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Did You Hear The News? [Rage Comic]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2011

This Rage Comic epitomises how I feel when I talk to some people!

The seriousness of the world around them seems to be lost within a mind full of trivial banal pop and celebrity culture.

NOTE: The Above Epic Comic Was Not Made By Me.

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Facebook Has Given Me The Boot

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 29, 2011

Why did they delete me? Well, not because I said, wrote or posted anything bad, it was because my name didn’t match what I signed up with. Like many people on Facebook I changed my name now and again, and because it was ‘Phil Nihilism’ they disabled my account.

I don’t know about you but that is just utter shit! When I signed up to Facebook the real name stipulation wasn’t there. I signed up with the name ‘Flipper Sunk The Boat’ just for a laugh, and changed it a few times since. I couldn’t really stand Facebook anyway and was only there for some family and friends I couldn’t speak to anywhere else on a regular basis. I’ve gradually got really pissed off with the site and what it offers, for instance the limited characters in wall posts and comments, the bland look of the site and the fact Facebook takes your details and gives them away to third parties, as do you when you add Applications to your profile.

So I’m not really arsed about Facebook, I could put my real name back in and gain my account back, but when a site is telling me what my name should be, making the site for the ADD generation and thick people then it’s time for me to leave. Only thing I’m sad about is leaving some people on there. However, this will be a good opportunity to see who will get back in contact with me, I’ve got a feeling only two or three will even bother.

Which just confirms my feelings on making friends on the net and in the real world, don’t bother because  a lot go away in the end when they’ve either had their fill of you or you’ve bored them and thus you’ve served your purpose. Humans are fickle, arrogant and self-serving creatures. Well.. the majority are anyway. And people wonder why I’m so unsociable and unwilling to make friends so easy?

Anyway… fuck Facebook! 

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How To Create A Friends List On WordPress

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 19, 2011

I’ve noticed and heard a lot of people on WordPress, especially those who came over from the old Microsoft Social Network ‘Windows Live Spaces’, say that there is no Friends list on WordPress.

Well today, I’m going to show you how to make your own if you want one!

First of all, you’ll need to following:

(1) You need a ‘Text’ widget, otherwise known as ‘Arbitrary text or HTML’ to display the friends list in. You can get this by clicking Appearance > Widgets on your Dashboard (Home Page) and then dragging and dropping the Text Widget in to a sidebar. ( See below for picture instructions)

(2) The following code is what we’re going to be putting in to the Text widget. 

<a href=”blogaddressgoeshere“><img src=”directlinkcodeforpicturesgoeshere” border=”0″ alt=”blogsnamegoeshere” /></a>

Please note: One Friend per line of code. You will put the blog address, image link and blog name in to corresponding areas I’ve highlighted in red. Obviously you delete the red text and paste in your links and name of the blog in-between the quotation marks. ”  ” <–these are Quotation marks.

(3) If you don’t have Photoshop and you can’t use Windows Paint, you will need a programme to resize your images to make them the size you want for your friend’s list.

Lucky for you I already found one that is easy to use and not large. It’s called: Free Picture Resizer Starter. (You can click the link you wont navigate away from this page, a new window will open). Alternatively you could also use Photobuckt as it has a good photo resizer.

Let’s get started…

Step one: Drag and Drop your Text Widget in to the sidebar (which ever one you choose). Once you’ve done that give it a name like ‘Friends’, ‘Friends List’ or whatever you want to call it. Then press save.

Step Two: Next, copy the code above and paste it in to your Text Widget box. You can post as many codes as you like inside the box, one for each friend. Please note: Because my blog displays quotation marks incorrectly, you will have to delete them and replace them in the Text Widget box after you’ve pasted the code in.

Here’s the difference between them: 

Step Three: Now you have the code and widget, you need to put you web address, picture codes and name of that blog.

First of all, the web address! You can find this at the top left-hand side of the page you want to list as a friend: Here’s an example using mine:

Now you need a picture to represent the friend, make sure it’s something they will like or one they’ve given you. To make all your friends fit in the one sidebar, you will have to use the Free Picture Resizer Starter Programme to shrink your pictures down to:Width: 53px. Height: 75px (px =pixels). Which I think is the perfect size. Of course you could add the pics at any size you want, but, if they’re all odd sizes you’re friends list wont look uniform.

I’ll show you how to use Free Picture Resizer Start.

After installing and updating, the programme will run, just press ‘Open Image’ on the opening screen.

If the box doesn’t open automatically then just press file and ‘Open Picture’ to select an image that way (See below).

Once you have your image you need to go to the resizer on the left hand side of your screen and put in pixel Width and Height (W: 53/H: 75 [make sure you turn off ‘aspect ratio’ before you enter them]). And then press Resize Image to confirm the size change, then click save. You can carry on doing the rest of your pictures this way by pressing ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the programme window.

Once you have all you photos, up load them to Photobucket. Once you have them Uploaded copy the ‘Direct Link code’ and paste it to the part of the code where I wrote “directlinkforpicturesgoeshere”, obviously after deleting what I wrote.

Next, you just write in what you want to be the name of the site where I wrote: “blogsnamegoeshere”. This will show the name of the blog when anyone hovers their mouse over the photo. Like this:

Once you have all the address, direct codes and names for all your friends in the right place, make sure that all the codes are touching, otherwise the pictures wont display properly. Here’s what I mean:

Pic 1 is by itself. Pic 2 are ‘touching’, there should be no gaps. And no, it doesn’t matter if  “Automatically add paragraphs” is ticked up or not.

Once you’ve done the above you can press “Save” on the HTML Widget and go and see how it looks. You should have something that looks like this: 

Obviously I used the same code for all my friends to show you an example, just to save on time, as I’m not creating a friends list of this type yet. Yours will look different as it will have different pictures, but should still display the same way with no white gaps showing.

If you have any trouble with anything here then tell me, I’ll be happy to help! 



HTML scrollbox

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Wikileaks And Why It Matters To You

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 13, 2010

Julian Assange. That’s a name you’ve probably heard and read of over the last two weeks on the TV, Radio and on the net. You’ve maybe heard of it more if you’re a keen media watcher or techie. Maybe this name’s been over shadowed by bigger news recently like the tuition fees protests. So let me enlighten you…

Julian Assange is currently locked up in a cell in Wandsworth Prison awaiting extradition to Sweden where he’s wanted in connection with two alleged rapes. These rape allegations are completely fabricated against Assange. Read the link I posted as it’s important to this blog. Read that account and tell me Julian Assange is guilty of rape. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a typical male and getting his end away – something the feminist he slept with didn’t like. If Assange slept with those two women in the UK then he wouldn’t be in trouble right now, it’s the complexity of the Swedish sex crime system that allows for these two women to take advantage of and to make Assange’s life difficult.

Whether these Women were doing this for revenge, to get famous, milk money out it or are actively working for some U.S. or Swedish security service, I don’t know. But what I do know is the U.S. will take full advantage of Assange being in Sweden where they will try to extradite him, if the rape case fails,  for espionage, which is just pure and utter rubbish as Assange didn’t spy in the U.S. nor did he ask for any of the documents he posted on his Website. They were given to Him.

The Website I’m talking about is Wikileaks, a site that was created by a collection of many different types of Activists, of which Mr. Assange is one. The idea behind Wikileaks is to provide a secure way to submit documents anonymously that need to be in the public domain for the health of our democracy, freedoms and for political transparency. You can visit the main Wikileaks site here. From there you can navigate to everything they’ve ever posted.

Since its inception Wikileaks has released many Documents that Western Government’s, especially the U.S., has found embarrassing and damaging. The U.S. has since tried to paint the website and Assange as reckless for the release of the documents, and also called it dangerous and life threatening to Coalition troops and operatives on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere. However, Assange asked the Pentagon to help Him filter the info, an offer they declined. So Assange and the few large media Organisations he works with omitted certain pieces of information to stop people being harmed.  (A move I’m not too happy about, especially as the media orgs he chose were questionable) To this date the U.S. can not name or has found one person that has been harmed from the release of any of the documents. Furthermore the Pentagon then said in October 2010 the leaks: “did not disclose any sensitive intelligence sources or methods“, and that “there has not been a single case of Afghans needing protection or to be moved because of the leak.”

However, just because no one so far has not been killed or harmed because of the Leaks doesn’t mean someone wont in the future. I read a few of these files and I think Wikileaks and Assange need to edit these names and locations a little better to protect any operatives or soldiers who could be identified/found. But still, it’s possible people will be harmed at some point because of future leaks, and I personally think it’s worth it, if that’s the price of a free media, a healthy democracy and transparent political system that holds Politicians to account.

The United States is currently trying to build a case against Assange and his website Wikileaks, wanting to prosecute him under The 1917 U.S. Espionage Act, an act which supposedly doesn’t cover non-American citizens. However, back in 1983 an East German scientists ‘Alfred Zehe’ was arrested for receiving classified U.S. documents and was charged under the act. His defence tried say his indictment under the act was invalid as he’s not an American citizen – he didn’t succeed. He pleaded guilty and received eight years for spying, he was later let free in a spy swap.

I’m not sure if Zehe would’ve beat the charge with the espionage act if he’d fought longer. The thing here is, could it happen to Assange if he wins his rape trial in Sweden? I’m sure the U.S. is applying the pressure on Sweden to take advantage of the sex laws there and try and get Assange locked up for a few years.  If they fail then the U.S. can use the espionage act, if they prosecuted one foreigner under the act then they would likely use it on Assange.

Which brings me to why it matters to you if Julian Assange goes to Prison and they try or mange to close Wikileaks down.

In the world of today how many media sources are unbiased? How many TV News channels would run a story if the Government said not to? How many News Papers would do the same? The answer is none! A recent example of this is the Gag order placed on The Gurdian News Paper by the Oil/Energy Company Trafigura in 2009 when the Gurdian exposed the Company was Dumping Toxic Waste In West Africa. That’s just one example, and Common Sense prevailed that time because the super gag order was brought up in Parliament. What happens when it’s the Government trying to keep things secret? Who do we turn to publish sensitive documents that we have the right to know about and expose Politicians and their dealings? We know the media wont if they’re told not to, especially if they place a Super Gag Order on the media. Makes you wonder how many other things have been suppressed in the interest of “National Security”?

Wikileaks and Assange are currently the only group and organisation who will actively stand up and do something  for freedom of the press, freedom of information and freedom of speech, all which result in a more informed electorate and a Government that’s more accountable and transparent. That is the biggest problem these days in UK and Western politics, there’s no accountability for the politicians. Not only them but there’s also Business leaders, Financial leaders, Religious leaders, people in local Government and more. You can think of Wikileaks as a anonymous  omplaints or protest box, whenever anyone comes across corruption that wont be taken on by the main stream media because it’s too sensitive to touch, then this complaints Box will put it out there in it’s entirety so it’s available not just to everyone with a net connection but for the media too, who no longer has a Gag order on it or threats from Government if they publish it, because it’s already been published.

No other organisation in the world today is doing what Wikileaks is doing, there’s no one out there who is a direct threat to the Political and Financial establishments. No one dares to, and you know why? Because they fear for their lives, family, business, reputation and freedom! Ask yourself, is that something what a person in a supposedly free country should fear? This is the West, the side that fought Fascism, Nazism and Communism, we were supposed to be the free world! Why are we living in fear of our own Governments and the law? Why is the U.S. threatening to lock Assange up and closing Wikileaks for practicing their inalienable rights? Why lock him up for what the U.S. and the West fought for in World War Two and fought against during the Cold War? Aren’t our freedoms what we define ourselves with and pride ourselves on? Are we not urged to practice them? If this is the case then why has the U.S. and the West come out denouncing Wikileaks and Assange with rubbish and accusations?

The answer is the West has been faltering since before the Cold War ended. During the Cold War the West had to be seen to be the opposite of the Soviet Union and other far left Nations, to keep its reputation as the ‘Free World’. So the West was kept on Its toes. However, the reality below that facade was double dealings, scandals and propping up of dictators who murdered their own people. In short, the West has lost Its way – if it truly had one in the first place and really did and does embody what it stands for – and Wikileaks is the antidote to that! With Wikileaks out there we have the opportunity to make the West truly stand for what it says it does and to truly make our Politicians work for us, the people, instead of business, private, foreign and their own interests. 

The countries with Democratic systems, the one’s who claim to be ‘enlightened’ and free, are slipping more and more in to totalitarianist mindsets and actively cracking down or freedoms, the ones they profess to love and support. They do this because they know they’re not being held to account and that any other party or group working its way up offering change to that system they’ll stop in its tracks, infiltrate it or buy it off. You can see this across the Westernised world with falling voter numbers and increased apathy and utter disillusionment with the Political system. The UK had over a decade of Labour and they’re back at the point they were post 1988! The U.S. is the same and we’ve just picked up the tab for the bad financial and business practices of some multi-millionaires. They don’t really have the right to call their countries free, they should be ‘Semi-Free’ countries, shadows of the true Democracies they’re supposed to be.

Beware of fakes! Even now one of the people that used to work on Wikileaks has set up his own site called OpenLeaks. This site is a compromise to Governments demands, instead of posting everything they’ve been given, bar a few names and locations, they will let anyone post documents to them in a secure way and leave a message of which Media Org they want to use break the story. Assange already did that but also let the people see the unedited files. OpenLeaks will let other media organisations carry the burden of responsibility when they post it. In this way the media will be subject to gagging orders and Government pressure. Which to me is a cop-out, and puts us back at square one again. Read here for a low-down on what OpenLeaks plan to do: Link 

If Wikileaks is closed down and Assange is locked up, the last chance in maybe the next twenty to thirty years to make our Governments accountable and allow freedom of information and of the Media will be gone! The Government and the Internet firms are already cracking down on Net freedom and Net Neutrality, they want to squeeze as much money out of it as possible as well as much freedom as possible. Basically they want to make it like radio and TV, subject to their whims and laws. Anything they don’t like, they can make it disappear. Getting rid of Child Pornography would be a good thing for them to work on, but don’t ever believe that blanket block listing of the net and no neutrality is the best way to get rid of Child Porn, as it is not. If anything it just lets them know they’ve been found out and they easily move on and create a new site. As this Article on Access Blocking shows. In situations like that you can easily delete the site straight away or get to the server and the people running it to solve the problem.

Other than being a typical bloke who wants to get his end away, something Assange went down in my estimation for, as I thought with a man in his position would’ve been more carefull and beyond that. Assange is guilty of nothing but trying to expose our Political leaders and systems for what they are and trying to bring clarity to it as well championing freedom of information, the media and freedom of speech. To let him go to prison and Wikileaks to be closed will be the beginning of the end for freedom of speech, the media and information, for at least the next two to three decades. Because, if they can do it to Assange, then they can do it to anyone. And our transition from a partial democratic free state will come to an end and we’ll enter a full shadow of a democracy where we only have the illusion of freedom, control and choice.

To help this cause sign the petition that Avaaz has started here. I don’t support every cause Avaaz does, but I support this. Once you’ve signed it send it to your friends and family explaining why it’s important. If you’ve read this post, and if you agree with me then you should enlighten as many people as possible about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Don’t let the U.S., Government and media paint him as a Villian and terrorist, as many others have done, and even gone as far as to call for him to be executed. Wikileaks and Assange are being attacked from all sides, including having their site taken off servers and their bank accounts frozen. We have to stand up and support Wikileaks and Julian Aassange, they’re our last hope in an ever shrinking world of freedoms and corrupt politics!

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How To Get A Media Player On Your WordPress Page/Blog

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 2, 2010

My Friend Daf was asking if there was a widget on WordPress that allows for the use of a media player. The answer is a resounding yes! However, it can be a bit fiddily if you don’t know your way around WordPress yet. So I thought I’d do a tutorial for her and anyone else who is new to WP and wants some tunes on their Blog/Site.

First of all, you need a music site that will allow you to choose songs and then give you a code for your ‘Arbitary Text or HTML‘ Widget, officially known as the ‘Text‘ Widget. Lucky for you I know of a good site. Try this: Mixpod. You could choose others but I find this is a good one.

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of the songs on this site [Mixpod] are hosted on Youtube, so sometimes the songs you pick will be removed as some People and Youtube delete their content when they wish. To get around this you could add your own songs to your YouTube page (To do that you have to make your videos Public when you post them) and add them to your Mixpod Playlist.

After you made an account on Mixpod and chosen your songs, you’ll want to get the code for your HTML Widget. Follow the pictures and text:


(1)-> Click the ‘Saved Playlists’ option on the drop down tab. It takes you to your playlists page.


(2)-> Now click the ‘Save Playlist’ to move on to the next step. Also on this page you can change your Player’s colour or skin if you wish to.


(3)-> Press the big Green button saying: “SAVE (Get code)”. On this page you HAVE to give your Playlist a name, a ‘Catagory’ and ‘Genre’ are optional.


(4)-> One this page you just need to press “Click Here”.


(5)-> On this page you will see a code in the center of the page, DO NOT CLICK IT, it is not the code you want. Instead click the button on the bottom of the screen (ringed in red) that says: “? Other SItes”.


(6)-> Keep going untill you find the WordPress Icon, then click it.


(7)-> On this page enter your details and press Post. Don’t worry, your sign-in details are safe!


(8)-> After you pressed the Post button on the last page Mixpod created a new blog on your WordPress site and posted the player there. What you should do now is edit that post and then copy the code within the red line ONLY. Once you’ve copied the code you can delete the blog and go to your Widgets page. (Appearance > Widgets)


(9)-> Now you should select the Text Widget in your ‘Widgets’ area, then drag and drop it in to which sidebar you wish to. PLEASE NOTE: There are Left, Right and Bottom Sidebars (Footer). On the left and Right sidebars – unless you only have a single or wide two coloum layout – your player will not fully display, depending on which skin you’ve chosen. However, people will still be able to hear your music and you will still be able to browse your music. If you have a Footerbar it is the perfect place for your HTML box and the Playlist code. (Not all Themes come with Footer/Sidebars, so select one that does. The ‘Twenty Ten’ Theme has four Footers)


(10)-> Now your HTML Widget is in place you may paste your Mixpod Playlist code in to it and press ‘Save’.


(11)-> This is the finished result, your player should look something like this in your sidebar/Footerbar, depending on which colours and skins you use and which side/bottombar you’re placing it in.

NOTE: If you want any help with this then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

My Player:

(Press the Play button)

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Mondern Capitalism, Consumerism And The Quality Of A Product

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 28, 2009

I aint been around for five or six days, you probably didn’t notice because I’m always disappearing for months on end! haha. I’ve been letting my back rest while the router/modem at our place decided it was faulty. So my back is feeling much better after a rest and now the net is back I can blog a little!

My Vlogging idea hasn’t got off the ground yet because my PC cam’s quality has degraded so much! You want quality you have to pay through the nose for it! It’s obvious these Companies could mass produce a quality camera that will last a long time for a reasonable price. But no, the law of modern Capitalism says otherwise, especially where electronics are concerned. You buy a modern electronic device and it’s out of date in six months, the same can be said for operating systems for Personal Computers too.

When you buy expensive PC Cams they usually degrade or break after two years or so and also will most likely not work on any new Windows or Mac Operating Systems because they don’t support the hardware or software anymore. Yes the manufactures of the cams do updates but eventually they want it to stop working so you go out and buy a new one! So eventually they stop supporting it, this little rule of business applies to Operating Systems too. For example, Windows XP, it’s Microsoft’s best OS for some time and people like it, when Microsoft brought out Windows Vista people’s reactions to the new OS was luke warm at best. So what do Microsoft do?… they stop supporting XP so you’ll have to up-grade to some kind of Vista OS.

I know these companies have to stay in business and want people to buy their new devices and offerings, but not at the expense of the publics pockets. These companies not only want you to buy their goods but are telling you what you want by forcing this stuff on you! I thought market forces decided what we get, not the producers who supply us? We want X, Y and Z but they supply A, B and C because they think it’s what we want, and when we don’t want it they force it on us. In a Computer software industry where there’s only one user-friendly Operating System with the rest a little complicated it leaves you a little strapped for choice so you have to choose what Microsoft offer. The same can be said for the hardware and other electronic devices, they make it built not to last because it’s the nature of the business and make you pay through the nose for it when it aint quality!

You could say it’s the nature of the electronic industry, but I’ve observed the same kind of trend in the clothing, furniture and even housing industries! Clothes for example, you can have the same pants made in the same place, some then have a designer label sewn on them, the others don’t. One person pays £30 quid for a pair with the label on, the other pays £5 quid for a pair with no label on it. They’re both the same article and wear-out at the same time if worn the same amount of times. Another instance, a bed, my grandmother bought a light-weight Iron bed back in 1930s for a good price, maybe earlier, and it lasted ’till 1996! It was her Brother’s while he was at home, then was used for one of her own sons then her grandchildren! How many beds these days last that long? How much furniture at all last over 5 years these days?

The idea of you get what you pay for is very seldom the case these days, nothing is built or made to last because you don’t make more money that way, it would put some businesses out of business and lose profits for some, and God forbid that should happen! Ever since the end of World War Two the principle you get what you pay for has melted away and been replaced by ‘CONSUME! CONSUME! CONSUME!’ of shoddy rubbish under the pretence that it’s quality to increase profits.

So it looks like I’ll be making audio of my blogs instead of videos, I’ll have to put some pictures on there to illustrate what I’m saying. Should be good!

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Windows Live Spacebook

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 15, 2008


I think that just about covers everyone’s feelings on what’s happened on here recently? Their moto should be “Windows Live Spacebook. Fucking things up so you don’t have to!”. A lot of people are really upset with what WLS’s have done, I’ve read the team blog and every comment on there is a negative one! Even one of my blog friends who’s been blogging on here since it practically started is deleting his Live Space after Christmas if they haven’t fix things! WLS’s have messed up pretty bad!

It’s not really about people rejecting change, which is what I’m sure the people at WLS’s are thinking – it’s about functionality and ease! People liked WLS’s because it was EASIER than MySpace, Facebook and all the other social networking sites! It didn’t require a lot of HTML knowledge, changing colours and layouts were simple (btw… MySpace has adopted the WLS’s way of being able to move your modules about! So MySpace were copying Windows Live spaces! And then WLS’s shoots itself in the foot by messing up completely!). Even the Windows Live Spaces home page was easy to navigate! Was easy to up-load photos and rearrange them! But now! I can’t even find myself around the home page!

To be honest I haven’t spent much time on WLS’s, not because it’s bad but because I can’t even view it in Internet Explorer 7! So I got in contact with the WLS’s team and they didn’t solve the problem and they’ve passed me on to someone else… who HASN’T got back to me like they said they would! So I checked if I could sign in with our other PC upstairs, and I could! So there’s something wrong with my browser settings? But how can that be when I rarely touch the browser and in this case I hadn’t touched it for months! I just wasn’t able to access the space since WLS’s did all the changes! I’ve reinstalled IE7, didn’t make a difference, I downloaded IE8 Beta and that didn’t work so now I’m forced to use Firefox, which I hate because it does my eyes in and I can’t do certain things I could do in IE7!

So, I aint got much idea what’s up with my browser, but I will say I’ll stay on WLS’s for the time being because some people like reading my blogs, even if it is a pain to use and navigate. I don’t think things will stay the same for long, if the WLS’s team’s plan to attract more Facebookers with the new changes fails, then I think they’ll be putting things basically back to normal or reinvent it totally. Either way a browser problem or changes wont see me off yet!

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Don’t stop me now….

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 31, 2007

Hello everyone.

I was going to write this blog yesterday to accompany the new pics of the garden and cats I have added to the album, but, what a fiasco it was trying to add the pics, change them about and delete some of the others!

First off I had to down-load a new Active-X control to upload the pictures to WLS’s! I’ve had to do that three times now… why? Before I even did that I had to delete the pic album of the last wanker of the week who appeared there for some reason! Some thing to do with Windows Live Writer! When you publish a blog from WLW with pics in it makes a blog album automatically. What’s the point in that? To delete that it took me fifteen minutes! Then took me another fifteen mins’ to see if the picture I posted in my blog was still there because I didn’t know that if I deleted the blog album then the blog pic would go too? It was so slow it was unbearable… I wanted to put my fist through it… I really did! I’m still not finished with the pictures either, I have to put captions in some… how long that will take I don’t know… maybe I should open a betting pool for how long it will take to make and make some money while I’m waiting?

 WLS’s really does get on my nerves… does it get on yours? How many of you people are having problems with slowness and up-loading pictures, writing blogs and comments? I have problems writing blogs inside my space so I write them in word pad now, I do the same with some comments. On some of my friends spaces I can’t write comments in their comment boxes because it just goes so slow! Chris, yours is the main one mate! LOL. Now people who I’ve had no problems leaving comments with is going the same way, that’s you Pete and Dave. I’m having trouble with nearly all my blogging friends I talk to actually. I know I blog fairly intermittently but these persistent technical hiccups make me not want to bother even more! Do any of you have problems getting in to my site at all? Does it go slow or crash? Because when I view it in “Your Space” mode it does. I’m only still on here for the on-line friends I’ve made, if they weren’t here I’d have packed up and deleted my WLS’s site all together. In fact I may stop writing in my second blog, I can’t keep up with two sites on WLS’s and one on MySpace… it’s too much. I may just leave my second WLS as a back up in case the moral minority feel like doing their bit for slipping standards of the country again. Actually it’s their fault I ended up with two WLS’s sites in the first place!

Anyway, on to the Pictures I posted. The pictures are of the back garden in 2005-06… mostly in early Spring or November. I did have a couple of it this year but I took the pics on my sisters mobile phone and she deleted them! I did take more in Summer but she’s dropped her phone so much the pictures came out all wrong! I know gardening isn’t most mens idea of fun, to me it isn’t, I just like the feeling of accomplishment I get from making, designing and growing things myself. It’s also nice to have something nice to look at when you’ve lived in the middle of a large run-down Northern City all your life too!

There was also the heavy rain earlier this year that killed off a lot of my plants and made the soil waterlogged so seeds wouldn’t grow! The wet weather also helped the resident slimy sods i.e slugs and snails along too! So all in all it aint been a good year for the garden. I hope those of you who enjoy plants and gardening like the pics, er… some are blurred because I’m not handy with a camera! There’s also some pictures of my cats… So feel free to comment on the pics… I know you secretly love gardening, Pete, so go nuts! LOL

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