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Disclaimer And Foreword

If you don’t like what you see then leave this site now, you don’t need to report me and spoil the fun for me and others, or limit our right to freedom of speech and expression. There are lots of perfectly bland, boring ‘safe’ sites on WordPress and the Net you can visit and wallow in your own righteous morality. You probably think I’m disrespectful and foul mouthed? Maybe I am in your opinion, but I believe in being honest and exercising and preserving my right to free speech. Besides, my default setting for when I meet new people is respect, no matter what they believe. What’s yours?

Some of my writing and posts will be strong and may even sound bigoted and hatful, let me assure you I’m no Nazi, BNP or National Front member. Nor am I an idiot Communist or stand on any other side of the Political spectrum. My site name may be “Dead Anarchist”, but this does not mean I support Anarchy in all it’s ideological forms. The name simply means I’ve moved beyond Anarchism (the farthest you can go on the left) and am now free of Its ideological constraints as well as all other Ideological constraints all along the Political spectrum.

Some of you may find that hard to believe. Well, I don’t. I take the best ideas from all sides and use it to benefit Humanity, instead of putting ideology and self-interest first. Putting Ideology and Self-interest first is what is destroying our Democracy in the West (both Politically and Publicly), because the Politicians know many people will dogmatically stick to an ideological view or vote for who promises them the most things that appeals to their self-interest, Like Tax cuts or a Socialist state for example, they will forever carry on usurping Democracy and putting their financial backers first above their constituents. Which means we the people lose and the only ones who benefit are the Politicians and their rich backers.

3 Responses to “Disclaimer And Foreword”

  1. Woods said

    Lol !!

  2. harshglare said


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