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Scottish Independence?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 11, 2011

The Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority of 69 seats in the Scottish Parliament! Now there’s talk of Independence? Before I get on to that, can I just say that the SNP only won so many seats for two reasons which were:

1 – It was about leader popularity and not policy

2 – The People of Scotland were fed-up with Labour and the Lib-Dems

I’ve heard and read a lot of people calling Scotland a “Drain on England’s resources.” and “We [the english] subsidise Scotland!” This isn’t 100% true! The UK Government takes all of Scotland’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and uses some of it to subsides some other parts of England and the UK, the same way it does with English GDP. The fact is that if Scotland was to go independent then Its GDP would be slightly higher than that of England’s because they’d have 90% of North Sea Oil and Gas.

This doesn’t mean Scotland is a victim here, it is part of a Union, the same as other nations inside of it, and money is dished out accord to population, and Scotland has a population of about five million people, which is why they get a little less back in funds each year. But Scotland is still not getting Its full amount. It’s said spending per head in Scotland is 20% higher than it is in the rest of the UK, which is true, but that money is spent of behalf of Scotland, and some it doesn’t make it to Scotland and goes elsewhere, mostly likely back to London.

So, I think it’s fair to say Scotland isn’t a burden on the UK and nor does England subsidise it, in fact Scotland has been helping to subsidises the UK, but this is nothing new and has always happened, but Scotland does not fund the UK as much as the Scottish Nationalist make out.

It’s also fair to say if Scotland did leave the Union that the UK and England would be fine! Yes, the UK would lose a lot of GDP, but we’d still be OK. The idea we’d sink over night is absurd. But Scotland does have legitimate grievances for leaving, the biggest is the squandering of the North Sea Oil by successive UK Governments, misplaced funds and a misconception that Scotland is some kind of leech on the rest of the UK.

My personal Opinion is that we’re stronger together, than we are apart! Yes, both nations would go on fine if we separated, but we’d be nowhere near as strong in the world together as we are now. Heres why:

We’re currently the Nation with the 3rd largest military budget and a world power, yes, maybe secondary, but still a power. We currently have the power to resist political pressure from the EU, USA and even China because we have our combined economic, military and cultural strengths. Apart? Well, we’re going to get sucked in to the European Union, if that isn’t there we’ll be pawns of either the U.S, China or one of the other large emerging economic powers like Brasil, Russia or India.

The above isn’t fearmongering, which is what the SNP would have you believe, nor is it impossible, it’s what will happen at some point because the world’s political and economic power structure is rapidly changing from West to East. And the Nations of the UK, whether together or apart, will come under increasing economic and political pressure from other world powers, but together, we can resist that.

Of course if the Union stays together is a matter for the people of Scotland. And to be honest, seeing the Pro-Union side consisting of David Cameron and his party, Ed Miliband and his party as well as the Leb-Dems with the background of financial turmoil caused by Economic cuts, the Scottish electorate will vote for independence in three to four years. Who wouldn’t vote “YES!” with Union activists like the above?

I forgot the issue of Scotland leaving the British Union and then joining the European Union. What is the difference between the British Union and European one? At least in the British one you have more freedom and wont be federalised, which is what will happen with the EU within the next three decades. And when you’re locked in to the European Union it’ll really hurt for any country to leave because the EU will make it harder for any outside of the EU to do business within the EU (That’s a forced incentive to join). Scotland as well as England may not be able to leave or resist an EU looking for federation (more control and political union) if we’re apart. Of course, the SNP would call this ‘fear mongering’ again, but it is truth.

We need a whole new political structure for the country, we need a British Confederation of States, one where each constituent nation has its own Parliament with a main westminster parliament that looks after limited taxation, military and foreign policy. That way the Union works for the individual nations, and not the other way around.

This could be the new British Confederation flag. I think Wales should be represented on it to.

13 Responses to “Scottish Independence?”

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  6. Androgoth said

    I will be back to read this one soon but in the
    meantime grab something wicked and… Well have
    some fun with it… lol Be good now Phil

    Androgoth ; )

    • Androoooooooooooo 🙂

      Hey, come back whenever you like, tis not an obligation to comment my blogs. 🙂

      Something wicked? Only thing I know that’s wicked is my local MP, but I don’t think I’d like to have any fun with her! haha

      Hope all is well with you and Jen. 🙂

  7. Hey,
    It’s one hell of a read at this time in the morning and makes perfect sense.
    Let em have it I say and make hadrians wall about 30 feet bigger….oh, and let them find their own money too!
    If this is the kind of work your degree needs…….roll on graduation day!

    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while..in out….work and they have banned these sorts of sites from the system…..although if you plug your own laptop in you can access them…..but I aint lugging two laptops around with me!
    Hope all is well and life is treating you fair
    Take care

    • You know what I’m like! LOL! This blog could’ve been longer you know? I shortended it.

      They do have their own money, with the full revenue from North Sea Oil and gas they have they’d have a lot GDP per head, the standard of living would go up. But it wouldn’t stay there, once the oil and gas have gone they’d be back to square one, assuming they didn’t put some of that revenue away for a rainy day, which I don’t think they would as they have a lot ‘free’ things to pay for!

      The course is OK, I’m a week ahead in study, but it’ll get harder after the first assigment. No, I’m not on to this stuff yet, it’s the basics so it’s all about how society is ordered and how our material lives interlock with the ordering of society and all that stuff. Nothing I don’t already know but it’s interesting learning the proper terms for them and some little tidbits I didn’t know.

      Don’t worry about not coming around, I haven’t been here much either, been doing study, eating and sleeping, that’s about it! Come around when you want bud, I wont be offended if I don’t see you for a year or so, because as you know, we have gone almost that long without speaking! haha

      Hope all’s good for you and the family. Oh, btw, did it rain that day? LOL! 😉

  8. prenin said

    Right again Phil! 🙂

    Your system may be knackered, but there’s sod all wrong with your brain!!!

    Since we’re being Federalised a bit at a time anyway, it’s only a matter of a few decades and we’ll be part of the United States of Europe and no idea how we got there!!!

    With the government taxing the sh*t out of the oil and Gas – which is running out – it’s only a matter of time before the squandered wealth will begin to bite and we’ll end up with just the toy soldiers the kids play with and our air force will be on loan from the French!

    Already some seriously important hardware is sceduled to be scrapped to save money and there’s no hope for any of it being replaced in our lifetime.

    We have no choice but to accept that Britain is no longer Great and get used to receiving our instructions from Brussels…

    God Bless!


    • Hey Prenin,

      Actually my system seems to be holding out OK. UC is still at bay and I had a cold recently and got better far quicker than the rest of the fmaily when they caught it! LOL!

      Yup! Federalisation is creeping very slowly, have to remember it’s take over 50 years for the EU to get to this point, just think what could happen in the next 30 years or less! If a politician from 30 years ago saw what power we’ve given away they’d see the vast change and wonder what happened.

      The UK relies far too much on North Sea oil and our financial sector, I think we all know it is a bad idea to have an economy based on only two sectors (or exports), esepcialy when one is depleting and the other can be collapsed by Human mismanagment, i.e greed. But what else do we have? Our manufacturing sector is not what it used to be, British steal is a thing of the past (now owned by an Indian company), it’s too expansive to extract coal here (apparently) and the Car industry is run by foreign nations, which is not a gurantee those that those plants and the jobs within them wont remain here in the future.

      We’ve ‘deindustrialised’ and the Tories, and Labour in all fairness, assumed we’d become the world’s financial center. Well, we did, sort of, but not all of us can work in the financial sector! Now we’re going to be regulated to a constituant state in the EU with dwindling power. How sad.

      Hope all is well with you Prenin and that you got the PS3 business sorted. Oh and sorry about the late reply.

      Take care, man!

      • prenin said

        I got my PS3 back online after changing the password, but I’m still vulnerable because I couldn’t change my security question – thankfully I had the sense to use different passwords for different websites! 🙂

        Sony ballsed up Big Time and now have become a prime target for hackers determined to earn bragging rights!

        It’s all good fun… LoL!!!

        Yeah it’s expensive to mine coal in the UK because we don’t send poor kids down into the pit and pay them a pittence while playing fast and loose with safety!!!

        The UK PLC. is now on the edge of bankruptcy and the Conservatives are making savage cuts so they can pay off the National Debt while giving away millions to other countries who repay us by sending their suicide bombers and economic migrants.

        I have always believed that charity begins at home, but the Government is more interested in bribing other countries whose corrupt Governments siphon off the cash and the people who really need it get nothing.

        If we stopped paying Governments like Pakistan – rich enough to have nuclear weapons, but with Millions living in poverty – then our influence would count for nothing…

        God Bless!


        • That aint right, they should’ve contacted you and told you if your details had been stolen and advise you to change it. And yeh, they’re now a traget for anyone wanting to make a name for themselves.

          True! It’s cheaper to buy it from sources like China and South America where pay and conditions are bad. And yes, why the fuck are we giving China money as well as Pakistan? You’re right on, if they can afford Nuclear weapons then they can afford to look after themselves.

          Winds you up doesn’t it?

          Hope all’s well, man! 🙂

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