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Epic Caption Comp!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 12, 2011

Because I’m busy catching up with study, yes I fell behind, I thought I’d post some pics I made and captioned and open up the floor for you mad lot to have a go at. So if you’re interested write your caption on the picture and upload it to Photobucket or whatever image site you want, and post the HTML code in the comment box. Because the comment box isn’t HTML active I’ll post the codes you leave in to the comment for you.

Here’s the blanks:

Oh, by the way… no one actually wins anything, just having some fun!


28 Responses to “Epic Caption Comp!”

  1. jennygoth said

    hi phil hows you hope your not telling me off this time lol have you caught up with your studies now keep well be happy xxjen

    • Sorry, but I am still angry at you! How, I mean… HOW can you not dislike Danny Dyer? I mean, seriously! It’s unforgiveable! lol πŸ˜‰

      I caught it with my last lot of study, I’m starting on my new lot now, part two! The course officialy starts tomorrow and hopefuly things will go good! :O)

      Have a good weekend, Jen! :O) x

  2. Androgoth said

    Hi Phil just another one of those Lame Bloggers calling by πŸ™‚ lol
    Yes I got that pesky Bloggers Award offered to me yet again, if I
    had a fiver for every time I have been awarded something on WP
    or WLS then I would be rich by now… I just don’t believe in those
    awards, I guess the only good thing about them is that sometimes
    one finds a wicked Space to add, but as for the awards themselves
    well I have no interest with them whatsoever… I do hope that you
    are busy designing a new blog instead of chatting up the Nympho
    neighbours of yours and getting on with the studying… It is time for
    one of your wickedly offered treats so I will be watching out for that
    and sometime very soon I hope? πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work Phil…


    • Hey Andro,

      I never assumed for a second you were one of the lame bloggers. I’ve never been offered anything like that before, if the G-Man hadn’t nominated me then my nominations would’ve stayed at zero! Though I thank Phil for thinking my blog is worthy, I wouldn’t want to be inculded or to win, in fact I’d decline any award if I was offered it. lol

      I have been doing some blogs, I just posted one though it isn’t something I made, it was a comic I found a week or so ago However, I do have some other stuff that I just have to polish and make a few composits for in Photoshop.

      Nympho neighbours? LOL! Um, there’s only one neighbour like that and I don’t fancy her.There’s also two call girls in my area too and I don’t fancy them either. You know what, I wouldn’t touch any of the ladies around where I live! I’ve resigned myself to the fact any future ladies I get involved with will be either outside of my City or ethnic group!

      Thanks for calling by, Andro! :O)

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! πŸ™‚

    Yeah it’s spelt Arrythmia and it’s a frigging pain! 😦

    It seems to have eased off (no episode last night) but I won’t know more until they wire me up for 24 hours and see if they can catch it happening!

    On the plus side I had no episode last night, so it seems to be getting better!

    My bro Neil has it and he’s doing fine, as does my step-pain Hugh, so it must be pretty common…

    I agree about the people going farkin mad if they ever realise they’re being scrapped like a bunch of old cars!

    Sorry you are still suffering sleep problems – I’m in the same boat and staying in a set pattern seems impossible…

    Thanks for the best wishes Phil and the same to you mate! πŸ™‚

    God Bless!


  4. Androgoth said

    Happy Halloween Phil πŸ™‚


  5. hrhdaf said

    Whot hooo fair Phillipeeoh! Dammit Im having problems today. Took the keys off my keyboard to give em a wash cos they were mighty grubby and had new life forms growing underneath em and now my right hand shift (which I just typed as shit accidentally but is more appropriate) isnt working which means I have to press really hard to sign my name cos it wants to say daf not Daf.
    Which is not the point at all just making excuses for when my typing goes to rats.
    Anyway… have you been following me? Its just that I thought it was only me knew all my friends were imaginary and Im quite disturbed youve found me out.
    And yeah… I know they were gonna do something about me but they havent had time cos theyre too busy trying to hunt you down. I am fully aware in secret government circles you are known as “the Jackel” and theyve been hunting you looooong time.
    Did you find out how your assignment went? Hope it went fiiiiiine and your health isnt too shoddy at the moment!
    Moocho love Daf xxx

  6. Andro’s offerings:



    I like the Dirty Harry one, I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s vulger! lol

    • Androgoth said

      Me neither it was all that I could think of at the time πŸ™‚ lol

      Yes well the Farting Super Gran was done on the pc and I am hopeless on that
      paint programme, of course it is only the very basic one as you can easily see on
      it but I had to have a go and the results are bloody awful I know, The Dirty Fanny
      one was also a tad boring but hey at least I had a go even if they were both, erm
      rubbish lol Keep up the good work on your studying and of course the midnight
      snacks, Nuttela isn’t my cup of tea but someone has to eat it and it looks like you
      are one of their favourite customers Have a great rest of evening and keep at it,
      the studies too πŸ™‚ lol


  7. jennygoth said

    great to see your back hope you do well after all that work essays ect its been the same around here been to petes but hes gone awol now hope you got your thermals on cold tonight phil great to have you back xxjen just locked the parrot back up

    • Thank you, Jen! πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading my new stuff and it’s more ‘my thing’ than the previous materials because it’s more political and economic, instead of social. Pete’s gone missing? Hmmm, typical Mr. Judge! There was a time when Pete blogged everyday and I was missing for weeks on end, now it’s the other way around! lol Oh, I don’t need thermals, I haz central heatingz! hmmmmmmmmmm lol You have a Parrot? Or is that some kind of term for something else a little x-rated? (o_O)? hahaha

  8. prenin said

    Hi Phil! πŸ™‚

    First off -VERY WELL DONE!!!

    Don’t be so disappointed my friend – I wouldn’t have got even THAT close! πŸ™‚

    Part two should keep you busy and it sounds like you have many fish to fry so don’t worry about posting – we’ll still be here! LoL!

    Dad is fully fit and has ‘Little Man – BIG car’ syndrome, so if he sees me he’ll try to run me down like he did my brother Keith when mum divorced him.

    Hard to believe he’s in his 80’s and hasn’t mellowed with age…

    Yeah he’s scum alright, but the law couldn’t touch him because mum was too scared to let the Police sort him out – six coppers begged her to let them put him in hospital!!!

    It’s hard to get an NHS dentist, but if you go private then no problem – at least around here!!!

    I agree about the Politicians and their claims, but I’ve learned that it is HARD to find a decent dentist in Middleton, I just got VERY lucky and I’m careful not to miss appointments because they ditch you if you do…

    The diet is a bit of a struggle – I had a break and put on four pounds. (sigh!)

    Still: I’m keeping at it…

    Otherwise life is VERY good my friend! πŸ™‚

    God Bless!!!


    • Hey Ian! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the encouragment, man! :O)

      If your Dad isn’t crippled then I suggest it’s time he was! I’m sure you could lure him to some steep hill and then cloraform him. After that strap him to a chair with wheels and let him slip down the hill a foot a time (Untill he gets to the middle) the more he gets mad. If he can’t control his temper then he’ll slide to his encripplment, and it’ll be his own fault.

      I’m still not sold on the NHS dentist problem, I don’t see much evidence for it, though just because I don’t see it it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But I’m hoping it’s mostly and exageration of the truth. I have heard of them penalizing you if you miss an appointment. My Mam missed an appointment because she had to go to a funeral, she thought she would be back in time but she wasn’t. I would’ve thought they’d have let her off, but no! She now has to pay a Β£30 fine! I understand they have to keep waste of time to a minium, but a fine of Β£30? I don’t agree with that.

      When are diets ever NOT a struggle, eh? I know how you feel, I’ve been on a few diets in my time and found nearly of them trying and hard. But you will get there eventualy!

      Anyway, hope the week has gone good for you so far! :O)

      • prenin said

        Ooh don’t tempt me! LoL!!!

        I haven’t seen the sperm donor – he’s not fit to call himself our father – in years, but if I had a get out of jail free card I’d gladly spend it doing something nasty to the psychotic old fart!

        If I miss an appointment I’ll get charged for it, miss another and I’ll be looking for a new dentist.

        Penalising somebody for going to a funeral is a bit much though…

        My weight went down to 114Kg then bounced back to 116Kg so I’m making the diet even more strict – just three meals per day and no snacks!

        Needless to say I’m hungry all the damned time! πŸ˜›

        The week has been fine – all I need do now is win the lottery.

        No Problem! LoL!!! πŸ™‚

        God Bless my friend!


  9. jennygoth said

    where arrrrrree you phil im here in the dark turn the light on hope your well xxjen

  10. Androgoth said

    Yes Definitely AWOL 😦 lol
    Have a great week now


  11. Androgoth said

    Hey Phil are you having fun with your studies
    or on an extended holiday to the Caribbean? πŸ™‚ lol
    Not seen you blogging anything new or calling into
    any Spaces… I hope you are keeping very well πŸ™‚


  12. jennygoth said

    just came to say hello phil hope our well xxjen

  13. hrhdaf said

    Hey heeeeeey Phillipo!
    Well Ive just spent a happy ten minutes messing with these and chortling to myself. Didnt do one for Dirty Harry though. Not cos I couldnt think of anything no no no, just cos you cant be messing with the Callahan. Hes a classic.
    Gonna email them to you cos its just the way I roll.
    Oh and I knew it was you buggering about with my poll. Are you a poll dancer? Ahem… ok Im very sorry for the quality of that joke but it is saturday morning and IM very tired and the dog ate my homework. ;O)
    Off to mail those pics.
    Moocho loves Daf xxx

    PS I did watch some more of those cartoons. Made me snigger alot. Theres some very wrong stuff on there!





    • OMG! It’s Evil Lord Daff!

      “Gonna email them to you cos its just the way I roll.”

      Even when I offer to post your code for you, you can’t even upload them yourself to create the code! OMG! You’re soooo lazy Daff! My next caption camp will be about lazyness and you’ll be the main person in the shoop! *Evil Laughs*

      You don’t dislike Danny Dyer either? Really? How can anyone not hate him? He’s such a wanker!

      Yeh, Monkey Dust is great! You should check out the ‘Ivan Dobski’ and ‘Brummie Jihadis’ Sketches! hahaha Poll dance? Nah, not with my weight, mate! Just felt the need to rig your poll, just wanted to feel what it was like to be a corrupt Politician. It’s VERY over rated!

      Mooocho loveski to theeski! xxx

  14. jennygoth said

    reminds me of a bag of maltesas lol

    • Casual ‘racism’! *Cringes* I don’t know where you get your Maltesers, Jen, but they look nothing like ’em! I’d consider changing shops, mate! LOL! Funnily enough, that didn’t shock me… what shocked me was the fact you didn’t hate on Danny Dyer… AT ALL! In fact, no one did! What’s wrong with you people? Have you seen the man? Have you seen his acting like a Cockney Hard man, even when he’s NOT being paid to do it? He’s the biggest cunt on the planet! Well… ONE of the biggest cunts on the planet!

      Have a good weekend, Jen! x

  15. Androgoth said

    I thought that your title said Eric Clapton Comp at first but seeing as
    it is something completely different I will have to get my thinking Cap
    on or is that my thinking Cape? Nice to see you back Phil and having
    a bit of fun πŸ™‚ Keep your nose in the books now and out of mischief πŸ˜‰


    • Hellooooooo Androoooooooooooooooo! :O)

      You know what?… I thought the same thing when I was writing it and inserting the pictures! LOL! I thought I wrote that too because I was tired at the time, and I know when I’m tired I’m prone to miss-writing things! Had to do a double take! hahahaha

      No worries Andro, reply if and when you want, even if you don’t you’ve had a laugh and so will someone else at some point. It’s all good!

      And yes, am still in the books, with the help of red bull! I will be back with more soon! :O)

      Have a good weekend!

      – Phil

  16. Lol! The first photo is funny mate.
    Hope you’re back on track with your studies. πŸ˜‰

    • Hiya Phil! :O)

      hahaha I laughed while I was making it. My first choice was this: Photobucket Though it wasn’t tiwsted enough. To me, breaking boundries comes with breaking taboos and being a little twisted and unexpected. I think that photo delivers where the Kilngon one didn’t as much! lol

      I’m more or less back on track with my studies, thanks for asking, Mate! One last essay to write and that’s it for part 1 of this module, then part 2 starts in Nov 2011! Hopefully I will do as good in that one as I did in this! :O)

      Hope all is well with you and the family, Phil! Much love to all as always! :O)

      Mr. E πŸ˜‰

      • Phil's Lounge said

        Well Mr E,
        Lol! It’s good to see you back on form, the captions were good…glad the studies are going well.
        While you’ve been away, I have been busy settling back into the world of Blog…

        I’m sure once, you’ve finished Part 1 of your Module, you’ll be back on the press, righting the wrongs of the world with your literary WOMD.

        Good to hear from you mate…

        Give my regards to the family.

        G Man. πŸ™‚

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