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Genetic Manipulation And Human Evolution

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 2, 2011

I watched Horizan: Are We Still Evolving? on BBC Two last night and I have to say, I found it interesting and was a little shocked at the fact modern-day geneticists at the LA Fertility Institutes are screening embryos for genetic diseases and sex for the ultimate, and actual, aim of IVF transplantation. I’m not shocked because I’m against it, because I think with strict regulation it could save and improve the Human Race. I was shocked because these geneticists are allowed to do it, I always thought any manipulation of the Human embryo was banned beyond a certain stage and could not be transplanted in to a Human Womb.

Have a look at this:

With the advent of modern medicines that weaken the Human race because it removes natural selection and the constant battle going on between us and our only efficient and natural predator left, microbial life forms, I think genetic Manipulation of future generations would be a good thing. But only if the technology was safe to use and regulated so Humanity wouldn’t breed a genetic underclass or start adding all kinds of animal adaptions that are foreign to our active genetic code. I believe, if we start doing that we cease being the Human race and become something entirely different. But improving our genetics, so we have a stronger, healthier and more intelligent Human species can only be a good thing. How could it possibly be a bad thing?

I don’t think it is, because we’re currently at a disadvantage against some genetic diseases and especially with microbial life!  Microbial  life has an infinitely shorter life span than that of a Human’s and thus breeds new, stronger generations faster and that are resistant to our drugs, medicines and most of our immune systems. In the past, this wouldn’t have been a problem as these microbes wouldn’t have developed a resistance to drugs and cleaning fluids because they didn’t  exist and only our immune system would have dealt with it. Yes, people would die, but that is the way natural selection works, if you haven’t got what it takes to survive then you die. That’s the natural way, a way that is and wont be accepted in modern-day society. So it’s only a matter of time before Genetic Manipulation of Human embryos is accepted as the norm, if indeed Humans survive that long. 

Having said that, I think Genetic Manipulation may only have to be done every 200 years or so? If you think about it, if a population of Humans genetically manipulate all their offspring to be resistant to genetic diseases, microbials and to have perfect immune systems, then future generations of that population will still be strong for a long while. Obviously, over time genetic mutations will naturally occur and weaken the community, so a strengthening of the community could be carried out every 200 years or whenever it is needed. Would that be acceptable? Would you support such a scheme? If not, then why not?

What I also found interesting in the programme was that the Human race has in fact been evolving over the last 2000 years! I thought we pretty much stopped because we could adapt to all environments with inventions and see off all predators. Apparently Humans have developed the ability to produce lactase, which is the enzyme in your small intestine that breaks down the lactose in milk. In the past Humans only had this ability when they were children, and after they were weaned they lost this function. Populations in North and North Western Europe and parts of the Middle East developed this adaptation over the last 2000 years where pastoral grazing of captive animals took place. Where as other populations in parts of the world, especially in South East Asia, have not, as they never consumed Milk from other animals untill fairly recently.

There’s also the amazing people of the Himalayas who have adapted to living in the high altitudes where oxygen is only 60% what it is at sea level and higher up the mountains there is even less oxygen. These people exist and live where normal populations from lower altitudes would die or be sick.

I find it utterly fascinating and an example of evolution in progress, right in front of our eyes. And I hope, this means our evolution is not over yet.. We may have the technology to manipulate our genetic code but that doesn’t mean we wont ever be susceptible to the natural world around us ever again, because we will at some point. I just hope that Humanity progresses forward and doesn’t just limit  Its evolutionary adaptions to environment only. I hope we go on to become more intelligent and maybe control that violent nature we have that threatens to destroy us, so we can create a Human race that survives in to the future, even if that Race evolves beyond the point of not being Human anymore.


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End The Torture and Vicious Cycle

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 25, 2006

                                                        The Reasons
The reasons I chose to write about this subject is in response to people I have spoken to for some time now on the subject of not letting certain people have children. I have observed in the world around me, a concern for the children and people in question. You must have seen the NSPCC adverts asking for money and help to stop the abuse of children? And how after they have seen it the people say “They shouldn’t be allowed to have children!”
The same goes for drug addicts or people with addictive personalities and people with extremely low IQ’s, some people say they shouldn’t be allowed to have children either, and I agree. Why I hear you ask? Subjecting a child or condemning it to a life of abuse by the addict parent or being an addict for the rest of their life, would cause untold misery and torture for the addict, the addicts family and the community on the whole. And when I say addict, I mean addicted to all kinds of addictive substances from alcohol to heroin. There are two kinds of addict, there are the ones who drink or take drugs as a habit (habitual addicts) or to cope. Then there is the genetic addict, who is genetically predisposed to be an addict. The genetically predisposed addict is the addict I propose to make infertile and ban from having children. As for the habitual addict who is not genetically predisposed to be an addict can have children under certain strict conditions. Which will be out-lined later.
People with low IQ’s bellow 75 should not be permitted to have children. 75-80 percent of mental retardation runs in the family, and 20-25 percent is due to biological problems and brain damage. As a IQ of 70 or under is considered mentally retarded I suggest IQ, mental health evaluations and social skills evaluations for everyone through out the person’s life. Then once a person reaches sexual maturity and has been found to be unfit to be a parent they will be permanently banned from having children. By either the vasectomy that should have been carried out when the child was of teenage age or carry one out immediately. I also think as soon as a down syndrome child is detected in the womb at the earliest stage it should be mandatory to abort them. As I think it is not fair to bring a child in to a life of mental retardation needing constant care and being a constant burden on the parents, even if they wish to look after it or not. After all it’s the child who will suffer most not the parent, and to bring it in to the world just because they think it’s right or their religion says to do it, is selfish!
Other reasons for not allowing People with low IQ’s to have children, is their inability to look after themselves their children and the environment around them. One instance of this was in my local paper last year. A women with an extremely low IQ was in a relationship with a violent man, she also had a child too, to another previous partner. The child lived with her and her violent partner, the violent partner beat the child on numerous occasions with no real objections from the mother. The child later died. And this women is still allowed to have children, why should she have been allowed to have them in the first place?! The same goes for animals and the places where these people live. It would cause misery on whatever estate they live on as they will not look after the children leading to anti-social behaviour subsequently bringing the estate down and leading to later anti-social generations. It would also lead to neglected animals in their possession.
                                     What should be done and how to do it
First: Sterilize all people with the addictive personalities genes, no matter how old, young, healthy religious, all colours no matter how high their IQ is or even if they are reformed addicts. After all there is always the possibility they could relapse or pass on the genes to the next generation, no matter what their intentions are.
Second: All male children at the age of producing valid sperm for fertilisation, will deposit it in a sperm bank. Once that it is done they will immediately or later have a vasectomy, so as not to go round impregnating all the women, who by the way are not sterilised. Also if the law comes in to force all men who have never been sterilised shall deposit their sperm in a sperm bank too, and then be made in fertile.
Third: As soon as a child is born they have their development monitored, a little like today. So all through life they are monitored in the areas that matter for raising children. For example, the monitoring of temperament and violent tendencies, pedophile tendencies, severe drug abuse or alcohol abuse, IQ and coping skills.
Fourth:,Once the person reaches the age allowing them to have children, around 27, allowing for any violent traits or severe substance abuse, pedophile tendencies, criminal tendencies time to manifest themselves. If the people in question pass the above outlined tests they will be allowed to have children, the amount they have will depend on what the population of the particular country is at the time. Also the male can only have children under strict guidelines, and he will not have possession of the sperm to have the children. And once he’s had the amount of children he is permitted, he can have no more, the same goes for the female. 
                                                 The ethical argument
We live in a so-called democracy, I would call it a shadow democracy but that’s a different story. So I will call it a so-called democracy, but is it ethical to do what I outlined above? Is it right to take away the rights of a person to stop the misery of another they would bring in to the world? I would say yes, but then you have the argument that if you give a government power to take away the right to have children, you give them power to do almost anything! In an ideal world we could implement it, but if this was an ideal world we wouldn’t have a problem in the first place.
The fact remains, we do have a problem and it is not just going to go away. You can train an army of social workers and plow all the money you like in to helping these people, but the core fact is the government has been working on the problem for sometime and there is still problems. I’m not saying things haven’t got better, they have, but there is always a sad story in the paper or on the telly and even in your street, the chances are you will probably know someone with a problem highlighted in the above.
The problem of putting this in to law is if we can trust the government not to take other rights away? With the west’s latest bogy man and excuse to limit our freedoms more, Terrorism!, can we trust them? I can only say I can trust myself, as I could not be bought, bent or corrupted in any way shape or form, and I can guarantee that! The government cannot! So I don’t know if we should sacrifice our right to choose when and if we are allowed to have children? You could say if you follow the above guidelines you will be ok and be allowed to have children if not guaranteed some if you follow them.
Even if I could control the country and make the laws, would doctors perform the operations? Especially religious ones? Even the non religious doctors would have to refuse because it’s against the patients will! It could even cause a deep division in the country it’s self! But lets ask ourselves, what’s the alternative? To let this carry on? People and children subjected to the misery of alcoholism! addicts and people with low IQ’s having children and continuing the circle of substance and violent abuse! And the weakening of the Human species itself?
What do you think? Do you disagree? Do you have other ideas or solutions? let me know.

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