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A hit and a miss!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 30, 2019

Hit and a miss

This has almost happened to me several times! However, I can confirm I did not break the toilet away from the wall and nor did I fall head first onto the floor. I just broke the toilet seat.

In other news I’ve been getting acquainted with my Xbox, when I’m not feeling ill of course, and it’s been quite good getting back into gaming again. It’s been good especially as I can’t go out as much now.

Anyway, I was editing my profile on there yesterday and went to add my ‘Hitler Ballerina’ picture to it, as it turns out pictures of Hitler are frowned upon, even those mocking him. So I received a ‘suspension’ for a day. Luckily I only got banned from editing my profile and other non-essential things that won’t stop me from playing games.

Microsoft have always been funny and ‘selective’ with their idea of what violates their terms of service. When I used to have a ‘Windows Live Space’ they banned me for posting pictures of people with cancerous growths as part of a piece I wrote on smoking. And yet there was some sites on their with full frontal nudity and other sorts of TOS violations.

It’s the same on Xbox live, someone I know on there had a picture of Joseph Stalin for a laugh, and the last time I looked he killed more people than Hitler. Look at the chart below…

Massive Cuntbags

My point is, if you’re going to ‘suspend’ people for breaches of your terms of service then you should do it across the board, not be selective. Not that I support such bans.

I think history forgets the horror and violence of despots like Stalin and Mao Zedong, though I think that’s another topic for another blog.

Right, I’m off, be safe out there, especially around the toilet if you have an IBD or IBS!

3 Responses to “A hit and a miss!”

  1. Trevor said

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  2. prenin said

    Hi dude!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

    Yes it is amazing what gets blocked and what doesn't.

    After WLS I joined Facebook which is where I spend most of my time.

    Their use of a robot (AKA The Paranoid Android) had some truly weird effects.

    Banned from posting an artwork because it showed nudity (The back end of a Centaur healer treating a sick woman), banned for posting a picture of a jar of Molasses, banned for insulting Prince Charming (Yes, the robot thought I was insulting a REAL Prince), etc. etc. etc…

    The only reason I didn't get mad all that often was because the robot also cleaned up over 1.5 Million posts of child pornography, but I have yet to hear of any prosecutions.

    As a result I have also been banned for posting a head and shoulders (otherwise fully clothed in a pink dress) shot of a female vampire even though I put it through for review, but the moderator just saw it as breaching their somewhat nebulous Community Standards – or just punched the delete key when it came up.

    Sorry to hear you're still suffering my friend, but there's sod all I can do…

    Take care!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Hiya Prenin,

      That’s bonkers, mate! Yeh, Facebook kicked me off because the name I signed up with wasn’t the one I had on display. They said if I didn’t change my name back then they’d delete my profile, so I no longer have an FB. They did me a favour really, I never really liked it, always full of drama and random adds from people you barely know.

      I like that their bot gets rid of the unmentionable evil on there, but as you mention they also remove legitimate imagery. I suppose that’s an acceptable trade-off considering. It’s just I don’t like it when companies use their algorithms to remove legitimate content and call it a ‘side affect’ of the bot, when in reality they’re specifically targeting content at the behest of politicians and such – a bit like Google does.

      No worries about helping me, man! It was just an inadvertent ‘micro moan’ I started my blog with.

      Hope all’s well in your world, man! Take care of yourself too! πŸ™‚

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