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One Wants One’s Country Back!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on April 8, 2011

Just spruce up my poster a made a while back, added the Queen for a laugh and stuck my display name on there. Not sure if I can use it for a background or as a poster I can use to advertise my site elsewhere on the web.

But I’m not sure I want all that traffic and the inevitable aggro I’d get and have to deal with. I already get it on my Youtube page, I’d get worse on here. I’m not so much bothered about me though, I’m worried about these idiots going for other commenters and bloggers I talk to on here.

Anyway, thoughts on the poster are welcome.

Libyans are complaining they’re upset with NATO’s actions, or lack of, in the country. Well, maybe we should take our military hardware and go home? Maybe we should do that and leave the support up to the Arab Countries who are also supposed to be helping you but have a taken a back seat! In the West you can’t win, you go in to save a people, and they still bitch and moan. We should pull out and leave the business up to the Arab League and the Arab countries that are bitching about NATO doing things wrong. Pull out and let them take care of it, but they wont, because they’ll fail outright and also cost them money. So… they should either shut the fuck up or do it themselves, same goes for the Libyans complaining.

Oh, and how cool is this: The Stars Sing. No, I’m not talk of the Human kind, but like our own Sun! They actually sing! I hope they do anyway and the BBC isn’t pulling a late April Fools! I’m not sure how recent this discovery is, it strikes me as something that should’ve been known for a while. Anything with such power and force must emit some kind of hum. I’m sure it’s old news but they’ve discovered something new about it. I would find you the story but the BBC don’t have it on their site yet!

A new particle may have been discovered in the USA via their Tevatron Accelerator. I just hope it’s real and one of the workers haven’t dropped a Cheeze Burger in there! Imagine it… ‘Tha Cheeze Burger Particle’.

Have a good weekend to all!

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Wankers of The Week:

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 24, 2010

First and foremost, the tossers at Cadbury for allowing an iconic British brand worth billions, to be sold it to a company known for making crap processed cheese! Instead of thinking about UK jobs and UK GDP they only thought of their own bank accounts. Not only that we’re going to have to put up with shit U.S. chocolate now! Well done, you’re a credit to Wankers everwhere!The Government of the UK! Purely for allowing companies like Kraft to buy up firms like Cadbury and shooting ourself in the foot economically. It’s not as if they were powerless to stop the takeover, they lent them the money via Royal Bank of Scotland (Majority owned by the tax payer)! You really are a useless lot of bastards! Then again what else should I expect when the electorate are a useless lot of bastards too?

The UK electorate. A useless lot of bastards. 

David Cameron. The chinless wonder of the Tory party in the UK! I’m sick of seeing his mug on the TV trying to act all ‘common man/average Joe’ when he’s anything but! He’s a fucking dirty, stinking liar, born, raised and educated Oxford boy. He aint Mr. Average nor is he a common man! He’s a wanker, plain and simple! Just stop acting like you are average, you’re not. You aint got any serious policies, you just need to fuck off and stop hanging around Parliament like a fly on shit! The only chance you have of winning the election is outa of apathy, and you damn well know it! You opportunist twat! You and your party are so shite that Gordon Brown’s Labour are catching up to you in the popularity polls after numerous serious set-backs for them! scandal, expenses, leadership challenges and to top it all old Gordy’s a boring twat! And you still can’t pull out a victory! Sad donkey!

Hazel Blears. My local Member of Parliament. Stop hanging around like a lingering fart and fuck off! You’re bent and no one likes you anymore, well… anyone with no serious mental disorders.

Osama Bin Laden. Aint you dead yet? Hurry up and die, I’m waiting for this Political Islam bollocks to run its course like Communism did! It can’t start untill you snuff it, so hurry up!

Womens’ chat shows. Why????? Are all women this boring when they get together without the aid of alcohol?

People who make Adobe Flash tutorials. There’s always something you miss out, you over look it completely then expect me to follow it? And you got the balls to call it “easy step by step”? Kiss me whip!

Haiti. Is everyone else sick of it this now? How many other people are in-need of help?, some in our own nations. Yet the media only focuses on these people because it’s new! “Huge Earthquake, 100’000 dead? I smell an emmy!”.

British Papers. You really a load of talentless Knobheads! There is other more important news in the world other than celebs and pointless models who’s only contribution to man kind will be the amount of stupid people not born because the thick men were too busy beating one out over them! Page 3 of The Sunday Mirror featured a footballers wife and the different shoes she’s been wearing!

That’s enough now, I could go on but I’ll be here all night! Sorry, no pictures this week, I couldn’t be arsed! 😛

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Islam At Odds With British And western life.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 1, 2007

Before anyone starts, I am not a racist, and talking about and discussing any religion isn’t racist or bigotry.  
On Friday 29th of June there was car found packed with explosives and nails, this is what it contained, 60 litres of petrol, Gas cylinders and nails. The car Found outside a London night club (By accident!), by paramedics on a call out would have caused tremendous damage and loss of life if it had gone off. But because of the actions of a brave or witless policeman, depending on which way you look at it, it was foiled. Now, today on the 30th of June 2007 a car at Glasgow airport with two men inside rammed or parked the car in or at the front of the building and in some way not known yet, set some sort of explosive device off. It didn’t all go according to plan, one of the men was set on fire while the other fought with police and passers-by.
I know it’s early days yet, but I’m assuming it’s going to be a terrorist attack. Even if it isn’t (Though I doubt that very much), terrorists have attacked us before and planned to attack and been foiled. The thing I want to touch on is why?
The thing that comes to my mind and many other people’s minds is religion. It’s no secret strict religion and most ideologies divide communities and people and leads to mistrust, misunderstanding and suspicion inside those communities. Even if the people in the communities are both born and bred in the same community, speak with the same accent, have the same coloured skin, their religion or ideology will still divide them in some way. We only have to look at our very own religious ideological and physical battle ground, Northern Ireland, to see it first hand! They are more or less the same people, who have lived there for thousands’s of years, have the same ancestors and the same genetic make up. Then some guy or gal comes along and says: “You are this, and they are that! Therefore you are incompatible!” From that point on their own little religious practices become their identity and also become the right thing in their minds. Whether it be praying, farming the land in a certain way, sacrificing animals in a certain way and justified murder through religion.
I know the above is a very simplistic way to put it, but it’s basically the full story. And I’m aware that even if religion wasn’t the dividing factor in this kind of situation, humanity would still find a dividing factor or invent one to force their beliefs, way of life and will on others. But at the moment I’m going to focus on the Islamic religion/ideology as that’s the point of this particular blog. So, why do these people feel the need to commit these acts of terrorism? From what I have read, seen and heard on the net, TV and papers, they don’t like the way we live. They also don’t like the way our Governments roll in to Islamic countries, blow it to pieces and use it as a battle ground with or without our troops being there. They also don’t like the West’s support for the Jewish state of Israel, which most Muslims don’t recognise.
There are other points but I think these are the main three, so let’s analyze them:
(1) Britain, and indeed the west, is an extremely free and also very extremely ostentatiously decadent place to live. It’s not wrong for women to have many lovers, or men, it’s also ok for same sex relationships and marriages (almost outlawed in every religion). You are also free to have vices, be it legal or not. You’re free to question and satirize Islam/religion (Well all most!). Promiscuity is fine, western culture is very selfish in places and all the emphasis is set on worldly goods and material wealth. Pornography (All kinds, besides animal & child which is just sick) is accepted, nudity, sex before marriage, worship what ever god you like, women free to work and hold positions of power. The list goes on, but all this goes in the face of Islam and many religions.
Now, I’m not crazy about western culture myself, it’s very hollow and centered around wealth, position and status. The way people ‘relax’ by drinking alcohol or by smoking a cig or a joint. The way people lust after money as if it’s the be all and end all of life. Though I don’t agree with some minor parts of western life, it doesn’t mean that the individual can’t  or shouldn’t do it, if it’s with in the bounds of the law, reason and they don’t harm anyone else by doing it then it’s ok, I don’t care! Smoke yourself stupid, drug youself up to the eyeballs, drink to destruction, work all your life for a piece of paper and your status, just don’t expect me to join in. And that’s all fine with me. You could argue the above things would have an effect on me, but that’s another blog. But basically, we are the modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah and some of them think it’s their duty to God to destroy us.
(2) Western military interference in Muslim countries. Direct or not, this does happen all the time! It’s been happening for some time and will carry on. The West has propped up and endorsed some Dictators in the Muslim world and out side. Most of the time it’s to exploit Oil or mineral wealth, Iran is a good example, Iraq is also a good one, back in the 1980s Saddam was the US’s and the West’s friend, they even sold him weapons to fight Iran. A classic US west example of fighting an enemy without getting your hands dirty! There’s also Chechnya, (a small fragment of Russia) that want’s its independence. The tiny country is majority Muslim. This war between Russia and Chechnya has been going on for a while, but it’s the fact that the West turns a blind eye to the war and the killing there, in return for Russia’s support for the ‘War on terror’.
There are many other instances of this in the world, inside Muslim countires and out, sadly it’s nothing new, it’s just what the economic power does to keep economic and military dominance and control of the world. The point is these images may go unreported on our TV as it isn’t good TV viewing in between Coronation Street and Bad Girls, they are usually shown later on in the evening when most of the population has watched off prime time TV and gone to bed or gone for a swift pint. These programmes lay it down on the line what’s happening, and what’s being done in your name. These aren’t the only people who do it, the videos of these people being killed are taken to Mosques all over the world including here in Britain, and it only takes one mental, corrupt and evil bastard to brainwash these young alienated Muslims (The reasons for alienation are above. I’m not saying alienation is a justification for what these people do). So there it is, extremists are made by our Governments’ dirty double dealings in the developing world which are then twisted by the leaders of the terrorists who make it look like there is a war on Islam and Muslims, when in fact the West is doing the same thing the terrorists are doing, trying to gain more control.
(3) The West’s support for Israel. There has always been some sort of problem in Israel. It goes back thousands of years, but the most recent troubles started with the 1947 UN partition plan. Israel was going to be split in to two states, the Jewish state, comprising 55% of the total land, and the Arab state, comprising 45% of the land. And Jerusalem would be administered by the UN so as not to lead to any fighting over it. Sounds fare doesn’t it? Israel agreed to it, the Arab league did not! This then lead to the Arab League to order violent attacks on Jewish citizens, the Jews fought back, won and proclaimed their independence. This then in turn lead to the Arab/Muslim countries to invade and attack Israel. This war effectively lead to the problems we have today, with Israel holding and settling lands that it shouldn’t have and the same goes for the Arab countries that surround it. The problem is, every time the Muslim/Arab terrorist/freedom fighters, fire a rocket at Israel, Israel retaliates by storming or firing back in to the countries where the rocket was launched from. So do this back and forth for the next 50 odd years  and you end up with the situation we have.
Now, Israel has been militarily supported by the west over the past nearly 50 years, especially by the USA. Israel has also consistently not complied with UN mandates to pull back behind its lines amongst other things, after it’s numerous wars with the surrounding countries. It regularly kills and in-prisons it’s own Arab population, accusing them of Terrorism. Even with all this the US and the west still supports Israel, it gives it weapons and money, the reason why? Because the US is run by right-wing Christians, who believe it is their job and duty as Christians to protect the holy land from Muslims. So add to this a twisted religious tosspot who stirs it all up and we have more ready-made propaganda by our own Governments for the terrorist leaders to recruit more Jihadies to the cause! 
So there is the three main reasons for these people to go around and commit murder in the world. I know you’re sitting there thinking they don’t have to to do it, but because of religion they feel obliged and obligated to. It’s them and their God who they think is under attack, this is religious teachings that are hardwired in to the brain when they are children at work here. They think if they don’t do it they will not go to heaven and not receive ever lasting bliss at God’s side, remember they actually believe this stuff.
We know not all Muslims do this or support this! The Koran is very clear, not like a lot of religious books, but still, some times it’s taken out of context. But, Islam and Judaism are so stuck in the stone as regards to their religions there are bound to be problems integrating in to any society, especially in to one like the West. They still ritually sacrifice animals, don’t marry outside their own faith. Islamlic law states a woman should be stoned to death for having an affaire with a married man, While the man get’s off free! I know the Islamic law and Rule book was written after Mohammad died, and was written and based on how he lived his life, but this law is still part of their religion, even if we know it’s a load of  crock.
The fact is they follow this book to the T – and this book that isn’t worth putting under your bed to replace one of the legs – tells them to go out and commit these acts, and the majority of the Muslims who don’t get involved, don’t do enough to stop it. And the reason they don’t do enough is because either their religion tells them not to, or they don’t care! I find it hard to believe the Muslim community in the UK doesn’t know who Islamists are. So to cap it all, they come here, they have their own culture, have their religion, have a job and free house and money if need be, but when their fellow brothers and sisters plot to blow up the  unbelievers, they say nothing! You all know I don’t mind people doing what they want to do, be it pray to their God, wear a pointless piece of clothing to hide your body, speak how you like and just basically live your life the way you want to. But there has to be a little bit of understanding and socializing between people in a community. There’s no point in moving to a country and living behind a religion and then segregating yourself from the rest of the surrounding community because the religion or religious leaders say so! It just doesn’t work!
The Muslim community in Britain and the rest of the West should realize they live in the West, and not in the dust bowl they came from anymore and they don’t have to live the way they used to, that’s surely what they came here for wasn’t it? They are doing themselves no favours by letting their religious leaders impose the same pointless, freedom limiting religious laws on them and not challenging them! They do themselves no favours when they stifle debate on the subject of their religion, they do themselves no favours when they let the politically Correct brigade speak for them, i.e no Christmas decorations because it offends them or Christmas party or St George’s flags! They do themselves no favours when they cling and adhere to a stone age religion, they do themselves no favours when they let the same people from their flawless religion kill people! I’ll tell you something now, British society aint perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than living in a stone age religion where women are denied rights and you stone a person to death for a trivial offense.
If you don’t like society, then don’t take part. If you want to dress from head to toe, then do it. If you want to segregate yourself, fine, it’s your choice. But for fucksake! Open your eyes and your mouth and don’t be dictated to by religion and tell somebody if you hear anything about any attacks! You are not betraying God by saving lives! Either that or go to a country where you wont have to do none of the above, I’m not crazy about society, but I would rather live here than anywhere else, why? Freedom!
So, they do it partially because of the situation in the world (Mostly in Muslim countries). They also do it because of religious indoctrination. But, only a minority do it. So does it take a special kind of person to strap themselves with explosives and fill the car with the same thing and then blow themselves away and anybody else nearby with them? Are they mentally unbalanced or are they on drugs to stop them from feeling nervous? I think it’s a feeling of alienation from western society and religious brainwashing. And not forgetting that all important mind-set, be it natural or by drugs. Either way, it isn’t going to end any time soon. It’s not like the cold war, we can’t just out do our enemy economically or millitarily anymore, they don’t have to out do us, they only have to scare the population. Take all the money away and they will still come up again somewhere else in the world. You could say improving conditions in the developing world would reduce the numbers. Or for the west to have a foreign policy that doesn’t involve blowing the shit out of Oil rich countries.
I can’t see western nations sharing the wealth and making the lives of people in the developing world better, just to please a bunch of Religious extremists. If they did the numbers of terrorists wouldn’t be so large, it wouldn’t be the end of it, but it would greatly reduce the numbers. So for the time being, looks like we’re stuck with them. What do you think should be done?  

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Conclusion to – What Is Modern English Culture.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 28, 2007

I thought I had this subject nailed, man was I wrong! So thank you to everyone who left a comment negative or positive and also for contributing to my utter confusion on the subject hahaha. I thought about it good and hard – till it gave me a headache, or maybe that was my anemia?
Anyway the comment that gave me the most to think about was Spice’s – I’m not saying all the other comments didn’t, but Spice’s gave me the biggest headache. Why? – because Spice said in so many words that England was to big to have one perfectly designated culture. And the only perceived culture there is, is the one forced up on us by the media, usually a negative one. And with that well placed blow to my blog’s dangly bits, my view on the subject quickly changed. 
Spice also said most of the the classic English views are made up and just fiction. You  know  ‘fair play’, cricket on the village green, thatched cottages and so forth, that typical view of Englishness that only exists in the minds of the upper classes tourists and foreigners. Well that was what I was talking about when I wrote the blog, it just does not exist – and if it ever did it was only experienced by a minority of the super rich of the time. So now we’ve established that the English view pushed up on us by the media and the upper classes does not fully exist and never really has done only as a tourist selling point and propaganda to cover the real England of grinding poverty as Robin and Spice said – what is there?
Well one thing was unanimously agreed on by four of the commenters, namely Katt, Chris, Connie, Spice and myself too… was that England was number one for music. Yes the scene isn’t to good at the moment, but will get better. Katt and Spice also thought English or British TV was good to. Having not lived outside of the UK I can’t really form an opinion on most foreign TV – but what I have seen is not as good as English TV. But there are some good ones though. There is also the mostly unbiased reporting by the media in this country to. We know some are not perfect and are owned by business men or are run by men and women with certain political agendas – but mostly for the time being they are unbiased.
Spice also said the English have a certain level headedness and sensibility, like the way we avoid extreme political opinion and behaviour. Though I think the majority of the voting population of the country just don’t pay attention to what the politicians say or most of the current events around them.Then again maybe they do but just don’t care as they are wise to them or just go with the flow of voter apathy because it’s the popular thing to do.
I suppose you could say everyone has their own view of what Englisness or English culture is. My view is one of growing up on a council estate with a good sense of community, but bad drug problems on the estate and seeing houses of those drug dealers being raided, stolen cars being burned in the centre of the estate and worrying if my home was going to be taken away from us because my parents choose to pay for food, clothing and heating rather than pay the rent. Remember this was the 80s and early 90s and many people were being left homeless, it’s not as if my father was underqualified, he was a bloody good pipe fitter and was till he had to stop working due to ill-health. But the main problem of the time was the Tory government and it’s miss-handling of the economy and i grew up listening to my dad and other elders turn the air blue when they spoke about them. So that was basically mine, it’s not the full story but it’ll do, and I’m guessing everyone’s will be slightly different.
So on to the question of our culture, we may not have one decisive culture we can take the pulse of so to speak, but, we do all share some basic Englishness. As is outlined above and on Spice’s comments and even others you will no doubt write in the comment body. But still, even now the council estate community spirit we once had all over England and Britain is fading as we all get that little bit more prosperous and then detach from that ‘we’re all in the same boat mentality’. So with this traditional glue of the nation wearing away we are moving more towards the upper class mentality or the American consumer society mentality, where all that matters is material wealth and greed. And to me that is not a country I want to be part of. 

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What Is Modern English/British Culture?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 12, 2007

Over recent years I have pondered over whether we the English or for that matter Britain as a whole has a culture. In my opinion it seems all we are doing is basing our modern culture on the past. Is modern English culture really just old Anglo-Saxon history, Royal history, and our recent Victorian industrial Empire years? Is it really tea and scones, red phoneboxes, bowler hats, and a Cockney and standard English accents? Is the landed gentry, Lords and ladies and the rest of the Aristocracy with their “Stiff upper lip” (That saying is American by the way) while on horses chasing a fox round the countryside our culture?
I’ll tell you something about the above, it aint my culture at all! And it’s also not the culture of the vast amount of English old and young on the estate where I live and on the estates in the rest of England and Britain. Or as I like to call it, real England. You know the England I’m talking about? The one where there’s a drug dealer on every street, violence in the pub and on the street in some way or another every night. You know the one with the tinned up windows on a council owned street? I’m not saying it’s this bad on every street but you get the idea. They are generally working class or poor run down areas. And as the working and poor classes make up the majority in England, they are England and the back bone of the country.
All of the classes above working class and even some working class people who kid themselves in to thinking they are middle class, think that the working classes are plebs, Chavs and Scallies. Well they are a minority not a majority of the poor and working class. So now we have the fact that the working class is the majority, what culture do they have? Do we see them wearing bowler hats? No we don’t. Do they take tea and scones? I don’t know many that would sit down to tea and scones – so the answer is no. How many of them talk in an accent like the two fat ladies? None unless they’re taking the piss or putting on a false accent to make themselves appear more higher up the class chain than they really are. So that’s another no then. How many go on fox hunts around the countryside? – another extreme no. I could go on with examples.
So what culture do we have? When I say ‘We’ I mean the majority of the people in the country, who are working class. I don’t really see any culture other than that adopted from the rest of the world, especially that of America. You see people walking around with baseball caps on, with a team plastered on the front of it that they never heard of. You see them wearing American clothes. They listen to American music as well as our own that has some American influence. They eat American food as well as Indian, Chinese, Italian and many more. I know we have our own food, clothes and music, but I’m not going to believe for a minute that all we have to English culture is fish and chips, Ben Sherman clothes and Oasis to name one English band. So to me it just seems we have adopted in recent years, fragments of other cultures. Is it fair to say the majority of English modern culture is adopted to make up for lack of our own? Are we adopting fragments of other cultures as a way of gaining our own after centuries of being told what our culture is and having it forced on us by a minority of elite people i.e. the Aristocracy?
What do you think modern English culture is and what do you think it is going to become? This blog isn’t just for English people to comment on, it’s for any person who’s surfing the spaces, and I’m sure most of you will have an opinion on what English culture is or what it means to you. So please leave a comment.

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