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Did You Hear The News? [Rage Comic]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2011

This Rage Comic epitomises how I feel when I talk to some people!

The seriousness of the world around them seems to be lost within a mind full of trivial banal pop and celebrity culture.

NOTE: The Above Epic Comic Was Not Made By Me.


24 Responses to “Did You Hear The News? [Rage Comic]”

  1. Thank you all for commenting. I don’t feel like replying at the moment because I have a lot to deal with. However, I will reply to all comments that have been left and any future ones. So please, if you feel like it then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. :O) Have a good day!

  2. Androgoth said

    Just calling by to see what you have been getting up to? 🙂
    Well it isn’t a lot that is for sure but I know that you are up
    to your ears in studies and the like so I will let you off this
    time, but i do hope that you will be offering us something
    soon, if only to let us know that you are still around 🙂 lol

    Have a great weekend Phil and keep at it…
    The studying too 🙂


  3. jennygoth said

    hi phil just called by unlike madonna ive got them on lol have a good weekend xxjen

  4. Planetnicola said

    I’ve had shits that have lasted longer than
    Kim’s marriage!

  5. Phil's Lounge said

    Great stuff Mr. E.
    Loving the way you mixed a serious message with humour. 🙂
    I know that some think the world is too serious so they like to escape into a bubble of fluff and get lost in celebrity news etc.
    They need to understand there is a middle ground, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom but they do need a wake up call to notice that serious things are happening in the world which will directly or indirectly affect them.

    OK, I’m off for now.
    Much Love.

    • I like to escape too… but I can’t escape long enough! My mind wont let me, I can’t just turn off my outrage and outright annoyance!

      As for the middle ground, I’ve been advocating that to family friends for a while and very few seem to take it up. They see it as something that’s beyond them, boring, uncool and something that doesn’t affect them. They talk as if it’s rocket science, how is reading and learning, especially in this field, percieved as that complicated? Me thinks it may have something to do with Politicians and the Media making it out that way, maybe?

      Anyway, much love to you and yours… again! lol

  6. That was an excellent cartoon, I so loved it. Kim Kardashian is in Melbourne right now and I don’t understand, I just don’t, but people are crowding about to see her. ?????

    • Basically it’s because their idiotic sheep with sad, boring little lives that wont ammount to anything because they live their lives through other people. Instead of going for their dreams they go for the mags on the shelf, I think it may be a sort of escapism. I’m not sure if they do this because they learned it from their parents/friends or siblings or because it’s Human nature to gossip and thus socially groom eachother. Either way I just know it fucking annoys me! LOL!

      Thank you for visiting WFFME! :O)

  7. jennygoth said

    lol didnt think maddonna would cause so much hostility havin a good saturday phil how about you im just chilling looking after my dog she is barking at the fireworks but still not upset enough to accpet the treats xxjen

    • Lets not mention her name, eh? lol I’ll say one thing for Bonfire night these days, the fireworks are nowhere near as bad as what they used to be. That’s because of the new laws on buying them, I think! At least we only have 2 weeks of them instead of nearly 3 bloody months like we used to!

      Your Dog sounds smart! LOL!

  8. Androgoth said

    I was just about to congratulate you on this wicked comic strip and then you said that it wasn’t yours 😦 Well I think that you should be getting one ready for your next posting Phil 🙂 Of course I know that it will be highly controversial, full of… wait for it, full of excellent snippets of information and have at least two or three hundred pops at those useless politicians of ours, but on the whole it will drfinitely be an exciting read…

    Have a great rest of evening and weekend Phil 🙂


  9. And Kardashian is getting divorced too…….
    Point taken though – so many important things going on in our lives and all i read is Justin Beiber may or may not have got some bird pregnant

    You know what is pissing me off at the moment. I read the Mail and fair enough, they cover the engagements of Wills and his wife Katherine but the have to put a picture of Diana wearing something similar every time they publish a pic of Mrs Wills…..come on, let it go!

    Take care mate and good work as usual

  10. jennygoth said

    if there was a choice of half an hour of talks about pensions or if madonnas wearing knickers the knickers would be down for half an hour lol xxjen have a great weekend phil

    • If Madonna ever took her knickers off I’d pay her to put them back on! In fact, I think that’s how she’s still making records, if the record exces don’t release her records then her Knickers come doon! And they, nor do I, want to see her with her knicks off! lol

      You and Andro have a good weekend, too! :O) x

  11. Anonymous said

    LOL !!!!!!!

  12. prenin said

    Too bloody true mate – too many minds full of thought killing pap and some of them run the bloody country…

    God Bless!


    • I think the heads (Amongst other things) of people who run the country are full of something else, and I think Sir. Prenin knows what I’m talking about! lol

      Still, it really annoys me when I’m reminded that the majority of people in the country either don’t give a shit or they’re caught up in their own ideological views to see reality.

      Have a good weekend, Ian! 🙂

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