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Wankers Of The Week: Cam and Clegg

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 5, 2010


                                                                   Cameron and Clegg during a Interview in 2010

That’s right, there’s two this week! Actually there’s no shortage of Wankers, I could do a list of a 100 and still have enough left for years with more being made every second!

Anyway, this week, as the picture may have given away, it is the turn of David Cameron and his Puppet pal Mr. Nick Clegg!

For the those living in the UK, you will already know that Cameron has been somewhat of a Tommy Tanker since before he became the Prime Minister. But for the Non-UK readers let’s go over a few reasons why he deserves such an accolade.

(1) He’s a Tory, therefore he’s a Wanker automatically!

(2) He comes from a privilege background and has not had to work for anything in his life, unless you count giving rim jobs to countless people, especially Mr. Clegg to gain his support for Raising Student Tuition Fees (amongst other things) as ‘hard work’?

(3) He’s thick. Some people say getting a degree from Oxford University means you’re intelligent? I disagree, it’s just an expensive stamp on a piece of paper that says: “I’m well off and connected! Give me a Job!“. The fact he said the UK was the Junior Partner during World War 2 in 1940 shows this! Despite his education he didn’t know that the U.S. didn’t enter the War untill 1942.

(4) “Hug a Hoody” Anyone who suggest that sort of thing is way out of touch with reality. Who was he appealing to when he said that? Again… thick!

(5) “Broken Britain” Mr. Cam turned up to an old mining town, the name of which escapes me, and said it was an example of broken Britain. He forgot that it was his Party’s Policy that caused that town to shut down!

(6) “Call me Dave” Fuck off, I’ll call you what I want! CUNT!

(7) He cycled to work, showing how ‘Green’ he was, with his car following behind with his belongings in it!

(8) His blatant imitation of Tony Blair! It’s like the Tories cloned him from a piece of Blair’s back fat!

(9) Elitism. Not only does Cameron foster Elitism in his own Government and filling the House of Lords With Cronies, he’s also advocating Elitism for the Teachers applying for jobs in the UK school system too. So if you’re working class, poor, non-white, not connected or been to a top Uni, then I’m sorry, but you aint got a chance!

I can’t go on with any more examples or I’ll be here for a while, if you want to add your reasons why Cameron is a Wanker in the comment box!

As for Nick Clegg, well…  He compromised his Political ideology and beliefs, everything he was about – and for what? A taste of power and bunch hollow promises from David Cameron. Can’t get much more of a wanker than that. He’s a prime example of a Politician, inasmuch that he’ll drop everything he believes in if the price is right or as soon as an opportunity of power comes along. In many ways he is worse than David Cameron, at least Cameron didn’t sell out all of his ideals – he just pretended to.

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Wanker Of The Week: Lord Young – “You never had it so good”

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 19, 2010

If any proof was needed that the Tory Party is the same as it’s always been here is the evidence! Lord Young, an ‘enterprse adviser’ to the Prime Minister, said in an Interview with the Daily Telegraph that the people of the UK “never had it so good“. He believes because current low interest rates caused by the “So called recession” has left a lot of people better off.While that is true for some, it isn’t for the whole country. I know a few people who are still struggling to pay their mortgages as well as other bills. To say this is just baffling, then again it’s coming from a hardcore Tory from the Thatcher era, so we shouldn’t expect any different.

Mr. Young, who looks like a living Fossil coincidently, also said that the loss of 100,000 Public Sector jobs was: “within the margin of error“, which just smacks of typical hardcore Tory Libertarianism. It makes you wonder just what the rest of the Tory Party and the PM really thinks about the cuts and the People in the country? With Mr. Fossil being so close to the PM and being an actual adviser to the Government, you can pretty much assume that they all agree with him.

Bar a handful of people who benefit from low interest rates or are so rich they don’t need low interest rates, the rest of the UK population is having trouble recovering and surviving the recession. Lord Mr. Young’s comments proves he has no idea what it is like to live a normal life in the UK today, and shouldn’t really be an adviser to the Government. Then again, when the Government holds the same opinions as you – then why not?

Just a thought… does this man get paid for suggesting this kind of rubbish?

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Wankers of The Week:

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 24, 2010

First and foremost, the tossers at Cadbury for allowing an iconic British brand worth billions, to be sold it to a company known for making crap processed cheese! Instead of thinking about UK jobs and UK GDP they only thought of their own bank accounts. Not only that we’re going to have to put up with shit U.S. chocolate now! Well done, you’re a credit to Wankers everwhere!The Government of the UK! Purely for allowing companies like Kraft to buy up firms like Cadbury and shooting ourself in the foot economically. It’s not as if they were powerless to stop the takeover, they lent them the money via Royal Bank of Scotland (Majority owned by the tax payer)! You really are a useless lot of bastards! Then again what else should I expect when the electorate are a useless lot of bastards too?

The UK electorate. A useless lot of bastards. 

David Cameron. The chinless wonder of the Tory party in the UK! I’m sick of seeing his mug on the TV trying to act all ‘common man/average Joe’ when he’s anything but! He’s a fucking dirty, stinking liar, born, raised and educated Oxford boy. He aint Mr. Average nor is he a common man! He’s a wanker, plain and simple! Just stop acting like you are average, you’re not. You aint got any serious policies, you just need to fuck off and stop hanging around Parliament like a fly on shit! The only chance you have of winning the election is outa of apathy, and you damn well know it! You opportunist twat! You and your party are so shite that Gordon Brown’s Labour are catching up to you in the popularity polls after numerous serious set-backs for them! scandal, expenses, leadership challenges and to top it all old Gordy’s a boring twat! And you still can’t pull out a victory! Sad donkey!

Hazel Blears. My local Member of Parliament. Stop hanging around like a lingering fart and fuck off! You’re bent and no one likes you anymore, well… anyone with no serious mental disorders.

Osama Bin Laden. Aint you dead yet? Hurry up and die, I’m waiting for this Political Islam bollocks to run its course like Communism did! It can’t start untill you snuff it, so hurry up!

Womens’ chat shows. Why????? Are all women this boring when they get together without the aid of alcohol?

People who make Adobe Flash tutorials. There’s always something you miss out, you over look it completely then expect me to follow it? And you got the balls to call it “easy step by step”? Kiss me whip!

Haiti. Is everyone else sick of it this now? How many other people are in-need of help?, some in our own nations. Yet the media only focuses on these people because it’s new! “Huge Earthquake, 100’000 dead? I smell an emmy!”.

British Papers. You really a load of talentless Knobheads! There is other more important news in the world other than celebs and pointless models who’s only contribution to man kind will be the amount of stupid people not born because the thick men were too busy beating one out over them! Page 3 of The Sunday Mirror featured a footballers wife and the different shoes she’s been wearing!

That’s enough now, I could go on but I’ll be here all night! Sorry, no pictures this week, I couldn’t be arsed! 😛

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Wankers Of The Week: Muslim Wanker And More!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 8, 2010

Yeh, I been gone again, sorry, been ill, tired and all that Jazz! Happy Belated Christmas and New Year to all! This is regular thing I used to do on here, I was recently reminded about it by a MySpace friend some time last week. So here it goes!

Anjem Choudry


I don’t like to give publicity to dickheads like this so I’ll only say His name once and refer to him as a Pointless Muslim Wanker from now on. The pointless Muslim Wanker is a British Born Muslim, he grew up in a country where he wanted for nothing. He even made like the natives and drank, smoke and fucked his way through Uni. The above picture is not a Photoshop, besides the words. This man is like many Muslims in the West, he enjoys what the West has to offer untill a combination of his restrictive backward religion, family, tradition and religious leaders kick in and makes him guilt ridden at what he’s done. Then He turns on the West for corrupting him, then wants to apply his stone age man-made rubbish to everyone else!


I just noticed too, I spelled Infidel wrong! Don’t start picking at it as a valid argument because everyone knows nit-picking about spelling in a debate is the last resort of someone with NO argument!

This Muslim Tommy Tanker is planning to carry empty coffins through the English village of Wootton Basset, the same Village dead British servicemen drive through on their way to their burials else where in the country. Obviously this is to create mass hatred of all Muslims to kick off some kind of social war in the UK. But he say’s it’s a legit protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan perpetrated by the oppressive West (can someone show me a Muslim part of the world that ISN’T oppressive?) and the Muslims who’ve died there. I take it that the non-Muslim Iraqis and such don’t matter?

Everyone is tits up and arse backwards over this idea! It shouldn’t happen and is going to be stopped and all that shit. Fact is this idiot hasn’t even applied for permission to hold the march! Again the reaction to this by the British population and the media is understandable, but, should not be blown out of all proportion and splashed all over the news like the BNP (Nazis) where when they were on Question Time last year. It will only work in this vile little bastard’s advantage and garnish attention for any causes he’s connected to. These people never learn!

I think he should be allowed to protest like everyone else, even if his motives are twisted. After all if you deny him his right to protest are we not just like the Human scum he is and who currently run the middle east? With a bit of luck a riot will ensue and this sad wanker and his mates will get their arses kicked. Bring on the social war, sooner rather than later I say!

Hoon And Hewitt’s Failed Coup 


What a pair of idiots! When I heard about this I was shocked, then I laughed! I laughed because what they did was completely pointless and stupid, why try to oust the Prime Minster when you’re rising in the opinion polls and people were forgetting what a boring bastard Gordon Brown actually is?

I think they weren’t acting alone, unless they were acting out of spite because both Hoon and Hewitt were over looked for EU jobs? They don’t have the balls to act alone, they’re both failed Minsters. Then today David Miliband, The Secretary of State, was implicated in the plot, which would make sense! He’s tried three times to be PM and this could be his last chance. When asked about the coup he didn’t really state any support for anyone! LOL! What a turnip!


Whether he did it or not doesn’t matter now because he dithered on placing his support which means he’s out of favour with Brown. Not only that, Brown will kick him out of the Cabinet if he wins the next election. Epic Wankers, all of them, for putting their personal positions and petty revenge ahead of running the country like they were elected to do! Just further proof these people don’t give a shit about the people because they have just damaged their Party’s chance of wining the next election. And if the Tories win, well… watch the shit hit the fan because they aint got a clue or solid policy on anything!

More Celebrity TV Bollocks.

I aint posting pictures nor am I naming this programme! I don’t want give it any publicity. If you live in the UK you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you don’t then the name of the Programme is the same as the non-existent character in 1984 that’s watching everywhere Just another group of sad tossers craving attention, low on money or publicising something! They’re such an embarrassment to the Human race and themselves! I’m glad this shows died in the UK now because less than 2 million watch it on average these days! I say crash a plane full of celebs on the place and kill them all at once!

Shite Music.

I’ve no idea who this stupid women is, she sounds like she’s about 16. The first line of her song involves waking up like P-Diddy, I assume she means Black and an ostentatious wanker, and then brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels? I heard this song on the TV a few times because my sisters are at the age for Pop music! The song is just complete and utter rubbish! She sings about hedonistic shite, she sounds like such a wannabe rock star like the rest of the teen stars being sold to children as good music and fun! That way of life aint that great, take a look at a lot of the former Rock stars alive and dead! They aint looking so good. There’s more to music and life than getting pissed and waking up the next day not knowing what you did and who you fucked or who fucked you!

I’ll have to a full blog on Music soon!

U.S. Pop Star and Shite British Comedian get engaged. I don’t care! Why is that even news? Who buys these papers based on the fact they’re in it? If you do you’re a fucking idiot and deserve to lose your oxygen privileges!

I can’t think of anymore because I usually avoid shite when it comes on the TV or I turn the page in the news paper. I may have to start reading more shit!

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Wankers Of The Decade (so far)!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2008

I know we still have a few more months left of this year and a whole twelve months after that, but this decade is nearly coming to a close, so I thought I’d pause and reflect on some of the epic wankers this decade has seen, so far, and the mark, sorry… mess they’ve made.
First is everyones’ favourite red neck dunce, George W Bush Who basically stole and rigged the US election in 2000! He invaded Iraq with false evidence saying there was *speaks in a red neck accent* W.M.Ds in dem dar hills! While he did that he also managed to alienate a lot of the worlds moderate muslims and simultaneously nick the Iraqi oil! US national debt has grown by 70%, tax cuts for the rich and the world worser place for all his actions.
Osama Bin Laden and his band of nineteen simpleton plane hijackers (15 of them from Saudi-Arabia by the way). He and the hijackers, with a little help from the US government, managed to pull off the world’s largest terrorist atrocity in September 2001 (If you ask me the US and UK support of the slaughter of nearly one million communist supporters in Indonesia was more of a terrorist atrocity, but hey… what do I know!). Osama’s plan to cause the west to hate and mistrust the muslim world worked, add this to the US/west letting Saudi-Arabia fund and teach a extreme version of Islam in mosques in the west, and you’ve got a recipe for a larf. That crazy Osama, he’ll be the death of us all! Or will that be the US government?
Tony Blair. Well the only thing I think this man will be remembered for is that stupid, fake cheesy grin, his insistence on a photo opportunity, his failure to deliver “Education, Education, Education” (amongst other things) and a ill-advised jaunt in Iraq for a laugh with his ubber bestest mate George Bush. He certainly put the SOLD in Soldier when he sent UK men and women to die for the petrodollar and bank accounts of US big business. Actually if you think about it, he and the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) didn’t, it’s obvious they don’t value their lives because they sent them off to war ill-equipped.
Those in the US electorate that voted George Bush in for a second term! Well done!
Those of the US electorate that will vote Obama or McCain in to office! Well done again! They only both belong to the same political circles. Sod all will change dramatically.
The UK electorate for having the piss taken out of them two times this decade by Labour, and also for the fourth time when they vote the next party in to take the piss out of them again, whomever it may be.
Saddam Hussein. We’re all aware of Saddam’s rise to power and how the UK and US helped arm him, but that was the 1980’s and 1990’s. I’m talking about letting the current debacle in Iraq take place! He could have let the weapons inspectors in and done a secret deal with the USA and not been done for nothing and lived in Libya the rest of his life like Ida Amin. No, not Saddam, he wanted unmitigated violence and bloodshed, then again he was insane with power wasn’t he? Who else would think they had a chance against the combined US and UK armed forces? Anyway, he died how he lived, swingin’ dangerously!
Mehatmedinnerjacket (President of Iran). Not content with mentally suppressing his fellow country men and women, pissing off the UK by seizing a boat full of solders and holding them and apparently sending fighters to Iraq, he’s building nuclear bombs! Why? Well my first thought was “Small penis!”, but no, with politicians – especially insane ones –  you have to remember they have the mentality of primary school children. If they see something a class mate has they must have it too! Mehatmedinnerjacket – just like the leadership of Iran – wants attention, and like any primary school children they get attention by doing bad things, in this case… kidnaping a boat of British soldiers, making a nuke or threatening Israel. We’ll have to put him and Iran in the naughty corner and bring Germany out, I think 63 years is enough, eh? And while we’re sticking people in the naughty corner we’ll put the UK and US there too!
Gordon Brown for NOT imposing tighter financial regulation in the UK when he had the chance! And also for this: we are, we always have been and we always will be a pro business government“.  Nice to know where he REALLY stands. Some people will think I’m taking this the wrong way, well I’m not, they are for the businessman, not the common man.
The Human rights act of 1998. Thank you for introducing this Labour! It has managed to make an even bigger mockery of the law. It has managed to make the criminals the victims if anyone dares to defend themselves or their home. Leaving the police and courts with very little power to do anything and as a result the public have lost all faith in law and order in the UK. Only in the UK can you get burgled, stop the thief, ring the police and then get arrested for assault when they finally turn up, if they do at all!
Jade Goody. I know you’re ill, but just fuck off! This woman will most likely have a CCTV camera in her coffin so people can see her decompose! She has some serious self-esteem problems.
The neo L.A celebrity non-entities and movie stars! Complete waste of time, money, space, skin, organs and oxygen. You can’t open a news paper without seeing a picture of one falling out of a car with their legs open or having made a sex tape that wasn’t meant to be released but really was. Some times on the front page, sells a lot of papers. I think that alone says a lot about our society.
The mimics and followers of non-entities and celebrities. You are brainless sheep devoid of intelligence, individuality and sense. You all deserve to be sterilized at the least and shot at the worse, depending on which level of stupidity you’re at.
Celebrity culture. Calling what these pointless numbskulls get up to, do or wear “culture” is like calling a pile of shit pure gold. It isn’t culture, it’s just people with low self-esteem wearing or doing materialistic, extravagant things and soaking up attention from idiots who have no idea about anything but popular culture because that’s all they’ve been fed from the media and society.
Scallys and Chavs. Pete pointed something out about my “you make me wanna” blog, there was no mention of Scallys and Chavs. So here it is now. Seeing as Scallys and Chavs of this decade are different bread from the last, I think they’ll fit in just fine! The scruffy wankers that have no respect for anything or anyone should have all their possessions taken away from them, including their clothes and burned in front of them while the rest of the community spit at them and call them names. Once that’s done they should be put in wheelie bins and rolled down a very high hill in to a river! Sod the human rights brigade, we’ll do the same to them too!
Robert Mugabe. This wanker is epic in proportions, he started off well in the 80’s, doing well for his country and people. Then he went insane with power and since then he’s killed many of his own countrymen, moved white farmers off their land and resettled people on them that had no clue about agriculture. He’s intimidated the Opposition party and has been involved in numerous wars in Africa. Ran the economy of Zimbabwe in to the ground. All this wasn’t his fault of course, it was the UK’s he says. I can see where the UK’s economic warfare on Africa could piss him off but his economy was stable till he messed it up! He’s the actual scar on Africa, not colonialism! Same goes for all the bent African leaders! You are ALL adding to and ARE the instruments of your own continents and countries suffering.
Ida Amin (ex-president of Uganda). Died in 2003. GOOD! Why’s he a wanker? He literally got away with murder.
The British National Party. Racial purists Nazis parading as patriotic freedom loving citizens! Bullshit! To undertake most of their policies they’d have to break many laws and revoke the rights of certain people who aint white and straight. If you are going to vote for a party where most of the leadership, who am I kidding, ALL of the leadership idolize Adolf Hitler and Oswald Mosley and still think you’re going to get freedom and fairness in return, then you deserve to be taken for a ride! Why are they wankers? Well they’re Nazis, they’ll deny it till the cows come home because they want to attract more of the voting population, they wont make things any better in this country.
The guys and gals who thought it was a great idea to take advantage of Bill Clinton’s deregulation of the US financial system in 1999, and give people loans who can’t afford to pay them back. Then get all those bad loans and lump them in to a big package of loans where the negative loans would be canceled out by the majority of good loans and then trade them world-wide! You all truly are a credit to human kind, the way you wiped trillions of pounds of the world economy and made people jobless, lose their homes, livelihoods and savings was the pinnacle of human achievement in recent times! Well done you smart bastards ye, you truly are the greatest generation!
The Conservative (Tory) Party. You have been nothing but a Joke since the mid 80’s really and rendered obsolete by New Labour who have played you at your own game. Just give up and stop annoying me by having photo ops with David Cameron acting like Tony Blair. It’s just painful! The two main faces of popularity you have are Anne Widecomb and Boris “the fool” Johnson, when they are your main faces you may as will give up and just join the BNP.
That’s all for today, if you can think of any bigger wankers then tell me, I’ll add them to the list! By the way, you can’t add me to the list before any smart arse starts saying I belong on it. Why? Because I’m a tosser!
Suggestion by Chris: Local councils and officers. Not content with earning 2% of their income illegally, they are always making cock-ups in their calculations. Over paying this, over paying that and then demanding the over payment which was their fault of YOU!. Not collecting bins on time, not making repairs on time etc etc… the list is endless! How could we forget these lot?
Suggestion by Pete: AOL. The internet provider, like all net providers, insists on saving money by sighting their help and technical support centres in India somewhere! The people they higher then proceed to tell you in broken english to go out and buy a new keyboard, mouse, router, filter (in my case) when the cause of it was unrelated to none of that. Or in Pete’s case, un-plugging literally everything connected to the PC when he had a connection problem that seems to be pretty much their service or a simple set of sockets? So yeh, AOL, wankers indeed… oh and BT!

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The Archbishiop Of Canterbury Is A wanker! [UPDATED]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 7, 2008

Absolutely unbelievable! Will somebody give the Archbishop of Canterbury a pat on the back followed by a kick up the arse with a steel toe cap boot extremely fucking hard?! What is this man on? I think it’s a good hefty dose of political correctness, religious morality and arse licking! I mean come on! Is the country not bad enough with the flawed laws we’ve already adopted from the Christian model of law… now we want to add the Islamic law to that? Actually in all fairness we already have Jewish law courts operating in the U.K. why not add Sharia law to it? It’ll be great! We can read about and watch Muslims stone other Muslims to death, force women to wear veils etc… Christ on a bike with a dildo up his arse when will these idiots stop?

Why did he even mention it? Oh wait… to make the muslims feel at home. Wake up! Sharia Law is one of the reasons why they fled their original countries in the first place! You all know I aint a fan of religion and I aint writing this out of hate for it but it’s just ludicrous! The Archbishop actually thinks it will make the system better and be good for integration. Who’s integrating for who? It’s us accommodating them… They should be adjusting to our system not the other way around. The law in this country’s already an ass adding another load of nonsense to it wont help! The Archbishop advocates adding some aspects of Islamic Sharia law to, or run along side, our system, i.e divorce, inheritance and child custody. How could Sharia law make the present divorce system any better? The answer is it can’t! It’s just some moralistic religious wanker dabbling in Political Correctness and trying to make things better! Well it aint gonna make things better! In fact he’s opened the door to making things worse!

All you need to change the law is a high-profile figure (The Archbishop of Canterbury), a willing group who want the law, (some Muslims), and a pressure group with the help of the civil liberties brigade and PC brigade and you’ve got it made! Oh wait… I forgot the ‘R’ word.. RACISM! Anybody who disagrees with this group will automatically be branded a racist and member of the BNP! The rest of the population will soon follow such is their stupidity! All the advocators have to do is argue that some forms of Jewish law are allowed in the system so in order of fairness and equality aspects of Islamic Sharia law should be adopted, even if it takes away the rights of Muslim women. Once this is achieved it opens the door to more and more laws being adopted not just from Islam but from other ethnic/minority groups religions and ways of life. And we all know our politicians are completely spineless they will eventually cave in to it so as the ‘R’ word is mentioned so not to be seen as ‘racists’. Gordon Brown has already said this: “there were areas where small concessions had and could be made” but insisted: “Our general position is that Sharia cannot be used as a justification for committing breaches of English law.” I thought he just said it had?

I’m not a fan of our law system but allowing one law for one person and a different for another or adopting another to appease a minority is not going to end well for the country as whole! especially if the far right benefits from it! So thank you Archbishop of Canterbury… you are a true inspiration for PC lovers and wankers everywhere! Then again if he hadn’t had mentioned it some other idiot would’ve done! You wanna taste of that kind of law? And a taste of the BNP in government? Then you got it! You brought it all on yourselves!

UPDATE: Well thanks to The Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments, lack of opposition from anyone but the far-right groups and a complete lack of Political spine, we now have elements of Sharia Law being used in the UK via the Arbitration Act of 1996.I keep hearing: “This doesn’t affect you, why are you bothered?”. I’m bothered because in a modern-day British secular Democracy, Muslim women will be denied Rights under a Sharia Law Court that they would get mandatory under a British Court!

In Islamic Law women are lesser than Men, this includes their side of any story. They receive less money from inheritance just because they’re women, nearly always told to go back to their husbands because divorce is a last option under Sharia law based Arbitration courts. Which means a woman in an abusive relationship will be subjected to the Horror of it even longer, and Male Children will always go to their father at the age of twelve. The whole religion is Male dominated and biased for Men in any case. And if Women agree to be bound by these laws, which I’m sure a lot will through Community, cultural and family pressure, they will lose those rights they have in a British court.

I don’t buy the argument that: “They agree to be bound by it, they do it by choice, they limit their own rights and will respect the court’s ruling”. As I said, they can be forced, shamed of pressured in to it.

It isn’t right in modern-day Britain, that a woman can agree to limit her rights under a court, when she could keep them in a British court. We have no need for pieces of Sharia Law in any court in the UK, we already have a law system, albeit not perfect, but it’s much better than a blatantly biased court that wont give women a fair hearing, just because of the simple fact they’re Women.

It’s wrong and backwards, and anyone that says it’s not is ignorant or ignoring reality and is an idiot who is fostering the limiting of Women’s rights within a modern secular state.

This position is indefendable!

Visit: One Law For All to understand and read more for opposition against these Arbitration tribunals.

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Hazel Blears = Monkey Spanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 8, 2007

         Yes you are all right I haven’t done a wanker of the week for quite some time.
         And that’s not because there’s been a shortage of wankers, quite the opposite.
         There has been some tremendous wankers as of late, from our beloved Führer
         and all round nice guy and everybody’s best mate Tony Blair to that all round
         greedy bastard Rupert Murdoch and numerous other media junkies and tits.
         Which brings me to the latest wanker, I was going to do this lady some time 
         ago as she has personally shit on my family and lied to their faces. And also
         on many other working class people in Salford especially mothers in the area.
         The reason why Hazel Blears is on my wanker of the week list is her many and
         recent contradictions she has made. The most recent as many Salfordians will
         know is her recent support to Not move the Hope Hospital maternity services
         from their present location at Hope. Now for all the people who don’t live in
         Salford will not realize is that she backed and still does back the Government’s
         wider reforms of the NHS. So in essence she is protesting against the reforms
         she backs and helped draw up. Yes the shortarse hells angel wannabe took
         part in the protesting of the Governments 60 ‘reconfigurations’ across England
         and Wales. Can you believe this women, it’s like Hitler saying he didn’t support
         invading Poland, even though he made the decision to invade.
         Blears said in her defence “I’m not campaigning against Government policy, it’s
         a local decision made be the Primary Care Trust and Strategic Health Authority
         and what I’m doing is trying to make sure that the local decision provides the
         best services for Salford people.”  Then why did she back the policy that lead
         to this happening? Mmmmmm I wonder if it had anything to do with her career
         prospects? Who gives the power to the PCT & SHA? that’s right the people our
         Hazel works for! So the policy she made the decision to back is still to blame,
         so who the fuck does she think she’s kidding?
         And now the increasingly embarrassing minister and chair of the Labour party
         is now gunning for fat shit by Royal appointment john Prescott’s job as deputy
         PM. Well she better start eating now to fill his fuckin’ shoes and get herself a
         bit on the side (watch out Jack Straw!). So two things she has to do then, eat
         and get her leg over with anyone that’s not her partner and the deputy PM
         entails little else as you only work when the PM’s not there, so why the deputy
         PM get’s paid all year is a mystery to me.
         For these reasons and more Hazel Blears is this weeks wanker of the week!
         P.S I didn’t include a picture as i didn’t want to subject you all to the horror
         of her annoying face and her in her leather biker gear trying to be tragically
         trendy. Till next time.

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Paisly The Tommytanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 12, 2006

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                                                 Bigot = Wanker!
The face says it all! Don’t you just want to introduce his face or any other part of his body to your boot!? There really is no end to this mans religious hatred stupidity and bigotry. The Dr Rev Ian Paisley has on numerous occasions has brought to an abrupt end many peace process and started many sectarian riots and spawned many bigots like himself! And let me tell you he aint no doctor! He got his “Doctor” title from a man who is just as stupid bent and bigoted as him. The mans name in question escapes me at the moment, but nevertheless he only has the title doctor for his own twisted bigoted view on religion! Doctor of divinity, my arse!
Through out The Troubles in Northern Ireland he has only served to pour more petrol on the fire. We know both sides can be as bad as each other, but this man is a one man shit stirring machine. So before I start talking about political parties I would just like to say this about the people of Northern Ireland. The majority of both sides of the community have had no actual association with the violent campaigns waged, and most have not supported the violent representatives of their respective communities. Though why some would support this twat boggles the mind.
The regular campaigner against the legalisation of homosexuality, attended a meeting of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) in 1956 to discuss and organise the defence of Protestant areas against IRA activity. They formed the Ulster Protestant Action (UPA) to form vigilante patrols, to put up barricades and draw up lists of IRA suspects in Belfast and the rest of the province. So if your lookin’ for someone to blame for the modern troubles blame the IRA and the UUP. Even though the IRA threat never materialised in Belfast, and the IRA’s border campaign was just that, limited to the border, the UPA remained in being. And was later to become in 1966 the Protestant Unionist Party and this organisation would later help “DR NO!” to elevate himself to higher government and then to Westminster. And so began his reign of bigotry!
Now to some lesser known facts about the Rt. Rev Twat face! The Captain of the idiot squad opposed rights for the minority nationalist community (the Catholics). He also opposed the abolition of gerrymandering (basically twisting results of votes in the community to suit his party) of urban and country councils. In 1964 the patron saint of lunacy (apparently) caused two days of riots because he demanded that the RUC (POLICE) remove an Irish tricolour (the Republic of Ireland ‘s flag) from Sinn Fein’s Belfast offices. Fuckin’ unbelievable!
The list goes on and on, for these reasons and more the lanky old twisted  bigoted empty headed gobshitin’, religious practically murderin’ fundaMENTAList and leader of in deep shit city is this weeks wanker of the week!
How does it feel Ian you’ve just been WANKED! Ooopppps! I think im turning gay, you better
get on the campaign trail Ian, maybe go on a march or something with some luck you’ll drop dead! It would be better for all of us concerned. (TWAT!)    

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Kim Jong-il The Second Is A Wanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 12, 2006


                                                               Jong-Il Relaxing With A Bit Of Murder (Not my photo)

Another man with a small dick has a big destructive toy to make up for his own shortcomings. And I do mean short! Dr Jerold Post, a former CIA psychologist says the 5ft2 behemoth has to put 4inch lifts in his shoes. The leader of the bankrupt isolated Stalinist North Korean state supposedly exploded his first nuclear bomb earlier this week.

Why? To increase his bargaining power with the rest of the world and extort more money out of the international community. So basically he’s like some of the gun-toting Hoodies and wannbe gangstas trying to make up for a lack of parental love, attention, self-esteem and small stature, oh! and a small dick.

The weird 65-year-old short arsed wannabe cowboy (That’s right a cowboy!) spends millions on his nuke programme while he’s people starve and his economy collapses. What a dear leader (that’s what they call him by the way). The stumpy little pasty-faced fat bastard life-sized Asian foot stool also has a taste for expensive $630 a bottle cognac. He has spent $700.000 yearly over the past 10 years on this shit while the country faces frequent famines!

Also the Leprechaunesc annihilator of buffets and poor defenseless bottles of cognac, (with the help of senior officials) siphons off millions of the country’s wealth and puts it in bank accounts in Macau! How very Communist! We can also add to the list forced rape! The hamster faced pint-sized human cum stain sends out people to pick some of the prettiest women and girls (some still underaged!) to ‘entertain’ ( you know what that means ) the party and senior officials. And he calls them, get this “Joy brigades” how about “rape victims!”.

For these reasons and more Kim dong-il 2nd, the evil, heartless, cruel not to mention incredibly short and fuckin’ ugly is the WANKER OF THE WEEK!

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