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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 9, 2011

In 24 hours, our leaders may wave through a terrifying Merkel/Sarkozy plan that would abolish our right to choose sane economic policies. But, together, we can stop our leaders trashing our democracy and our jobs.

Panicked by big banks, Europe’s governments want to change our constitutions and the EU treaty to permanently ban vital public spending. This is nuts: in the 1930s such spending was precisely what allowed Europe and the US to escape the Great Depression. Europe needs to toughen up and regulate the banks, not tie our governments’ hands to make them happy.

We live in a democracy — so Europe’s leaders should not be able agree to this plan themselves — they need to come up with solutions that have the approval of the people or our Parliament. We only have 24 hours to save our democracies from this attack — our massive call today can force leaders to respect democracy, regulate the banks, reject austerity, and invest in our future. Our demands will be delivered to the leaders and media outside tomorrow’s meeting. Sign and send to everyone you know before the meeting!





  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Avaaz is a great organisation. Choice here, Phil.

    • Hope you had a good New Year, Noeleen! 🙂

      Yeh it is a good org, but they stopped sending me e-mails for some reason but still send them to other people I know! Weird, eh? I need to post more of these this year as well as some of my own blogs! 😉

      Hope all is well for you and Daniel! :O)

      – Phil

  2. prenin said

    ‘Way ahead of you Phil! 🙂

    That way madness lies…

    God Bless!


    • It certainly does! They still persist with it though! I’ll be back next week with a new petition to make the Gov close tax loopholes and make corps and large compaies pay their FULL corp tax! Can you believe they got away with NOT paying £25 Billion this financial year (April2011-April2012)? And yet the public focuses on itself and slags off those on benefits? That’s the power of the media in the UK!

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