I did very little with faeces book for years because only a handful of friends used it and badgered me to join them.

    Today I am on Miniplanet because Gina had me sign up and it has a few entertaining games to enjoy.

    Miniplanet is a money making Scheme and a way of bombarding you with adverts while you play.

    Faeces Book has poor and lax security so people are routinely hacked and their accounts invaded.

    Some are even stripped of their virtual items on miniplanet and their accounts used to badmouth their friends and totally destroy their relationships online.

    I know this because a woman called Mommy on miniplanet had it happen to her yesterday and she was so distressed she said goodbye to her friends and quit for good.

    I feel so angry that this could have happened, but I have been warned to be wary of characters without eyes as they are hackers – so if WE can spot this why haven’t the people who created miniplanet???

    God it makes me sick…

    God Bless my friend!


    • Hiya Ian,

      I don’t feel bad I got booted, I feel bad for some people I left on there, like I’ve let them down. Having said that I wasn’t on there much anyway so it’s not like they’ll miss me, but it was conveniant if I needed to contact them quickly or share something. Looks like it’s back to old fashioned talking in real life, on the phone and by e-mail for those I don’t and can’t ring/see. I’m OK with that, not sure they will be though, which is why I’m forecasting people falling away.

      You told me about Miniplant before, I never bothered with anything like that on Facebook, esepcially after I found out what could happen to your details and even your account if you added the Apps. Having my account nicked was one of the reasons I never added apps, because it leads to what happened to your friend when some sad dickhead gets a hold of it.

      Hope all is well, Ian, enjoy the weekend! 🙂

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