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NewsCorp and The Phone Hacking Scandal

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 11, 2011

Just a quick post to comment on the News of The World and NewsCorp hacking story.

Successive UK Governments have been too close to the media for years! Blair, Brown, Labour, Conservatives and many people who matter in UK politics. And we all know this closeness is not a good thing! The Police taking bribes though, I’m not surprised about. But it made me think, why were these claims of having and bribes not investigated fully the first time? Obviously someone close to the top in Government has said something at the behest of someone within Newscorp. Who that is is not clear yet. But authorising large sums of money to bribe Police has to come from high up.

The tabloid media and it’s actions have been questionable for a while, and it wound me up so bad that nothing was being done about it. However, I never would’ve thought they would cross the line and invade a dead girl’s phone and hack the phones of dead soldiers families!

However, Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp have played the game just right.

They dropped the NOTW (reducing the overall media control in the UK which will look good in front of any media regulator) and now they’ve dropped their plans to ‘hive off’ BSkyB so they’ll be refered BACK to the competition commission.

Why did he do this? Because it will take 6 to 12 months to go over it. By the time the Commission delivers it’s verdict the public disgust would’ve died down and most likely wont cause any fuss because the people are more interested in some pointless celebrity having relationship/health/Career problems.

After that the Government and Political parties get back in bed with the media and we’re back to square one. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it seems more than likely!

Oh, and where’s Cameron gone? I think the following picture will answer.


12 Responses to “NewsCorp and The Phone Hacking Scandal”

  1. Androgoth said

    I’m not sure why that happens with the font and comment box being the same colour, it has never happened to me anywhere yet but there are quite a number of peeps experiencing similar issues. I am pleased that you like my Script Phil and as for banning you from my Space, well actually I didn’t as you were already added in my Privacy from before, so I have no explanation for that one either.

    Yes I do remember that film so get scrawling a sequel right away, I think that Sam Neill might be available for that, but if not then Sir Prenin / The Cleric and his friend Doug might wish to participate, well you never know? lol Have a great rest of evening Phil and hurry up with that sequel I think it should be very Ghoul…


    • Hey Andro,

      Neither am I mate, I assume it could be your layout colours clashing with the basic colours the site comment box comes with. If that is the case then WordPress needs to invent some kind of fix that auto change the base colour of the comment box. We’ll see what they do. The privacy thing, I’ve a had few e-mails saying I’m back on your list and Jen’s, I assumed you were going public and the private again fro some reason, must just a WordPress bug.

      When I have a break in study I will start writing that, I’ve already started a few more stories based on my own ideas. When I’ve done a few paragraphs I’ll post a taster of them! :O) Have a good evening, Andro! :O)

  2. 2e0mca said

    Sadly, I think you have the right of it 😦 Love the photo 🙂

  3. Androgoth said

    It is all in a Sleaze-Balls day unfortunately, and if anything
    changes due to this latest investigation I will be very surprised…


    Have a great Tuesday Phil and keep those Captions coming…


  4. prenin said

    Having suffered at the hands of chequebook journalism I have no regrets regarding the demise of the NoW, but Murdoch still lives and as long as he’s around the taint of corruption will follow…

    As you said: “Yesss Master”…

    • Hey Ian,

      Yes, indeed you have suffered at the hand of your local media and the whole country has suffered at the hands of our national media, led by Darth Sidius, um sorry… I mean Darth Murdoch.

      If you want to, there’s a petition you can sign to try and get the Murdoch media machine debated in Paliament tomorrow: Hey Jen,

      Yeh, I agree partially, the majority of them at the top are corrupt, sad thing is a lot of them don’t even realise they’re corrupt. They carry on doing back room deals with the likes Murdoch. If you want to try and make a difference then sign this petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_the_murdoch_mafia_2/?copy Give it a go and see if we can do it!

  5. jennygoth said

    those at the top are all corrupt and cameron hasnt a clue what hes doing most of the time hes arrogant and a loud mouth they always get away with everything have a good week phil xxjen

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