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Do You Want To Tell David Cameron What You Think Of Him?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 12, 2011

I saw this while looking at my search terms…

Hahaha that made me laugh. My sister keeps saying she wants to tell him what she thinks of him, and I think a lot of people feel the same. So… here is David Cameron’s contact details:


Don’t be afraid, do it! I know I am, and just remember, as long as you don’t advocate violence or killing, then they can’t touch you!

So if you want, post what you’ve said here, if you don’t then it’s all good. I’ll post mine when I have the time to write a well thought out letter. Of course, yours doesn’t have to be like that, could be a line of expletives if you want! haha


53 Responses to “Do You Want To Tell David Cameron What You Think Of Him?”

  1. Yinka Oyesanya said

    David Cameron believes he is leading the charge for growth. He has allowed a Conservative Party donor’s wish to make it easy to sack employees come to fruition. David Cameron knows nothing about growth. He has had a privileged up-bringing and is only copying Tony Blair’s policies; policies that led to August 2011’s race riots. He is completely clueless on the subject he believes he is an expert on.

    The growth and the ‘Big Society’ that David Cameron extolls is as the former Archbishop of Cantebury stated: “deeply damaging withdrawal of the state from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable.”

    Proper growth without an Equal Opportunities Policy is a complete folly. If David Cameron continues with his present policies, he will eventually be humiliated out of 10 Downing Street. I can’t wait for that day.

    The type of politics that David Cameron and Boris Johnson are playing are the type that creates apathy that corrodes our society from within. Completely erroding all the race relations laws shows a useless leader and a very dangerous mayor who do not know that they are showing no respect for peace and human dignity.

    The present generation of politicians believe that Enoch Powell and his racist views was right. They are acting it out now. I have no doubt that it woud eventually have severe consequencies followed by apologies when they finally realise their errors.

    David Cameron wants to compete with Tony Blair to be the richest British Prime Minister ever. He does not believe in wanting to be the greates PM ever because he has no leadership qualities.

    He will fall on his own sword one of these days. I can’t wait for that day myself.

    • Hello Yinka,

      I disagree with you, the 2011 riots in England were not race riots. They were riots caused by a combination of things but it had nothing to do with race. A race riot would involve different groups of people who are different colours (or ‘races’) fighting eachother. In this case many different coloured people were out rioting, and not against each other.

      Cameron’s ‘Big society’ is a big load of shite. It’s all about limiting costs, they’re putting money before the people, as per usual with politicians. I can understand the idea of having local people helping in their communities, but the problems with that is you have people working volountary work who wont get paid for it and those companie just keep them on without paying or offering a job to those people. There’s also the fact some one volounteering wont devliever the same type of care/expertees as a trained individual. Cameron is applying his libertarian ideology here and it isn’t and hasnt worked.

      Cameron wont be humiliated out of Downing Street, as long as he has all his money, his gold plated pension, after dinner speaches and a place on some company board after he leaves, he wont give a fuck.

      How are they eroading race relation laws? Could you tell me about it if you’re still around?

      I don’t agree with Enoch Powell, but I do believe multicultrualism in this country has not been a great success. We’ve included some cultures in the UK that just aren’t compatable with with what we’re supposed to stand for and alienated and forgotten about the previous british/english culture. As a white British male I don’t only feel that my culture is being ignored and talked down, but that my country’s history, my heritage and even my gender is being devauled. But this is all ok because I’m a white english male. So how can multiculturalism be multiculturalism when the main culture in that mix is being devalued and forgotton about while we’re told to ‘respect’ and be ‘tolerant’ of others (some of which have wife beating, genitle mutilation and denying medical treatment to children)?

      I’d just like to say at this point after the last paragraph that I am not a ‘racist’, in fact I don’t even believe in the concept. I am not nor have I ever been a member of the BNP, EDL or NF. I’s a sad state of affairs when one has to put this after a comment on culture in case I’m seen as a ‘racist’. I do this because I’ve been accused before by knee-jerk reactionists of being an EDL member and even being a Nazi. And I can assure you I am nothing o the sort.

      All the best, Yinka! And I hope you come back for a chat. :O)

      – Phil

      • prenin said

        Just popping by to check for a pulse! πŸ™‚

        Just to let you know I was Β£93 in credit for my gas and electric, but NPower still put up my utilities bill to Β£81 per month from Β£71.

        So: I am paying more for the same services – a LOT more. 😦

        So much for the reduction in my bills I was so happy about…

        Keep on kicking ass Phil – the government is running out of people to demonise!

        And, Yes, I ended up on ESA and have to be phone interviewed every month or I’ll lose my benefits.

        Nice to know they care… 😦

        God Bless my friend and I hope your back has improved!!! πŸ™‚


        • Nice to see you again Ian! :O)

          First of all sorry for my absense, I can’t even remember how long I’ve been off! I’ve been so damn busy and preocupide lately with study and moving out of my Mam’s that I just haven’t felt like thinking about anything else. So blogging took a back seat. I was going to pay you visit tomorrow, but I saw your comment and thought I’d reply before I watched a film.

          Talking of study,I passed my lastest Uni module, it was a grade 3, but hey… it was in a subject I knew next to nothing about and I passed! I’ll be starting my new one in October hopefully!

          I now have my own flat so I know how the utilitiy companies rob you blind first hand now! I’m currently with e-On and their standing charge on Gas and Electric is unbeleiveable! I can’t always afford to live there because I’m also being collered for Β£50+ a month for the extra room I have! Good job the family home is near by so I can ‘borrow’ food and stuff ;).

          It was inevitable they’d put you on ESA! You have several illnessess I know of and they’re doing the same thing to you they’ve done to millions of others who shouldn’t have to be jumping through hoops! My Mam is one of them, she has to do the same thing you do and she’s 61 and can’t really work if she wanted to! Up to now they’ve only ever sent me letters to fill in and send off and they’ve never asked me to attend interviews, except once a year when they ask if I’m well enough and how I’m doing. I think this is because I’m backed up by my Doctor, IBD nurse and other specialists who will tell them how it is with me. Get you doctor and specialists involved to make them understand you’re just not fit for work, otherwise they will keep harrassing you thiking you’re one of the scrotes they need to kick off benefits.

          This is the issue with the new system, it’s good at getting scrotes and layabouts off benefits (which is good!) but they’re victimising legitimate cases at the same time! You should also think of applying for Personal Independence Payments (formally DLA), with the issues you have with you hip alone should get you a chance at the lower rate!

          My back is back to being fucked again! Last year I was and felt great! I was even thinking of doing some part-time work, the UC wasn’t too bad, the back wasn’t too bad and I’d lost a hell of a lot of weight! I was 25st then went down to 18st. Then my back fucked up again in late summer 2012, and I’ve been the same ever since. I’ve had it investigated with cat scans and x-rays and they said there is something there but they can’t say fully what it is. Well the doc says it’s sciatica and I had an idea it was that since last summer. It’s so damn exscruciating! It’s the worse pain I’ve ever had.I’m supposed to go swimming but I can’t afford Β£22 a month for it! I asked for help from the doc and he can’t provide any now because the schemes have been ‘pulled’!

          Anyway I’ve ranted long enough, I should be around a lot more, ooops, just accidently published it! LOL. Anyway, I should be around I hope! Depends on what’s going on but I wont be as absent as I was!

          All the best Sir Prenin and talk soon!

          – Phil :O)

          • prenin said

            Hi Phil! πŸ™‚

            Congratulations on the move! πŸ™‚

            I know what you’ve been through! πŸ™‚

            I had no familial support and started here with a foam pad for a bed (I still have it!) and a primus camping cooker, but to be finally free was worth it!!! πŸ™‚

            I had to live on benefits and they didn’t stretch far, but bit by bit I got the stuff I needed and now I am content with what I have and so proud to have achieved so much without any support! πŸ™‚

            Well done on the Uni module – you have always seemed to be a bright guy and that proves it! πŸ™‚

            October is fine: It’ll give you a short break from studying and a chance to recharge your batteries!!! πŸ™‚

            Owch!!! Sounds bad Phil! 😦

            This Β£10 per month price hike hurts, but I can absorb it if I cut back on luxuries as I pay by direct debit so the bills are regularly paid and are slightly cheaper, plus I put Β£200 per month in my account so anything left over from the bills is saved for a rainy day – as I’m experiencing at the moment because my PS3 is in for repair and I broke a filling on a rock hard cheereo!

            You ARE lucky to have family to fall back on my friend! πŸ™‚

            Treasure them Phil, because a lot of people aren’t that lucky.

            If you have a spare room then how about getting a flatmate to split the bills with?

            Don’t do it immediately, enjoy the freedom that a home of your own brings, but look towards the possibility! πŸ™‚

            The interview with my ‘Personal Advisor’ went rather well because I missed a dose of medication and presented in first stage psychosis, so she had a firm idea of my mental health.

            My God daughter’s mum, Pat, went with me and acted as my representative and support which made a big difference! πŸ™‚

            Kathryn suggested I contact my doctor to get me a case worker, but despite trying I just got sent in circles, my doctor insisting I was well enough not to need one and that resources were limited, so I eventually agreed to drop it.

            I feel sorry for your mum – I’m fairly functional, but your mum must be going through hell! 😦

            The threats and intimidation used against the sick and disabled is horrible.

            I was told in the letter that I got that my benefits may be affected if I didn’t attend.

            Pat’s husband had a stroke after he was attacked by four teenagers and they stamped on his neck, so he was suffering PTSD and had a marked change of personality.

            He was so screwed up he didn’t go to the appointment so they stopped his benefits. 😦

            I half expected my interviewer to turn out to be a guy with a duelling scar and white Persian cat! 😦

            I have a good medical history and doctor Jiva has backed me up, so all they need of me is to be here waiting when they phone me each month.

            I guess they want to make sure I’m not working for a living! πŸ™‚

            They look to be determined to shove everyone they can off benefits, so I have to be careful not to say anything they can use against me – or is that the paranoia talking??? 😦

            I agree about the system: It’s getting the layabouts off benefits, but as you say they are also victimising the genuinely ill and I’ve heard some right horror stories! 😦

            According to Lillian a woman friend with chronic bowel problems who often crapped herself in her sleep was told they’d get her a job next to a loo!

            There was also a guy with major health issues who was dumped on JSA and died a week later – it’s crazy!!! 😦

            I’m already on DLA and have to be reviewed for PIP in 2015, so I’m not looking forward to that, but there’s always hope. πŸ™‚

            Sorry your back is so bad Phil, sciatica is no joke! 😦

            You really aren’t having much luck are you? 😦

            Hope your University work goes well and that life improves! πŸ™‚

            God Bless my friend and welcome back! πŸ™‚


      • Yinka Oyesanya said

        Hello Phil,

        Your definition of a race riot is correct. Other factors in society can lead to a race riot. Racial dissension and hatred by the police and employment tribunals towards Black people were the main cause of August 2011’s riots, and the bad behaviour of those (Black people) who looted. In that respect alone, that made August 2011’s riots a race riot.

        I made a request under the freedom of information to the Cabinet office to supply me with details of ‘the big society’ and they did not give it. The definition the government was giving – before some of us saw through it – was meant to deceive us all.

        The introduction of the ‘burden of proof’ has severly undermined the Race Relations Act 1976. The negative impact by this heinous law was the result of a lot of Black people looting during August 2011’s race riots. My point does not excuse the behaviour of all the Black people who participated in the lootings. The police and other organisations in the UK had done a lot to combat racism in the place of work.

        Tony Blair came into office in 1997 and deregulated a lot of the laws; especially employment law, and Black people in particular have bore the brunt of it. The police officer’s disrespect of Duggan’s family because they were Black sparked off the riots.


        • Hello Again, Yinka,

          I’m not going to deny that some elements of the UK Police force are not ignorant and hateful of people who just so happen to be non-white, I see it mentioned on the news and other places. And it’s wrong and it annoys me. However, I’ve also seen normal/reasonable Police action being called ‘Heavy-handed’ and ‘Racially motivated’ when that wasn’t the case at all .This has lead to Police being more ‘soft’ and ‘backing off’ from some confrontations incase they’re labled ‘racist’ or sued for it. The fact the Police stood by and let the looters take and destroy what they wanted is proof of this. If that was 20 years ago the Police would have been a hell of a lot more rough with them.

          If your point for these riots being ‘race’ related is valid then why were the riots in my community 99% done by whites? Where I live does have black, south asian, east-asian and other communites, they’re not that large yet, but we have them. And the riots were done by whites, with one or two mixed race people involved. What my community and the other communites that saw riots have in common is chronic economic degredation and nothing being done about it. That is the main issue that I believe caused these riots, if these people had something to lose, not just their freedom or their jobs, but their self-respect, then they would not have done what they did.

          What you cite as a main cause for this I believe is not fully right. I do believe some black youths and adults have had issues with Police because of their colour, and maybe for them that’s why they looted and burned. But I bellieve the vast majority just did it becuse they could and they had nothing to lose.

          Disrespect of Duggan’s family? Yinka, black people are not the only recipients of some Police officers disrespect and ignorance. I myself have been ‘disrespected’ by the Police for nothing, one officer even goaded my father to hit him inside his own him when a local lad said he lived at my house after being caught robbing from the local school. When my Dad pointed out he wasn’t his son the Police officer looked a fool and didn’t like it. When my sister’s mobile was stolen they came to our house, late, and came in with an attitude and spoke to us like we were school children, even my mother who was old enough to be their own mother. They do it to many people, Yinka, not just because someone is black.

          Disrespect of Duggan’s family started it? I’m going off eslewhere here, but where were these people who were mad at the Police for disrecepting Duggan’s family when Duggan, a known criminal, was blighting his local area with drugs, violence and thuggery? He inflicted that on a wider group of people and these people who were outraged did nothing. Why? When the Police do it it’s wrong but when people like Duggan does that it’s alright? They’re just ignorant people who are implicit in their own area going down the drain. If they educated themselves, and it doesn’t cost money to visit to the local library, they could actually hold their ellected representatives to account and this sort of thing would not happen.

          They just need to make the choice to do it, instead of being willing victims of multiple Governments who only see the importance in them when it’s voting time. I come from Salford in the North West of England, it’s not a great place to grow up, live or find a job and most of my old friends have been in prison and have criminal records. I could’ve easily said the school system failed me (I never even went to high school) and the Government did, but I made a choice to use my natural capacity to learn and educate myself so these bastards can’t pull the wool over my eyes then feed me shit and call it chocolate mouse. I’m doing a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree with the Open University and when I’m finished I’m going to try and change things in my local area, yes, it’s a huge task, but just because it’s hard and very difficult to do, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t bother and look after number one.

          Our country’s a sinking ship with many problems because, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, allow it to be, because the majority of the people here are ignorant, lazy and unwilling to educate themselves to a standard where they can hold their MPs accountable. One of those many problems is ‘race’ issues, I’m not denying that, but the main cause of those riots was chronic economic degredation brought about by the British people’s own laziness and unwillingness to actually pay attention for long enough to hold their so-called ‘leaders’ accountable.

          All the best,

          – Phil

  2. Dear Prime Minister,

    I am very concerned that you and your Government seem to be very detached from the people you are leading and representing. As a leader, you appear as not having the vision to make the right decisions. Your Government has done a number of U turns on key issues, and seem to fall short on making key decisions.

    As a leader, you should be strong with any decision/s you make. I have seen very little to no evidence of you being strong to make a bold decision that might be unpopular in the beginning, but, later turning out to be right in the long run. Recognising a problem like the race riots of 2011 and, investigating it thoroughly and arriving at the root cause of it, with a solution in hand to make sure it is not repeated, is what a great leader would have the ability to do. I have seen no evidence of that from you to date.

    You have modelled your Government a lot on a lot of New Labour’s outmoded policies. A good leader would already have great ideas of his own. The mess that New Labour has got this country into is a problem I can’t see you solving. Some of the ideas that have emanated from the Conservative Party recently i.e. no housing benefit for the under twenty fives, will put a lot of strain on families across the country. Such ideas have been poorly thought out.

    You must be brave enough to tackle the City of London and fix the unfair banking situation there, rather than picking on innocent hard working decent folk who pay their taxes regularly.

  3. Will reply to all here and on the new blog post soon. Stay safe everyone! :O)

  4. Androgoth said

    Put the books and that bloody pen and paper down Phil we need more input πŸ™‚
    Yes of course I am kidding about the first bit, education is good for you… BUT
    and there is always a BUT isn’t there Phil? 😦 You are now neglecting your Space
    which needs your Creativity and every other day postings… Well we have to call
    in and add our Bullshit, I mean our Comments now don’t we? Perhaps you are
    at this very moment sat on a beach fanning, I mean fannying around with some
    Naked Nymphs, like that Beach, no not that Bitch πŸ™‚ lol Okay πŸ™‚ I am going…

    Be Good, Be Wicked, and above all Phil, BEHAVE YOUR BLOODY SELF πŸ™‚


    • Sorry Andro! lol I know I’m neglecting it, but when you read everyday, taking notes, write and doinging on-line tests and tutorials you don’t want to mess about writing anything or thinking about anything else. The UC and medication compounds things, you know? So It isnt always that easy to muster a blog. However, please don’t go wondering off, I like hearing your opinions, jokes and having a chat in the comment box, same with Jen and others. I value your opinions and cyber friendships, so bare with me as I get the piece of paper that will allow me to change the world. It’s either that or I do it without and bring change with fire and brimstone! lol

  5. Androgoth said

    Are you on one of those Marathon Studying executes Phil as we have not seen you around WordPress in ages, I hope that you are not penned up in a Cage somewhere with a Nymphomaniac Zombie Queen or one of those OTT School Mistress’ with Kinky Suspenders, Black Stockings, Peephole Bra, knickerless of course and with a Gruesome aim, as in her trusty Riding Crop? πŸ™‚

    Well you never know and we have to ask these searching questions… Just find the key, open the handcuffs, remove the ballgag and run like hell, well unless you are too busy enjoying your bleeding self and then I guess that you can… Well you can do whatever you like πŸ™‚ lol

    Now who was it that said Deadanarchistphil wasn’t into Fetish times and Bizarre happenings? πŸ˜‰ Have lots of fun now and don’t forget to floss…


  6. jennygoth said

    hi phil you must be studying again just called to say hello xxjen short n sweet lol

  7. hrhdaf said

    Hiya Muppet????????? But which muppet would I be? I think given the option Id be the phantom of the theatre cos there was something quite creepy about him. Where as youd have to be Gonzo cos of your unfeasable nose! (Yeah Im only being cheeky cos Im out of thumping range ;O)
    So have you got your mark for your essay yet? Did it go ok in the end, or did they decide the ramblings of a lunatic werent exactly what they were after? (I really think you should have left that bit out about wanting to bum Cameron cos it wasnt even on topic).
    Anywhoo, yeah Ive been busy with fambly stuff cos girlchild is still home even though she was meant to be moving last week. Letting agents are a pain in the arse and if they can make something easy difficult they do!
    Hope your feeling well at the moment amigo!
    Moocho love Daffski the Ninjaski xxx

    • I called you a muppet? Hmmmm don’t fully remember doing it but I image it’s something I’d say! lol Phantom? Nah, you’re the muppet on the drums that’s mad! lol And me, Gonzo because of mah big nose? I have a big nose now? (O_0)

      Yes, I got mah mark, it was 76/100, but I already told you this in the other comment box so it isn’t needed! Bum Cameron? LOL!!! Was you baked when you wrote that? hahaha

      Ninja? OK if you say so, the Ninja that only attacks pints when it’s not lookin! haha Talk soon, mateski! :O)

      • hrhdaf said

        Yeah you called me a Muppet ya cheeky sod. Actually youre probably right about me being Animal, I have 4 Animal T shirts, two pairs of PJs and also some socks. Im not getting away with being the cool phantom at all. Coulda been worse I suppose you coulda said I was Miss Piggy. And who said anything about your nose?? Certainly not me cos Im all nice and kind to you all the time.
        Hey I meant to say in the previous comment, well done on the fabbo marks. Im not doing anything at the minute silly told ya. Not til October. Anyway thats not something I like to talk about in blog land cos its all hush hush wink wink.
        Actually I was stone cold sober when I typed that about you bumming Cameron. I just remembered that you said how much you wanted to so I assumed you’d shoved that in your work. ;O)
        Mooooocho lurvs Daf (yeah Im proper crawling cos Ive said that twice now oh but you want his ass!)

        • Animal? Ah, I see! You only need to dye your hair ginger and you’d be a dead ringer for him! Actually, you should be the scientist with the ginger hair that’s always screams! lol

          You said: “Where as youd have to be Gonzo cos of your unfeasable nose!” Am so hurt now! Ya so mean, like… even Hitler never called people names. Yes, he may have murdered them or ‘Othered’ them, but he never called their noses, not even the Jews and they had big noses! You’re worse than Hitler! Kids all over the world will now learn of the most evil woman in history! Evil! Evil!!… I tells thee!

          I forgot about you not doing anything, but I assumed you’d be busy with work and family anyway. And no worries, I’ll keep hush about ya course.

          How do you know when you’re sober?… you’re always drunk! I can only assume you read somewhere in my blogs that ‘Cameron needs fucking’. Now, when I say that I mean he needs fucking with a Lawn mower pushed by Richard Madely that has rusty blades covered in bits of broken glass. I certainly don’t want to go anywhere near his arse, even if I was a bottom burgler I’d sure as hell not want Cameron!

          Hugsgles for the Daffels! :O) xx

  8. jennygoth said

    stop laughin lol thats slipped discs xxjen

  9. jennygoth said

    hi phil i think seeing as cameron likes to play god he should try out a few diseases like slipped dics irritable bowel ms and brain tumours see if he can manage work with a healthy dose of disability or even pmt which i think he has permanently mad tosser or pmc permanently manic and il let you think of your own for c lol thanks for visits xxjen

    • Androgoth said

      lol πŸ™‚ Definitely right the first time and now
      we all know why he walks so funny in the
      House of Commons, actually Tony had a
      bit of an odd strut about him too so it must
      be a trait of Prime Ministers? πŸ™‚ lol

      Your Typing Much Is Worse Than Mine πŸ˜‰

      Androgoth XXXx

  10. That is funny.. id love to tell David a few things that are on my mind.. but my mom brought me up to be a true lady.. so i dont think i can πŸ˜›

    • ‘Mom’? I’m assuming your American? hahaha In that case you should tell the leader of the Republican Party what you think of him! lol And also, while you’re at it, tell Obama what you think of him too. He’s just as useless! hahaha

      – Phil

  11. prenin said

    Hi Phil! πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re doing OK – Thanks for the visit and comment – hot weather, high humidity and back pain?

    No wonder you can’t sleep my friend!!!

    Glad you are studying hard my friend – we need people like you to keep the planet turning!!! πŸ™‚

    I managed to sleep until around 3pm only to be awakened by the kids at the T&RA fun day – just as the heavens opened!!!

    They did better than we did, but they still got rained on!!! LoL!!!

    Thank God it’ll be getting cooler, but I have good news: My utilities have gone from Β£73 per month to Β£53 so I’m due a rebate and they are going to drop further, so I’m on easy street at the moment – as long as Cameron doesn’t screw things up for me…

    Have a great week my friend and all success with your studies!

    God Bless!


    • Hey Ian,

      Yup, back pain and heat don’t make for a happy Phil! Fortunately the back pain has gotten better and the heat has gone down a little after this morning’s early rain! :O)

      Your bills are going down? Are you’re the only person in the UK who’s bills are actually going DOWN instead of UP? Ya lucky bastard! lol Suppliers are going to be putting them up again soon while complaing about the cost of wholesale gas, we just know they’re secretly rubbing their hands together with glee. I’d like to see how they price their fule because I have a feeling they’re ripping us off big time! For some reason though they WONT show us how they price it! I think we know why! Cunts!

      You have a good week too, from today things should be cooler! :O)

      – Phil

  12. jennygoth said

    here again phil leaving now with a sad face no phil here again xxjen

  13. jennygoth said

    just called by to say hello but your still awol i see hope its not t roll in the fridge time xxjen

  14. Hey all! :O) Sorry I haven’t replied, but I’m busy! I will get back to you all soon. Untill then, stay safe and have a good weekend! :O)

    • Androgoth said

      Yes But Busy Doing What Exactly?
      i hope it is more of these wicked postings
      of yours I think that you have a rare talent
      for these offerings Phil. Have a chilled out
      weekend with plenty of… Well plenty of it

      Androgoth πŸ˜‰

      • Oi I was busy doing study and writing an essay. I will have to write more stuff but it’s hard to get in to writing when you’re writing all the time and trying to take in what you’re learning, you know? Thanks for the feed back, I’m glad you like it, I’ll be doing a few of these mixed in with a few serious blogs in the future. :O)

  15. Androgoth said

    I hope that you are well Phil. Not seen
    you around much since your last blog…


  16. jennygoth said

    hi phil just called by going awol lol so be back soon the camerons for it lol xxjen

  17. Androgoth said

    Have a great rest of Friday Phil
    and of course an excellent weekend…


    • Mah Friday was shite! I was trying to write a essay and it came out all wrong, still didn’t finish it untill Monday cos I started again. Grrr taking more notes from now on! πŸ˜› lol

  18. Androgoth said

    I know that there is a big chip on DC’s shoulder but with all those greasy-sleazy-bits
    dripping off he won’t be smiling forever… Well not unless his Evils have a nice big front
    page slapped on them, but that is highly unlikely with all of his pals getting the push, the
    shove, the trip and the nudge… Wink, Wink say no more as they often say, and only time
    will tell on this one, but let us hope that some good finally comes out from all this rubbish


    • Hey Andro,

      I don’t think the end of Cameron will be by his evils, it’ll be by his party getting involved in sleeze and generally fucking the economy up. They’ll go out, Labour will come in, and we’ll start the dance yet again. I finish my degree in 2013, by then I should have enough knowledge on Politicals and economics to try and change things for the better!

      Hope all’s well for ya, Andro! :O)

      • Androgoth said

        I think I am going to Vote for YOU next Councillor Phil as we need someone to get in there and Kick some ass
        and YOU laddie are in for the whole ride… Maybe, and this won’t be a Bonus you understand, but maybe you can
        even get to know what colour Anne Widecombe’s knickers are? Well she does favour the Blues, but also talks Rap…
        and usually with a Big ‘C’ in front of it πŸ™‚ lol

        Have a Wicked Rest of Weekend now Phil πŸ™‚


  19. jennygoth said

    aww dont start me on cameron i hate the man i think he needs brain surgery but they operated and found a walnut i think that birds ed milliband he gets up cold wet covered in shit every morning talks it too xxjen

  20. Planetnicola said

    Ha! Brilliant!
    I’m not the slightest bit offended. Just because, never has there been a person who deserves this title more so than he. If we allow him to carry on – we’re all gonna fuckin’ die. Seriously. We’ll all die of starvation and poverty – while he’s out on his horse, fox hunting! Like a big fat gormless cowardice git he is! But I’m sure there’s bigger and better people out there that despise him more than me. He hasn’t wrecked my life… yet.

    I wonder – Couldn’t we all uprise and get him out? I’m sure… Sure..they’ve done that and are doing that in other countries right now?!
    Right! Where’s my paper and pen!

    • Hello Nicola! :O)

      Offended? At what? The word ‘Cunt’? I didn’t think many people would be these days.

      I don’t think we’ve reached the point of starvation yet, but he really is a cunt with no idea about the reality of life in the UK. The only time he meets the commoners, otherwise known as the “Electorate”, is when he’s forced by his PR people to show what a good normal guy he is! Just call him Dave, OK?

      Rise up? Yeh, I believe we can, but that requires the nation to pay attention for more then 15 minutes and educate themselves to a standard where they can suss and figure out all the political tricks they throw at them. However, that’s unlikely, but I’m still going to try and change things.

      – Phil

      • Planetnicola said

        Phil, Phil – went in for the kill
        He says what he pleasesΒ 
        and drags Cameron through t’mill
        With Photoshop skillzΒ 
        He gives celebrity’s a bashin’
        He has hidden talents
        .. which I think he should cash in!
        With political know-how
        He fights for the masses
        This dude’s way too bright
        You may need sunglasses!!
        But enough of this poetryΒ 
        I’ll be straight and quite blunt
        Sadly I’m no lady
        And yes, David Cameron’s a CUNT!Β 

        Hi, hope the “stuff” you’ve been busy with, was good stuff, and you’re OK?
        I’m looking forward to some fresh material (obviously blog material..yours..and not curtain lining
        or summat :S)
        lol Tc x

        • prenin said

          Well said Nicola!!! πŸ™‚

          Lovely and poetic too!!! πŸ™‚

          God Bless!


        • hahahaha Thank you, Nicola, but I’m not that smart. Everyone has the capacity to learn, it’s just a matter of applying yourself. The amount of people who say: “Ohh! That’s beyond me, I’m not smart enough!” is astounding. People don’t realise what they’re capable off. Would you believe I missed all my High School years and never gained any GCSE’s? Because I missed out on so much I joined a literacy class and gained a level 2 in it (My English isn’t great but I imporve it all the time when I’m not being lazy), I learned the rest myself via using the PC and am now doing a Open Uni course in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. The point is anyone can do anything and I’m no different from you or anyone else.

          Yeh, stuff I’ve been busy with is study and a few others things, some aint so great but they have to be done! lol And yeh, will be more fresh material. Hope your week is good so far! :O) x

          • Planetnicola said

            I agree entirely – anyone CAN do anything they want. All I’m saying is, I appreciate other people’s talents and I give credit where credit is due.
            I didn’t miss out on high school, but in hindsight wish I had because, I was unhappy there. I only gained a few
            GCSE’s whereas my sister us
            the academic one and has
            gone through every course on
            the list and is now doing
            something she hates – she’s a
            We all have something what
            we’re good at. I know all the things that i’m good at, my strengths – but I know my weaknesses too.
            It’s good that you turned your life around – well done, you!

            Anyhoos, I must be away to stroke some small fluffy kittens.. ! πŸ˜€ toodleloo

  21. Photobucket

    I may use this for the next Caption Comp!

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