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“You can stop the far right today. #Vote Labour”

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 24, 2019

Watch the video.

So, according to Jeremy Corbyn – and one must assume the rest of the Labour party – anyone who voted for the Brexit Party is now part of the “Far right”?

Before I carry on let’s take a moment to look at what the far right actually is in the UK…

The National Front –

  • Only white people should be citizens
  • End non-white migration
  • Non-whites to be stripped of citizenship and deported
  • Racial separatism
  • Euroscepticism
  • Scientific racism

The British National Party

  • Only white people should be citizens
  • End non-white migration
  • Voluntary removal of non-whites by financial incentive
  • Scientific racism
  • Euroscepticism

I do not support any of the above, nor do my family and friends, and I will go out on a limb and say the vast majority of people who went out and voted in the elections for the European Parliament for the Brexit Party are also not any of the above. The only thing I and the millions of people who voted to leave the EU and in these recent elections have in common with those groups is EU scepticism. And even then, their Eurosceptcism is more aggressive and full conspiracy theories.

The above video is partly why the Labour Party are forecast to lose out in the European elections (the other being their indecisiveness on whether to fully commit to leave the EU) and why many traditional Labour voters are being alienated.

The Labour party’s insistence on labelling anyone who has legitimate concerns about immigration and the effect it has on jobs, wages, housing and the general infrastructure of the UK a “bigot”, is losing them votes and shooting themselves in the foot. They’ve been doing it for years and they continue to do it.

It’s the attitude and wording like the above that led to a Brexit supporting pensioner being ‘milk-shaked’. Though, in the interest of fairness, the rhetoric from the hardcore idiots from the Brexit side doesn’t help either.

I, and many other people, do not blame immigrants “for everything”, the issues are more nuanced than that; it’s the same with the vote to leave the EU. However I won’t go into that as that’s another topic to cover.


6 Responses to ““You can stop the far right today. #Vote Labour””

  1. hrhdaf said

    Fucktards everywhere! I like it. Also turns out the forecast was pretty accurate didn’t it. Just thought I’d say hi cos I was hopping around blog land and it would just be ruuuuuude not to!
    Sunday huggles Daf x

    • Hiiiya Daffers! 😀

      Nice seeing you back in the blogosphere!

      About the results; as you’ll know – many news sources are saying pro-remain parties won the most votes, and as such shows evidence for a second referendum.

      Check the share of the vote out:

      Anti-Brexit 40.4%

      Pro-Brexit 34.9%

      They’ve got to those numbers by adding all the anti-Brexit parties together (Lib-Dems, Greens, SNP, Change UK and Plaid Cymru) and all the pro-Brexit parties together (Brexit Party and UKIP).

      The thing is if you add the Tories 9.1% share of the vote to that, who are essentially pro-leave by policy, then it changes to 44% pro leave to 40.4% pro-remain. If you add Labour to that, who are supposed to be committed to leaving the EU (Depending who you ask in the party), it goes up further.

      This shows us 2 things:

      1. We’re still pretty much divided

      2. We still haven’t left

      I’ll stop now! 😉 No worries about swinging by, as your latest blog says, you’re a busy bee so I understand if you don’t always get time to say hello!

      Sunday Huggles coming back your wayski! 🙂 xxx

      • hrhdaf said

        Well I know people that didn’t vote for the pro brexit parties because they didn’t like the people standing, but who are in favour of Brexit. Those numbers assumed that no one voted for a different party than ukip or the BP that still wants to leave so it’s a heap of rubbish anyway. Now no more politics for me cos it ain’t what I’m about on line. I think I need to go garden or something. Although as soon as I say that it always starts to rain. They’re listening to me through the light bulbs dont ya know. I have no idea who ‘they’ are like 😉
        Huggles Daf xxx

        • Yep! Another prime example of how figures don’t speak for themselves. It’s been done by many news channels and websites, they’ve assumed a lot and omitted numbers from Labour and the Cons because of internal squabbling – despite their policies supporting leave. If I was a conspiracy type, like yourself ;), I’d say we’re being mislead! Now if you excuse me I’m off to change my light bulbs! 😉 Huggles coming back your way xxx

  2. prenin said

    It certainly is a mess… :/


    • Indeed it is! With idiots on all sides who either want to overturn a democratic vote or put their political ambitions, careers and ‘legacy’ ahead of the country. Fuck tards! Fucktards everywhere!

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