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Caption Competition: The Crococunt!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 10, 2011

Some fun I had with Photoshop. originally posted on MySpace on:  28th of Aug 2009
Yes, time for a new game and a change to my usual blog subject! I’ll be posting some pictures now and again (or when I feel like it) and I want you to come up with a funny caption for them. I’ll post a picture and if you want to take part you can copy it and write what you want on it and post it in the blog comment section, simple as that!

Obviously when I say it’s a “Competition” it aint, it’s just a little fun. Don’t expect a reward because I have nothing to give you, except a little fun!

The first picture for the caption comp is a manipulation I made with Photoshop. It’s of the former child star turned Christian nut job ‘Kirk Cameron’ as a Crockocunt, it’s a response to his argument against Evolution by using a photoshoped picture mock-up of a animal called a Crocoduck. I could have written a piece on Evolution in response, but sane arguments aren’t the domain of the extremely dogmatic religious.  

Obviously his Creationist argument is flawed and complete bollocks. The idea of Evolution is more solid than Creationism any day of the week. Listen to that terminal wanker Bill O twittering as if what he says is justified and right, again. This debate has been going since 2007 and I only came across it a few months ago, hence my lateness with the manip.

Here’s my offering:

Crockocunt and son

NOTE: The Crocoduck in this picture is NOT my work. I would never invent such an image to carry such an idea nor would I have or want creative rights over it.

If you can do better please do! I think what I wrote was a little weak. Obviously you don’t have to follow the subject if you don’t want to.

Here’s the plain copy:



Hey all! I have read all your comments and I am OK. I am not on holiday, Jen (lol), but I am busy and preoccupied with some other stuff, so sorry I haven’t replied to you all and I will reply to your comments at some point. Just like to say thanks for your thoughts on the blog topics and I’ll be back posting regular soon.

Untill then take care and talk soon!

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Nowt Like a Bit Of Hypocrisy, Eh?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 19, 2011

                                                     Apparently Bin-Laden loved ‘In The Night Garden’.

Osama Bin-Laden was killed! Well, I believe he is, though some people think he isn’t dead or it was all faked as part of the 9/11 conspiracy, which is just rubbish. Then again, the idea 9/11 and the whole Bin-Laden search and stuff could’ve been invented isn’t impossible to achieve. Though I don’t believe that is the case.

Anyway, some thoughts came to me when I saw the media and U.S. reaction to his death, the same thoughts I had when there’s a 9/11 remembrance. People talk of: “Justice being done!” and “An evil man who murdered 1000s has now been killed!” And this makes me think of what our own nations (in the West) have done to the developing world. We’ve bombed them, we support Israel and other regimes who regularly kill their own people, because it benefits us in some way, while still spouting “We stand for freedom, democracy and justice”. Isn’t that just a little bit hypocritical?

When Bin-Landen kills 100s it’s not right?, But when our military machine blows the fuck out of Iraq, gives millions (the U.S. gives Billions) in military aid to governments that repress and kill their own people, then it’s all good?

I’m trying to say the West, UK, Europe, U.S. Canada etc are not as innocent as they would have you believe and have huge double standards when it comes to morals and what they stand for. Oh, and so does the rest of the world.

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Republican Jesus Says (# 2)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 18, 2011


That Jesus, eh? Wadda guy!

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It’s Da End Ov Da Wurld… Init! (UPDATED)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 19, 2011

First of all, how great is this picture? Looks a little like Freddy Krueger crossed with Venom from Spider-Man! It is now my desktop background, yes… it’s that great! I have no idea who made it if anyone’s planning to ask. Just thought I’d share it!

With all the “It’s the end of the world!” talk recently, I thought I’d share a end of the world prediction from history.

This is a funny one and testament to how stupid and gullible Humans can be!

The Millerites were a U.S. Christian sect who formed around William Miller‘s prediction that Jesus would return to Earth on the 22nd of October in the year 1843. Miller predicted this using the book of Daniel and the Day-Year Principle of prophecy (That basically means a day mentioned in the Bible is a full Year on Earth).

Millier managed to gain 50,000 followers at the peak of his prophesying. Most of those followers believed in him so much that they sold all their belongings! Some tried to be a little more crafty, one lady tied her trunk to her so that when she ascended to heaven the trunk would have to follow! I don’t know about you but I know Jesus wouldn’t be having any of that!

Another interesting story is the man who tied Turkey wings to his shoulders in preparation to for his ascent to heaven. He sat in a tree and waited untill it was time and jumped out of the tree expecting to go up to heaven. He had no such luck, he fell down and broke his arm!

Other equally stupid people held on to umbrellas to help them ascend in to heaven!

One Man had given his farm and home to his son, who was a non-believer, and when nothing happened on the day Jesus was supposed to come to Earth, he went back home and his son wouldn’t give the farm back!

When the day in which Jesus was supposed to come back to Earth had passed, all the people went home, apart from the bloke who broke his arm and the bloke who gave his farm away, one went to the hospital and the other to the local mission, I should imagine!

Of course, Mr. Miller was somewhat disliked for his wrong predictions. However, in a fit of depression he suddenly realised he was calculating using the Christian year and not the Jewish year. So he came back with a new set of numbers, which said the world would end on 22nd of March 1844. It never happened! Miller died five years later, disliked more than a Jew at a Neo-Nazi rally.

Ah well, at least he admitted he was wrong before he died, how many people in his line of work do that?

                                                                                           William Miller

People are still at it lol:

I Smell another William Miller on the way! Though I can’t see them calling it Camperism or his followers Camerites after Mr.Harold Camping LOL! How is this guy still in business?

Anyway, note it in ya diaries folks, 22nd of May 2011!

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Where’s Your Spine and Fairness England?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 3, 2010

I was reading my local news Paper over the weekend, it isn’t something I normally do because every time I read it I wind myself up with the general crap and problems in there I can’t do much about. I decided I’d take a chance on it this time as the alternative of boredom wasn’t an option. While making my way through the usual promises of regeneration from Local Government, crime articles and Hazel ‘Squirrel Nutkins’ Blears smiling like a cock-end I came across this interesting story: Atheist who mocked Jesus and the Pope hit with Asbo. Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, shouldn’t all religion be banned and all those people that try to push their religion whether it be by attempted direct conversion, leaflets or notes have an ASBO smacked on them too as well as prison time?

Mr. Harry Taylor had been leaving leaflets and posters in a Liverpool airport poking fun at the Christian and Muslim faiths. He’d done this on three occasions. The kind of thing depicted on the works were a smiling crucified Christ next to a bottle of ‘no nails’ glue, two Islamic suicide bombers in Heaven being told “There’s no more virgins left” (I heard that before somewhere) and a picture of the Pope with a Condom on his finger. Mr. Taylor said he left the leaflets there as he was: “merely trying to convert them to atheism”. Simple enough, eh? Obviously someone got their feelings hurt, I’m not sure if it was someone actually religious or some random Politically Correct tosser who actively searches out material like this and then gets offended on someone else’s behalf because they’re sad PC knob-ends with nothing else worth while to do in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter who reported it, what matters is he was charged with three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress. He was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and pay £250 costs. I find it amazing he could be charged with that when the Bible, and more so the Qur’an, are full of Verses and Surrahs that preach hate, rape and murder. By that Judge and Jury’s standards and the Law’s standards many religions should be a banned ideology and anyone advocating it should be locked up.

Wait, it gets better… I was watching TV and came across this story: Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’  This man wrote: “‘Islam will dominate the world  –  Osama is on his way” and “Kill Gordon Brown” and it’s considered Political? The use of the word ISLAM doesn’t denote anything to do with religion at all? And the kill Gordon Brown bit isn’t incitement to commit murder? It also isn’t religious motivated if Islam was in the previous sentence? So this Muslim man does this and he gets a two year conditional discharge and told to pay the council £500 compensation? Yet the Atheist didn’t say anything about killing anyone, didn’t harbour any grand plans for an Atheist world order and just poked fun at religion, yet he got a harsher sentence?

I think it’s obvious this is just another case of the UK having no spine and lots of double standards. The Jury didn’t find Mr. Shah (The Muslim) guilty because they were simply scared of being called racist or upsetting the Muslim community, well the hard-line nut case elements of the Muslim Community. Can someone remind me why that part of the Muslim community actually counts anyway? It’s a complete joke, the Atheist shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place and the Muslm should’ve been find more and then locked up because he was obviously talking about killing people brought about by his religious beliefs.

Where’s the spine of the country? Where’s the fairness? We have a system of Political correctness that ties our hands when the matters of religion or race come up, which leads to people like Mr. Shah getting off lightly while Mr. Taylor got a harsher sentence when he shouldn’t have even been to court. The Politicians wonder why the people have no faith in them, the Judicial system or the Police force? And also why national pride is almost non-existent? It’s about time this rubbish PC and Religious hatred law bollocks was dropped, it’s obvious now it isn’t working, never has and never will, in fact it’s having the opposite effect of what it was intended.

If you don’t want your religion questioning then I suggest you grow a thicker skin. If you don’t like living here then I suggest you move to a country that shares you religious, social and moral values.

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Stop Sharia Law being used in the UK!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 2, 2008

If you’re familiar with Islam you’ll be familiar with their stone age law system called “Sharia Law”.

This law is patriarchal (male dominated) in nature. It practically makes rape in muslim countries impossible to prove by having to have four witnesses to have been there to see it… all male! There’s not just that, female adulterers are stoned to death, young children married off to older men, women allowed to be hit with sticks to keep them in-line. Female genital mutilation. This is just the tip of the iceberg, many places on the net will say the laws are taken out of context, well… they are not! This does happen in muslim countries and I do not want it happening here in any watered down form.

UK law my not be perfect, but it is far superior to Islamic law. The Politically Correct brigade and politicians will try to put a positive spin on Sharia law because they only care about their popularity and not being perceived as “racist”, they don’t care if ours or anyone else’s rights and values are traded for a few popularity points in the poles or for a few votes from minorities.
The Government says Sharia law will only extend to family law, finance and business in the muslim community. Firstly, in financial settlements in Islam the females of any party/family get less than the males of the party/family. So the women’s rights are being over looked because Sharia law is biased towards men.

In family law, Muslim women will be subjected to more domestic horrors as divorce is looked upon as the last resort, they will try to fix the problem with counseling and such first. Most proponents of this system will say that most couples never go back to the court afterwards, which shows the success. I have a different idea, maybe it’s because she was forced or talked out of not going back or making another application? I don’t care if there was a 100% success rate with these councilors, UK law is fairer and not biased. 

This is the UK. Our ancestors fought and died to keep our rights and laws, not give them away to appease minorities. There’s shouldn’t be a two tier legal system in the UK. If you come to the UK you live by UK law, not the other way around. You may think this does not concern you as it only affects Muslims, but how long before the influence of Sharia law grows as the Muslim population grows and more Muslims enter Parliament? Yeh, it’s out-there, but I don’t like the idea of anyone in the UK giving up their rights in such a backwards, stone age judicial system, even if it’s in a limited form. 

Future projections aside, there should not be two or more legal systems in the UK, especially when one denies women their rights!
Let’s stop this madness now before the likes of the BNP take it upon themselves and make things worse. Let’s face it, the BNP are just as much a danger to our freedoms and rights as Sharia law and the idiots that advocate it are.
So sign the petition below and put and end to this stupidity.


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Bonfire Night. Why Do We Celebrate A Lose Lose Event?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 5, 2007

“Remember remember the fifth of November!” goes the old saying. The saying has been said ever since the 1605 Gunpowder plot or the powder puff as it was known at the time. I was talking to a Canadian friend of mine on messenger last week, it was Halloween actually, and we ended up talking about trick or treaters. Anyway… I brought up what some kids in the U.K do on the fifth of November called “Guying” to commemorate the foiling of the Gunpowder plot. By the way for my non-UK readers and friends “Guying” is where you create an effigy of a Guy Fawkes (I’ll be telling you who he is in a moment) and take it around and ask “Penny for the Guy?”, it’s sort of like trick or treating. At the end of Bonfire night they burn the guy on top of a fire and set off lots of fire works.

In 1604 a plot was hatched to kill King James the 1st of England, most of his family and the Aristocracy in one fell swoop! The scheme was hatched by Robert Catesby to return England back to Catholicism and install James’s daughter Princess Elizabeth as a Catholic ruler. The idea was to pack as much Gunpowder under the Palace of Westminster as possible and kill all the Royal family and Aristocracy, except for the Royal children who would be kidnaped to inherit the Crown and rule as Catholics. Guy Fawkes, along with other co-conspirators, were the people in charge of storing the gunpowder in a cellar under the House Of Lords. During this time some of the conspirators were concerned about some Catholics who would be in the Palace Of Westminster when the gunpowder went off. So one of the conspirators told Lord Monteagle, a prominent Catholic, not to go to Parliament on the day. Lord Monteagle then handed this written warning over to the secretary of state. On this tip-off Guy Fawkes was found guarding a pile of faggots not far from where the gunpowder was stored. On his arrest he was found with a watch, matches and touch-paper. He also admitted (apparently) upon his arrest that his intention was to kill the King!

Hearing the plot had been foiled the co-conspirators fled. Many of them were caught but Robert Catesby was killed in a shoot out in Staffordshire. As for Guy Fawkes, he was tortured, badly! But contrary to how many people think he died I was surprised to read what happened. He was tortured and then sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. That means  hanged till you are almost dead (that must be sedation post medieval style?), disembowelled and have your genitals burned and cut open in front of you, then dragged through the streets. But, he cheated the executioner… as he was about to be hung he jumped off the gallows and broke his neck! His friend and partner in crime Robert Keyes tried the same thing but failed… you just know the executioner went to town on him afterwards don’t you? Another thing that actually surprised me was that Nov 5th was a national holiday till 1859.

Now you know the story I’ll tell you why I’m a spoil sport and don’t celebrate it and why I aint out at the party my mam and sisters have gone to while I’m writing this blog. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not because you think I’m a republican… because I’m not one of them. As with many holidays, the real meaning has gone out of it. It’s not about celebrating that we’re still a protestant country or the Catholic plotters failed, no, it’s about treacle toffee, fire works, bonfires, toffee apples, a pint and burning an effigy stuffed full of news paper! So as usual the Brits turn it in to an excuse for a piss up like every other holiday! So it doesn’t have the same meaning it once had but… when you ask people why the do it, it’s usually “Well everyone else does” or “Because of Guy Fawkes saving us” Granted some people aren’t that stupid but you get the idea. I don’t personally celebrate it because of the reasons behind it. If you look at what happened and what would have happened the people lost either way. Because Guy and his cohorts didn’t succeed we were still stuck with the Royal family and the Aristocracy for another 350 or so years of the protestant religion and minority rule! If you flip it around so that Guy Fawkes and the plotters won we would have been stuck with the Catholic religion and 350 years of a Catholic Aristocracy. So you see either way we were going to lose. I don’t like to celebrate the fact were screwed over or going to be screwed… even if the rest of population thinks it’s great.

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Jesus does it again!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 7, 2006

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                        WHAT THE FUCK!

I read this Bible passage from a religious news paper that gets put through the door every now and again. Listen to this, Jesus said: “He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” WHAT! Are these people taking the piss? Is it just me or do the people on the left look malnourished!? HUNGRY, FUCKIN’ HUNGRY AINT IN IT!!!!! I aint saying my balls are big but these poor sods could live on them for a week.

I know what all the Christians are gonna say:  “This is the work of evil men and gods powerless to fight evil unless you have him in your heart”. Or he can’t intervene because it’s up to us to help our selves. My answer to that is this:

Firstly, these people are brainwashed with religion as soon as there old enough and it’s the only kind education they get in most cases and is the only thing they know. So I would say their belief would be unwavering even though they are starving to death, the only thing they have to look forward to is heaven.

Secondly, if the Christian god knows everything before it happens why doesn’t he stop it from happening? What the fuck are these people learning from starvation. What does a child not old enough to comprehend the meaning of god learn from starving to death or a child being raped and killed learn!?        


                                            THE ANSWER 

As for the rest of the twats who really started the problem, i.e arms dealers and old colonial powers they should get a taste of what they’re creating. All the AK-47‘s floating about wonder where they came from? And the jets tanks ect… As for the government, poor? Explain to me how they can find money to buy military hardware to fight over where the border is between them, for examaple the Ethiopia and Eritrean War. I kid you not these assholes were actually fighting over a border 800.000KM where barely anyone lives! The words stupidity, corruption and boost to the economy spring to mind!

I was going to go in to how it all started there with Haile Selassie (another religious cunt who’s revered throughout the world) unilaterally abolished the Ethiopia-Eritrean federation and imposed imperial rule throughout Eritrea and caused more shit! (TWAT!). I would rather go in to why regardless of aid, is the economy still not getting better, we know the trade system doesn’t favour Africa, ow wait yeah we do the armed conflict, corruption and general mismanagement of supplies and the economy by bent politicians! Then they get on to their mate Sir Bob (all emphasis on the SIR!) Geldof who shows us pictures like the one above and we get the cash out. I’m not saying don’t give to charity, we are the only friends these people have got, but if it wasn’t for the help of religion the problem wouldn’t be so severe.

let me explain. At the moment the pope is telling these people if they use contraception it’s a sin, hence Aids/HIV and so many mouths to feed. If the pope wasn’t here or religion then the problem wouldn’t be as bad. Because you could send condoms and all sorts of contraceptives hence the population stays at a sustainable level. Eliminating the need for your money even if the politicians are corrupt (TWATS!).

Look at most of the western world where contraceptives have been available for the last couple or so decades, the population has stayed the same except for migration from poor countries like the one we are talking about. If these people don’t get the green light to use contraceptives soon there’s going to be a humanitarian disaster on an unimaginable scale and have a guess who will not get the blame, that’s right, the pope and his tool of control, religion!     

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