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The ‘Small’ Things In Life

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 27, 2019

As I mentioned in my last blog I like the natural world and the little critters that are in it. From a young age I’ve always been fascinated with the little critters and loved seeing them.

Growing up in massive Northern English sprawling concrete estate, with not much green space, I delighted in little critters or other natural world occurrences. I remember seeing Aphids on a Dock plant with black Ants milking them for ‘due’ and marvelling at them! I also remember waking up to Starlings singing, they lived at the top of the Maisonettes in the rotten fascia boards, I don’t hear that much anymore around where I live, though I do hear a lot more song birds since the maisonettes were bulldozed away and new modern housing was built with gardens.

However I’m going of course a bit, this was meant to be about the little critters! When I’ve been fortunate enough to get out and about gardening and just generally enjoying the outdoors I took some pictures! I just want to share these because they make me happy, it’s as simple as that! Seeing these, birds and a nice green space just makes me happy, and so I’m going to share, just cos I can!


First off, a Bumble-Bee! Picture’s not that great, but Bumble’s always make me smile! One was flying outside window the other day, and I live pretty high up!


A Millipede! Yeh I know, too many legs… but not everything can be cute! These are so interesting in their own right! They were some of the first creatures on land 443MYA – and they’re still here! Albeit they’re not as big as a Human these days.


A great big stonking Wasp! I think this was a Queen I disturbed a bit early while tidying the garden up for Spring. She wasn’t happy!


A Masonry Bee! This little Gal was busy living up to her name by flying in and out of gaps in the Masonry laying her eggs for next year. If you find them in your wall, don’t worry, they’re not hostile and don’t swarm.


Another Bumble-Bee… just cos! It was pollinating my Raspberry plant!


Another Bumble! I know… But I’m not sure what type this was. Had a red back but white tail? Anyway, I felt it looked good amongst the Buttercups and Clovers.


I think this was some kind of Damselfly. Couldn’t be sure as it kept moving the closer I got. I can only assume it didn’t want to be mugged, given where it was!


A Giant House spider, the kind that get trapped in your bath in September! He was a big mofo, though I’ve seen bigger!


Keeping with eight legs, although this isn’t a Spider but is closely related to them, it’s a ‘Harvestman’, which is actually an Opilione.


Coming back to Bees once again, I think the one above is a Bumble-Bee, but I was never able to identify which type. It was all black and looked like a huge fly till I noticed the pollen sacks on its legs. If you know what type it is then let me know.


One last Bee… I swear! This is obviously a Honey Bee, which I see less and less of these days. I caught this one having a rest on a headstone on a particularly muggy day at the Cemetery.


A Green Bottle! A bit boring and more of a pest, but I thought it looked more ‘garden friendly’ sitting on a flower, rather than that something else they enjoy so much.


I know I said one last bee, but this is the final one! Red-Tailed bumble!


A Hover Fly. Not got a clue which type, but thought it was worthy of a picture.


I think this is a ‘Leaf Cutter Bee’, resting of course! I know I said no more, but he needed to be included because of his obvious cuteness and general awesomeness!


A Red Admiral Butterfly (I think it is anyway). It wouldn’t sit still for me to take a picture, but they seem more than willing to sit still and let Cats catch them.


Another Butterfly, can’t tell what type, because like the other it wouldn’t sit still!

If Moths are your Cryptonite then don’t read on… the last few are months!


A Day Moth (possibly ‘Burnet’?), being slightly up-staged by a Red Cardinal Beetle!


I just thought this looked nice with the glass and backdrop! It was probably dead 15 mins after this pic was taken, it was roasting that day and was stuck in a stairwell.


Another Moth, also stuck on the stair-well, but a bit more brighter this time. I think this was a day Moth too, though not sure what type.

Shield Bug 2018

This one’s a bit blurred, but you can still make out the colours and features. It’s a Shield Bug I found on my kitchen wall. I think this one is the native Common Green Shield Bug (correct me if I’m wrong). The markings on it’s back look like a face with fangs.

Garden spider 2018

I love the colours on this garden spider. I was clearing a corner out last year and this guy came tumbling out of the leaves.

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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 14, 2019

gardenwatch-logo-largeIf you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy some green space and the critters that come with it – especially if you live in an urban jungle.

Though what critters are actually out there, and what are they living in/on – and where? It’s known that the gardens of the UK collectively are the size of Suffolk when combined, but not what inhibits them and what resources are out there and what is taking advantage of them, especially as more countryside and natural habitat is being lost to human development.

This is why the BBC, The British Trust for Ornithology and the Open University are running their biggest ‘Citizen Science‘ project ever – Gardenwatch!

They’re basically asking you to take a few minutes to fill in the online form to tell them about what animals and plants are in this vast resource. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a garden, you could have a communal garden, a balcony, hanging baskets or be in a local park. What matters is that you record what you can and post, it’s as simple as that.

There are 4 missions (the following text is from the BBC website and I don’t claim to have written it or own it):

The Gardenwatch Missions


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Death And The ‘Afterlife’?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 15, 2011

First off, sorry if this is a bit morbid, if you don’t want to comment on this blog because it upsets you or it just isn’t a topic of interest, then sit this one out.

I find myself thinking about death and the afterlife a lot seeing as I’m an Obsessive Thinker and ruminater caused by OCD. But I don’t think I’m alone in thinking about this subject, you don’t need to be deep thinker or have OCD to think about Death and what may or may not lie beyond it.

When I think of death it brings a feeling sadness, darkness and images of a road on a rainy night with the street lights shining while the fine rain is blown by the wind as it falls past the lamp light at different angles. Graveyards are an obvious one, I dislike them a lot, it reminds me of the inevitable fate we, and indeed, everything else that lives faces in the end. 

It so sad to me that everything we are, all our memories, experiences talents and basically everything else is snuffed out forever when we die. I can’t really describe it properly but the majority of the time it leaves me feeling very Nihilistic and that nothing we do will ever matter in the grand scheme of the Universe. I know the fact we’re all going to josh-it one day doesn’t mean we can’t live for today, but that sense of Nihilism, at that point, is so overwhelming that nothing does matter, it makes you not what to do anything. Everything just shrinks in to insignificance. And then you come back to ‘normality’ and it sort of annoys me that as well as not existing at all I’m going to miss so much after I die! So many wonderous things, the bad things I can miss, but there’s going to be so much change, inventions and discoveries I’m going to miss!

My question to you on this subject is, what do you think of Death? Are you worried about it? Does it bother you that one day your family members will die by before you? Does it bother you that you’ll leave people behind and that you’ll never be awake ever again? Oh, that’s assuming there is no afterlife! Now, I’m not going to say there is an after life or there isn’t… but… my gut feeling is there is nothing once you’re lights go out. That’s it, you’re done. I mean, I hope I’m completely wrong, but to me it seems obvious. That disclaimer out-of-the-way let me continue, so… will it bother you that you’ll be missing out on so much after you die? Not just the good things but the good times you could’ve had with family and friends? On the flip side, do you believe in an afterlife? If so, what makes you think it exists and what evidence is there to support that?

Ghosts! Do you believe in Ghosts? Have you ever had an encounter with one?

My opinion on Ghosts is just because I can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that something isn’t there, especially when so many others have supposedly seen or felt these things.

I have family members who’ve seen Ghosts! My Gran is the main one, she’s told me a few stories. One of the main ones she told me about was when she and her co-worker where working at a local pub that they didn’t know was haunted and saw the ex-landlord who hung himself. They were cleaning one evening (or morning) when they both saw the same Ghost… her co-worker was so scared her hair went white and she refused to go back to the pub ever again.

Apparently my Gran’s mother was a ‘Medium’, she had also seen Ghosts.

Another family member of mine had seen her Grand Father, whom she’d never met and only knew from pictures, in the door way of the living room. I was in the house at the time and heard her go hysterical. At first I thought she was laughing but she was crying. The same family member saw my aforementioned Grandmother twice since she died a few years back.

Now, I know these family members well, do they have reason to lie? No, they don’t, I don’t think they would say such things just to attention seek. Do I believe what they say they see? Well, I’m a skeptic, I can’t believe something without facts, evidence or a solid explanation as to why or what they say they’ve seen is actually there. Being exposed to high ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) can make some people feel or even see things that are not there. So, some family memebrs of mine may be predisposed to seeing things if they’re ever exposed to high EMFs. I’m more inclined to believe this because it has a basis in reality and can actually be replicated in the lab. These lab results show that all people can experience that ghostly feeling if the EMF is turned up high enough, it’s just some people have more of a sensitivity to EMFs, and these are the people who see or feel Ghosts where EMFs are to high for them.

You don’t always have to be exposed to EMFs to see things. The Human brain is also programmed to find faces and form in everything, which is why we see form everywhere (You see the Hitler house in the news lately?). Imagine going from a  light room in to a dimly lit or dark room and your eyes adjust, you brain will struggle to make sense and find out what and where everything is, and with the light that was just in your eyes fading away your brain makes pictures and faces, if you’re that way inclined think that, which you would if you were scared of the dark or believe in Ghosts. If you didn’t and wanted to see a light switch on a near by wall you’d reach for it and fall over because the wall you imagined wasn’t actually there.

Myself personally, I haven’t seen or heard anything! Family members on the other hand hear something everyday! Every creek, thump, breeze, unexplained electrical appliance cutting out, flickering light, dark shadow from the corner of their eyes, things going missing and door shutting (when there’s an obvious explanation for it) is a Ghost of a family member. When I hear the above I don’t think Ghost, sometimes it doesn’t register at all, unless I’m in bed, in which case I’ll know what it is. It’ll either be people up, floorboards popping back in to place, a window open, door being shut too fast, cats messing about or heating coming on. If it is none of them and I know people are in bed then I will think: “Someone’s broken in!”

However, even if I did see something, I wouldn’t put it straight down to a super natural force, as I explained above, I could be in a high EMF area, really tired, my eyes receiving signals from my brain when adjusting to light/dark  (playing tricks) or I’m under the influence of some chemical.

The above is my take on it, I want to hear your take though, if you believe otherwise then tell me your stories, I’d love to hear them! However, I may try to dispute what you saw by offering up explanations, but I wont really baulk at you… much! lol

Hope all are doing well and have a great weekend!

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The Universe (Updated)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 16, 2011

While on the toilet a few weeks back, yes I know, of all the place, right? Well, I do/did a lot of my thinking and reading on the toilet because I was in there for so long with my illness (Ulcerative Colitis).

Anyway, enough toilet talk, while I was on there I started pondering about the Universe. My thought was a simple one: Is all the matter that will ever be in the Universe in it right now? Is there no more matter being pumped or being created in/to the Universe as it expands? Or is space one long expanding thing with everything already included?


From the video, if you didn’t watch it, apparently hypothetical ‘dark’ energy is welling up from the vacuum of space. This welling up of energy is what caused the creation of the Universe. Not only did it do that, though local regions are drawing more together because of their increased mass that creates stronger gravity as they collect, space itself is being forced apart at an ever-increasing speed because of this dark energy that’s welling up. 

So before the Universe came to be this energy already existed? And it was this energy that caused matter to be created and expand, if that is the case then this energy is also matter, right? This sort of begs the question… are matter and energy the same thing or different? From what I’ve read they are sort of the same thing. Different pieces of energy, electrons, protons, and neutrons, fuse together to create Atoms, which in turn gives mass and creates matter.

Apparently this dark energy is still coming in the Universe and pushing it apart, but doesn’t seem to have mass or be matter?… well, not in the conventional sense I don’t think! If it was like normal matter that would mean matter is still being created in the Universe, but it isn’t, its invisible and just theorised to be there. Does this dark energy even constitute matter?


There was no dark energy at the beginning of the Universe, but now it accounts for 72% of it? Where did all the dark matter go? Will we have nothing left in the Universe in a few trillion years time? Just an ever-expanding void full of Dark energy?

With the Universe pulling away all atoms that make up the matter we know will be slowly pulled so far apart and broken down in to their constituent components that there will be no other matter in the Universe to make anything.

So, to answer my question, I aint got much of a clue! It’s all hypothetical and not a solid theory unless we can get a look at this Dark energy and where it’s generated from. 

I think this blog has come across the wrong way, I’m not actually saying I know what I’m talking about, because I’m not sure! I was just working through the question with the info I have read. If I got anything wrong then please correct me. Anyone is welcome to comment!

Another thought I had long ago, and I know countless others have to, is: If the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding in to?

I’m sure there’s another blog for that, but not today! So here’s another video instead:

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Genetic Manipulation And Human Evolution

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 2, 2011

I watched Horizan: Are We Still Evolving? on BBC Two last night and I have to say, I found it interesting and was a little shocked at the fact modern-day geneticists at the LA Fertility Institutes are screening embryos for genetic diseases and sex for the ultimate, and actual, aim of IVF transplantation. I’m not shocked because I’m against it, because I think with strict regulation it could save and improve the Human Race. I was shocked because these geneticists are allowed to do it, I always thought any manipulation of the Human embryo was banned beyond a certain stage and could not be transplanted in to a Human Womb.

Have a look at this:

With the advent of modern medicines that weaken the Human race because it removes natural selection and the constant battle going on between us and our only efficient and natural predator left, microbial life forms, I think genetic Manipulation of future generations would be a good thing. But only if the technology was safe to use and regulated so Humanity wouldn’t breed a genetic underclass or start adding all kinds of animal adaptions that are foreign to our active genetic code. I believe, if we start doing that we cease being the Human race and become something entirely different. But improving our genetics, so we have a stronger, healthier and more intelligent Human species can only be a good thing. How could it possibly be a bad thing?

I don’t think it is, because we’re currently at a disadvantage against some genetic diseases and especially with microbial life!  Microbial  life has an infinitely shorter life span than that of a Human’s and thus breeds new, stronger generations faster and that are resistant to our drugs, medicines and most of our immune systems. In the past, this wouldn’t have been a problem as these microbes wouldn’t have developed a resistance to drugs and cleaning fluids because they didn’t  exist and only our immune system would have dealt with it. Yes, people would die, but that is the way natural selection works, if you haven’t got what it takes to survive then you die. That’s the natural way, a way that is and wont be accepted in modern-day society. So it’s only a matter of time before Genetic Manipulation of Human embryos is accepted as the norm, if indeed Humans survive that long. 

Having said that, I think Genetic Manipulation may only have to be done every 200 years or so? If you think about it, if a population of Humans genetically manipulate all their offspring to be resistant to genetic diseases, microbials and to have perfect immune systems, then future generations of that population will still be strong for a long while. Obviously, over time genetic mutations will naturally occur and weaken the community, so a strengthening of the community could be carried out every 200 years or whenever it is needed. Would that be acceptable? Would you support such a scheme? If not, then why not?

What I also found interesting in the programme was that the Human race has in fact been evolving over the last 2000 years! I thought we pretty much stopped because we could adapt to all environments with inventions and see off all predators. Apparently Humans have developed the ability to produce lactase, which is the enzyme in your small intestine that breaks down the lactose in milk. In the past Humans only had this ability when they were children, and after they were weaned they lost this function. Populations in North and North Western Europe and parts of the Middle East developed this adaptation over the last 2000 years where pastoral grazing of captive animals took place. Where as other populations in parts of the world, especially in South East Asia, have not, as they never consumed Milk from other animals untill fairly recently.

There’s also the amazing people of the Himalayas who have adapted to living in the high altitudes where oxygen is only 60% what it is at sea level and higher up the mountains there is even less oxygen. These people exist and live where normal populations from lower altitudes would die or be sick.

I find it utterly fascinating and an example of evolution in progress, right in front of our eyes. And I hope, this means our evolution is not over yet.. We may have the technology to manipulate our genetic code but that doesn’t mean we wont ever be susceptible to the natural world around us ever again, because we will at some point. I just hope that Humanity progresses forward and doesn’t just limit  Its evolutionary adaptions to environment only. I hope we go on to become more intelligent and maybe control that violent nature we have that threatens to destroy us, so we can create a Human race that survives in to the future, even if that Race evolves beyond the point of not being Human anymore.

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Woodlouse Want’s Some Tongue?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 20, 2010

While I’m currently in the process of deleting my MySpace blogs owning to the fact MySpace has just done a Windows Live Spaces and forced a load of crap changes on the site, I’m posting up some of my blogs that I never posted on WLS . I’ll post my ‘My MySpace Retro Blogs’ once a week untill I run out of them. Here’s an interesting one… (originally posted on 30th June 2010)… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Some times nature can be cruel, funny, beautiful and also completely disgusting and fascinating. I love the way natural selection forces creatures to adapt.

I came across this strange but intriguing animal while looking for another strange animal called the “Candiru” a fish in South Central America that swims up the gills of Fish, following the scent of Urea, and drinks their blood, and has also been known to do it to and make itself at home in the Human Urethra!

I noticed in the list of parasites this strange little thing:

I don’t know about you but that just looks Sci-fi! Apparently Cymothoa Exigua (The Tongue-Eating Louse) is a sea dwelling crustacean that’s somewhat related to the humble woodlouse in your Garden. Like the Candiru fish, it makes it’s way in to the Fish’s body via the Gills and then clamps itself down on the Fish’s tongue and begins to suck the blood out of it with it’s two front hollow claws.

It stays there untill the tongue has been completely drained of blood and dies. Once the tongue has gone the Louse then attaches itself to the remainder of the fish’s tongue, nothing but a stub at this point, and then becomes the Fish’s tongue. The Louse survives by helping move food down the Fish’s throat, as it does this it eats some of the food itself and subsists on that.

It’s the only known parasitic creature to destroy and then replace the host’s original organ. No need to worry, the Tongue-eating Louse only feeds on the Red Snapper (a Fish) and isn’t considered dangerous to Humans. It usually lives around the coast of California but one was found in a Fish in UK waters, but was assumed to have traveled with the fish.

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