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The Judge 2011

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 6, 2011

Yes, it is here, what every law-enforcement, local council and Military have been waiting for! The Judge 2011!

It may have destroyed a small African country while testing and building it, but it is finally here!

The Judge, named after Its inspiration, is a time traveling, grave digging, plasma cannon and tampon firing future tank that can travel through time and space!

The top deck is for control of the transporter beam (purple and black) and the Plasma/Tampon cannon. The top deck also has an advance radar system that can track anything through time and space.

The lower deck is to control the innovative grave-digger, breaks, engine and the fuel sources needed for all other parts. The lower deck also houses many un-dead Goth SAS troops in the event the Judge ever gets boarded!

I know some of you suggested fuel sources, but they wouldn’t have met the needs of The Judge. So I thought to myself “What’s the most abundant thing in the Universe?” and it hit me! Human stupidity and ignorance! It’s a perfect fuel source! It just sucks the stupidity right of the fabric of space and time! There’s no other fuel source that is as free, clean and infinite than Human Stupidity!

We’re going to be rich, people!

27 Responses to “The Judge 2011”

  1. jennyozzy said

    loaded up the beans and asda own brand peas all wind and water for the millibands now lol second nose job needed for ed next and chuck in a few tinned pies a pie and pea supper in style lol give them spoons or they will be really forked off xxjen

  2. jennyozzy said

    right we have blasted the lords and commons so now on to the atos medical assesors and their offices all over the country load up with the extra special bullshit purchased in the asda range along with their smart price bread lol thornaby office first ed milliband and his brother fighting the argument between themsleves can be cannon fodder too along with their tory lies roll up a coconut for every office will feed the poor for a week and washed out will double up as a mug when washed thats the word from the green party right marks out of fifteen will stop your medical misery for six months prenin get your water proofs on and we will sink them for you tally ho hey who said charlie boy could join in xxjen

    • We’ll do that after we’ve sorted out the BNP wank stains. Tell you what though, am looking forward to firing tins of ASDA brand beans at the Milibrand brothers and watching them blame each other for it. Then while they’re covered in beans and bollocking each other we let the hounds of hell loose to eat them! Sounds about right, eh? haha

      Have a good week Jen! :O)

  3. Androgoth said

    Hi Phil,

    I was just wondering what our next project is…
    Well we have got this wicked invention known as
    ‘The Judge 2011’ so what is our next challenge?

    Well it was just a thought…
    No need to reach for your pistol… lol

    Have a very Dark and Ghoulish start to your week Phil

    Androgoth ; )

    • Hmmmmmm not sure. Perhaps we should crash the annual BNP meeting and sort out all the dummies? I’m sure Nick Griffen would provide a good hunt. We could could get the hounds of hell you and Jen have been breeding and hunt him down. Twill be great fun! :O)

      Hope your week is a good one too! :O)

  4. jennyozzy said

    right roll em lol lords it is but can we stick the hamiltons in there too smug pair and cheri blair and her dad ive got a load of bullshit collected from priministers question time ed milliband did a big one in his pants too so il give him a five minute warning then wham they are blasted onwards to the commons where we reload the tank with another load of bull and attached the sewerage tank with a pipe straight to balls lol whats his first name again hope its not itchy right eyes FRONT and BOOM xxjen

    • Of fuck! The Hamiltons! Wouldn’t they be the WMDs of the Judge’s arsenal? We could call them ‘Smug Bombs’, when they go off every one in the area suddenly develops a sense of smug self-satisfaction, and while they’re enjoying that, we’ll scoop them ’em up and use the lords, ladies and MPs as ammo to fire at the financial scum bags in the city!

      So… lets roll!!!! :OD

  5. jennyozzy said

    i phil well come on then you got the machine so what and who we blasting number ten and then flattening every second home those rogues in government have flame throwing all their meal tickets and recycling camerons peddley iron he uses to diguise his limo im here and ready for duty got the grim reaper on standby just waiting for new orders lol xxjen by the way hope your well

  6. hi phil have a good weekend lol i brought cameron a shovel no not for the bullshit for his big trap how else is he going to eat his words lol xxjen

    • Officer Jen! Man the grave digger 2000, we’re going in to the House of Lords first, THEN, we’ll do the Commons. Officer Andro is readying the Goth SAS troops, while officers Daf, Ian, Pete and Sam are standing by for battle else where in the Judge 2011! It’s gonna be a hell of a ride! So hold on!

      And I know it’s you Jen! haha

      Have a good day, Jen. :O)

  7. Don’t feel like a sponge for the financial assistance you’ve been given for the course. I am a positive if you could you would have a job, pay your taxes and do the right thing. You deserve the help because you are getting off your arse and doing something which one day will lead to gainful employment and trust me, when you start to pay taxes you’ll wish they gave you even more support!!

    It’s £62 a month I pay not £62 a week but either, either way it is still a lot of money. Personally I would rather spend a years subscrition on a new super dooper PC tower and large screen and watch everything on line but sadly I have to think of the other J’s who would only destroy new super dooper PC if I let them anywhere near it. For now I’ll stick with what i have but it will need to change at some point. Everything else is getting so expensive! I changed jobs three months ago and got a reasonable pay increase yet I feel like I am worse off.

    Stick with the course…..takes a while to get used to teh style of writing and the content but once your there……there will eb no stopping you.
    Just about avoided the rain this time but I’m sure it will get me eventually!!

    Take care


  8. Hello,
    Most impressive…..sorry I didn’t contribute but being the peaceful, tolerant and welcoming person that i am, I could not bear the thought of playing any part in the design and construction of this war machine……….yeah, bollocks!

    Where can I buy one so I can point it at anyone who has their hands down the front of their trackies…..??

    Hope all is well in your world, have you started the OU degree yet?

    Take care


    • Yeh! They’d switfly move their hands from the front of their trackies to the back to catch their arses as they drop! And even when they stop doing whatever Scally fuckwit thing theyw ere doing, you’ll still pull the trigger and fire a giant used Tampon at them! hahaha

      I’lls end you a Judge In the Post, keep an eye out for a three floor box that’s making a Tardis kind of noise accompanied by David Cameron screaming!

      Hope all is good with you so far too, Mate! All the best! :O)

  9. Androgoth said

    Yes that Grave Digger 2000 will work wonders as it ploughs through Parliament
    there’s loads of sh*t to scoop up in there, well we won’t have to worry about
    David Cameron hiding in the toilet either, as the Grave Digger 2000 wipes ALL
    Ar*es even when they are in full Jib-ber-Mode… lol

    Brilliant Design Specs Phil

    Androgoth ; )

    • haha Yes! Scoop up all the shit and store it, just keeping Cameron in the engine room would assure us of a good stream of energy, eh?

      Imagine Cameron hiding in the toilet like the bloke in Jurssic Park and the Grave Digger 200 just scoops him up? LOL! We should add some sound affects to it so it sounds like a T-Rex when it scoops and digs! 😉

      Cheers Andro! :O)

  10. jennyozzy said

    it can run for five years if you stick the royals in it road tax free too as they saved on travel with easy jet and with that bullshitting animal osbourne doing the m o t what more can we ignorant savages wish for lol xxjen

    • Jen! You’re right! The Royals would last for yonks! Good idea, I think we’ll get a steady stream of fuel for years from the Duke of Stupid! Also, the MP’s! Even more stupid and ignorance to feed The Judge! haha

      Cheers, Jen! :O)

  11. prenin said

    A fine machine Lord Phil – may it travel the void doing mischief to all enemies of humanity!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


    • Thank you Sir. Prenin! There’s a seat reserved for your goodself.

      I forgot to say, it can be bigger on the inside if the need be, like the Tardis!

      Have a good day, Ian! 🙂

  12. Planet Nicola said

    That’s fuckin’ impressive! I really like the idea of the fuel source. It would even cut out the need for war – as every country has its own rich and endless supply of sheer ignorance and stupidity! Bravo!
    I’m sure I’ve seen it in Avatar though **scratches head** perhaps the na’vi are hiding in the White car maybe…

    • Hello Nicola,

      *Takes a bow* Thank you, thank you… you’re too kind.

      I was shocked when I came up with the fuel source, too! This baby could run for a month on just one day of a BNP rally, two months on a speech by George W Bush and a year on a single terrorist attack! How economical is that?

      Avatar? I’ve seen that film and I don’t remember anything like that being in there. Though I imagine they’d wish they come up with something this good! haha

      Thanks for dropping by, Nicola! 🙂

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