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Disclaimer And Foreword

If you don’t like what you see then leave this site now, you don’t need to report me and spoil the fun for me and others, or limit our right to freedom of speech and expression. There are lots of perfectly bland, boring ‘safe’ sites on WordPress and the Net you can visit and wallow in your own righteous morality without being ‘triggered’. You probably think I’m disrespectful, foul mouthed and a host other things. Maybe I am in your opinion, but I believe in being honest and exercising and preserving my right to free speech, for your information that’s the bit where I air my views and others can do the same, without being shouted down or shamed, regardless of views. Besides, my default setting for when I meet new people is respectful, no matter what they believe. What’s yours?

3 Responses to “Disclaimer And Foreword”

  1. Woods said

    Lol !!

  2. harshglare said


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