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I’ve Lost All Faith…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 2, 2011

In case you didn’t already know or notice I have lost all faith in the UK Government, Its Police force, its laws and judicial system. I have absolutely no faith in the financial system in the UK, or the wider world. I have zero faith in our media to deliver unbiased news. I’ve lost faith in all our Western Democracies.

The reasons for this are obvious. You should already be aware our Government is fucking useless, spineless and bows to the rich and powerful’ pressure on many subjects and situations. Not only that, but our Government, who are supposed to represent us and our values and ideals, regularly (That is on a daily basis as well as yearly and every decade) fuck us over in the name of more profits or whatever general cause they deem worthy of fucking us over for. Our values of freedom and democracy are nothing but words and a shadow of what they actually should be as they’re regularly denied or infringed upon in the UK. Not only does our Government do it at home, it does it in other countries too where they do business with some of the most disgusting regimes on the planet with Human Rights abuses.

The whole Westernised world is hypocritical, they’re ready and willing to over-look the mass murder of people in other countries as long as they get what they want out of it, which is usually resources which equals profits. Our Governments are owned and run by the richest and most powerful people in the UK and the World, and they’re not even voted in. Their vote is in the form of a donation to one of the main Political parties or one of the many members of those Political Parties. Some don’t even have to donate, they have such a huge business or amounts of money that they can just dictate what Government Policy will be on a specific subject. These people can also buy the media and not only the control the flow of news  but dictate what’s said or printed.

These same people can also get away with crimes other normal people like you and I could never hope to get away with if we ever committed such crimes. If you’re rich then you’re powerful, and when you’re powerful you’re influential. So basically they can buy themself out of trouble or buy themself a reduced sentence. So these people also have control and influence in the Judiciary and so are above the law of the land.

These people are arrogant despicable Human filth. The law doesn’t apply to them, so they do as they see fit, which includes having a say in the way my and your lives are run. Everything our governments do affect us, and as we’ve seen, they are dictated to by the rich and powerful.

It’s these people, as well as the Politicians who make up our Government, who have destroyed (and control) not only our Democracy but our economic system. Most of the Western world is in debt, debt that is so high that the level of austerity is going to rise over the next seven years and maybe beyond. These people, our Government and other groups would have you believe it was increased borrowing to meet public spending targets and bad business practices by a “Few bad apples” that caused the problem. To a degree, this is true, but those “few” bad apples were many and debt created by borrowing to meet public spending targets wasn’t as high as these people make out. Our national debts went up when we had to save the banks in the UK and the rest of the Western world.

These people, these eager,  greedy short-sighted bastards, lobbied and in some cases told Government to relax financial regulation laws so they could make more money faster, and in return the Governments’ would get more Tax from increased profits. Everything went well for nearly a decade, but during that time the deregulation of the financial system let loose a “make as much money as possible who gives a fuck about the repercussions to others” mentality. In short, the “Greed is Good!” type.

These are the people who helped bring the World’s economy to its knees, and are still involved in Government and the financial system. They’re so mixed with it all that two of these former bankers now run two European countries, Italy and Greece, and not only that they also have people in places of power throughout Europe. They’re so damned determined to get their money back from the countries they bought gilts from that they’ve infested the Governments of Europe to make sure there’s a bailout or that someone assures the debts will be paid.

Next year it’s highly likely the UK and Europe will go in to recession, in fact it may be even worse than a recession, it may develop in to a depression, and if that happens then things will obviously be really, really bad. And it incense me that we the people, will be the ones on the shitty end of the stick as usual, and the people I spoke of above will still be happy, healthy, solvent and still directing Government.

Yes, we have a lot to look forward to, don’t we? The only upside to this problem is that people will have nothing to lose at that point and there will be people in the street in their millions protesting about these people and the situation we’re in. I just hope that positive change comes from the ensuing shit storm in 2012 and the people aren’t mislead, calmed and fooled in to being quiet again by people who profess to be on their side and want to change things, when in fact it’s just another puppet group who are run and backed by the rich bankers, corporations and super rich.

Also, for the record, the Nations outside the Westernised world are no better when it comes to double standards, greed and certain people being exempt from the law. Don’t think for a second that those countries’ leadership are all innocent, because it’s far from the truth.


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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 24, 2009

I’ve noticed the MPs’ expenses story is slipping back and forth between the number one and number two slot on the news! It was three some time on Friday or Saturday! Don’t get distracted by the new current news stories like the Gurkha victory to stay in the UK or the Queen’s cars and parts of a building been opened up to be viewed for undercover reporters for cash. Forget the celebs, especially those two talentless tits who recently spit up! Listen to this and remember why you were all so pissed off:

Can you believe the arrogance? This just further proves how far removed from reality our politicians are. He thinks he did nothing wrong? Tory MP Anthony Steen claimed over £87,000 for his home and garden over four years! The man has been an MP for 34 years and a barrister before that, and he couldn’t afford the up-keep of his house and land out of his own pocket? Just imagine how much he’s claimed for during his 34 years as an MP!? Seriously, THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND! This man and other MPs like him really can’t see what they’ve done wrong, the only thing they’re sorry for is getting caught, in fact Anthony Steen seemed to be more pissed at the fact the Labour Government brought in the Freedom of Information act that lead to him being caught in the first place. And he asks what it has to do with YOU, the PUBLIC, who pay for his garden while he already has a pretty flush bank account? PEOPLE!!! We should be pulling this bastard and others like him out in the street and hangin’ the bastards! People are losing their homes and business because they can’t afford rent, Council tax and all the rest, while this man and many like him use your Tax to live a comfortable life??? And a man, I may add, who is ALREADY wealthy?

Don’t EVER forget what they’ve done! Don’t let the new news stories distract your attention away from what they’ve done and what YOU want done to the WHOLE rotten system! Just keep your eyes open and watch out for very sensational stories emerging that will try to distract you what what’s happened. They’re hoping you’ll do what you usually do, and that’s get all distracted by other TV news stories, move on to TV programmes and get bored and forget what they did. And when someone mentions the MPs expenses scandal a few months later or when you remember it for yourself you’ll see how sod all or not enough has been done because of lack of attention from the electorate! When you see this you’ll get all apathetic again and think; “What’s the point?” That’s when they’ve won! Don’t get bored and don’t get distracted!

We have a chance to actually make our system work and bring it in to the 21st century, and all you need to do is pay attention, not get bored and BOLLOCK your local MP when they have a Surgery. Just keep the public anger going by stirring it in Tescos when you shop or when you go out for the evening. Just do it till we have the system we deserve and the MPs work for us and not for themselves and their big business mates. And remember, A early General election will NOT fix the rotten system, it will just change the government and confirm a vote of little or no confidence in pretty much all MPs. That WONT bring any change, it’s most likely to just bring a hung Parliament about. And that wont help anyone.

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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 1, 2008

Hiya everyone! Sorry I aint been about but I really have zero motivation at the moment! I’ve been ill on and off ever since I got out of hospital after my op in April to remove a dermoid cyst from my mouth and neck! I must have another little lump out tomorrow too! Blah blah blah blah… I don’t want to bore you with my numerous happenings. I just thought I owed you all an explanation of where I’ve been Actually, I’ve been mostly on MySpace commenting profiles, but not a lot of blogs! Why can’t Live spaces have profile comment boxes? They’re so much easier and my PC wouldnt freeze up when I comment spaces boxes! grrrrrrr

Anyway, to tide the readers of my blogs over here’s a repost from my back-up page last year.. It’s called ‘Surrender’, and it’s sort of how I still feel now. Oh… and can anyone answer me this question? What’s the point of contributing to society when that society is hollow, corrupt, greedy, selfish and built on the backs the exploited?


I’m not sure what sort of conclusion I’m going to come to at the end of this post, because as always my blogs are usually just one big long in-depth question, with no clear answer! So bear with me if I sound a little fragmented and incoherent.

Ever since I was old enough to comprehend and understand the magnitude of the society around me (About 14), I’ve always had this feeling that sooner or later I will have to surrender to the system. Yes I know, “Surrender to the system” very clichéd, but ultimately true. The system I’m talking about is my own personal view of the system, a combination of Capitalism and Human social conditioning. Human social conditioning differs from country to country, owing to ideological, religious and cultural differences, most of the Western or Westernized world has the same kind of HSC because they have Capitalism and history in common. So I am only going to touch on the British kind as that is what effects me and is what I am talking about in this post.

Throughout life you are under pressure in some way or another to conform to whichever community or social group you are in. Be it at the office (in a job), school, peer groups and even family. But to me, this is just total and utter surrender to the system! Making friends and getting along with your family is fine, just as long as you don’t change your attitude or the person you are to do it. What I view as surrender is: Working a 9 to 5 job you just do not like, just so you can please your parents, family, lovers, friends or society in general, because that’s what society want’s you to do. People feel compelled to go out and get a job no matter what it is so people don’t think they are lazy or a sponger. They feel compelled to go out and get the money that will put them on the pedestal they think they need to compare and measure up to others. They think money makes and equals a better person, they think a job makes and equals better status in life, they think a high bank ballance and status elevates them above others, when it doesn’t.

They go to work to earn money to buy the most expensive designer clothes to wrap themselves in a sort of removable, wearable, popularity and personality. They have to buy the most expensive commodities to give the impression of greatness and wealth to others and to show they have reached the pinnacle of society. This isn’t just the rich I’m talking about, it’s the working class! They actively mimic and aspire to the life and style of the rich and higher classes. In the past the working class were all about putting food on the table, now the majority lust for the life of the high classes, they seek status and the expensive lifestyle. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making your life more comfortable, but it’s just the attitude change that comes with it that I don’t like. Like the “I’m better than you because I earn more money than you and I own property.” shite.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t resign myself to that, and can’t live my life that way. It’s just so uniform and wrong, it really gnaws at me! To me it goes like this, Go to school, be taught, go to College, be taught some more, go to Uni (If you can afford it!) pay for and earn a degree you may not even need, get a job (Even one you may not like) to get money, get the girl, get the expensive car, the house and the mortgage (AKA the noose!), have the kids, work for the rest of your life, if you’re lucky you may see your pension (If you have one at all), then you snuff it! Oh, and the bits in between when you’re not working is your life! Why does this happen? Mostly because of Human social conditioning and Capitalism. I know some people are happy in what they do and are happy doing the above, but I can’t, and most people just do it because it’s what is expected of them. How many people work jobs and work with people they despise? How many miserable bastards do you see going to work every morning with a face like thunder? That’s right, a hell of a lot! And they nearly all work soul-destroying jobs!

Now, to some people a job is a means to an end, to live and survive in a capitalist world and society. But once you are in, you surrender your life to the system and you become part of it. From that point on, in my opinion, your life is set and uniform! You run your life according to the system’s requirements and not your own. You have a life, but only from 5pm to 9am (Usually), the rest belongs to the system. You become a slave to your possessions, working to keep up the rental payments on your new car, your new HD widescreen TV and all the other expensive and non expensive shite you don’t need. In essence, it makes you think like you can’t live with out it, when you can.

I know it’s the nature of Capitalism and it keeps people and the economy alive, but surely there must be a less greedy, hollow, selfish and soul-destroying way to live and survive? Maybe people could work for free? They could do the jobs they want, work for free and take what they need (As much as they need and a little over) from the supermarket? If there isn’t enough jobs for the people, then they rotate the workforce every three or six months so everybody has a turn. Mr. X who likes to bake, bakes for 3 months then Mr. X takes three months off and lets Mr. Z take over, while Mr. X doesn’t work he can still take what he needs (With just over what he needs) from the supermarket. This would work in every type of job, just imagine, every type of job would be filled and the population’s work force would work on and off on rotas, they would also have more time off to live their lives with their families. Obviously, there are going to be jobs that no body wants to do, they will still have to be done. Everyone starts from the bottom and works their way up, regardless of qualifications or background, I would do it, as long as it benefited the whole society and I was elevated after my time was up. It would need some tweaking but it would be workable.

Unfortunately there’s always going to be some selfish awkward big-headed bastard who think’s it’s beyond them to do the mundane jobs! They want to go right to the top and stay there and be richer, more powerful and have better status than everybody else! These type of people run the system now, we would have no chance to convince them to change, the population is so trapped in side the system now they don’t even notice what’s going on. They mindlessly sit there watching the box in the corner with the pictures on, keep themselves amused with cheap shit they buy, they are all to preoccupied and contented with what they got they don’t want to change. So we will never convince them to change, they have everything they want (So they think), why would they want to change?

So I’m already half way across the line, I am in fact in the system, I rely on it. The money I get to live comes from the system, I am sick at the moment so I can’t work, I’ve been sick for a while (It’s an illness that can’t be faked, believe me!). The money I get, before anybody starts saying they support me, is money my parents paid in to the system when they worked, so I’m entitled to it! I never thought I’d say it, but I’m glad I’m sick so I can’t work! It saves me the indignity of getting a soul destroying job I despise and working full-time taking my life and happiness away to fill the pockets of the state with my unfairly taxed contribution. It’s so sad, I don’t think it will ever end, look at the 60’s for fucksake? All those hippies who were counterculture? Well, a lot of are businessmen now! They’re politicians, bankers, arms dealers and all the rest of the stuff they were against. They became what they despised… the system! Why? Because they left Uni and got jobs because the whole thing was just a rebellious phase for them. Just like it is for today’s so-called counterculture cultures, i.e Modern Hippies, Punks, Anti-capitalists and all the others. They nearly all conform in the end.

As for me, well, I’m under no illusions, I may have to join the rest of the sheep in the future. Going from job to job, because of no job security. I’ll be very lucky to get a pension for when I retire. Trapped on a run down Northern estate full of plebs, chavs, scallys and drug dealers who all have wafer-thin self-esteem and an insistence on proving themselves in some way. The words of John Lydon come to mind, “No future for you!” How fuckin’ true to, unless you consider no job security and working in McDonald’s, restaurants and retail as a future! The whole system and society is bollocks!

A society that measures the worth of a person by how much tax they pay, what their bank balance is and derives personality, self-esteem and soul from clothes, commodities and status, needs dismantling and starting a fresh or at least subverting Properly!

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Aaaaaand Back We Go! AGAIN!!!!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 4, 2008

Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, you would notice that Labour got hammered in the recent local council elections! Labour lost control of 9 councils in total and 300 local council seats, most to the Conservative party (Tory)! Of course the Conservatives think they’ve shot up in popularity over night and everyone educated or over the age of 25 has forgotten what they did to the UK during the 1980’s and early 90’s! Well the fact is, unfortunately for the Conservatives,  is that the population just didn’t give a shit! That’s right David Cameron and the new London mayor Boris Johnson (otherwise known as BJ), everyone still laughs at you to your face and thinks you’re a joke and pair of buffoons that have no roots in or have any idea what reality is! You only won those seats because the apathy in this country is at all time high! Please do not kid yourselves, we all remember the 3 million pluse unemployed, my Dad was one of them! I certainly remember my parents arguing over whether to pay the bills or buy food! I also remember worrying if we would be kicked out of the house because we chose to pay for the food that week instead of rent! There was also the rampant inflation, poll tax, homelessness, crime etc… we didn’t forget!

We all know the problem is apathy, why is it so strong though? Well, maybe it’s because things aren’t moving forward as they should! Sure, Labour have done a lot more than the Tories, the minimum wage upped to £5,52 for 22 year olds+ and £4,60 for 18 to 21 year olds. Kept the economy healthy, up untill recently, and a whole host of benefits that you can claim. Well, anything we get on the minimum wage/ benefits is taken away with these grossly high fuel and food bills! What does the government do to help us? Sod all! They sit back and promise action or ignore the problem totally! Actually, didn’t Labour promise to stop these fat cats? You know, the ones who work as directors for big or small Companies? The ones who take the job and then run the company in to the ground insearch of fast profits then get a pension and final pay off that is sometimes higher than the whole workforce’s wages combined? Oh wait… they the fat cats! Not being content with their pay and inflation proof pensions they also claim extra expenses to save them dipping in to their own pockets! Yeah, they higher their family or some sexy secretary they wanna shag and pay them, or even use it for a holiday or even a motor bike! And obviously they don’t want people to know this so they want this info hidden now! To be honest, nearly all politicians claim expenses and hide them, not just Labour.

Oh yeah, there’s also the council tax that is constantly creeping up each year! There’s no improvement from that, even though it always goes up! I’m gonna stop going on now, the point is not a lot has changed! I don’t really see a change where I live, and it’s been a Labour heart land for decades. The politicians just aren’t doing what needs to be done! There’s no point in thinking inside the box and trying to kid yourself and the population you’re outside! Did that make sense? Well it did to me! Anyway, I’m fining the whole situation depressing… we’re basically back to where we started! The parties are just going back and forth constantly and not really achieving anything besides the status quo! What is the point in just doing that and sticking to the same old lines of governing? Well, In my opinion they don’t want it to change… They don’t want to change because they love the system the way it is! They know as soon as they’re in their government they are set for life! Why would they even bother to do anything else? Regardless of what they do, wrong or right, corrupt or sex scandal, they get paid! The ones who don’t think like that have a handicap, and that is their ideology, they think they can make a change in the system we have, that would be true if every single member of the party, other parties and houses thought the same. That just aint true. They are all so stuck in the past and for preserving the status quo… it’s just not going to happen.

As I’ve said before, the politicians need a reason to do their best, other than just losing their seat in parliament and council. They need to lose more! It should be like this, when a politician comes to power they must do their up most best to do as the electorate voted them in for. If they don’t achieve 100% of what they were voted in to do by the end of their term or earlier depending on the propels verdict, they lose all their earnings while they were in government and anything they bought with it. All pensions and houses go! They will also never again be able to enter in to politics or business at any level ever again! You same should also be applied to businesses too! Just think of the boys and girls at Shell or British Gas losing their jobs, pensions, all previous wages etc when they tried to charge us through the room prices! lol You’d soon see a difference in both politics and business!

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