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The ‘Small’ Things In Life

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 27, 2019

As I mentioned in my last blog I like the natural world and the little critters that are in it. From a young age I’ve always been fascinated with the little critters and loved seeing them.

Growing up in massive Northern English sprawling concrete estate, with not much green space, I delighted in little critters or other natural world occurrences. I remember seeing Aphids on a Dock plant with black Ants milking them for ‘due’ and marvelling at them! I also remember waking up to Starlings singing, they lived at the top of the Maisonettes in the rotten fascia boards, I don’t hear that much anymore around where I live, though I do hear a lot more song birds since the maisonettes were bulldozed away and new modern housing was built with gardens.

However I’m going of course a bit, this was meant to be about the little critters! When I’ve been fortunate enough to get out and about gardening and just generally enjoying the outdoors I took some pictures! I just want to share these because they make me happy, it’s as simple as that! Seeing these, birds and a nice green space just makes me happy, and so I’m going to share, just cos I can!


First off, a Bumble-Bee! Picture’s not that great, but Bumble’s always make me smile! One was flying outside window the other day, and I live pretty high up!


A Millipede! Yeh I know, too many legs… but not everything can be cute! These are so interesting in their own right! They were some of the first creatures on land 443MYA – and they’re still here! Albeit they’re not as big as a Human these days.


A great big stonking Wasp! I think this was a Queen I disturbed a bit early while tidying the garden up for Spring. She wasn’t happy!


A Masonry Bee! This little Gal was busy living up to her name by flying in and out of gaps in the Masonry laying her eggs for next year. If you find them in your wall, don’t worry, they’re not hostile and don’t swarm.


Another Bumble-Bee… just cos! It was pollinating my Raspberry plant!


Another Bumble! I know… But I’m not sure what type this was. Had a red back but white tail? Anyway, I felt it looked good amongst the Buttercups and Clovers.


I think this was some kind of Damselfly. Couldn’t be sure as it kept moving the closer I got. I can only assume it didn’t want to be mugged, given where it was!


A Giant House spider, the kind that get trapped in your bath in September! He was a big mofo, though I’ve seen bigger!


Keeping with eight legs, although this isn’t a Spider but is closely related to them, it’s a ‘Harvestman’, which is actually an Opilione.


Coming back to Bees once again, I think the one above is a Bumble-Bee, but I was never able to identify which type. It was all black and looked like a huge fly till I noticed the pollen sacks on its legs. If you know what type it is then let me know.


One last Bee… I swear! This is obviously a Honey Bee, which I see less and less of these days. I caught this one having a rest on a headstone on a particularly muggy day at the Cemetery.


A Green Bottle! A bit boring and more of a pest, but I thought it looked more ‘garden friendly’ sitting on a flower, rather than that something else they enjoy so much.


I know I said one last bee, but this is the final one! Red-Tailed bumble!


A Hover Fly. Not got a clue which type, but thought it was worthy of a picture.


I think this is a ‘Leaf Cutter Bee’, resting of course! I know I said no more, but he needed to be included because of his obvious cuteness and general awesomeness!


A Red Admiral Butterfly (I think it is anyway). It wouldn’t sit still for me to take a picture, but they seem more than willing to sit still and let Cats catch them.


Another Butterfly, can’t tell what type, because like the other it wouldn’t sit still!

If Moths are your Cryptonite then don’t read on… the last few are months!


A Day Moth (possibly ‘Burnet’?), being slightly up-staged by a Red Cardinal Beetle!


I just thought this looked nice with the glass and backdrop! It was probably dead 15 mins after this pic was taken, it was roasting that day and was stuck in a stairwell.


Another Moth, also stuck on the stair-well, but a bit more brighter this time. I think this was a day Moth too, though not sure what type.

Shield Bug 2018

This one’s a bit blurred, but you can still make out the colours and features. It’s a Shield Bug I found on my kitchen wall. I think this one is the native Common Green Shield Bug (correct me if I’m wrong). The markings on it’s back look like a face with fangs.

Garden spider 2018

I love the colours on this garden spider. I was clearing a corner out last year and this guy came tumbling out of the leaves.

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Garden Project

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 26, 2009

I’ve recently got my arse in gear and started doing some work in the house and garden again. Being ‘sick’ on three fronts and living where I do it’s hard to get motivated, but I’ve managed to sort myself out somewhat and I’ve been busy in the garden preparing it for next Spring.

Ever since I was a kid on the council estate in the masionettes I wanted a garden, a place for some privacy from everyone else on the estate. Where I lived on the ground floor there was a grassy area behind the masionettes backed by an iron fence painted black, some front door areas had grass too, however we had a brick area in front of ours. Even though there was a grassy area behind our house it was looked upon as private and also communal, depending who you ask. People who’s living rooms backed on to the area didn’t want children or people playing/walking behind it as when you walked past the windows you could obviously see straight in their house, there was also the possibility that a football could easily put a window in.

So I used to play behind our house sometimes digging holes and looking at the weeds, plants and insects that lived there, I couldn’t play unhindered for long as people would tell you to “shift!” because I was wandering near their houses or older local lads would come by and make fun of me for looking at plants digging holes and playing with toys, something that was natural for a boy of four to eight year-old (that was when I used to play behind there). I was more at home crawling through undergrowth and looking at plants and animals than playing football, messing about on street corners or pointlessly walking around the streets doing nothing. Of course I got a lot of stick for this but that’s another story.

On the old estate there was such a lack of privacy unless you lived on the second floor, no one could see in your window. So when we moved to our new house when I was 13 I loved the fact I had a garden to mess in without anyone bothering me. Didn’t turn out like that because at the back of my house is a 16 floor block of flats and everyone can over see your garden and what you’re doing in it. So I planted two Leylandiia trees to block the view, it worked and did block they’re view, but now they’re too big and they have to come down. Once they do everyone can see in to the garden again and I aint happy about that!

So what I want to do is the move two of the three Butterfly bushes I have to the back of the Garden and let them grow as tall as possible, I don’t think they’ll grow as big as the Leylandiia trees but they’re fast growing and better than nothing!

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

This was on the day I started cleaning things up, it was filmed about a week ago.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is it now, it still isn’t done yet but looks a lot better, even if you can’t see the detail because of the camera I use. The glare is a little strong, sorry about that.

I still have a few plans for the garden that I need to draw up, when I’ve done them I’ll share them with you in a blog. Looks like it will only be basic stuff though because I’m short on funds!

I’ll leave you with this rather fat Spider! It was as big is it looks!

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