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Another Romp Around The Middle-East?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 26, 2013

So it’s looking more likely there’s going to be another romp around the middle-east, this time with Syria as the host for the party.

And as usual there’s the same replies from all sides of the political spectrum and the Muslim world.

The left says: “No! This is neo-colonialism!”

The right says: “Yes! We must do something for those poor people!”

Many Muslims of the world, as always, point fingers at Western powers, spout about western intervention before that caused the problem, but offers no solutions for the problem.

As always Russia and China, wanting to keep their influence in the area so they can carry on doing financial and political business, don’t want any action in the area whatsoever. Rather they believe both sides should carry on a dialogue, by ‘dialogue’ we can only assume they mean killing each other in assorted ways.

The fact is all sides only care because of their ideological sphere of influence. The left is nearly always anti-war, especially when it involves the U.S. or the UK being involved. The right will welcome a war because it puts money in pockets of military contractors (That is if the country can afford it. In the UK the public appetite and money for war is just not there. So if war does go ahead, expect the UK to play an air support role).

Russia and China only care because Syria is a sphere of interest for them, they really don’t care if the people of Syria die horribly, as long as they can be seen to be not endorsing it in public (staying neutral) while frustrating the western powers and doing business with the Syrian regime.

Of course Western powers will say: “Wont somebody think of the children!” This is a load of shite, the West, like Russia and China, only care when it matters to them. What matters to them is debatable. It could be:

1.       Making economic gain from the resources in the region
2.       Business making money from military contracts
3.       Stabilise Israel’s back yard as it’s an ally of the U.S. and the West in general
4.       Broaden the West’s sphere of influence
5.       The west has to act because it’s been challenged
6.       All of the above

Number 5 could be the reason to engage and accomplish 1 to 4. In fact, Barack Obama said there was a line to be crossed and it’s been crossed and now he can’t go back over it. With the use of chemical weapons supposedly being used by both sides and not knowing who did it, they may have to act, even if they do not wish to be involved. Add to this a sniper shooting at the UN inspection team, again we don’t know who did this, but it can be seen further as provocation to act for the Western powers.

As for the Muslims, they only care about Syria because they’re ‘Islamocentric’, that is, most are predisposed to care about the Muslim parts of the world because they are Muslim. If this was happening in Vietnam right now the Muslims of the world who are currently concerned about the situation in Syria would most likely not give one fuck, as they didn’t during the actual Vietnam war, and many other wars and situations where no Muslims were involved. In fact when Muslims are the ones doing the butchering the Muslims of the world pay little attention, dismiss or don’t care about that, the same when a Muslim leader butchers his people. Muslims didn’t give much of a fuck about Iraq or Afghanistan until the West went in there with their drones and bombs and started killing innocent people along with the Islamists. Then there was a rally against the west and condemnation, but the Taliban executing people and denying women rights was not worth campaigning against.

So, I believe not all of these groups legitimately really care about the people of Syria. They’re acting in their own interests, which disgusts me! Groups are playing international politics while people die! Just another a day on planet Earth, eh?

So what should be done to help the people of Syria? Well there is an international organisation called the United Nations that should step in and stop this from happening. But would you believe it, even in the UN the same groups of people play international politics, Leftist and Muslim nations banned together and back up Russia and China while the Western nations banned together and dominate the UN security council and push through what’s important to them.

Ultimately the people that matter in the conflict will be the ones who suffer no matter what action is taken, all this because the international community plays international politics and ideological games.

We need a war, a war to end all wars! Dispense with the scum with their ideologies who currently claim to represent the people of the world. It’s stupid I know, will washing everything away change much and could that even be accomplished?

As for a realistic plan for Syria, there isn’t one, if you invade with the best of intentions people will die, if you don’t get involved people will die, so whatever happens, the people will suffer. Such is Human nature and stupidity.

Do you have an idea for Syria, what should be done there?


19 Responses to “Another Romp Around The Middle-East?”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    Very eloquent – good article. And I’ve got zero idea for Syria. People just seem to be stupid insane, and the rest of the world watches in horror, mostly.

    I really like your picture of ballerina Hitler.

    • Hi there! 🙂

      When I first saw your name it was familiar to me in some way, then I realised… you were one of the people who subscribed to me while I was absent from the blogging world. A few people subscribed to me but I forgot to check them out and visit their blogs, so, sorry about that and welcome to my blog.

      Thank you for the compliment but I am capable of doing far better, this particular post was my first in a long time and it came out very ‘old’ me, I don’t usually write this way much anymore unless I want to vent my spleen on humanity without having to make things too detailed. Come back and tell me how good the article is when I post a 3000 to 4000 word piece with links and videos! lol Beware, bring a beverage and a snack, you’ll need it! 😉

      The situation in Syria is horrific, but so is it in the Congo, other parts of Africa, South America, South Asia, North Korea and else where. And the majority of people on the planet just don’t care. Ignorance and selfishness being the main reason for that.

      The Hitler picture (Hitler’s Dream) is a photoshop I did a few years back for the fun of it. Here’s a link to my Deviant art page where you can see it in full if you wish to: http://dead-anarchist-phil.deviantart.com/art/Hitler-s-Dream-184328205

      Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

      All the best,

      – Phil

  2. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the comment!!! 🙂

    The only way mankind will make it into deep space and actually start the colonisation process is if we fuck the world ecology up so badly we’ll need to move house!!! 😦

    Hmmm… Pollution, global warming… I guess we’re nearly there… 😦

    Yup! Medication withdrawal is pretty rough.

    I’m not supposed to do without for more than 24 hours, but when the pharmacy screwed up it took them eight days to supply me with a new batch of medication.

    The missing meds were discovered during a stock take a few months later and they tried to persuade me to come and get them so as not to mess up their records.

    Needless to say I refused! 😦

    The withdrawal is sneaky – it doesn’t pile in all at once, just a bit at a time, so you are seduced by the dark side of the force.

    Having shites like my neighbour Doug acting as the eyes and ears of my tormentors and playing mind games when he’s not begging for money for drink is bad enough and he’s the one with a flick knife!!!

    Being without meds makes me vulnerable so I have to take care not to open the door to him in case he starts screwing me around.

    Last time he went through his entire play list of begging tactics to get me to provide him with money for booze, but I was medicated and refused to give him any more money.

    He was NOT a happy chappie!!! 🙂

    Yeah the sleep pattern is annoying, especially because without the meds I get by on just four hours sleep by the third day and have insomnia from then onwards.

    On the meds I sleep ten hours as a rule unless somebody disturbs me like the girl from Oxfam did yesterday evening.

    The problem isn’t so much the sleeping, it’s the difficulty actually getting to sleep!

    The doctor gave me Zopiclone (highly addictive!) which is a hypnotic, but I’m now resistant to it and he won’t give me anything else, so I have to play games with my medication.

    NOT good.

    I agree about the quiet at night.

    I feel far better being a night owl, but it doesn’t last unfortunately.

    Now my PS3 is wrecked and under repair I have to improvise if I want to keep myself entertained during my waking hours.

    Hopefully it should be fixed by tomorrow, but I’m not holding up much hope.

    In the end I may have to buy a new one anyway…

    God Bless my friend and lots of luck! 🙂


    • Hey Prenin! 🙂

      Our local chemist has gotten shite recently, they’ve got rid of half the staff and they’re mixing up and mistaking perscriptions. I have to go back today to sort something out with them! 😦

      I remember you mentioning Doug before, he sounds llike a cunt. I’d report him to the Police for carrying a knife, send him to prison for 5 years, get him out of my life. But that’s just me. You’re doing good by staying away from him. Btw, I not sure if I asked you before but why do you not move out of there to somewhere where no one knows you?

      I have difficulty getting to sleep too, especially when I wake up in the early hours! It leaves me feeling tired throughout the day, and I’m tired all day as it is with medication and illnesses! 😛 I agree, it’s nice being up at night when it’s nice and quiet, but after a few weeks it becomes isolatating and it aint nice to live like that, and I’m suppposed to be misanthropic! lol

      The doctor offered me sleeing pills and I declined, as I said, I’m tired all day everyday anyway, I don’t want to add to it. I also don’t want to add to the other medication I’m taking.

      I hope you get your PS3 ffixed and you game the night away! Oh btw, I know you like Sci-fi, you should Falling Skies if you’d already watch it. If you don’t have satalite you can always find it on the net somewhere to watch.

      All the best, Prenin! 🙂

      – Phil

      • prenin said

        Hi Phil! 🙂

        Sounds my my pharmacy, but they fired the tit who lost my meds because they screwed up Big Time! 😦

        I don’t know what happened though – anything goes wrong and they close ranks… 😦

        Yeah Doug is a gutless shite when sober, then an Uber gangster when drunk.

        He’s a cunning, devious and manipulative bastard who will do anything for money, but I’ve got his number.

        After all the help I gave him he told Tony the druggy I was a paedophile and told me Tony had a large amount of heroin in his flat – just to stir up trouble between us! 😦

        Thankfully Tony and I had a heart-to-heart and I showed him my CRB check certificates, so he was more than satisfied! 🙂

        If I move home I’ll end up dealing with a new bunch of shites – right now my other neighbours all think my every orifice is solar powered! 🙂

        Insomnia is a bitch isn’t it? 😦

        Bad enough to be ill – and the side-effects of the medication don’t help! 😦

        I’m not on a permanent night shift either, my sleep pattern rotates, so I don’t have to struggle too much with it, but if I have to be somewhere it can be a real nightmare! 😦

        Doctors think every problem can be solved with pills – no matter what they do to you… 😦

        The PS3 was a dead duck. 😦

        I bought a new one though so I’m OK, but highly ticked off at being lied to! 😦

        I’m into ‘Stargate SG1’ at the moment – not brain food, but entertaining and Claudia Black is in it playing the part of an Alien called Vala Mal Doran and is sex on a stick!!! 😉

        Falling Skies sounds interesting – I’ll keep an eye open for it! 🙂

        Have a great weekend my friend! 🙂


  3. hrhdaf said

    Heeeeeeey Phil!
    Weeeeeell I dunno. Seems the UK and US are desperate to rush into action over this one and I suppose yeah… chemical weapons are just not on, although it seems to me there’s been a mad rush to make a decision over what happened there. I just heard the results of a poll on the radio that said 50% of the country don’t want to get involved and only 25% do (the other 25% must have been eating a sammidge and unable to answer). Ya know that phrase ‘charity fatigue’? Do you think a country can have war fatigue? Cos it strikes me people are so caught up in the crap going on in this country they just don’t really care anymore.
    Anyhoops by Odins eyepatch I need a cuppa coffee so I’m gonna sod off and have one. Hope youre having a great week!
    L&Hskis Daf xxx

    • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Daferoooooooooooooooooooooo!

      Yeh, they seem very desperate to get involved and I aint sure why. There’s the options in the blog I mentioned, other’s think it’s all a distraction from other things, if it’s to distract form what’s going on in this country it aint really worked has it? lol. There’s still no solid evidence yet of who let fly the chemical weapons, but it seems like they’ve already made a decission to attack.

      And yes, the UK isn’t really in a financial position to attack another country… again. If we do get involved it will most likely be an air role. That poll was done by the Sun so I wouldn’t put much emphasis on it. In fact public polls aint always an acurate representation of the population even if done by MORI.

      OK, I’m off to try and do some exercise again, even though it hurts, I’ll be around your new blog later. And btw, did Odin ever have a eye patch? (o_O)

      Laters maters and L&Hskies back at cha, budski! xxx

      – Phil

      • hrhdaf said

        Course he had an eye patch. It was purple and glittery and he got it in a Primark sale so he was well chuffed. Then again if you go plucking your own eye out the very least you need to make you feel a bit better is a bling eye patch!
        Hope youre having a great week amigo!
        L&H skis Daf xxx

        • So it was like the one Gabrielle used to wear? Wait, Primark was a Scandanavian invention then? Wow! The more you know, eh?

          So Odin plucked his own eye out, but wouldn’t sort the scruffy beared out? He would probably like this song:

          My week’s not too bad budski, but in some pain from walking too much and doing the garden! But I shall recover, with the help of Odin!

          Much love mate and hugs! 🙂 xx

          – Phil

  4. harshglare said

    Passionate yet still talking about the left/right, ideologies and religion…

    …that is ignorant of how things really roll: it should have been quite apparent to anyone who lives in the land of Orwell how things were the same after Obama’s first term.

    It’s like there is a “two minutes of hate” every three minutes: race, guns, crime, civil rights, social/economic strife…..

    These are all manufactured crises and you buy it each time: you just so happen to be on the side of the statists: I know from our past discussions, you LOVE the idea of government administering to the needy: and to do that you NEED big corporations to feed big government.

    Your left/right and ideals fuel the fire from the other side of the issues.

    The US media had to import a real “two minutes of hate” expert from the UK (truth be told, the US media has been doing this for some times with Canadians too).

    Just thought I’d rattle your cage for old time’s sake! LOL!

    Carry on….

    • ‘Sup, Brah!

      So what you’re saying is the state manufactures issues that are then broadcast by the media to distract people like me from seeing what they’re doing (and apparently I buy into this)? And what they’re doing is building a state that has a large centralised government that is centralising power and taxes big corporations to give to the needy (which I also apparently endorse)?

      Your whole comment is loaded with its own agenda of smaller government and for the free market while saying I’m a statist and that I’m distracted by situations the state orchestrates. Basically, “I’m right you’re wrong and ignorant.”

      I was talking about the situation from outside the political spectrum about all sides involved, whether they’re pulling strings behind the scenes or not wasn’t the point of the post, I was talking about what each side would be saying (Obviously not everyone within those camps thinks the same it was more a generalised view of them).

      Despite the fact you’ve conversed with me since 2008 you still haven’t understood what I’m about. You always assume I ‘LOVE’ and trust big government, that I want a huge welfare state and want to tax the fuck out of people. I don’t know if this is because I have trouble expressing my point of view sometimes or because you miss it because you’re so sure of your own ideals.

      Let me explain some of my opinions. I don’t trust government, I know they mislead and distract, I know they can’t be trusted to run a bath let alone a country. I don’t even vote because I don’t want to be seen even endorsing the system. I don’t favour a socialist state, I don’t favour a capitalist state, I don’t endorse positive discrimination and many other things you’ve accused me of being or endorsing over the years.

      Yes I think there has to be welfare net for people if we live in a mixed economy where profits, and let’s face it they are, put before the people. But I don’t trust it being run within the system that currently exists with the current batch of idiots. When I say ‘system’ I mean the British system, not just the coalition that’s currently in government, I mean the system has to change and so does the culture within the UK political and social arenas (I’m not really sure about the U.S. but it seems more bent than the UKs).

      You may talk of the rights of the people being violated if their money is taken from them regardless of who runs the system, and yes that is an issue. But as stated when we live in the economic system we do it’s the price to pay for it as the system will have casualties, as it isn’t always the fault of the individual for being sacked and not being able to get another job.

      As for corps funding the state, you mean like they do now? They don’t even pay their full tax as it is, neither do millions of others because they have the money to employ someone to find a loophole in the law. You may say they shouldn’t be taxed so much in the first place? Again, it’s the system we live in, and I don’t believe people should be left to it because the economic system we have has decided to drop them because they’re surplus to requirement now. You may think people should live and die by their own decisions in life? If that’s the case let’s disband the Fire service, Police force and the Army, it’s the people’s own fault if they can’t save themselves from a fire, a violent criminal or an invading army, why should anyone pay for the saving of someone else in society? You may then think people need the basics for survival, the same can be said for people who lose their jobs or are sick and can’t afford to pay for the medical treatment.

      This argument is nothing new to you or me and there is more to it but I don’t have the time or will I used to anymore to continue with it. The more I learn about the world of humans, politics and its system the more I doubt and question myself and the opinions I hold. In fact it’s like the more I learn the less I feel I know. So if you want to call me socialist or a statists because of it, then so be it, but it’s not always about labels, as you’ve pointed out many times, I believe it’s about humanity and our survival and I don’t think the systems we have available to us today cut it for us.

      “Just thought I’d rattle your cage for old time’s sake! LOL!” Oh! That’s what you were doing. Well fuck me! Do that again and I’ll post that picture of the fat naked bloke with his gigs on holding his moobs! Failing that I’ll come over there and slap you off side that septic libertarian head of yours.

      All the best,

      – Phil

  5. Religion is the root of all evil in my world and unfortunately nobody ever wins a war how ever you look at it. I don’t think in the history of man there ain’t been people at war with one another and it certainly ain’t gonna change as long as I’ve got a hole in me arse. Pisses me off all these people pulling the human rights cards out left right and centre, like owt really it don’t make a blind bit of difference. We don’t even have decent laws these days and punishments half the time are just a harsh look. I think the united nations are a joke they pick and choose too. Basically one day it’s gonna be every man for himsen

    • Hey Lousie,

      I wouldn’t say religion is the root of all evil, it causes a lot of problems, but it isn’t the root of all evil, to me it aint anyway. The UN on the other hand is divided constantly, that’s why it sometimes acts and other times it doesn’t. Yeh, the law is also an arse these days, reminds me I did a blog on that a while ago, I’ll find you the link if you’re interested?

      All the best Lousie,

      – Phil

  6. prenin said

    Unfortunately you’ve got it pegged.

    WWI was supposed to be the war that ended all wars.

    We’ve had wars across the world ever since.

    There’s nothing we can do because it’s being made impossible to act, so Hamas sends in fighters and Iran Supports Assad, so the local countries are taking sides and the West is left to just rattle sabres and talk about no fly zones while Russia provides Assad with kick-ass air defences.

    And, of course, the civilians suffer as a result.

    This is a war that could have consequences across the entire Middle East.

    It was ever thus… 😦

    God Bless!


    • Hey Prenin! 🙂

      WW1 was supposed to be, yeh. However, WW2 was more devistating and you could argue it never fully ended. The Soviet Union marched over Eastern Europe and the Allies did nothing, thus givig them another headache for the next 50 odd years. And thus war continued. This isn’t to say to say the arms manufacturing and the super power dominance of the U.S. and the economic warfare by the west wasn’t a factor in destablisng the world.

      My point is, we need a war to remove all these bastards who supposedly represent the will of the people, when all they represent is the will of the rich, businesses and the ideology peddelers who all wish to control. They don’t care about us, they’ve shown this time and time again, in every nation on Earth. We need a new social and political mind-set that puts the welfare of the people and the species as whole first before anything else.

      Yes, it does have ramifications for the whole middle-east, and the world too if the situation is not done right! Luckily Russia and China will not get involved, they will do what they can at the UN and on a diplomatic level to frustrate the West but they will not engage NATO, they’re not completely mental, and especially not for Israel or Iran. Iran will be the biggest problem if they get involved with Syria, but I’m not sure Iran would even get involved. And if they did they could only blok the strate of Hormuz and stop the fuel flowing. And if they did that, they know it’s the end and NATO would attack them.

      It’s all very depressig. Hope all is going better in your world, Prenin.

      All the best, man! 🙂

      – Phil

  7. theleewoodman said

    Hey ! I don’t use this account anymore Phil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Homo

    Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 13:13:59 +0000 To: woody-lee@hotmail.co.uk

    • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

      I’m a homo? Weren’t you the one pictured in that public bog with Geroge Michael and Jimmy Somerville?

      Why did you delete your WP site? You could’ve used it for something. Wait… why am I even writing this you’re never going to read it! (o_O)? lol

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