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Who Am I And Why Am I Here?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 2, 2014

No, this is not an existential philosophical question, I’m not going to bore you with what I learned from the Philosophy leg of my degree I completed last year! Questions like; are a pair of underwear that you cut the unwashable stains out of and then repaired, still the same pair or not (I know most of you have done this!)? Mind blowing, no? Nah, I’m going to bore you with something completely different! You lucky people you!

No, I’m taking part in the ‘Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog‘ (All links in my posts open in a new page), to try to re-connect with the blogging world and re-evaluate why I’m actually doing this. So, you may get a blog a day for 30 days, or I may give up, or I’ll forget, be strapped for time, or I’ll be eaten by the flesh-eating Zombies and the road warrior Cannibals that inhabit the area where I live and so would not be able to fulfill my blogging obligations. Either way, you’re getting a blog thrown at you.

My name is Philip, and I have a few issues with the human race and a few with myself (No I’m not schizophrenic but that would be a great excuse for my questionable weirdness). Originally I started blogging in 2006 to vent my anger and frustration I saw in the human world around me, this mostly involved politics, religion and social issues. My aim at the time was to talk about issues the media and people in the UK generally found taboo or just wouldn’t touch because it was too much of a sensitive issue. Coming from a family where anything and everything was up for discussion or debate I believed, and still do believe, that the world outside my door should be no different. If we start placing limitations on what we can and can’t discuss or question because it may hurt someone’s feelings, then I believe we’re creating a society and a culture where we will be limiting our scientific, personal, mental and artistic advancement, which is not healthy for the individual or the human race as a whole.

I still advocate the above, anyone and everyone is welcome to comment on anything and everything! No holes barred! I knew this would offend some people and it did, in 2007 I had my Windows Live Space closed because of pictures I posted featuring cancerous growths on humans as part of a piece on the smoking and it’s being banned in the UK in public buildings. I gained it back after I said I would take the offending pictures down, which was laughable because the pictures that were flagged were nothing compared to some of the other things that used to grace that site. This was exactly what I was talking about earlier, we can’t look at the reality of smoking because someone gets offended, therefore we have to censor reality, which is not healthy.

Because of the censorship I looked elsewhere at different sites and they were all the same, they all had a Terms of Service and some group or moral squad (Or factional idiots) who policed them.

After a while of writing and debating with people (Which was fun, depressing and annoying all at the same time), I decided that my time may be better spent actually educating myself to try to actually achieve change in the world around me instead of pointing out the problems and ranting about them. Yes, I’m well aware that my actually bringing any change to the world around me is very remote, I’m more likely to be hit by a car driven by George Best’s drunken zombie (He’s a regular around where I live!) than actually bring political or social change at even the basic local level. However, this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try! Although it upsets me I will not be able to change things in a big way and help people, at least I’m trying, which is all I can do.

I always knew, when writing my blogs and before that, that I had some huge gaps in my knowledge and understanding of the world and many things in it. So when I started my studies in 2011 I was prepared to be a little overwhelmed and frustrated. However, when I began and still now, I realize how little I actually know which then lead me to self-doubt. You think to yourself; “If I’m wrong about that, how do I know I’m not wrong about other things?” I had this thought before, but being forced to question everything you’re reading, analyzing it and looking at it from different angles, it makes you feel you aren’t intelligent enough to tackle issues in case you misinterpret or over look things.

That, along with studies and generally trying to manage my illnesses is why I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. It’s not that I don’t have anything to talk about, I just don’t always feel so capable of  doing it, not just because of self-doubt but there’s so much work involved and I have a tough time concentrating as it is.

What to expect from me? I’m hoping to do some more new blogs to discuss tough topics as well as carry on doing some slightly different ones about health, art, music, hobbies, general fun and many other things. Which is a change considering I started off with politics, religion and social issues. However, you will be upset and offended at some point, it’s inevitable in life (Like that one person on the bus who stinks and just happens to sit/stand next to you), and when that happens you can discuss what’s upset you rationally or you can be a big baby (Like David Miliband). Either way I reserve the right to ignore you, wind you up, tell you to fuck off or calmly debate with you like I do 99% of the time. I’m always respectful to people I meet in real life and on the net, you’re respect level from me is 100%, it’s up to you if it stays that way. Then again if you’re anything like me, which you most likely aren’t, you wont care about respect, unless it’s coming from the people who matter most in your life! However I still do it out of courtesy because I don’t know a person and can’t fully know a person on looks/image/writing alone. Though some people are so transparent and see-through that a good look or a five-minute conversation will render their respect level zero!

I can’t reply to every comment or blog post, whether mine or someone else’s, I have a life to live and sometimes I also forget (And procrastinate or find something better to do), but  I will try to reply, post and read everything. Remember, I’m only human!

I’m not sure who I’m hoping to meet while still doing this, I mean, I don’t search people out, I stumble upon them or them on me. I can be very unsociable and misanthropic on-line and in real life, but I’ve met some lovely, genuine people on the net while blogging, something I wasn’t planning on doing or happening, and I’m glad I met them! Some are very opposite me ideologically, geographically and socially, but we still get along fine. I’ve also met some right bastards on-line; disgusting examples of the human race! But I try to focus on the good people these days instead of bad so as not to remind myself that 90% of the world’s population are content to be ignorant when they possess the same ability to learn as all other humans!

I’m not sure what I want to accomplish if my blog is ‘successful’. I don’t care if it is or isn’t, if it wasn’t I’d write for the fun of it, if it was then it’s good. I suppose I just write because it’s an outlet and can be helpful to me.

Hope you all had a good New Year!

– Phil

Just for the fun of it though, here’s Hatebreed:


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Anniversary Blog

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 6, 2007

Hello everyone, Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while but I find it hard to concentrate. I’m actually in the process of writing some interesting blogs, but bear with me, they may take a while, if I rush them they will be short and not thought out properly (Shut up laughing, my posts are always thought out!). Anyway, it’s a year on the 24th of September that I wrote and posted my first blog ever! I thought it was only fitting to make a note of this. Surprisingly enough it didn’t get any comments, it not being full of Big brother and stories about how I got “Absolutely rat arsed da uva night!” being the main reason why.

So on this anniversary I thought I would share with you some of the reasons I chose to blog. Firstly it was the amount of hypocrisy, lies and corruption by religious leaders, politicians and businessmen that I read about in the newspapers and saw on TV that got me going. It was also the fact the media never offered any solutions or real reason as to why this happened. In most cases it was pure human nature and political correctness that was the answer. What also made me do it was the amount of non entities, celebs and other rubbish that were given precedent on the front page of many news papers and the top story on the TV news! It goes something like this: [*Big ben chimes*] “This is News at 10, I’m Trevor MacDonald. David Beckham got a new hair cut today!” And on that bombshell Sir Trev creams his y-fronts and so do the rest of the uneducated sheepish masses! If it wasn’t that thick plank is was some other intellectually challenged celeb. Even when they had politicians interviewed, they seldom put the real questions to them and even when they did they didn’t get a straight answer. So I discussed the idea with my dad, the only other sane person I knew, it seemed, and we agreed that the only place you could have the kind of free speech exposing the corruption and lies – religious, political or other – was on the net. He also said that you wont have much chance of opening people’s eyes because they just don’t care or wont want to see or read it. He was right to a degree. I didn’t actually get the net and a computer till after my dad had died sadly, otherwise you would have had even worse attacks on almost everything, just without the swearing! No wait, you’d probably get more! HAHA.

My dad was partly responsible for my political and social awareness, indirectly though, he didn’t sit me down and tell me all about it, he wasn’t that type of dad. He would see something on the TV and point it out in a sarcastic and funny way, and I would understand. I don’t mean understand as in a parent telling their child about religion or any other kind of ideology, and the child accepting it as the truth. In fact we clashed on many things political and not. There’s also something else we used to do, whoever got the newspaper first would underline or circle the most important headlines in the paper. They were usually the stories tucked away in the corners, just under the pictures of Beckham and the rest of the assholes. These were and are the stories that deserved the front page and the most attention, yet they were stuck on page nine and given ten lines if they were lucky! These are the things I liked to post about. Though you wouldn’t be able to tell recently as I’ve been ill and just don’t really watched the TV or read the papers anymore.

When I first started blogging my spelling was bad and so was my grammar, in fact it’s still not that good! Besides this slight handicap I blogged anyway, it didn’t matter anyway, over half the spacers wrote in short text language anyway and wouldn’t understand full English if their lives depended on it. I expected to make very little friends, if any at all!… because of my views on religion and politics. After seeing some of the spaces I expected no response as a lot of them were bare and just had pictures posted. Those that did just spoke about how pissed they got! So there was me expecting nothing and about to pack it in when Nicky came along. She was a Catholic and she commented on my Religion post! What was more strange was she agreed.. even as a Catholic! She became my first space friend! Cheers Nicky. The second commenter was Dave, he left a great comment and came back many times with many intelligent comments (Don’t go getting a big head now, Dave haha). Robin was third I think, he came to me after I went to his space because of the politics, I didn’t leave a comment though. The reason why was he was new Labour, he sort of supported them and I don’t really go looking for trouble or arguments on people’s blogs, so I left it. He came to mine and we got on ever since!

Since then I’ve met some great and funny people on here, and even got some on messenger. These are people I never thought I would ever be friends with. For instance, “Angry Mandy” hahaha (You know you like that name) she’s a Jehovah’s Witness of sorts, and she’s got the most twisted sense of humour of my friends on here! I talk to Chris about how the country’s going down the toilet, debate with Pete about many things, he’s the only full-time political blogger on here actually! I’ve met many more, too many to mention but you know I like you all. In fact, I’ve only ever had one person on here I never got on with, and he was a BNP nazi brain-dead wanker! Yes Mosh YOU! and I still maintain you’re a sad bigoted lieing nazi bastard! Just thought I’d put that out there, just in case he happens to pass by me again.

I’ve noticed a pattern to my blogs though, most of the answers to them is Human nature. Besides this annoying spoiler I will continue to blog, just for the benefit of teaching others and teaching and learning myself. There’s one slight difference though, I come on here to educate and be educated as well as let off steam, they were basically my aimz, now I know there’s more interesting people on here than I first thought. So… in the quest for solutions, truth, answers and people with half a brain… warp factor five Sulu!

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