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Special Relationship? If There Was One Before, It’s Gone Now.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 13, 2011

                                                                           The Falkland Islands Flag

I’ve been watching for a while now and yet again Barack Obama, the United States President, throws his closest, friendliest and most powerful ally in the world, the United Kingdom, under the bus to gain political points with South American States. And no, I am not talking about the southern states of the United States themselves, I mean the States on the Continent of South America. States like Venezuela, who have a corrupt dictator presidente and numerous other corrupt nations that make Washington itself look like a sparkly clean toilet instead of the cesspool of legal corruption it actually is.

What did he do? Well, you must all remember the Falklands War? When the UK fought to free the population of the Falklands from Argentina’s illegal occupation? Well Mr. Obama and his administration signed a  “draft declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” at the General Assembly of the Organisation of American States (OAS), in which South American states want the UK to discuss the sovereignty of the Falklands.

I would have thought, Obama having been in the UK a few weeks ago calling the UK “the U.S.’s most important ally”, which it arguably is, would have had the sense to not sign it. But hey, fuck the Brits, fuck their help, fuck their military and intelligence, we’re making new friends in South America now, ones who take democracy so seriously they stuff the ballot box every time there’s a vote.

Here’s a few facts for Mr. Obama, his administration and the OAS  to ponder…

FACT 1: The Falklands were claimed for Britain before the State of Argentina even existed.

FACT 2: Britain has held the Falklands solidly since 1823 (except for the Falklands War) and claimed it some time before that.

FACT 3: The people who live there want to remain part of and under the protection of the UK. 

FACT 4: Argentina wont accept any kind of UK sovereignty.

I’ve not much liked Obama since he came to power, I just never trusted him, especially when I saw who was backing him. And his repeated slaps in the face to the UK have been very obvious and public!

When he first took power in the U.S. he sent the Bust of Churchill back to the UK.

When he met Gordan Brown in the UK Obama gave him a pile of crap DVDs, while Gordan Brown gave him a pen holder made from the timbers of a anti-slaving ship, which is the sister ship of the one the White House desk is made from.

At the UN Obama snubbed Gordan Brown, forcing him to run through the kitchens to catch him. 

During last years Gulf Oil Spill [2010] the President refered to BP as ‘British petroleum’, repeatedly, deflecting blame from himself and on to Britain itself. 

Earlier this year Obama gave away the UK’s Nuclear secrets without the UK knowing. This was so Russia would sign a Nuclear treaty.

Read here for even more snubs by the Obama administration.

With friends like that, who needs enemies? This episode assures me of two things: (i) Barak Obama doesn’t care one bit for the UK. (ii) Barack Obama is just another U.S. politician who will throw the UK under the bus if it benefits him.

It seems Mr. Obama doesn’t like the British very much. Some people suggest it is because his grandfather was tortured by the British in Kenya. If that is the case then Obama should remember that the U.S. had killed and tortured countless people all over the world since the end of WWII. Though he probably thinks that doesn’t apply to him because he didn’t do it, which is right. Well… the same applies with the UK.

However, this doesn’t matter, Obama and his administration are alienating their oldest ally, and for what? It just seems like cheap points with countries who have a less than clean reputation when it comes to Human rights violations (As if the U.S. could talk on that anyway). The UK isn’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight more democratic, friendly and loyal than the obvious corrupt regimes of South America and the Middle-East.

Oh, and you know what’s even more sad than Obama’s actions? The replies the UK government gives to such obvious slaps in the face. They’re so sad I’m not going to post them, so I will just say the UK Government needs to grow a spine on the international front as well as the domestic front. There’s not much chance of that and with our armed forces cut and currently still in Afghanistan and Libya, the UK Government will most likely do nothing and discuss the Falklands with Argentina.

The balance of power in the world is truly turning if the U.S. president sides with South America and one of it’s top generals talks of no future for NATO.

16 Responses to “Special Relationship? If There Was One Before, It’s Gone Now.”

  1. jennyozzy said

    if we gave up the falklands now then all that work and money lives would be for nothing we need to fight on not give in to talks on any of it or why bother in the first place we seem to be following the us like sheep and dancing to their tune quite a lot xxjen

    • That’s True, Jen. What would’ve been the point, besides Thatcher gaining an election victory? To talk would be a betrail of those who fought and died there. However, I think our current Government would talk if it interests their masters in Washington. Yes Cameron and his crew have said there will be no talking, but they’ve done u-turns before, and I’m betting they’d do it again if the price was right.

      – Phil x

  2. Planet Nicola said

    What ARE your thoughts on the “future”
    You’re quite clued up on politics.. So i’d just ask you out of common interest what your take is on the future as in terms of economy? Things are looking pretty bleak at the moment, do you think it may take a turn for the better, do you think there may be some kind of steady plateau.. Or do you think this is just the brink of where it all goes tit’s up?
    Because, Personally, I think there’s going to be something to shake the whole system up (not sure if that’ll be a natural outer force or some kind of biological government destructive mechanism.. But I can sense something around the corner)

    What do you foresee happening…?
    I’d like to know your views : )

    • Hello Nicola,

      The economy’s a funny thing and can change according to what the public, retailers/businesses and government are doing. A recession is like jumping in to a deep hole, it’s easy and quick to get in to, but harder to get out of, that’s the nature of economy. So I think, what is likely to happen, and what the government is hoping will happen, is that the economy will plod along for the next 5 to 7 years, inching its way out of recession.

      However, I’ve heard and read of talk that the U.S. could default on it’s debt ($14 Trillion by the way) payments, which means the U.S. wobbles and may go down fincially, which in turn would take every other country in the world with it. That’s the worse case scenereo. And China wont be immune to the crash because they own over $900 Bn of that debt. The UK owns nearly $500 Bn of that too, so we’d not fair well either.

      Government bonds work like this: The U.S. has financial obligations at home and internationaly, but they don’t have enough money, so they issue govenrment tresurey bonds (securities) for other countries to buy. The countries who buy are promised their money back at a later date plus interest (basically a huge lone). So, you can imagine if the U.S. defaults on the debt a lot of countries lose out and they lose money and confidence in the U.S. economicaly.

      So, it’s most likely the UK will plod along for the next 5 years or so trying to recover, even with the cuts, but there’s also a chance the world could go tits up if the U.S. defualts on it’s debt.

      • Planet Nicola said

        Hi Phil, thanks for sharing that with me. You’ve explained it in a way that was easy for me to understand aswell, which is always good.
        I’m going to start swotting up more on politics because, it’s an area, really, that I get into conversations when I’m out, and into arguments etc it’s good to have a little bit of knowledge to back your thoughts up. That’s the way I see it. My mum asked me an interesting question the other day and I had a good try at replying to her but the question was (you can see the level of intelligence and conversation back at home!?:) ‘If they can print it, why can’t they just print some more money’
        I told her it wasn’t quite so simple as that… And then thought about it for a while and wondered, ‘well, why don’t they!?’ and then I thought ‘I bet some sneaky person does..
        But yeah, that’s a totally different blog and subject.
        I’ll just go get my coat lol
        Have a great Sunday!

        • Hiya Nicola,

          You’re welcome :O) I always try to write my blogs and comment so anyone can understand them, because I know how difficult politics, and indeed economics, can be. The media doesn’t make it any easier, do they? But would just like to say, I’m not infalible when it comes to all things Politics and Economics. I learn more every day, and even when I finanly wrap my head around the most complicated and obscure parts of it, I still don’t think will do it! haha ;O)

          Why can’t we just print more money? Well, if you’re handing out money left right and center who will go to work and keep both the country and the economy going? Countries actually do this to a certain extent, it’s called ‘Quantative Easing’, the government floods the financial sector with excess money hoping banks will lend more and kick start natural wealth creation, instead of artificial. Doesn’t always work and as I recall the UK was doing it, but I think we stopped.

          And yes, it’s always good to have some ammo on side when you enter in to a debate, but as I said, I’m not always right and have been wrong in the past with some things, mostly because of ignorance on my part. So the internet is you friend, because you have a huge fact book in front of you that you can learn anything from. The more you learn the more informed you are! Sorry, I’m coming across all condesending now, so I’ll stop! haha

          Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and all the best for the week ahead. :O)

  3. Planet Nicola said

    Wow, that’s exceptionally clever. All a little above my head if i’m totally honest. But I learned something new today.. and I never knew all of that. Especially about Churchill’s Bust.. I didn’t know he had one! A bust? Maybe Obama just isn’t a chest man…Perhaps if it had been a statue of the head of Cameron…? Ha! I won’t say it. I’ll give you a clue – it ends in T.
    I do know one thing, the day he came over to visit London a few weeks back..the barbecue they laid out for him was an embarrassment to this country. I know he’s into his cost cutting.. But that lay out was pityful. I bet Obama had a right laugh when he got in that night!
    I do think the Falklands was a made up event though just to make Thatcher look good.. which, would take some doing but erm, yeah..

    Tc, keep up the good photoshopping and best of luck with your course!

    • Hello again, Nicola :O)

      Actually, it’s not so clever, I noticed some clangers in there, I need to proof read more often.

      You didn’t know Winnie had a bust? Seriously? Wow! ’twas epic! In fact, it was so epic he sent a pic of it to Hitler anonymously, and apparently Hitler loved it so much he took it to bed every night for a bit of ‘wrist action’. When Hitler found out who’s bust it was, he slowly started to lose the war and finally shot himself. True story!

      Oh, yeh, good thinking! The BBQ was so bad that he thought: “Nah, fuck the Brits, can’t even have a decent BBQ!” So two weeks later he throws us under the bus. Typical septic tank if you ask me.

      Cameron’s head in bust form? Hmmm I know what you mean! Use the Predator’s gob on a stand, it would achieve the same look and feel! haha

      Aye, the Falklands were a completely fictitous event cooked up by Thatcher to make her popular again. I already knew that, I’m just part of the cover up. *Shhhhhhhhhhhhh*

      Thanks for dropping by again, Nicola. Have a good week. 🙂

  4. I’ve read in a couple of places that obama has an agenda against the British. Come to think of it, if you believe everything you read obama is just a puppet for a greater order which plans to take over the world. Some secret society that has wormed its way into the highest echolons of power and are about to bid their worst. I often wondered during that presidential race how many people voted because he was black and nothing to do with his leadership skills or agenda or even the fact there appears to be a few question marks about his age, where he was actually born and certain facts about his past. Whatever it is……something doesn’t add up – especially his interest in the Faulklands Isles….

    In the end I had fun on Saturday doing exactly what i planned…we played a little bowling but the batteries ran out of the remotes and I had none spare so we just played some CD’s and had a little dance……I held my own – well before balance started to become a problem!!

    Hope is well and good luck with your first submission
    Take care


    • I don’t think his interests are in the Falklands, more on South America itself and making them buddies so the U.S. can trade with them more than they already do. That may give the U.S. a bit of an edge over China in the future, or at least lessen It’s dependency on them.

      I do believe Obama has strings to pull and people are pulling on them, however I don’t think it has anything to do with an all powerful group who have sinister plans for the world, like the Bilderberg group. I just think it’s business men, bankers and people with influence who pull the strings and help fund the parties. Because of what they donate and the people they’ve bought, they get to pull strings and dictate policy. I can see why some people would think they’re a huge group bent on world domination, but I don’t think that’s the case, especially as their is no solid evidence of it. It’s just the rich and powerful doing what they do best, infesting centers of Political power and pulling strings. It’s something they’ve always done, unfortunately.

      The batteries ran out? Nah, you took em out or used the juice up while playing the dancing games secretly at night! I’m on to you Pete! 😉 You should do the dancing some more, burn up those extra calories you’ve been eating. Or, you could ignore my idea completely and tell me to fook off? lol. Why did balence become a problem?, did you consume too much of the happy juice or just lose it because you’re getting on now? lol ;O)

      I haven’t heard back from the tutor yet, hopefully some time this week, if not I’ll shoot her an e-mail and ask what’s going on.

      Hope all is well in the land of Petey Pump! :O)

  5. Androgoth said

    Yes The Falklands Are Ours So There… lol Seriously though, these world leaders will kiss
    anyone’s ass as long as they get what they want, South America today and after that, well
    that is anyone’s guess…

    A very good posting this one Phil, and thank you for sharing your great insight…


    • The U.S. only has South America to kiss up to now, south east asia wont have much of them and India, Russia and especially China wont be having non of the U.S..

      And yes, the Falklands are part of thr UK, though with the lack of political will and spine as well as money in Westminster, I think they may not be part of the UK for much longer. I hope I’m wrong, because those people want to live there and be part of the UK, and the world should respect that.

      I wish I’d proof read before I posted, I spotted a few clangers in there! 😛 haha

      Have a good week, Andro! :O)

      • Androgoth said

        You can edit your own postings Phil just click on ‘Edit’
        hmm… How about that for some Ghoulish logic then? lol

        Have a great rest of evening now…


        • Andro, I never knew you doubled as Captain Obvious of an evening? lol I know bud, I did edit so it was more fluid, shorter and had no spelling mistakes. Um, I HOPE! haha

          It’s already morning so I’ll say have a good day, am off to bed as I’m cream crackered and tiz late. All the best to you and Jen! :O)

  6. prenin said

    True unfortunately, but times change and now that Russia has no plans to take over the world in the next few years (i.e during his presidency) then he’s happy to concentrate on buying himself new friends with lots of resources the USA can use – before China gets to them…

    God Bless!


    • That’s right, Ian! China has already got to a lot of African states, and they love it because China wont bitch at them for breaching Human Rights and keeping the money that’s made for themselves. Not many African states will do business with the U.S. on the level they do with China now, not after the way they’ve treated them in the past.

      Makes me worry though, if the UK is left by the U.S. and we only have the EU to rely on, we’re pretty much fucked and guranteed to be sucked in to the EU. If we stay outside of the EU then the world will throw us to the wolves, like UK, US and other Western nations did with Indonesia, Africa and central America, just as long as the world powers get whatever they want out of it, be it resources or other.

      Future aint looking good!

      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, Ian! :O)

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