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Nowt Like a Bit Of Hypocrisy, Eh?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 19, 2011

                                                     Apparently Bin-Laden loved ‘In The Night Garden’.

Osama Bin-Laden was killed! Well, I believe he is, though some people think he isn’t dead or it was all faked as part of the 9/11 conspiracy, which is just rubbish. Then again, the idea 9/11 and the whole Bin-Laden search and stuff could’ve been invented isn’t impossible to achieve. Though I don’t believe that is the case.

Anyway, some thoughts came to me when I saw the media and U.S. reaction to his death, the same thoughts I had when there’s a 9/11 remembrance. People talk of: “Justice being done!” and “An evil man who murdered 1000s has now been killed!” And this makes me think of what our own nations (in the West) have done to the developing world. We’ve bombed them, we support Israel and other regimes who regularly kill their own people, because it benefits us in some way, while still spouting “We stand for freedom, democracy and justice”. Isn’t that just a little bit hypocritical?

When Bin-Landen kills 100s it’s not right?, But when our military machine blows the fuck out of Iraq, gives millions (the U.S. gives Billions) in military aid to governments that repress and kill their own people, then it’s all good?

I’m trying to say the West, UK, Europe, U.S. Canada etc are not as innocent as they would have you believe and have huge double standards when it comes to morals and what they stand for. Oh, and so does the rest of the world.

13 Responses to “Nowt Like a Bit Of Hypocrisy, Eh?”

  1. Androgoth said

    Just calling in to check up
    on you Phil… Yes I know, there’s
    some right nosy bastards around here… lol

    How The Hell Are You?

    Androgoth ; )

    • Hellooooooo Androoooooooo 🙂

      Yeh there is, I get a lot of views when I post or when I’m not on, and none of them leave a comment! lol

      I am fine-ish, UC is staying stable even though it aint 100%. Just filling time with study, vid editing and watching some sci-fi, not much to report really, am bore you know? lol

      I hope things are better for yourself and Jen. Have a good weekend man! 🙂

  2. jennyozzy said

    i never know what to believe any more politicians tell so many lies i believe hes dead but dont believe its done any good or justice because someone else has already taken his roll in terrorism and yes the muppets in government benefit just like they do in everything while we take the flak hi phil enjoyed my sea air would loved to have sent cameron a rotting crab lol xxjen

    • I’m with you on that Jen! However, I read a lot and follow what most of them are saying, if I don’t know enough about a MP/Politician I’ll look them up on many different news and video sites, get an idea of them that way. This way, if you follow them, you can get an idea if they’re contridicting themselves, lieing or just out-right bullshitting. What I’m trying to say in a nutshell is Pay attention, and it will become obvious who’s lieing and who isn’t.

      Yes, his number two has taken his place, but still, not much to worry about. These idiots will get bored bashing their heads against a brick wall while living in the filth of bombed-out countries. Just matter of waiting them to tire themselves out, like a child with lots of energy.

      You should send him one anyway! lol But, becarefull because you can be traced! 😉

      Hope you have a good weekend, Jen! 🙂

  3. Surprise surprise…..an ex-CIA agent claims bin laden died 5 years ago of natural causes……..
    Funnily enough I believe him

    • I saw, but… it doesn’t mean what he’s saying is true. Could easily be doing it for the money or the attention (If he’s that way inclined).

      I don’t think we’ll ever truly know for sure.

  4. prenin said

    They COULD have taken him alive, but they wanted him dead, dead, dead and used two bullets through the head just to make sure because it was easier than a trial.

    Now we have to wait for the next millionaire terrorist to take up the reins and lead the True Believers to Heaven where 72 Virgins per man await!!! (Honest – we’re not bullshitting we swear!!!).

    As long as there are evil shits like Bin Laden around and gullible islamists who have no hope of buying a wife in this lifetime, we’re going to see suicide terrorists – bet on it.

    Meantime all we can do is watch them spread across the world pretending to be peaceful, while every PC wanker tries to make us bow to their demands in order to make them feel they are doing the world a favour by promoting peace in our time…

    If the islamists were willing to intigrate it wouldn’t be so bad, but they don’t and all we see is poisonous hatred for anyone who isn’t a muslim ending in mass murder.

    Bin Laden is dead – but his ideology lives on…

    • That ideology will always remain, you can’t destory an ideology unless you kill everyone that knows of it or you make it useless. I think education would render the ideology useless!

      Yeh, his being on trial would be inconveniant for the US, it’d cost money, go on for a while and not to mention him spilling the beans on U.S. double standards.

      We were bound to get attacked anyway, if he died or not, even if we hadn’t joined the Iraq war we would still have had attacks at some point by a militant group who didn’t like how the UK did X, Y or Z in Parliament, EU, U.S. UN etc…

      The PC tossers asking us to bow the them are the problem as much as the Islamists are. Not all Muslims are like that, but when you have PC tossbags and the gob shites in your own community talk for you, then… they’re bound to be viewd the way they are, what do they expect?

      Yes, the Islamists wont intergrate, which leaves thinking… GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN! Of course they wont because they like freedom, rights to protest and the dole money and benefits they get. Send them to Iran for a week, see how they like that.

      Hope all is well, Ian! Have a good weekend, man! 🙂

  5. Androgoth said

    Yes there’s nothing like a good old knees up at Camp David,
    but then again the street parties that were supposed to be
    for the Royal Wedding doubled up for a lip smacking, curry
    snacking, chapatti throwing extravaganza for all… I’m not
    too sure what all the farting camels were in aid of, but it
    certainly lifted the eye brows on David Cameron as he joined
    in the raptures for ‘Fart For Power Weekend’… How do you
    mean what the F*ck am I talking about? NO IDEA… lol

    Have a wicked friday and an equally riveting start to your
    weekend DeadAnarchistPhil… By the way don’t forget to empty
    your bin… It is ram-jam-full… lol

    Androgoth ; )

    • LOL! I’m starting to think you’re insane in the membrain, Andro! lol Still, I bet the Politicians get up to in weirder stuff than you just posted!

      Mah last Friday was ‘same ole same ole’, same as this Friday will be really, besides a bit of study and stuff. And what do you mean “empty your bin”? You stalkin’ me now as well as MI5 and the CIA? haha

      I hope your Friday goes well and that the weekend is a good one! 🙂

  6. Hey,
    If I can’t have a moan and groan at what ails me….what’s the fucking point of the internet????
    Paul Weller wrote in 1981…There’s got to be more to life than this…..Scrimping and saving and crossing off lists.
    Never at any time in my life have those words been so apt.
    I know it could be worse…..but I can’t help feeling it could be so much better…..anyhoo

    The Americans made me laugh when bin laden finally bit the big one. Oh, how they rejoyced but they definitely miss the point. First of all those peaceful, allah fearing, reasonable and milk of human kindness the islams, will be plotting the mother of all attacks…..yans neatly forgetting whilst bin laden was leader of the terrorists, it was only largely down to the fact his family gave him £10 million a year which kind of comes in hany if you want to get to the top of any organisation, easpecially one that hardly generates income by selling cookies door to door. And secondly….well you’ve made the point – thousands of others died just to put a bullet in old beardy.

    I believe he’s dead but I think he just died of his illnesses, obama found out and wanted to sex it up a bit….when they were all sat in the whitehouse allegedly watching the footage, I bet it was really an episode of CSI:Salford

    Good work as usual.

    HOpe all is well in your little world and I promise I will be a bit less miserable next time and be a bit fluffy about my world!!

    Take care


    • Hey bud! 🙂

      Yeh, I agree, the first thing the boffins who created the Internet had in mind when thinking of uses for it were thinking: “Yes! This is PERFECT for moaning! Especially for Pete Judge, who we have a conspirecy against!” lol 😉 No worries mate, tis all good and as you know I was joking anyway. 🙂

      I’m not being big-headed here mate, but I’m surprised you didn’t see this situation coming if you didn’t get your arse in gear. But I’m assuming the wild life of a young single male distracted you? But there’s still time, invent something, preferably something that inflicts pain on stupid poeople and Scallies! We’ll work together on it, I’ll get started… It needs wheels and a plasma cannon… your turn… lol Actually, that’ll make a good interactive blog!

      The Septics make me laugh too, but as of late they’ve been making me depressed too, as have the mussies! Obviously not all of them are fucking daft, but still, there’s a lot of stupid Septics and Mussies out there, and it annoys me they even exist, in fact it puzzles me how they exist at all! I don’t think their attacks will be anything worse than what happened on 9/11. They had the chance to fly the Planes in to Nuclear power stations but didn’t because they feared “things getting out of control“. They don’t have the balls to do anything drastic, because they know they would lose support outright and the West would come down on them harder than they did on Iraq and Afghanistan. So with the organisation segmented and funds depleted, we wont have much but IRA sized or London Bombing type attacks. Unless a loaner acts, in which case he/she would need some pretty good connections.

      I’m not sure what happened, my feelings is they got him in the compound, but I aint being 100% sure of that untill I see him get killed via the video they made while the raid was happening. CSI: Salford? Some how I think CSI based in Salford would run for 15 min once a week, and would involve finding out who pissed up the side of the Dog & Duck Pub!

      You best be fluffy! OK? haha No worries mate, moan away, there’s nowt like it! Oh, except a bit of hypocricy as my blog would put it.

      Hope the week’s gone good for ya and have a great weekend mate! 🙂

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