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Cameron Attacked For Saying Multiculturalism Has Failed In The UK

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 6, 2011

I don’t always agree with David Cameron and I certainly don’t like the man that much. My personal feelings aside though, I partly agree with what he said the other day about Multiculturalism in the UK. Read Here for a run down.

Watch her for what the PM said:

First of all, I agree with most of what he said. However, I don’t think Multiculturalism has been a complete failure. There’s only been two failures in multiculturalism, and that’s the problem with some Muslim integration in to UK society and suppression of native English/British culture through shame and white guilt.

Everything else is fine, everyone else more or less rubs along together and hold the same ideals and mixes and intermarries with the Native population. East Asians, West Indians, Jews, Indians (Hindu, Christian, Sikh), Africans, Polish the list is endless! Everyone comes here, they hold the same ideals, retaining old cultural traditions while becoming English/British and their children having english/british blood running through their veins!

On the other hand we have Natives who are constantly shamed in to not taking pride in their historical past as well as their culture, whichever way you want to define it. While people are told to make themselves at home from other countries, the natives are asked to accept so many alien cultural ideals and religions, to accept these cultural changes that are happening so fast, while not having one of their own. Whether you think a country needs culture, tradition, Patriotism or not, doesn’t matter, the fact is it is the substance that holds a country and society together in current times, without it, the country will fracture.

Which brings us the other failure in British Multiculturalism, Islam and some Muslims. Obviously, many Muslims integrate well within the UK and become part of the community. When you take a look at Islam itself though, you will see it is made to resist full integration in to the non-Islamic society of a country where any Muslim community is. The Qur’an is written in such a way that stops Islamic culture, tradition and the religion itself from being diluted by other cultural and societal elements, while also staying part of and respecting the Non-Muslim community and culture in which it resides.

Of course, you can say this about certain Jewish sects and Black Nationalists, the difference is, they’re small in number and don’t tend to become violent and radical if they feel alienated or insulted.

You can also say the same for the White Nationalists, I think they can be as much of a danger to the country as Islamists. The thing is, they are tackled at every step they take by many anti-white nationalist groups and also the Police and other Government intelligence organisations.

I’d just like to make the difference at this point because a few people will be getting confused or foaming at the mouth for not making the distinction between Islamists and Muslims in general.

Islamists are a bad problem, on par with White Nationalism and Nazism. They can’t and shouldn’t be accommodated in society. That’s not to say they shouldn’t have the same rights as we do, I’d draw the line at calling for death and harming of people.

Muslims in general, over all they’re not much of a problem, most keep themselves to themselves, but the reality is self-segregation in a country that you should be doing your utmost to integrate in to is not a good thing. Obviously, not every single Muslim is like this, but a fair few actually are, to say they’re not is to ignore reality completely. I think this is the problem as much Islamists are.

Muslims are caught between being British and Muslims and the two sets of systems that go with them (Western and Islamic). Obviously, some see this as a very serious choice to make, and will always take the side of their religion on such choices, after all, it is the word of God, and that stands above any man-made law or system anywhere else in the world (These are Conservative Muslims [These are not automatically Islamists]). Other Muslims see no conflict and remain Muslims while being British, obviously omitting and not following a lot of things in the Religion that would conflict with the way of life here (These are Moderates), similar to the way Christians and Jews omit large parts of their religion because that type of thing wont be accepted in a modern-day secular society.

Many Muslims, from the moderates to Islamists, all have one thing in common, they don’t wont marry outside of their religion, and if they do, they do it at their own risk, as some family members and others can see it as insulting to them and God. Yes, Muslims will marry whites, blacks or any other group you can think of, as long as they’re also a Muslim. It’s that adherence to Religion again, the idea of keeping the religion, Muslim house holds and communities pure and free of cultural contamination and dilution that is also a problem.

Of course, there’s no law saying you have to marry certain people in British society, only in the Qur’an and some other religions and cultures, but in the UK we have no rules like that anymore, and as such people see fit to marry who they like, unless you accept an arranged marriage. White and Black nationalists also take advantage of this freedom and use it to keep themselves ‘Pure’ too, but in a ‘racial’ sense and not a religious one. Either way, racial or religious, you can see how that kind of attitude is detrimental and damaging to a country and the communities within it. Unwillingness to integrate and mix on a social, community and even a racial level is going to damage society, I don’t care what type of Muslim or Nationalist you are, it doesn’t help. However, as I said before, it isn’t a law in the UK so people will please themselves.

I’d just like to say, I am not lumping all Muslims in with Nationalists, I was just explaining what other groups have the same kind of attitude/policy on marriage and can have an effect on the community they live in.  

All the above is the reason why Muslims were singled out in this speech by the PM. It wasn’t a witch hunt, it wasn’t misguided opinions based on a distorted media image, it was based on reality. Some Muslims in the UK today are turning radical, and it’s because of their religion and Western actions in Muslim countries. The fear of speaking out on issues such as this has also helped things along, because no one can have an opinion on such issues without being called a racist or Islamophobic because Muslims and Liberals are so sensitive about it, which resulted in a blanket ban on talking about anything Muslim, unless a Muslim was saying it. This ban on not talking about Islam and being forced to respect it, every part of it, even when elements of Islam are/were at odds with our own law and ideals, only gave ammunition to far right groups.

Those far right groups have only grown and continued to exist partly as a result of fast constant immigration, cultural change and sensitivity of Muslims and others regarding their religion and culture. That atmosphere created by that ‘keep your mouth shut, don’t offend anyone’ Politically Correct policy is what nourishes the far right, what annoys the average person and ultimately leads to the friction we have.

This sensitivity can be seen even now, look at the reaction from Muslim groups in the UK in the above video. They basically say: “We’re being victimized.” That isn’t the case, they’re being called out on a legitimate problem that exists within the Muslim community, one serious enough to make the British Government question it’s policy of Multiculturalism and even the funding some Muslim charities get. Muslim groups just don’t like anyone having a view of them that isn’t sanctioned by them,  positive and displays them in a good light. It’s simple, they just don’t like criticism, and any radicalisation is someone else’s fault and not their’s or their religion’s. In my opinion I’d lay a fair bit of the blame at the religion’s door, it’s so restrictive, controlling and out-of-step with British society that the only way you can be a British Muslim in the UK is by ignoring a lot of what the Qur’an and Hadith say.

The fact one Muslim group mentioned Cameron and the English Defence League (EDL) being on the same page really annoyed me. Here is someone talking about a legitimate problem, in a nice way, and they stand up and say: “You should write for the EDL”. It’s because of that attitude and the defence of it by people on the left, center and right that’s lead to the EDL, and Cameron and other European leaders having to say what they do and call Moderate Islamic groups out on their problems. If they didn’t, where would the population turn? It would turn to less savory groups like the British National Party.

The time of hiding behind the cultural and religious sensitivity card has to come to an end, the Moderate Muslims can’t keep blaming Western society, ignorance and Western wars in Muslim countries for the problems Muslim communities in the West have. It’s a combination of their own Religion’s and culture’s conservative inflexibility in the face of a Secular Western state as well as the religion’s allowance to accommodate violence and propagate hatred.


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Don’t Vote BNP To Punish The Three Major Parties, Unless You’re A Nazi

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 2, 2009

With the MPs’ expenses scandal still going on the anger at the three major parties is still very much intense! Rightly so too! They deserve a good hiding and many deserve to lose their jobs for what they did! However, not much change in the system has occurred since the whole situation broke out, the reason for that is because the three major parties are saving the change as their trump card after the local elections or closer to a General election. You see, even with a situation like this one they still take the piss and use it as a tactic to win votes! They don’t take you or the situation seriously! Now they know the problem isn’t going to go away they’ll draw the situation out as long as they can so they can then apply a new coat of paint to rotten system, which is NOT what we want or deserve! We want the whole frame-work taken away and a new one put it place, not just a lick of paint! So when the changes are made I’ll blog about them and tell you if it’s REAL change or just MPs’ version of real change.

Now, with the three major parties biting each others asses like a pack of feral dogs fighting for a scrap of food (your vote, heart and mind), most people are looking else where for change and honesty. Everyone keeps on harping on about th British National Party. Now, they DO have some good policy, I think a lot of people agree on that! That policy is shutting our borders because of excessive immigration, getting rid of political correctness and putting British people on the waiting list for housing etc (please note no British born Black, east Asian or other White Europeans will be on the waiting list for a house or anything else!). They harp on about British Culture being lost and want to bring it back? As I’ve discussed before the old idea of British culture was media and upper class invention of a way of life and national stereotype that never fully existed. So don’t be drawn in by that. The only thing the British National Party have is that! They have NOTHING else, because the rest of their policy evolves only helping the white people who were born here. They say “help”, it’ll be help at the expense of others, anyone who aint white, straight and a Christian will lose their jobs, even British born east Asians, African and mixed race people. How will they do this? They will demonise the population of the country who aint white and British and get you on-side and supporting what they do! Of course, all the above would only happen IF they got a significant majority in Parliament, which isn’t likely because pretty much the rest of the country has rejected them, so they’re heading for the North West to try to squeeze out a seat or two.

So let me spell this out for you, the British National Party are NAZIS, pure and simple, the only reason they have “NATIONAL” in the title is because National Socialism (Nazism) is a banned political party/ideology in the UK! The whole leadership is made up, or comes from, extreme right-wing organisations like the National Front and Neo-Nazi groups, if you don’t believe me then google: “History of the BNP” If you don’t trust that source then look it in to it yourself. They’re Nazis parading as patriotic, freedom loving civilised people, they are not civilised, they claim they are but in reality the atrocities they’d commit would be just as bad as in WW2 when the Nazis butchered anyone that didn’t fit their political or ethnic mould! To do what the BNP wants to do they would have to breach the rights of numerous English people who were born here and even people who have a white english ancestor. Not a lot of freedom for them people is there? Also, the fact the BNP has some idiot black and asian people working for them doesn’t mean a damn thing! It’s a publicity campaign, they’re trying to make themselves look like they aint Nazis or racists, but in fact they would sack and deport those minorities that work for them in a heartbeat if they ever got full power. How these black and asian people support them beggars belief, maybe they’re paid to or they’re that stupid they believe they’d be able to stay and live comfortably here? The BNP says they’ll pay minorities to return home to their countries or their acnestors’ country of origin. Do they really think they’ll go back to some hell hole in Africa, India or South East Asia??? Why would they want to live in a third or second world country?… when they have a first world one right here? They haven’t even thought this through, or have they? If minorities wouldn’t go home by means of a cash incentive, how would the BNP get them to move? I think you all know the answer to that.

Ultimately the BNP would do nothing good for the country, in fact they’d most likely cripple it! Though some of their policies look good the fact is they’re just doing what every political party does and that is pick the issues that are relevant at the present time and says they’ll d something about it. If you remember the BNP back in the early 90s they were against Blacks and Jews, that’s been dropped now because most Blacks and Jews have mostly integrated in to our society! So they pick a new target which is currently Muslims and numerous new immigrants and touts them as bringers of terrorism, diseases and destroyers of our way of life because they refuse to integrate. Though failure to integrate in to our society is a very serious problem, I don’t think the BNP will solve it with cash incentives to move on and the restoration of a tired sham British culture that never really existed. They’ll make the problem worse, because what we need is debate and rationality about the place in British society for Islam and many other foreign cultures/systems that clash with our own. And the British Nazi Party is not know for its debating and being rational, their ultimate aim is a Britain that is white through and through and Government that is fascist in nature. The fascist says it all really, it’s counter pretty much everything they make themselves out to be! They’re Nazi hypocrites.

So if you want to punish the three major parties, then vote for the Green Party or UKIP, don’t give the BNP any credibility, because that’s what they would likely get. They would want to be seen to be doing right, so that’s what they’d do so more people would vote for them. By the time they get in full power, they’d change their ways like true National Socialists do and then you’d never get them out again, unless you shed lost of blood!

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