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Iran’s REAL Secret Weapon!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 2, 2012

Following the endless stream of half-wit Lefty-Cunts, Muslims and Iranians (Just for the record not all of them were but the majority seem to be) who got offended by my ‘Iran’s Secret New Weapon!‘ video, I made a brand-new one to annoy them even further.

The first video was a joke at the expense of the Iranian Leadership, which is the Islamic Clerics, Politicians, Revolutionary Guard and portions of the armed forces (Because they’re so indoctrinated and blind they kill their own people and hate the West without much provocation). Despite writing this, and explaining numerous times in the comment section on YouTube, they carried on with the same crap about the whole west being run by Jews (Which isn’t true and had nothing to do with it), Palestine (Which had nothing to do with it) and assuming I was a Yank and calling me a ‘Mother fucker!’ and ‘Red Neck!’, which also had nothing to do with the video.

The video was in no way an attack on the Iranian people or its history and culture, but they all seemed to think it was. They also seemed to think it was about:

1. The Palestinian Crisis

2. The Uighurs in Western China

3. That I supported war on Iran (Which I don’t)

4. That I endorsed Israel having Nuclear Weapons (Which I don’t)

5. That I support the occupation of Palestinian land (Which I don’t)

6. American Slavery vs. Iranian Slavery (Fucked if I know how that came up!)

They’re just the ones I can remember. What I took away from this though is that the majority of people on YouTube are idiots! Regardless of explaining your position clearly in the notes section or the comment box they just don’t take it in. So I went Full on Troll and made a second one. I hope it brings as much rage to the stupid and brainless as the last one did. Enjoy!

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Did You Hear The News? [Rage Comic]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2011

This Rage Comic epitomises how I feel when I talk to some people!

The seriousness of the world around them seems to be lost within a mind full of trivial banal pop and celebrity culture.

NOTE: The Above Epic Comic Was Not Made By Me.

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Do You Want To Tell David Cameron What You Think Of Him?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 12, 2011

I saw this while looking at my search terms…

Hahaha that made me laugh. My sister keeps saying she wants to tell him what she thinks of him, and I think a lot of people feel the same. So… here is David Cameron’s contact details:


Don’t be afraid, do it! I know I am, and just remember, as long as you don’t advocate violence or killing, then they can’t touch you!

So if you want, post what you’ve said here, if you don’t then it’s all good. I’ll post mine when I have the time to write a well thought out letter. Of course, yours doesn’t have to be like that, could be a line of expletives if you want! haha

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Caption Competition: The Crococunt!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 10, 2011

Some fun I had with Photoshop. originally posted on MySpace on:  28th of Aug 2009
Yes, time for a new game and a change to my usual blog subject! I’ll be posting some pictures now and again (or when I feel like it) and I want you to come up with a funny caption for them. I’ll post a picture and if you want to take part you can copy it and write what you want on it and post it in the blog comment section, simple as that!

Obviously when I say it’s a “Competition” it aint, it’s just a little fun. Don’t expect a reward because I have nothing to give you, except a little fun!

The first picture for the caption comp is a manipulation I made with Photoshop. It’s of the former child star turned Christian nut job ‘Kirk Cameron’ as a Crockocunt, it’s a response to his argument against Evolution by using a photoshoped picture mock-up of a animal called a Crocoduck. I could have written a piece on Evolution in response, but sane arguments aren’t the domain of the extremely dogmatic religious.  

Obviously his Creationist argument is flawed and complete bollocks. The idea of Evolution is more solid than Creationism any day of the week. Listen to that terminal wanker Bill O twittering as if what he says is justified and right, again. This debate has been going since 2007 and I only came across it a few months ago, hence my lateness with the manip.

Here’s my offering:

Crockocunt and son

NOTE: The Crocoduck in this picture is NOT my work. I would never invent such an image to carry such an idea nor would I have or want creative rights over it.

If you can do better please do! I think what I wrote was a little weak. Obviously you don’t have to follow the subject if you don’t want to.

Here’s the plain copy:



Hey all! I have read all your comments and I am OK. I am not on holiday, Jen (lol), but I am busy and preoccupied with some other stuff, so sorry I haven’t replied to you all and I will reply to your comments at some point. Just like to say thanks for your thoughts on the blog topics and I’ll be back posting regular soon.

Untill then take care and talk soon!

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Celebrity Culture Is Fucking Rubbish

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 23, 2011


Some of the stories I’ve seen on the front of these mags amaze me. What amazes me more is the people who will buy such obvious works of fiction and exaggerations. I took time to read a few, and they are utter shit! Lies, unconfirmed stories and shitty pictures of celebrities doing everyday things.

I think people read these types of mags for two reasons:

(1) They literally are halfwits.

(2) They have such boring lives they have to live through someone else’s vicariously.

I wouldn’t really mind but these mags are getting more popular and a sizable chunk of the next generation are going to be  a bunch of celebrity obsessed halfwits who’s only ambition in life is to be pointlessly famous.

I would say people need to pay more attention to their children and spend more time with them and guide them through life to give them self-esteem and thus a grounding in reality. Um, but it isn’t going to happen, these kids are going to grow up as adults and feel like failures because they’re not where they thought they’d be in life. And it’s all due to an unrealistic, distorted media version of life and lazy parents.

The rot is setting in. 

Well, that sums up my feelings on Celebrity worshiping culture Magazines and the type of people who read them. Hope you enjoyed the parody! 

Oh, and for the record, I don’t hate Frankie Boyle. But everyone else in there can get fucked with a rusty knife for all I care.

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Special Relationship? If There Was One Before, It’s Gone Now.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 13, 2011

                                                                           The Falkland Islands Flag

I’ve been watching for a while now and yet again Barack Obama, the United States President, throws his closest, friendliest and most powerful ally in the world, the United Kingdom, under the bus to gain political points with South American States. And no, I am not talking about the southern states of the United States themselves, I mean the States on the Continent of South America. States like Venezuela, who have a corrupt dictator presidente and numerous other corrupt nations that make Washington itself look like a sparkly clean toilet instead of the cesspool of legal corruption it actually is.

What did he do? Well, you must all remember the Falklands War? When the UK fought to free the population of the Falklands from Argentina’s illegal occupation? Well Mr. Obama and his administration signed a  “draft declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” at the General Assembly of the Organisation of American States (OAS), in which South American states want the UK to discuss the sovereignty of the Falklands.

I would have thought, Obama having been in the UK a few weeks ago calling the UK “the U.S.’s most important ally”, which it arguably is, would have had the sense to not sign it. But hey, fuck the Brits, fuck their help, fuck their military and intelligence, we’re making new friends in South America now, ones who take democracy so seriously they stuff the ballot box every time there’s a vote.

Here’s a few facts for Mr. Obama, his administration and the OAS  to ponder…

FACT 1: The Falklands were claimed for Britain before the State of Argentina even existed.

FACT 2: Britain has held the Falklands solidly since 1823 (except for the Falklands War) and claimed it some time before that.

FACT 3: The people who live there want to remain part of and under the protection of the UK. 

FACT 4: Argentina wont accept any kind of UK sovereignty.

I’ve not much liked Obama since he came to power, I just never trusted him, especially when I saw who was backing him. And his repeated slaps in the face to the UK have been very obvious and public!

When he first took power in the U.S. he sent the Bust of Churchill back to the UK.

When he met Gordan Brown in the UK Obama gave him a pile of crap DVDs, while Gordan Brown gave him a pen holder made from the timbers of a anti-slaving ship, which is the sister ship of the one the White House desk is made from.

At the UN Obama snubbed Gordan Brown, forcing him to run through the kitchens to catch him. 

During last years Gulf Oil Spill [2010] the President refered to BP as ‘British petroleum’, repeatedly, deflecting blame from himself and on to Britain itself. 

Earlier this year Obama gave away the UK’s Nuclear secrets without the UK knowing. This was so Russia would sign a Nuclear treaty.

Read here for even more snubs by the Obama administration.

With friends like that, who needs enemies? This episode assures me of two things: (i) Barak Obama doesn’t care one bit for the UK. (ii) Barack Obama is just another U.S. politician who will throw the UK under the bus if it benefits him.

It seems Mr. Obama doesn’t like the British very much. Some people suggest it is because his grandfather was tortured by the British in Kenya. If that is the case then Obama should remember that the U.S. had killed and tortured countless people all over the world since the end of WWII. Though he probably thinks that doesn’t apply to him because he didn’t do it, which is right. Well… the same applies with the UK.

However, this doesn’t matter, Obama and his administration are alienating their oldest ally, and for what? It just seems like cheap points with countries who have a less than clean reputation when it comes to Human rights violations (As if the U.S. could talk on that anyway). The UK isn’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight more democratic, friendly and loyal than the obvious corrupt regimes of South America and the Middle-East.

Oh, and you know what’s even more sad than Obama’s actions? The replies the UK government gives to such obvious slaps in the face. They’re so sad I’m not going to post them, so I will just say the UK Government needs to grow a spine on the international front as well as the domestic front. There’s not much chance of that and with our armed forces cut and currently still in Afghanistan and Libya, the UK Government will most likely do nothing and discuss the Falklands with Argentina.

The balance of power in the world is truly turning if the U.S. president sides with South America and one of it’s top generals talks of no future for NATO.

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Constupro Aeternus Eternus (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 25, 2011

I’d like to think this picture said more than a whole rambling post could, but I doubt it very much.

I wont tell you what it says because it’ll spoil the fun for you finding out what it says. Here’s a tip, translate each word by itself (They’re Latin by the way). Actually, tell me if I got the translation wrong!

I’m going to work on this and maybe make a few others.

The Original:

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What Chance Do I Have?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 28, 2011

I received a letter from the Open University this week, about the course I applied for. I decided to expand my horizons a little and gain some solid foundations in which to maybe build a future career out of. The course I chose is Politics, Philosophy and Economics, known in academic circles as PPE. It seems the right choice as I have an interest in Politics and the world that surrounds it. Notable people with the degree include the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, Ed Balls, Ed Miliband and a significant others in Parliament and outside of it.

They Open University has agreed to pay my fees for me, and all I have to do now is sign the papers and send them back and I start my study in May. It’s a three-year course, just like for anyone else who’d be studying it, except I’m doing it from home, in an extended form as I was late getting my application in for the January start date. I am going to do it, health permitting, and get to the end of it.

What’s bothering me though is the same thing that’s bothered me before, what chance do I really have of changing things for the better with this Degree behind me? I’ve always known trying to gain a foot on the Political ladder would be almost impossible, especially seeing the back ground I come from, the fickle nature of the electorate and utter corruption and Party Political games in local and national Government.

I don’t have the luxury of connections like the PPE degree holders from Oxford and Cambridge do, to get myself a job. The electorate is so blinded by hollow fake promises, image, outright lies, unwillingness to accept reality and such ideological adherence that I have little chance of even being voted in to local Government.  Corruption in Politics is so wide-spread, fostered and allowed to happen, that it’s seen as normal and “The way it is”. When I say that, I don’t mean your traditional idea of corruption, this corruption is sanctioned and accepted as part and parcel of the system. The expenses system was only the tip of the Iceberg of that legal corruption, it goes on beyond that and still continues now, you just don’t see it, and politicians don’t mention it because they don’t want to draw even more attention to themselves and their dealings. In fact they probably think there’s nothing wrong with it, just like they did with the expenses system. There’s also the fact I couldn’t work with any of the established Parties at any end of the Political spectrum, especially the main three, I can not operate under those conditions, I can’t, no!… I wont willingly support bills and amendments I don’t believe in or that are not in the interests of my constituents or the population as a whole, just because the Party Whip and Cabinet say so. I wont sit in interviews on TV or in an MP surgery and defend actions by Party, Government or individual MP’s within that Party who’ve proposed, done or said something I disagree with.

If that wasn’t enough to put me off even trying to enter the world of Politics, I was watching a TV programme today presented by Andrew Neil. It was called: Posh and Posher: Why Do Public School Boys Run Britain. The previous link takes you to the BBC website where you can watch it. This link takes you to the written run down of the show.

It was this little piece, which I have to say made my heart sink:

That man is just like me, and he’s been excluded from the internal Labour ballot, in favour for someone else, who lives outside the area he’s supposed to represent.

Now, how often do we see and hear about that? How many Politicians in recent years have come from privileged backgrounds? MP’s who don’t know what it’s actually like to scrape by on the bottom, or near the middle? They don’t have a clue, Cameron doesn’t have a clue, his whole front bench don’t have a clue, most of the people in Parliament don’t have a clue. And if they don’t have a clue… how can they represent the people?

In the programme I linked to above, Andrew Neil makes a very valid point, State Schools can’t compete with Public/Private schools (They’re the same thing). Since the removal of Grammar Schools and the Eleven Plus, social mobility is suffering, the many gifted and intelligent undeveloped poor and Working class people in this country, not just in the Political sphere, but in the Economic, business and any other high paying areas of the job market, are missing out on good jobs because of their background.

I know the eleven plus was unfair, I know of a few people who were bright but passed over because they failed their eleven plus. However, that still doesn’t mean selecting the brightest children and sending them to a Grammar school or something similar is wrong. With a less strict system, and more room for variation, we could have a similar scheme set up again and try to bring about a better Meritocracy than the old system fostered. Look at private schooling anyway, you only get what you pay for, not everyone comes out of there with top marks, I’m sure the tutors mark a few papers with extra ticks. Not everyone from public/private school are as intelligent as British society and the public schools themselves would make them out to be. While  on the subject of education I see no reason why people who aren’t as bright as others can not go to a Vocational High School where they continue to learn about the three R’s and also learn numerous skilled trades, after all, that is what the UK is currently missing. The State has focused entirely on getting as a many people in to a one size fits all education system which then wants to push them on to University, thus leaving us with a skilled worker shortage. This, in my opinion, was what was missing from the Tripartite System in the past. We had Grammar schools for the brightest and a bog standard secondary school for everyone else, where was the vocational training? Of course it was left to the employers,  or the Unions, which was an area where they had some power, I think that may be why the Secondary Technical Schools never came about fully. All the above flies in the face of a Egalitarian system, but this isn’t an issue of fairness and equality, people have different abilities, and they need to be harnessed to their full potential. We’re just not doing that with bog standard state schools and then pushing as many of them off to University as possible.

I digress, but the above is important to my post. With such an exclusive system, how am I or anyone else from my background going to get ahead? It’s the year 2011 and our country is being governed by privileged public school boys, the Politicians can say all they like it’s not about where you’re from but about what you do, it still doesn’t change the fact a minority of wealthy people in this country have the top places in Government, Economics and the Judiciary. So with University tuitions fees going to rise, a state education system that’s lacking as regards to producing and elevating the best and brightest to the top, it looks like the future of British Political leadership, as well as other areas, will remain in the hands and be the profession of the rich and privileged. And leaves me, and many others asking the question: What Chance Do I have?

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Peaceful Tuituon Fees Protests Overshadowed By Idiots

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 9, 2010

                                                            Idiot Changes The World By Writing ‘Revolution’ On A Wall

If you’ve been watching the News today you no doubt would’ve seen the student protests against the rise in tuition fees. Now, I’m not here to debate for or against the fees at the moment, I’m here to point at the pointless little wankers who have been battling with Police the past few weeks.

It’s important to note that these people are a minority and don’t represent the main body of protesters who are legitimately, and peacefully, protesting down in Westminster and elsewhere.

It’s obvious these people have no idea what Anarchism is really about! It’s also obvious these little tit-heads are nothing but late teens early twenties alternative types that are drawn to the Anarachist Ideology because it’s ultra left, can be violent and talks of revoultion. All these things appeal to frustrated teens/early twenty year-olds with little or no emotional intelligence. They’re just looking for an outlet for their hormonal mood swings and under developed brains that haven’t yet learned to cope with the unfairness of society.

They’re looking for and crave acceptance while staying out of the main popular groups, so they don’t feel isolated and shunned. This way they’re part of something ‘bigger’ while still being ‘alternative’. They like the idea of a system that advocates not being told what to do because that’s all that Mam, Dad and the Teachers have done to them all their life. And that was just, like… SO unfair Man! So Anarachism and Communism are just right for them.

The fact these little pricks stand there and throw wobblers in front of the Police and even hurt them belies their lack of maturity. They’re just like the drunks on a Weekend who go looking for a fight to make themselves feel like a big man to boost their self-esteem. These people are nothing but post-pubesants coming to terms with their bodies and an unfair world. So they act out their frustration in a hormonal fuled anger at the Police who are the nearest form of Authority.

I doubt these people have any geuine desire to protest about tuition fees. They’re there to make a mess, cause trouble and to play the revolutionary. Why? Because they’re too immature to protest the right way. Yes, there is a time and place for violence during a protest, there is call for it some times in society, but right now with the current situation the way it is? No! There’s no call for it, at all!

Tell you what you bunch of ‘revolutionaries’, why not go off to a African dictatorship and fight the power there? Try it on there big men. Let’s face it, those people are in more trouble than the people of the UK are, they don’t even have schools or Universites in some cases. So get your arse’s out there and fight! Nah, you wont though, will you? Because your take on Anarchism (which is wrong by the way. Anarchism isnt all about fighting Authority and smashing things) wouldn’t go down well there would it, you’d be shot on site or left to die in Jail.

You’re nothing but childish little wannabes spoiling a legitimate protest movement. Fighting and harming Police doesn’t help the cause you’re supposedly fighting for, it damages it, but you don’t give a fuck about that – do you? As long as you can live your five minutes of revolutionism before you eventually work for the powers that be and create hypocrites of yourselves, then anything goes, eh?

You pointless little poser Twats!

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Goodbye Sweden

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 8, 2010

This really is disgusting and sad, it makes my heart sink! It really makes me so fucking angry! How is common sense to prevail when our own elected officials support and allow this under the misguided notion that Islam is a religion of peace and fits nicely in to a Western System!

Some person in the comments said “Is Nationalism the only solution to Islam?” or something along those lines. They’re just as bad! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called Islamophobic and Racist!

It seems like no amount of bitching from us with our posters and arguments will change the Muslim’s minds or the Politicians! What the fuck are we supposed to do?

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