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What Really Caused The 2011 Riots In England?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 18, 2011

On the 4th of August 2011 the Metropolitan Police shot dead an alleged drug dealer, Mark Duggan, while trying to arrest him on suspicion of a planned revenge attack after the murder of his cousin.  According to Police sources Mr. Duggan had a Gun in the Taxi he was in when the Police tried to arrest him, it was also said one of the Police officers were shot, but this later turned out the be a ricochet from a Police gun. There are conflicting statements and circumstances surrounding the Death of Mark Duggan that are still not clear and may never will be. Not to dilute the seriousness of the incident but whether he was a drug dealer or the Police acted inappropriately is a subject for another blog because there is not enough evidence either way currently.

What we do know is that this death caused a chain reaction around London and then other parts of England. But let’s get this clear, only a few people were actively rioting because of what happened to Mark Duggan, the others just used it as an excuse. So, what I want to talk about is why. Why did so many people think it was right and proper to loot shops, destroy homes, cars, businesses and attack the Police and each other?

If you’ve been watching the TV and reading the News Papers then you would have seen what some people are blaming it on. The main answers I’ve seen being offered are a general breakdown in some parts of society, caused by relaxed parenting, absent parents, relaxed liberal law enforcement, drugs, lack of religion and the ‘Family values’ it advocates and lack of job prospects (National & Community Economic Depression).

It is all of the above, with some things being more responsible than others. One of the most questionable ones is the lack of religion in our community and daily lives being a big factor. I disagree with this as there was more crime in the past when England truly was a religious country than in modern times. Though I don’t dispute religion can be a guiding and grounding force when a person adopts only the good parts (When I say ‘good parts’ I mean what is good, kind and lawful by our cultural standards of today) of that particular ideology. Though many of the non-religious also maintain that people could do the same things without being religious and still have a healthy society. Japan for example, the majority of the population there are Shinto and Buddhists, these ‘religions’ are more about culture and history than religious regulations, yet Japan is nothing like England. When the North East of Japan was devastated by a tsunami in March 2011 no one was seen to be looting or overly angry, and their lives, homes and family had been washed away. Again this is nothing like England.

Staying with Japan as an example, the economy of Japan has been in a perpetual slump since the late 1980s. During the 1990s, which the Japanese call the ‘Lost Decade‘, jobless figures were high and even to this day the industry of Japan has a third of their workforce made up of non-Japanese, which means there’s fewer jobs for native-born Japanese. A situation similar to our own here in England. Despite this the Japanese have not rioted, though they have protested, albeit quietly.

So what causes the Japanese to take things in their stride, maybe a little too much in their stride, and the English to fight, smash and loot? As I said, all the above things I mentioned in paragraph three are all to blame to a degree, but all the above have a thing in common. That thing is ‘Socialisation‘. Basically, Socialisation is what we learn at an early age as we grow up. The ‘social norms’, the way we go about talking to others, eating, working, presenting ourselves, our values, traditions our culture. What we learn as children (Socialisation) will set the scene for how we act when we become adults. It’s important to note there is a common disagreement between social scientists about socialisation and if it is all learned or some aspects of our personality, which affect the way we act, are from genetics. 

Regardless of that debate, the reality is that socialisation is the main way we learn and enforce the ‘norms’ of our society. So what degrades these norms, what stops or changes the established socialisation we have to another? The answer quiet simply is what I cited above. What this means is, that ‘break down in society‘ is a break down in socialisation. And that breakdown is caused by outside factors, such as I mentioned in Paragraph three, to all contribute to the degradation of the established socialisation we have. Of course, not everyone was out looting, fighting and destroying things during the unrest, what does this mean? It means the majority of the rioters came from a different community or family where accepted socialisation isn’t adhered to or respected.

On looking closely you can see these people come from economically depressed poor/working class areas, areas where economic activity and funding is very little and almost absent. When I say this I’m in no way excusing the way those people acted during the riots, I’m just explaining what contributed to it.

Adding to the economic depression is another factor, a Consumer Society . In a consumer society people buy for necessity as much as they do for pleasure and identity. In the past when jobs were more available and a collective identity, such as working class, miners, butcher and such were granted by birth, people had a sense of worth and stronger sense of belonging. These days, people rarely base who they are on their job title, they base who they are on what ‘they’re in to’, such as music, art, how they dress what they own and how rich they are. In a materialistic society where image, what you own and how rich you are means everything to an individual, you’re nothing if you don’t have the right stuff. You’re nothing if you’re a person or part of a family that’s on benefits and you can’t afford anything so you can socially ‘fit in’. This sounds very childish, and you would be right… it is, but this is the kind of hollow society we have whether you like it or not.

This type of society contributed to the riots, just as the economic under investment has. If those people had something to lose, if they already had what they wanted then many of them would not have done what they did. However, faced with the opportunity many people would loot what they could if given the chance, many people do that regardless of whether they’re rich or poor.

You may be thinking now: “If we [The English] did that then why didn’t the Japanese?” The answer to that is some socialisation is so engrained and matters so much, like the honour code in Japan, that people adhere to it strictly. That is why Japan doesn’t have much unrest, but we in the UK and the West do.

Having said all the above I think there comes a time when people take responsibility for their actions and situation and try to make a difference in their own lives instead of blaming it on others. The help exists out there for people to make something of themselves if they com from a disadvantaged area. I am an example of this. However, if the Government wants to stop the riots from happening again getting tough on crime will help a little but ultimately wont do much but lock more people up because the base problem isn’t being addressed. We need to get to the bottom of what causes it and that is our society that fosters hollow materialism, weak law enforcement and  successive Governments that have put profits and the needs of big business before those of the people.


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Two Atomic Bombs And Constant Earthquakes Weren’t Enough?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 18, 2011

Let’s get something straight, what has and is currently happening in Japan is horrific! Thousands have already died in the North East of the country as a result of the 9.0 Magnitude Earth Quake and Tsunami that followed. Many are also missing, homeless and many more may die from disease and radiation poisoning if the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant‘s reactors explode!

You’d think this on-going tragedy was bad enough without heartless, ignorant people adding to the misery of it! Some callous, seriously ignorant people have been calling what’s happening in Japan as a ‘Message from God’ and ‘Karma‘ because the Japanese are Shintoists and Buddhists. which means they’re basically Atheists, and for the country’s actions during World War Two.

Glenn Beck’s Comments , yes, Glenn Beck again, well his comments on the natural disaster that happened in Japan were just typical of an brain-dead idiot like himself. He called it: “A message from God.” and “What God does is God’s business, I have no idea. But I’ll tell you this: whether you call it Gaia or whether you call it Jesus – there’s a message being sent. And that is, ‘Hey, you know that stuff we’re doing? Not really working out real well. Maybe we should stop doing some of it”.  He went on to say we could “appease” God by following the Ten commandments!

Beck wasn’t alone with his comments, another idiot, this time the Japanese Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara – another man not adverse to saying stupid things, said the earthquake and resulting tsunami was: “divine punishment.” and that::  “It is necessary to wash away the greedy mind … by using tsunami” Obviously Mr. Ishihara retracted his comments, as all self-serving and self-saving Politicians do, which is something Ishihara is used to! 

There has also been an accompanying chorus to these comments by some normal people. These people are saying Karma has come back and hit Japan for the country’s past history.

OK, where to start! Oh yeh, geological activity and natural disasters, you know, Earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis and the like have been going on since the Earth was able to form oceans and continents! Which is about, oh… um… 3Bn years ago for the continents! There is nothing divine about it, it has nothing to do with God. Even if it did, God knows all and sees all and knows what it is to come. Which means God created and planned what the Japanese were going to do and subsequently punished them for Its own actions. That is just complete rubbish!

Karma. Ok, this concept too… is rubbish! If it were a solid concept then a lot of bad people in the world would suffer before they actually die. The fact is a lot of them don’t! People get away with murder and all sorts of acts that would demand Karma at some point, but it rarely happens to the right people. Instead it happens to people who have never hurt anyone or done something really bad in their lives. 

Even if the concept was valid and true, it wouldn’t apply to a country as a Political unit, as Karma works on an individual level, not collective. It also wouldn’t punish many innocents along with the perceived guilty. If we look at Japan now, only 11% of the Population are 75 or over, of that 11% only those over 85 could’ve fought in/for the war to some degree that the country is being punished for. In a country of over 127 million people, that isn’t a lot. So the idea Karma would wipe out the North East of the country to take out less than 11% of the population is ridiculous!

There’s a few things going on here. Number one is the typical religious reaction to a natural disaster, it’s the only way they can deal with so many people suffering that they look for a reason why God would do such a thing. Also gives them the opportunity to feel like they made the right choice, because they haven’t been harmed, and take it upon themselves to remind others that they’re doing and believing the wrong thing.

Number two, a lot of hate for the Japanese for actions that happened over sixty years ago! The modern people of Japan have nothing to do with what happened, besides those within the 11%. Why dislike a whole nation for the actions of their ancestors? That’s so narrow-minded, tribal and stupid! Why blame the son for the sins of the father? If we all did that we’d be hating each other – even more than usual! These people also seem to forget that Japan were bombed twice by Atomic bombs, gets hit by numerous earthquakes and has been under U.S. domination since the end of WWII. Wouldn’t that be Karma enough?, if indeed it could ever a working force.

People need to learn and understand that the present day populations have nothing to be sorry or ashamed about, even if their parents, grand parents or other ancestors were involved in wars and acts that were horrendous. People also need to learn people are people and this type of thing will be going untill the Human race dies out, so you may be the mother or father of the next Hitler!

But forget about that, and think about some of the poor people in Japan who have lost everything they had! Even their family members! Just have a heart and remember they’re Human too!

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