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I’ve Lost All Faith…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 2, 2011

In case you didn’t already know or notice I have lost all faith in the UK Government, Its Police force, its laws and judicial system. I have absolutely no faith in the financial system in the UK, or the wider world. I have zero faith in our media to deliver unbiased news. I’ve lost faith in all our Western Democracies.

The reasons for this are obvious. You should already be aware our Government is fucking useless, spineless and bows to the rich and powerful’ pressure on many subjects and situations. Not only that, but our Government, who are supposed to represent us and our values and ideals, regularly (That is on a daily basis as well as yearly and every decade) fuck us over in the name of more profits or whatever general cause they deem worthy of fucking us over for. Our values of freedom and democracy are nothing but words and a shadow of what they actually should be as they’re regularly denied or infringed upon in the UK. Not only does our Government do it at home, it does it in other countries too where they do business with some of the most disgusting regimes on the planet with Human Rights abuses.

The whole Westernised world is hypocritical, they’re ready and willing to over-look the mass murder of people in other countries as long as they get what they want out of it, which is usually resources which equals profits. Our Governments are owned and run by the richest and most powerful people in the UK and the World, and they’re not even voted in. Their vote is in the form of a donation to one of the main Political parties or one of the many members of those Political Parties. Some don’t even have to donate, they have such a huge business or amounts of money that they can just dictate what Government Policy will be on a specific subject. These people can also buy the media and not only the control the flow of news  but dictate what’s said or printed.

These same people can also get away with crimes other normal people like you and I could never hope to get away with if we ever committed such crimes. If you’re rich then you’re powerful, and when you’re powerful you’re influential. So basically they can buy themself out of trouble or buy themself a reduced sentence. So these people also have control and influence in the Judiciary and so are above the law of the land.

These people are arrogant despicable Human filth. The law doesn’t apply to them, so they do as they see fit, which includes having a say in the way my and your lives are run. Everything our governments do affect us, and as we’ve seen, they are dictated to by the rich and powerful.

It’s these people, as well as the Politicians who make up our Government, who have destroyed (and control) not only our Democracy but our economic system. Most of the Western world is in debt, debt that is so high that the level of austerity is going to rise over the next seven years and maybe beyond. These people, our Government and other groups would have you believe it was increased borrowing to meet public spending targets and bad business practices by a “Few bad apples” that caused the problem. To a degree, this is true, but those “few” bad apples were many and debt created by borrowing to meet public spending targets wasn’t as high as these people make out. Our national debts went up when we had to save the banks in the UK and the rest of the Western world.

These people, these eager,  greedy short-sighted bastards, lobbied and in some cases told Government to relax financial regulation laws so they could make more money faster, and in return the Governments’ would get more Tax from increased profits. Everything went well for nearly a decade, but during that time the deregulation of the financial system let loose a “make as much money as possible who gives a fuck about the repercussions to others” mentality. In short, the “Greed is Good!” type.

These are the people who helped bring the World’s economy to its knees, and are still involved in Government and the financial system. They’re so mixed with it all that two of these former bankers now run two European countries, Italy and Greece, and not only that they also have people in places of power throughout Europe. They’re so damned determined to get their money back from the countries they bought gilts from that they’ve infested the Governments of Europe to make sure there’s a bailout or that someone assures the debts will be paid.

Next year it’s highly likely the UK and Europe will go in to recession, in fact it may be even worse than a recession, it may develop in to a depression, and if that happens then things will obviously be really, really bad. And it incense me that we the people, will be the ones on the shitty end of the stick as usual, and the people I spoke of above will still be happy, healthy, solvent and still directing Government.

Yes, we have a lot to look forward to, don’t we? The only upside to this problem is that people will have nothing to lose at that point and there will be people in the street in their millions protesting about these people and the situation we’re in. I just hope that positive change comes from the ensuing shit storm in 2012 and the people aren’t mislead, calmed and fooled in to being quiet again by people who profess to be on their side and want to change things, when in fact it’s just another puppet group who are run and backed by the rich bankers, corporations and super rich.

Also, for the record, the Nations outside the Westernised world are no better when it comes to double standards, greed and certain people being exempt from the law. Don’t think for a second that those countries’ leadership are all innocent, because it’s far from the truth.


9 Responses to “I’ve Lost All Faith…”

  1. prenin said

    Sooo… It was your Birthday huh???

    Well, another year is to be celebrated in fine style, so Happy Birthday my friend and I hope you see a better year!!!

    God Bless!


    • Yes it wuz! lol And thanks for the words of hope! I do hope to achieve more this year but I’m limited in what I can do, as you know. We’ll see what happens though! All the best to you too, Ian! :O)

  2. Hi Phil,
    Happy Belated Birthday,
    I hope you had a good one yesterday…mine was quiet but nice.
    Love to you and the family.

  3. prenin said

    All true Phil and, unfortunately, too many are just not interested in making a difference, so inertia rules!

    All too often we see MP’s leave public life and shack up with some company or other.

    We know where Blair ended up – as a USA ass kisser – so we’ll know who had their hand up Cameron’s Ass when he leaves office for a well-paid job.

    Unfortunately a little late for the rest of us…

    I’ve been calling this a Depression for a couple of years now – soon we’ll slump still further in which case God help the poor.

    My neighbour Doug lost his final appeal for his Incapacity Benefits and is on JSA, but he’s unfit for work and can’t stretch his benefits to pay for the two busses he has to got to go to Rochdale and undertake a training course because he is a chronic alcoholic and can’t sleep unless he’s smashed or stoned.

    Shortly he’ll lose everything for being none compliant and I’ll have to refuse to take him in because there’s no way I’m going to feed and shelter somebody who KNOWS the consequences and simply refuses to play the game according to the shitty rules he now faces.

    At one point he was fantasising Daily about murdering the staff at the Jobcentre, but now he fantasises about cutting his throat in front of me ‘because I can take it’.

    This guy needs help, not censure, but in a few weeks time he’s going to be without benefits and homeless…

    THAT is Cameron’s answer to the long-term ill and unemployed…

    God Bless!


    • Does anyone else not scratch their heads in bemusment at the fact there isn’t as many jobs anymore? Yet, they expect many people to get jobs? The jobs going are low paid and few and far between! For a person to earn a desent wage to pay all the bills they’d have to work 2 or 3 jobs to just make ends meet! It’s beyond stupid! What about having a life? Their plan is to periodcialy kick people off benefits for 3 to 6 months to save money, and if they never come back… who cares, that’s a few million saved! As long as the scumbags at the top don’t have to pay too much tax and middle England is pacified!

      • prenin said

        Amen! 😦

        I had to kick Doug into touch last week – he grossed me out BIG TIME and I decided I’d had enough of his murder fantasies, suicide fantasies and suicide threats.

        Needless to say, after declaring he was going to kill himself again he is still alive and well…

        He’s made three passes at me, then when that failed he tried repeatedly to pressure me into a relationship and every time he failed (I’m not Gay which is something he DID NOT understand) he would become depressed and threaten suicide.

        Finally he showed up here drunk and belligerent, threatening murder etc. and picked up a pair of my used boxers – I’d just got changed – draped them over his face and had a good sniff.

        He then went home declaring his intent to kill himself, then the next day posted his library card through my door with a scrawled message I couldn’t read which I assume meant he wanted me to phone the Library and renew his books.

        I wrote him a note telling him I wasn’t going to help him any more and returned his Library card.

        The good news is I have had no visits since and I know he’s alive and well because I’ve seen him pottering around, so I guess he was all talk and no trousers…

        God Bless!


        • Ew! That’s just disturbing! I hope he’s stayed away, I could not put up with that! Good on you for getting rid f him, there’s only so much you can do for someone, Ian, and he just seemed to be taking the piss out of you and wanted even more than a normal person would want!

          All the best with that situation, Mate! 🙂

          • prenin said

            Yes Phil I agree.

            He kept trying to dominate my life, trying to find a weak spot he could exploit, but every time his approaches failed he would become depressed and threaten suicide, but he was just a drama queen.

            These days he has his claws into two of my neighbours: Tony and Martin, so God knows where THAT’S going to lead…

            God Bless my friend! 🙂


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