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Morons and Headaches = Lack of sleep!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 25, 2013

I’m at the family home right now and I tried to go bed with a headache and rapid heartbeat, as happens to me a lot because of my anxious nature and medication I take. However I thought I’d get to sleep eventually as I usually do, but no… because the witless, brain-dead, empty-headed retards on the 16 story block of flats behind the deadanarchist family homestead were throwing what I can only describe as tires from the windows!

I couldn’t actually see what was thrown as there’s two huge leylandia trees blocking the view over the first ten floors and the car park below. But the sound, it sounded like rubber car tires hitting the large steel roof that overhangs the entrance to the flats. Though it’s unlikely to be tires, so I’m thinking it was more like furniture. Huge thuds and bumps accompanied occasionally by what sounds like empty beer or coke cans, though from the shouting they’re most likely to be beer cans.

I would complain but it doesn’t matter (Actually I can’t complain because I don’t live here anymore), the housing association will just let more dickheads on the block (After they’ve kicked the current bunch off) because they don’t vet them properly! And so a high turnover of morons will been seen from that block and many others in the area because of the lax vetting.

Oh, and all this was happening at 2:30am in the morning. One can only hope they fall out and hit every ledge on the way down. I know, that sounds mean but it’d probably be the kindest thing for them and a benefit for society in the long run. That was mean. But, hmmmm… is Phil joking though?


So now I’m awake and can’t sleep so I thought I check on wordpress and listen to some music while my body waits to get to the point where I have no choice but to sleep. You know it’s odd, I feel tired all day no matter how much sleep I get, but I don’t sleep well or for very long these days. It’s a combination things I think that causes it.

Anyway, I have some comments to answer so I’ll leave you with Fleetwood Mac – ‘Little Lies’ simply because it’s the song I’m currently listening to!

Have a good weekend all! 🙂

– Phil


12 Responses to “Morons and Headaches = Lack of sleep!”

  1. hrhdaf said

    Bumjourno Phillipio!
    See I would have been wishing they were throwing each other out the windows and I don’t feel mean about that at all. It’s survival of the fittest maaaan! Darwinism in action and all that. Although I suppose that means you’d be left with the biggest asshats (unless of course the small ones all gang up on the big ones). I think I may be over thinking this a tad. I just cant help feeling if they built a huuuuge wall round the block and just threw food over it then waited a few generations, it might be quite interesting to see what was in there at the end. Probably just end up like the Hills Have Eyes though (if you dunno what that is you’ll have to google it cos I can’t be boshed writing a whole film synopsis this afternoon.
    Did you ever find out what they actually were throwing out the window?
    Oh and I dunno if this’ll make you feel any better but as a life long insomniac you do eventually sort of kinda get used to it. As you know I dont even try to sleep I just watch the telly and trick myself into dropping off. If I actually lie down in a dark room you can guarantee I’ll still be awake in the morning, lying there and cursing Odin and Thor and the rest of the gods! (which I probably shouldn’t do cos they got my back!)
    Right I think thats quite enough utter tripe out of me so I’ll just say have a great weekend and bugger off out ya blog.
    Big hugs and luvski Daf xxx

    • hrhdaf said

      Oh and I’m replying to myself just to say great song! I have this album and in the early 90’s I must have listened to it about 3 million times (and that is only a very slight exaggeration 😉 )

      • And you thought we were different when it comes to music? Pah!

        There aint nowt wrong with a bit of Fleetwood Mac! Word! lol Why were you listening to it so much? Trying to recover from the Carly Simon album? lol I was singing that song for 3 day after our sing song!

        Baby sneezes…

    • Bumjourno Dafferoooooooooskiiiiiiiiii! :O)

      I’m well aware of The Hills Have Eyes as it was based on where I live, true story! Well it’s not, but it’s already like that too a degree here. I believe they should build a huge wall around this city and then fill it with Naplam, obviously with me and a few other certain people removed. Failing that give me immunity from prosecution, like in ‘The Purge’, and I’ll happliy Darwinise the dickheads out of the gene pool and save on building materials and napalm! 😀

      I never found out what they were throwing out of the window, maybe if I’d went out that day I’d have seen it on the flats’ lawn, but I didn’t. There was no sirens so none of them fell, sadly…

      I’m still amazed you can function with so little sleep! It just adds to your awesome rating! In fact I may have to start calling you ‘Little Miss Awesome!’. Daf [LMA] lol. I had a headache all last night and this afternoon! I think it was because I was stimulated at the neighbours dinner last night, it was really nice! I’ll tell you more soon.

      And btw ya never talk tripe, mate, and even when you do it’s fun!

      Git big huggles and kissskis back at cha mate! Hope you’ve had a great start to the week! :O)

      – Phil

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes said

    A headache and fast heartbeat sounds terrible, Phil. I can’t imagine how you’d settle with that going on.

    How annoying, maddening, that people are such retards sometimes. It’s too sad. Ridiculous. Just zero consideration for anyone. God, how difficult to JUST SIMPLY BLOODY SLEEP.

    Hope you are okay today, Phil.

    • Hiya Noeleen!

      Yeh it’ a pain, but I do eventually get to sleep, though the quality of sleep obviously isn’t as good as it could be. I have a headache right now acctually! 😛

      I’ve had these retards living around me all my life, I’m sort of used to it but they still annoy the shit out of me. And that’s right, they have zero consideration for anyone, but you can bet your arse if I was making noise when they were recovering from the hangover or the head injuries (Assuming the fell out of the window) they’d think it unfair. Tossers.

      I hope you’re having a good day today, too! :O)

      – Phil

  3. prenin said

    Hi Phil! 🙂

    Just caught your comment! 🙂

    Yes, the lack of appetite, the world turning to shit and all you want to do is doze and dream… 😦

    Peter and Andy fixed Lillian’s fence for her and there has been no repeat so far today! 🙂

    Yes, the storm was just a lot of rain here, but the South?!! 😦

    Four dead is a heck of a toll for a storm we were warned of days in advance, but we’ve known worse… 😦

    Yeah Doug came in to use my phone, hit on me, then was leaning over my shoulder counting the money I had left.

    He’s a scumbag and very devious and manipulative.

    If I refuse he goes into barter mode and won’t quit until he’s got enough for a bottle out of me, but last time he smelt so bad I was glad just to get rid of him.

    From now on I’m not letting him past my front door! 😦

    Have a great week my friend! 🙂


  4. penelopephoebe said

    Great choice of song, Phil. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Take care. Pen.

    • Hiya Pen!

      Yeh I did, thanks! But as I was saying to Prenin, I still feel tired all day untill I go back to sleep again!

      And yes, I like me a bit of Fleetwood Mac now and again! :O)

      Hope all is well and good for you Pen seeing as you’re closer to the storm that just hit than I am!

      – Phil

  5. prenin said

    Yeah we have a lot of problems with the small blocks of flats we live in here.

    It’s just one recently released felon after another, from drunks and drug addicts to wannabe drug dealers.

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only ‘normal’ person around here!!! 😦

    You can always tell when they’re about to be evicted as they throw wild parties that last a couple of days! 😦

    Hope you get some decent sleep Phil! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!


    • Hiya Prenin! 🙂

      Most of the blocks in my area are quite high tower blocks. There’s only a handful that are smaller flats. Unfortunately the one behind the family house is 16 stories and full of wankers.

      It’s the same here, mate! Anyone getting out of the nick not only gets on there but they get preference because they’re classed as homeless! The tenants accociations in the area can’t do much because what the housing provider says goes. Which is why I’m glad my block gets to descriminate because of the way it’s ordered.

      But yeh, druggies, alcholics, wannabe wanksters and general dickheads are the norm, and they bring the blocks and the area down! The providers and council like to boast they’re tough of anti-social behaviour and can turf them out very quickly, but what’s the point when they’re just going to let more of the same people back in?

      I sometimes wonder that myself, but then I think “Don’t be so arrogant” but then I look around me and think “Nah! You’re abnormal.” Because being a moron seems to be a respectable things these days!

      I did get some sleep, thanks. But I wake up every damn day feeling tired untill I go back! Ugh!

      Hope you’re well and OK, Prenin! :O)

      – Phil

      • prenin said

        Thanks Phil I’m fine! 🙂

        Doug may be able to pay his rent – his mum died so he’s been trying to get money out of me to celebrate his windfall.

        He got £4 because he got in my place, supposedly to use the phone, and hit on me while stinking the place out! 😦

        He tried again last night, but I stayed quiet in bed and waited for him to piss off back to his flat.

        He claims he’s had no money for five weeks, but I’ve learned to tell when he’s trying to manipulate me – his lips move… 😦

        Sooo… he may not get evicted after all… 😦

        Meanwhile he knows I have money, so he’s doing his usual thing of trying to borrow as much as he can…

        God Bless my friend! 🙂


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