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It’s Da End Ov Da Wurld… Init! (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 19, 2011

First of all, how great is this picture? Looks a little like Freddy Krueger crossed with Venom from Spider-Man! It is now my desktop background, yes… it’s that great! I have no idea who made it if anyone’s planning to ask. Just thought I’d share it!

With all the “It’s the end of the world!” talk recently, I thought I’d share a end of the world prediction from history.

This is a funny one and testament to how stupid and gullible Humans can be!

The Millerites were a U.S. Christian sect who formed around William Miller‘s prediction that Jesus would return to Earth on the 22nd of October in the year 1843. Miller predicted this using the book of Daniel and the Day-Year Principle of prophecy (That basically means a day mentioned in the Bible is a full Year on Earth).

Millier managed to gain 50,000 followers at the peak of his prophesying. Most of those followers believed in him so much that they sold all their belongings! Some tried to be a little more crafty, one lady tied her trunk to her so that when she ascended to heaven the trunk would have to follow! I don’t know about you but I know Jesus wouldn’t be having any of that!

Another interesting story is the man who tied Turkey wings to his shoulders in preparation to for his ascent to heaven. He sat in a tree and waited untill it was time and jumped out of the tree expecting to go up to heaven. He had no such luck, he fell down and broke his arm!

Other equally stupid people held on to umbrellas to help them ascend in to heaven!

One Man had given his farm and home to his son, who was a non-believer, and when nothing happened on the day Jesus was supposed to come to Earth, he went back home and his son wouldn’t give the farm back!

When the day in which Jesus was supposed to come back to Earth had passed, all the people went home, apart from the bloke who broke his arm and the bloke who gave his farm away, one went to the hospital and the other to the local mission, I should imagine!

Of course, Mr. Miller was somewhat disliked for his wrong predictions. However, in a fit of depression he suddenly realised he was calculating using the Christian year and not the Jewish year. So he came back with a new set of numbers, which said the world would end on 22nd of March 1844. It never happened! Miller died five years later, disliked more than a Jew at a Neo-Nazi rally.

Ah well, at least he admitted he was wrong before he died, how many people in his line of work do that?

                                                                                           William Miller

People are still at it lol:

I Smell another William Miller on the way! Though I can’t see them calling it Camperism or his followers Camerites after Mr.Harold Camping LOL! How is this guy still in business?

Anyway, note it in ya diaries folks, 22nd of May 2011!

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A Badly Written Blog About Music [UPDATED]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 8, 2011

I’ve had a few debates about Music in my own home and on-line, and the usual reply I get for my criticism of nearly all music is:

“Dude! You’re tone deaf!” – Sam

“His vocal range is extensive!” – Sam

“They do not all sound the same!” – Sam

“Not everything has to be about Politics” – Sam

“Only so many sounds you can make!” – Sam

“Olly Murs is great! Fuck off!” – My Sister

“%$T”!* $%&*+£!!! ” – My other sister when I called her dancey chipmunk ‘music’ shite.

“This is real music! And he’s not a Pedophile!” – My Mam on Elvis and my opinion of him.

“Your Music’s shit, too!” – My Brother

“Ewww, no his music’s not crap and he’s not a wanker!” – My sister’s friends reaction to my opinion of 50 Cent.

“His vocal range is extensive!” – Daf

“Not everything is Black and white, Phil” – Daf

“Not everything has to be about Politics and have a message” – Daf

“Only so much you can do with musical instruments before it starts to sound the same” – Daf

“I don’t know, I quite like Las Ketchup!” – Daf

Ok, the last one was made up. But it’s fair to say I’m hostile to a lot of music and nearly all of the people I talk with accuse me of having a narrow, limited musical taste. This is not the case as I like many types of music, such as: Ska, Dance, Rock, Metal, Punk, Digital Hardcore, Electronic, some Blues, Some Pop,  Some Soul and even some Classical.

Having said this, let me explain my position on Music past and present and my problem with it.

My first problem: Lack of originality and constant mimicry! The defence “There’s only so many sounds/vocal ranges/Styles.” is not acceptable. These people who sound (sing) the same do not sound the same by accident, they sound like that because they copy their heroes or the most popular singing/music style of the time. This is very prelivant in the U.S. Punk, Emo, Metal and Pop-Rock generas. They all sing and sound the fucking same! They do! You can’t escape it, it’s a damn fact! (No I’m not tone deaf, if I was I’d not like anything) It’s just a complete and utter lack of originality on their parts, it really is shameful, and they have the bollocks to stand on stage and sing and call themselves ‘different’.

You can say the same for nearly every genere, they all copy what came before and they never move forward, none of them are brave enough to make music that is different, that is not the same, they only make crap that’s safe, so they can live inside the success, fame, notoriety and glory of someone else and try to make money out of it at the same time, if they’re that way inclined. I don’t apply this label to the originators of a certain sound or style, just the talentless wankers that come afterwards copying them.

Second Problem: Image over Music! What a load of shite! Seriously, because you walk around all dressed in black, with make-up, a huge emo quiff, chains, piercings, Poncey expensive haircuts, a telephone in your hair (ppppp-po-ker faaace) etc etc etc… doesn’t make you different. You look like every other cunt who dresses like that and it doesn’t make you ‘different’ or ‘alternative’ and it doesn’t make your music or scene any fucking better than the other side, you’re all a bunch of poser cunts with zero originality between you all! Also, it is NOT art! The same way Tracey Emin’s pissed in bed and manky tampon isn’t! They’re clothes, and the bits that aren’t clothes, are just bits and bobs you like to use to make you look different, well, you aint, you look the same as the other cunts who wear that crap. But if it makes you feel better thinking you’re all that and your music and scene is too, then please, go for it. But please, don’t tell me “It’s a way of life!”, it’s not a way of life, you’re just a cunt!

Lyrics and Meaning: Of course, lyrics don’t have to mean anything, if you write a song that doesn’t mean anything in particular, then you’re just like thousands of others, well done. People will find meaning in what they want, so I don’t really care. It starts to annoy me when people go over the same ground or try to say something cleaver and political, but in a very cryptic way, so they can get away with not having to defend their views. Grow some ballls! Oh, is the record company scared you said the ‘F’ word and you insulted someone you shouldn’t have? Awwww! Fuck you, you spineless twats!

Another thing, record companies dictating what goes and what doesn’t, and many Musicians accept this, way to take a stand and put money above your Music and freedom of speech. You’re an inspiration to us all.

Hedonism: *Boomp, Boomp, Boomp Boomp!* If that night club collapses on you, am tellin ya, you wont be missed!

Love Songs: Types are as follows: ‘I miss ya babe’, ‘I love ya babe’, ‘I want you boy/girl’, You cheated on me boy/girl’, ‘Ya jilted me boy/girl’, ‘Let’s party boy/girl’, ‘I’m depressed boy/girl’, ‘You don’t know I exist boy/girl’, You’re hot and sexy boy/girl’, ‘I don’t love you anymore boy/girl’.  JUST FUCK OFF!

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll!: Please! You’re a fucking clesha! Dress like a cunt, act like a cunt, take drugs like a cunt and fuck like a cunt! You think you’re doing anything different? No you aint, though you may catch AIDS/HIV, unlike some of your idols who just died of being hedonistic wankers.

Hip-Hop and Rap: Unmitigated crap! (most of it) The sound isn’t always bad, but the lryics and culture behind it are hollow, sexist, materialistic, ostentatious, Shallow and ingeneral… complete bollocks! Fuck off fiddy!

I’ve annoyed myself with this post now, I pretty much dislike a hell of a lot of music, mostly because it’s generic and been done before. So before anyone asks what I like, I like a few things, the original pieces that were created by musicians with some spine and bollocks to try something different instead of sticking to the tried and tested formula. So I don’t listen to a lot of new Music anymore, just old stuff and one or two modern bands that are at least half original.

UPDATE: MY friend Sam has said my quoting of him callimg me tone deaf isn’t fair without you hearing the evidence yourself. Bear in mind these are vocals we’re listiening to. So here’s the two vocalists that I think sound the same:

Song One:

Song Two:

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Art Review: George (The Tragic Ugly Duckling).

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 4, 2010

As you know I only ever pick cyber friends on MySpace via the content of their profile, to look for substance and character! The Artist I’m going to review today is no exception and has character, substance and also talent by the bucket load! Well I think she does, whether you think so or not depends on you and your personal taste. I advise you visit the links provided to make up your own mind after reading, as I don’t want you to take my word or opinion as your own. I stumbled upon George (The Tragic Ugly Duckling!) randomly browsing as I usually do, I can’t remember what profile picture she had at the time but it attracted me for some reason. When I opened her page the head line hit me: “I’m the best Gay in the world!”. That made me laugh, which is a good start, then I had a look at her ‘General’ section, and it said this:

I like to think of myself as a “Dream Engineer”, I love the unlimited imagination of humans and I love creating things!

That would have been enough for me, I wouldn’t have to read any more, with an opener like that anything else would be secondary and a bonus! Being a person who likes to create in numerous different ways myself, I could instantly relate to what she said. It usually annoys me a little when somebody else sums up what I’ve tried to express, mostly because I like to be the one doing that! I decided I’d let George have this one though! Despite the great opener I carried on to have a further read of the page and hopefully see some of her work. There wasn’t any art work in her profile but the profile did have some spots of humour, something that I would later see more of when I befriended her.

After a few interesting message chats, in which more of her humour came out, she gave me her Deviant Art page link. I went on over there, I’d recently made myself an account on there a few months before, and had a gander. At first, when I saw she drew her work in the Japanese Manga style I was a little disappointed, not because she was bad at it, the opposite in fact… she was great! It’s just these days, especially on Deviant Art, everyone draws in a Japanese style, to me it just seems a lot of people have such talent but no individual style or balls to try something different. I know there’s not many different avenues for art to go these days, but people do have an individual style they could utilise instead fo drawing picture perfect Manga/Anime versions of their work.

Despite the Manga style I had a look a little deeper, I don’t just like to dismiss art work out-right, unless of course you’re Tracy Emin, in which case anything you could do would always be complete shite, because you’re a spanner. Here’s the first picture I saw of George’s:

                                             Zebrahawk (Post Communist)


Yes, George didn’t know why she called her that either, so this particular character has been without a name for over a year! My suggestion of “Commie Kym” was shot down faster than Father Christmas flying over Iran! Any name suggestions for this particular character would be most welcome! Anyway, back on subject! So instead of glancing at her work from the Gallery page and went on for a closer look and I liked it! Well I liked Zebrahawk at first glance anyway! Yes, it’s Manga-ish, but the more I look at it the less Manga it gets to me! Mostly because I can see her outside the Manga Genre, though I don’t think that’s what George had in mind for her. Even though it’s Manga she does elements of her own style with it. Unlike the many other Mangaesque art by other people on Deviant Art. On of the things that is the same on this offering as some others, is the unbuttoned pants and untied laces. To me, it’s somewhat impractical if you’re a mercenary for higher, running around with your shirt open, pants loose and shoes liable to fly off will leave you face down on the ground! A lot of Manga, in fact many non-manga have impractical clothes or useless additions to their attire, that’s the way of fantasy drawing. It’s also the look of this character, she is supposed to look informal and less rigid because it’s a post-Communist setting. So I can over look it if the over all picture is good, which it is!

Just to contrast with the above picture, this is Zebrahawk in the Communist days:

                                                  Zebrahawk (Communist era)


                                            And this is her after a revamp:


                                                                    Tie your bloody laces!

                                                                         Picture Untitled


I like this untitled work.Though to me it screams: “Impractically long hair for fighting!” I still like it! I think where she made this a black a white piece because she was “too lazy to colour it” worked in her favour. Not sure I would’ve been as fond of this if it’d had been coloured. I think the black and white highlights the detail on the characters better than colour could. When I draw my own work I feel the same before I colour it! Like other work of George’s she is more a foreground or central artist. The backgrounds usually aren’t as full of action and detail as the forefront is. But who’s looking at the background with forefront action like the above anyway? I would say leave it to someone who’s good at it, but in the animation or comics industry you must be able to turn your hand to what your employer wants you to. So I would say George needs to improve her background and scenery work.

Mulan: Photobucket

This is a background I like of George’s. It’s simple, yes, but I think it fits the scene just right. The flags could do with a little bit more definition, as could the sky. Otherwise I likes it!

I’ve only focused on three characters here, which are my favourites by the way, if you look at her site you will see there’s far too many to write a large review, even though I’d like to. There are many more I think you should take a look at if you like what you’ve seen here. Even if you don’t you should still go to her site, you may see something you do like! George can turn her hand to a variety of drawing styles, not just the Japanese type, though that is her favourite. I think it’s safe to assume so anyway! It’s obvious to me George is a talented individual, who has many ideas with fits and bouts of creativity. She’s shows such dedication to her craft she cramps her hand and hurts her shoulder on a regular basis! She does all this for a hobby and because she enjoys it, would you believe me if I told you she doesn’t work in the Animation/Comic industry? It’s a damn shame really because she’s untapped talent waiting to go, though it doesn’t help the UK isn’t exactly animation central, especially for her prefered area. I do hope George achieves her dreams of being an animation/comic book artist, or whatever her ultimate dream is doing what she loves!

This is the Deviant Art page for George’s work: The Tragic Ugly Duckling on Deviant Art.

This the Facebook fan page for her work: The Tragic Ugly Duckling on Facebook.

Art work was made and belongs to George (Tragic Ugly Duckling) ©2007-2010

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