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UK Law & Order Are A Complete Joke!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 25, 2011

I wasn’t planning on doing any more blogs this week, and I know I’ve done a post like this before but I had to blog on this.

You may have seen on the news this week that a man in Salford has been arrested for stabbing a burglar who attempted to rob his home with a gang of three men. The burglar (Who was already out on bail for a previous robbery) died from his wounds, the man is now under suspicion of murder.

The incident happened last Wednesday, I know the Police have to do their job, but three days? As of me writing this post on the 23rd of June 2011 there has been no word of him getting out, in fact the Police have been granted extra time to question him. [UPDATE: The man is now out on bail]

Just think about it, you’ve defended yourself and your family, like anyone would, and then you get arrested. This wound me up and got me thinking of my rights to self-defence, the law and the prevention of crime.

I have to say, when I read it, I raged a little! Take a look (All these are short extracts, to read in full click here):

The Law and Evidential Sufficiency:

“It is both good law and good sense that a man who is attacked may defend himself. It is both good law and good sense that he may do, but only do, what is reasonably necessary.”


“A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.”

reasonable necessary“? So, if a gang bursts in someone’s home and the occupant instinctively reacts to protect himself and his family he/she is going to bear these stipulations, oh wait… ‘Laws’ – in mind? No they wont, they will react with an animal instinct and aim to kill, no matter with weapons or whatever else is to hand.

Yet acting this way can land you in prison for actions that are not “unreasonably necessary“.

Right now, there is nothing stopping a gang from bursting in to your or my house, assaulting and then robbing us. There’s nothing stopping them from intimidating you, your neighbours and the whole area you live in. Only in the UK could the population be told to remain sitting ducks and not protect ourselves and our neighbour hoods properly and wait to be victims of crimes. 

So, if the laws’s a joke, prison is no deterrent and the police and law wont protect us, then who will? It’s obvious… no one but ourselves. I have honestly given up and lost faith with the Police, they can’t be relied upon to protect you from violence, robbery or intimidation, all they do is log your crime or problems and try to catch or have a word with whoever did it. Too bad if something of yours was stolen or someone died, isn’t it?

I really am sick of it, I live in one of the shittest Cities in the UK, only third to Glasgow and London, and the law is a joke and the local scum know how they can get away with murder, literally, and so it’s no skin off their nose if they kick the shit out of you. They’ll go away and come out a hero and ‘Hard man’ and bring the area down even more and wreck even more lives.

So, we can’t rely on the Police and law system to protect us, on the street or in our own homes. I really am itching to start taking defensive weapons out with me. I know, it sounds bad, but the crime stats for my area are bad too! And don’t tell me I’m worrying over nothing, I know who the local scum are! I’m also thinking about using something large, heavy or sharp for home defence, fuck the repercussions. And anyone who thinks the country is not that bad then you’re either rich, drinking the coolaid or part of the problem.

What you can legally Use:

Hands/Body. Unless you’re a MMA fighter then you’re pretty much fucked.

Self Defence Spray This stuff is useless! All it does is mark the skin for seven days.

Running Away. This is the actual prefered method the Police advocate. Wont make much difference if you’re cornered in your own home or being chased by a gang.

What you can’t use:

Pretty much everything else. So that sharpened Banana I had planned is out of the question!

Which brings us back to the Police and law again, they don’t want us to defend ourselves and leave them to do the crime fighting, yet how can we do that when they’re useless and the deterrent for crime isn’t a working at all? And the Human/Civil Rights groups also want us to defend ourselves ‘reasonably’! It seriously is a joke!

Oh, and if any one thinks David Cameron is on our side with this, well… you’re wrong. When he said last week:

We will put beyond doubt that homeowners and small shopkeepers who use reasonable force to defend themselves or their properties will not be prosecuted.

All he’s doing is reiterating the current law! He says shit like that safe in the knowledge that most people haven’t got a clue what their rights to self-defence are. I didn’t even know fully untill I checked! I advise you all to read it, rage, laugh, then hold you head in your hands and not think for a second if someone breaks in to your house or attacks you in the street, fight back, fight back as if you’re life depends on it, because the likelihood is… you most likely are!

23 Responses to “UK Law & Order Are A Complete Joke!”

  1. harshglare said

    More guns = less crime.

    We have increased the Castle Law (where the home can be defended by it’s owner with deadly force with little legal mishap) which allows a property owner to defend his property with deadly force.

    The new law is called “Stand Your Ground”: individuals no longer have to run from criminals and can defend themselves with deadly force.

  2. Minami said

    I was burgled and called 999 and was told I was abusing the 999 service because it didn’t count as an emergency. So I had to call the local police station and the police turned up two days later to give me a crime number to claim on insurance then they left again.

  3. Anonymous said

    Winter’s morning, cold and dark,
    temperature gauge on the minus mark.
    English weather, harsh and foul,
    blistered hands from the use of a trowel.
    Jobless louts sit by the fire,
    leeching benefits and all they desire.
    We buy their food and pay their rent.
    We fix their teeth, our money spent.
    They smash our shops, loot and run.
    A century old business, this was your son.
    England’s honor, a joke to the world.
    Rising taxes constantly unfurled,
    insurance quotes, the price of oil,
    government hands in for the spoil.

    Immigrants arrive, demanding shelter.
    English laws are helter-skelter.
    Muslim people fill our schools
    trying to bend the English rules.

    We once ruled the world,
    the kings of the sea.
    A heritage lost,
    where does this leave me?

  4. non said

    Jesus – is this real??? The law is fucked, but I’d rather live here where the law sort of works than live in Nigeria or Colombia or some other shithole where the law only serves those who can pay. Fuck moaning about the law and concentrate upon the rich thieving fuckwit upper class twats who allow this shit to happen because it ‘keeps us in our place’. The French had the right idea in 1789 whe they cut the fuckers heads off!!

    • Hey, welcome! :O)

      You are right, I would rather be here than in many of the other countries with questionable law enforcment practices.

      “Fuck moaning about the law and concentrate upon the rich thieving fuckwit upper class twats who allow this shit to happen because it ‘keeps us in our place’.”

      Yes, I agree, the people above do keep us down to a degree, however… I believe we help keep ourselves down and have done for a while. The UK population falls for the same old political bag of tricks every election time. The fall for the same old media manipulation and most importantly they always seem to be too bloody lazy to get off their arses’ to make a difference to the damn country! They sit there scratch their heads and wonder why they keep getting fucked over every time, then they get mad and then give up and watch some X-Factor or what ever other mind-numbing shite is on the TV. The people are as much to blame for the state of the country as the people at the top. If people payed more attention to what goes on around them at the local political level, national level and what the media trys to feed them, then maybe we’d have a chance of making a good country where things are fairer. But it’s highly unlikely.

      – Phil

  5. jennygoth said

    if i was attacked at home id use anything to to render him into the next world before he did it to me so im afraid id have to suffer the consequencies xxjen

  6. hrhdaf said

    I dunno we both have the option to attack people with our rapier wit! (Just not funny am I?)

    This is comment part deux by the way Im gonna keep rambling my way down your blog, just warning you!

  7. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    You speak nothing but the truth – I got involved and with a bunch of decent folks we made a big difference in our community, so today all is peaceful! 🙂

    God knows what will happen when the Police cuts bite though…

    I know what you mean about the lack of support – and if you hurt one of these teenagers you get ‘child abuse’ screamed at you!

    A guy I know threatened a teenager who stole £200 from his house only to end up in court on a child abuse charge!

    It’s getting bloody ridiculous!

    When the Mallinsons burgled places – they were rampant thieves who stole for drug money – the locals gave up going to the Police, they just went round mob-handed, beat the shit out of the thieving cunts and got their stuff back!

    These days they are addicted to Heroin and crack, getting treatment via the Brentwood homeless charity where my mate Darren works – so the staff are in no doubt as to what they are dealing with…

    Sorry about the language! LoL!

    God Bless!


    • I seriously hope that the Police cuts don’t bite too hard in your area. It just pisses me off because the fuck up of bankers and politicians will cause all the good you did in your area to be undone! Oh, and good to see shit caught up with with the drug dealing scumbags! Nice to know at least some people get their share of shit after causing so much!

      • prenin said

        Thanks Phil and I agree it’s good to see the scumbags addicted to their own shit going begging to the people they seriously messed up when they were teenagers and above the law! 🙂

        We’ve already had some problems start up again now the new Tenants and Residents group have taken over, but so far the Police have been able to get two officers free to deal with it.

        When the cuts bite I’ll invest in a baseball bat…

        God Bless!


  8. Planet Nicola said

    So much for my sharpened banana then! :@
    (I assure you there is no sexual connotations or euphemisms in that – whatsoever!) lol *giggles*

    It’s like the farmer, isn’t it, from Scotland? Who got put away for sorting out the thugs who repeatedly broke into his farm and house. That was not fair.
    And Milly Downing’s parents on the front of the Mirror today.. They’ve been dragged through the justice mill more than the murderer – Not fair either.
    Now this – so not fair!

    So much for the English man’s home being his castle!

    The justice system in our country is total shite – why waste all that money on bailing and sending these scrotes to court – then jail – when you could just make them dig their own hole, hit them ’round the head with spade – then bury the bastards. And they’re not even good enough for worm fodder.
    Sometimes this country really does stink.
    Anyone would do the same thing (and rightly so) if you were to catch someone stealing out of your own home.
    It’s why we have fences and a lock on the door – if we wanted someone to come in, have a kip on the bed, take our biscuits, drink our tea, make a mess of our homes then we’d leave the door open – or atleast invite our grandparents round!

    Haha Rant over – wow, it’s so annoying that we’re not allowed to defend ourselves. Oh, and I’ve just thought – did you know that if you’re caught in possession of a knife (any.. Even a Swiss army knife) it’s three years prison?
    You can’t go out walking with a knife. But, fuck the consequences, I take one with me – it’s a long time dead – and if needs must, better to be spent in jail.
    We don’t need to go the way America has though with its guns.. really, way too many of them. No, no guns.. But sharpened bananas? can’t beat ’em!

    Enjoy your weekend! x

    • Hiya Nicola.

      No, that wasn’t a sexual reference, you have such a one track mind… typical of a woman really! haha ;O)

      I’m not sure that shooting was in Scotland, I think it was in Suffolk or Norfolk. Regardless of where it was, the fact was he told the Police numerous times what these kids and a man was doing, and they did nothing to help him. So, he did what he was within his rights doing, he got his gone and shot at them. It’s not like they were not warned, they were warned many times but took no notice of him. He then gets locked up. Oh, let’s not even go in to the man with mental health issues who was tormented for years and the diabled girl and her mohter who was victimsed so much that she killed herself and her daughter, after the Police did nothing to help her.

      Yeh, Pete brought up the same thing about the Dowlers going through shit in court. It just makes you fucking agry and the police expect us to faith in them and the system. Nah, I have next to zero faith in them to help or save me in a time when I need it.

      As for carrying knives, I thought it was 5 years, the same as guns? It doesn’t surprise me though, as I said before, I have no faith in them to help me out when I need them. They’d most likely turn up 3 hours late and I’d be dead, they’d look for the criminal and if they caught him he’d get off with 10 years for manslaughter because he didn’t mean to do it because he was on drugs, drink and comes from a broken home. Makes me fucking sick!

      I’d really love to have a gun, after all, everyone of the scum bags either have one or have access to one, why shouldn’t I have one when the Police are usless and the criminals are armed? However, I know the reality, if guns were made legal, even with strict licencing, the scum would still have them and there would be more gun crime. Can’t win!

      Hope you’re week’s been good so far, Nicola. :O) x

  9. Morning,
    We’ve talked about this before and to be honest, I wasn’t surprised to see the blog especially as it happened in your part of the world. The law is a joke and ever since a friend of mine served a few months for slapping about a kid who he caught breaking into his car back in the early 90’s, things have gotten worse and worse.
    For me it is a simple equation. If you break into someone’s house – intrude on their property and pose a risk to someone, if you get hurt tough shit! In some states of the US the public get bravery awards for blasting the brains out of scumbags who have broken into their homes. I am not advocating that – although it isn’t a bad idea – but surely the principles should be simple, break into someone’s house and leave your rights on the doorstep.
    Even the intruders – in this case – grieving father has stated that a man has a right to defend his property because he knows deep down in his own mind, he would have done exactly the same

    In the same newspaper yesterday I was also reading about the Milly Dowler trial and how her parents were subjected to a cross examination surely reserved for the accused. What the fuck were they doing on the stand anyway being cross examined by the defence. They were the victims parents and their sex lives had nothing to do with their childs death but for some ridiculous reason, the judge allowed it. It is absolutely sickening. Quite rightly Milly’s sister has called for the death penalty for the pathetic, cowardly scum who took Milly away because somehow a live behind bars at a potential cost to the tax payer of over £4million, doesn’t seem much of a punishment and no doubt, whilst the Dowlers will get nothing to help them through their grieving process, Bellfield will get everything he needs to help him rehabilitate.

    There has been a lot of it. Local councillor who had his garden trashed night after night, catches one and gives the little shit a pice of his mind – gets arrested and charged with assault…. 10 months and about £50 in legal costs and a sensible JP throws the case out…..a lancashire shop keeper catches some little shit shop lifting and takes him home so his parents can deal with him….police raid his home and bring him in for kidnapping……it is all wrong, all wrong.

    I don’t care what the law says Phil….someone comes into my home unwelcome, they do so at their own risk….

    Here’s a though I heard the other day – we need to stop focussing on human rights and concentrate on human responsibility.

    Makes complete and utter sense – doesn’t it?

    Take care and have a good weekend – did you get a chance to listen to The Redskins?

    • Planet Nicola said

      Who would want to break into your home, anyway, the great state pen pretzel thief?!? 😀
      Surely Maysie and Milo would be enough, with their weapons of mass kitty destruction, (aka cat poop) to deter any would-be house intruder!
      No.. I just can’t see it somehow lol

    • Hiya mate!

      I know we’ve spoken about this before and I must sound like a broken record, but this stuff really pisses me off and makes me worry a lot. Not just for myself but for my family too. Because if bad things do happen it’s just me against them because the Police are no help and my family are in no position to help or go to prison should ‘they’ get hurt. Some times the only option you’re left with is a pre-emptive attack if someone is coming to inflict harm on you because you defended yourself in the street or in your own home, you know?

      I read what happend to the Dowler family, it truly does boggle the mind how they could allow that! It seems like the law is trying to wind us up and take the piss! I mean really, it’s like they set out to see how fucking stupid and backward they can be before the people start saying: “You right in the head or what? What planet do you live on?” There should be an investigation in to that, their sex life had nothing to do with the murdering scumbag who killed their daughter. And yes, I agree with her sister, death is the only thing that’s good enough, I don’t care what the Human/Civil rights tossbags say, he is human filth and always will be, he needs to die!

      I agree, Human responsibility would be a great idea, but, um… it just isn’t going to happen. There will always be the Human/Civil rights cunts taking their ideology and beliefs to the extreme and making the system and society a shambles. There’s also the fact you couldn’t trust a lot of the population to take responsiniity for themselves and their actions. Most of them will think they’ve done nothing wrong. Like the kid who wrecked the councilers garden, his parents probably thought: “Kids are kids! Didn’t mean anything by it. That man’s the wrong, call the Police!”. Yes, it is all wrong, and only sane people seem to see that.

      Yes, I did check out the Red Skins. The first record I listened to I thought: “sounds like the Jam!” Then when I listened to a few more the sound sort of broadended to a sort boogie Ska. Does that make sense? All in all they’r enot bad with a sound that is distinctive, just not crazy about the hard left-wing ideology they seem to be carrying. I’m always wary of that, no matter who’s offering it up.

      You take care too mate, and have a good evening and enjoy the rest of the week! :O)

  10. prenin said

    I have been robbed in the street in front of witnesses who didn’t want to get involved, blacked the eye of a teenager who tried to rob me a second time and hunted a third lad down and scared him so badly he wet himself!

    In the past 24 years I have been threatened, abused, assaulted, beaten bloody in my own home by a Police informer they wouldn’t prosecute, held at knife point (I told him to put it away or I’d make him eat it) and held at gunpoint. (I just called him a tosser and ignored him.)

    One thing I have learned is that the law is a joke, punishment irrelevent and you are more likely to go to jail for defending yourself than if you are guilty of the offence!!!

    To make matters worse, there is plenty of support for the offender, but little – if any – for the victim…

    God Bless!


    • Hiya Ian,

      “I have been robbed in the street in front of witnesses who didn’t want to get involved” I think this is the number one problem in communities up and down the country. They just don’t want to get involved, because of their lack of involment the area gets worse and they themselves will become victims of crime at some point. The community needs to stand up together and fight these scum bags, because they know who they are, but because of their fear they stay quiet and let the area go down hill.

      Having said that I know people in my area who’ve used their tenancey association powers to play games with neighbours they don’t like. Others use it to nick the bonus ball money. Maybe this is why no one will stand up? I still believe a strong community center is a good problem solver, as long as you keep the dicks away from it.

      I’ve heard your run-ins before, it’s the same around where I live if you dare to stand up against them. You’re met with abuse, threats and victimisation. It’s why I’m getting sick of it all!

      And yes, always seems to be an abundance of help for offenders, but when you’re the victim… it’s laughable really!

      Hope the week’s going fine for you so far, Ian! :O)

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