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Where’s Your Spine and Fairness England?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 3, 2010

I was reading my local news Paper over the weekend, it isn’t something I normally do because every time I read it I wind myself up with the general crap and problems in there I can’t do much about. I decided I’d take a chance on it this time as the alternative of boredom wasn’t an option. While making my way through the usual promises of regeneration from Local Government, crime articles and Hazel ‘Squirrel Nutkins’ Blears smiling like a cock-end I came across this interesting story: Atheist who mocked Jesus and the Pope hit with Asbo. Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, shouldn’t all religion be banned and all those people that try to push their religion whether it be by attempted direct conversion, leaflets or notes have an ASBO smacked on them too as well as prison time?

Mr. Harry Taylor had been leaving leaflets and posters in a Liverpool airport poking fun at the Christian and Muslim faiths. He’d done this on three occasions. The kind of thing depicted on the works were a smiling crucified Christ next to a bottle of ‘no nails’ glue, two Islamic suicide bombers in Heaven being told “There’s no more virgins left” (I heard that before somewhere) and a picture of the Pope with a Condom on his finger. Mr. Taylor said he left the leaflets there as he was: “merely trying to convert them to atheism”. Simple enough, eh? Obviously someone got their feelings hurt, I’m not sure if it was someone actually religious or some random Politically Correct tosser who actively searches out material like this and then gets offended on someone else’s behalf because they’re sad PC knob-ends with nothing else worth while to do in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter who reported it, what matters is he was charged with three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress. He was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and pay £250 costs. I find it amazing he could be charged with that when the Bible, and more so the Qur’an, are full of Verses and Surrahs that preach hate, rape and murder. By that Judge and Jury’s standards and the Law’s standards many religions should be a banned ideology and anyone advocating it should be locked up.

Wait, it gets better… I was watching TV and came across this story: Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’  This man wrote: “‘Islam will dominate the world  –  Osama is on his way” and “Kill Gordon Brown” and it’s considered Political? The use of the word ISLAM doesn’t denote anything to do with religion at all? And the kill Gordon Brown bit isn’t incitement to commit murder? It also isn’t religious motivated if Islam was in the previous sentence? So this Muslim man does this and he gets a two year conditional discharge and told to pay the council £500 compensation? Yet the Atheist didn’t say anything about killing anyone, didn’t harbour any grand plans for an Atheist world order and just poked fun at religion, yet he got a harsher sentence?

I think it’s obvious this is just another case of the UK having no spine and lots of double standards. The Jury didn’t find Mr. Shah (The Muslim) guilty because they were simply scared of being called racist or upsetting the Muslim community, well the hard-line nut case elements of the Muslim Community. Can someone remind me why that part of the Muslim community actually counts anyway? It’s a complete joke, the Atheist shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place and the Muslm should’ve been find more and then locked up because he was obviously talking about killing people brought about by his religious beliefs.

Where’s the spine of the country? Where’s the fairness? We have a system of Political correctness that ties our hands when the matters of religion or race come up, which leads to people like Mr. Shah getting off lightly while Mr. Taylor got a harsher sentence when he shouldn’t have even been to court. The Politicians wonder why the people have no faith in them, the Judicial system or the Police force? And also why national pride is almost non-existent? It’s about time this rubbish PC and Religious hatred law bollocks was dropped, it’s obvious now it isn’t working, never has and never will, in fact it’s having the opposite effect of what it was intended.

If you don’t want your religion questioning then I suggest you grow a thicker skin. If you don’t like living here then I suggest you move to a country that shares you religious, social and moral values.

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Atheist Or Agnostic?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 4, 2009

Just been on Harsh’s blog talking about the answer to religion, though I don’t think there’s any answer to religion except for maybe a good education Harsh left me thinking about being Agnostic or Atheist.

Ever since I was in my early teens I’ve thought I was Agnostic, here’s why: I can prove the world’s religions and Gods were invented and written by Humans. It’s so obvious, the contradictions for a start, what God contradicts itself? It’s flawless yet it contradicts itself, religious believers and followers cite the fact that imperfect humans wrote the religious books, therefore that’s why the texts are not perfect.

Well, a lot of deaths have resulted from these ‘imperfect’ words, why did God allow Humans to write it when it knew Humans are flawed and would leave too much space for interpretation, which thus lead to fractionating of the religion and many innocent deaths. God is all-powerful, why not magic up a biro and pair of hands to write the book itself or endow the writer or all Humans with the knowledge? It leaves no room for interpretation that way, no one suffers and everyone believes!
I’ll tell you why, because it was written by Humans! No God would leave room for interpretation, especially the flawless kind in the Middle Eastern Religions. Of course the religious believers try to get around this by saying God wanted Humanity to have freedom of choice instead of being endowed with the knowledge and word of God. That’s complete shite! It’s how they compensate for the way it was written, everyone has to submit to God by themselves. What kind of God creates a planet full of Humans and gives them free will to submit to it if it already had the power to make them submit anyway? Sounds like a God with low self-esteem and a touch of megalomania.

It wasn’t God it was a Human, a Human with a thirst for power and control. How else could you explain the above and the way the books were written? Why would a God not take in to account the way language would change over millennia? It must’ve knew some words and meanings would be lost in translation? Again, it’s Humans who didn’t take that in to account. Which explains why so much of the religious texts of the world were written in the language and style of the time and why it’s a reflection of the social climate of the time, i.e extremely male dominated society, slavery was okay and God said so, so was rape, murder and anything else, as long as they were unbelievers (Even though it says “Thou shalt not kill!”).

God knows all, and sees all that is to come? So pretty much everyones’ mind has been made up whether they believe in a God or not, that concept of freedom of choice is null and void then? So trying to save people is pointless, not only that but all Wars there ever was or ever will be have been pre-planned by God and so was the suffering. So the rape of Children, burning alive, 9’11 and every other bad thing you can imagine was pre-planned by God. What kind of creature would do that?… and what for? Entertainment? Of course it aint God it’s Humans again, nothing is set in stone and we make all our own choices.

I could go on with examples but you get the idea. However, just because the religions of the world and Gods in them were an invention by man as  tool of control doesn’t leave the concept of a God Null and void. I can disprove the Gods in the religions of the world but not that there may be something, somewhere that could constitute a God type entity that may have had a hand in creating the Universe. I can’t say either way, and neither can anyone else. Which is why I call myself Agnostic.

Is that pretty straight forward? Well have a read of these and tell me what you think.

(1) Because I can point out and prove the world’s religions and God/s were invented and written by men does it mean I’m an Atheist?

(2) And if it does can I not be Agnostic about the existence of a ‘God’ like thing, being or entity that may or may not exist outside the world’s religions?

(3) If this God does exist does that make the world’s religions are right?

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