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Why Do Women Do It?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 22, 2010

I wasn’t really sure what to call this post as it’s a tricky subject that can blur between the lines of Domestic abuse and stupid choices influenced by misplaced love. So if you feel offened bear that in mind before you accuse me of being an insensitive male clod.

I’ve noticed quite a lot growing up, and even now, that Women have a inate tendency to fall for Men who are completely unsuitable as Partners and even Fathers.

I’ll get stright down to it and say it: Some women are just so stupid when it comes to love and picking partners that  it’s annoying! I’ll give you a true and prime exanple of this…

Miss. A (obviously not her real name) has had realtionships with a few Men, each time she fell for them because they were “Bad Boys” or “Rough”, her words not mine! She would rather go out with a Man with no job prospects, who deals Drugs, Takes Drugs, is a Alcoholic, steals form her and her Children, has a Police record and even hits her. Miss. A is NOT lacking in self-esteem, she hits him back and could easily surive on her own without him.

So why does she stay with this loser who she feeds and even clothes? Here’s the answer: “I love Him!” and my personal favourite: “I like the Danger. It’s exciting!”. Can you believe that? Steals from her, pays for his habits, puts her own children out for him, even has a baby to him and she “Loves” him ans finds it exciting. Miss A is a nice women, but she’s a fool and I’ve told her so. Why do they do it, though?

It could easily be a single educated woman, they still do it, but why do they stoop for scrote bags and idiots? I’m not saying all women do this but alot do it when they’re young, you can chalk that up to being young and inexperienced, but when you’re in your mid twenties and older?

Some women even see it coming, but they still go to a relationship with these types expecting them to change. Word to all the Women out there; You can’t change a Man, unless he want’s to change! Don’t think you can secretly manipulate Him or nag him in the right direction, it doesn’t work. It only works if they’re willing and want to change. And if they really loved you, they’d do it! Putting up with their habits only sends a message you’re willing to carry on with him the way things are. Not a good signle to send if you are trying to change or help them.

Another thing, why do women go for arrogant men? I’m not talking about confidence percieved as arrogance, I mean 100% arrogance. How can women seriously find that attractive? Because they appear secure or dominant?

Either way it’s annoys me when they start monaing about the Man and the situation they’ve created for themselves. If you don’t want none of that then don’t get in to the relationship in the first place or dump their arrogant, parasitic arse as soon as possible and get yourself a man that actually cares about you. They are out there, they just don’t give them a chance. Miss A for example, she passed up a hard working man because he was: “Too Nice”.

So, come on ladies… why do you or other ladies do it? I’d really like to know. Men are also welcome to post their thoughts on this post too. I’d like to hear all sides.


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