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Nowt Like a Bit Of Hypocrisy, Eh?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 19, 2011

                                                     Apparently Bin-Laden loved ‘In The Night Garden’.

Osama Bin-Laden was killed! Well, I believe he is, though some people think he isn’t dead or it was all faked as part of the 9/11 conspiracy, which is just rubbish. Then again, the idea 9/11 and the whole Bin-Laden search and stuff could’ve been invented isn’t impossible to achieve. Though I don’t believe that is the case.

Anyway, some thoughts came to me when I saw the media and U.S. reaction to his death, the same thoughts I had when there’s a 9/11 remembrance. People talk of: “Justice being done!” and “An evil man who murdered 1000s has now been killed!” And this makes me think of what our own nations (in the West) have done to the developing world. We’ve bombed them, we support Israel and other regimes who regularly kill their own people, because it benefits us in some way, while still spouting “We stand for freedom, democracy and justice”. Isn’t that just a little bit hypocritical?

When Bin-Landen kills 100s it’s not right?, But when our military machine blows the fuck out of Iraq, gives millions (the U.S. gives Billions) in military aid to governments that repress and kill their own people, then it’s all good?

I’m trying to say the West, UK, Europe, U.S. Canada etc are not as innocent as they would have you believe and have huge double standards when it comes to morals and what they stand for. Oh, and so does the rest of the world.

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Cameron Attacked For Saying Multiculturalism Has Failed In The UK

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on February 6, 2011

I don’t always agree with David Cameron and I certainly don’t like the man that much. My personal feelings aside though, I partly agree with what he said the other day about Multiculturalism in the UK. Read Here for a run down.

Watch her for what the PM said:

First of all, I agree with most of what he said. However, I don’t think Multiculturalism has been a complete failure. There’s only been two failures in multiculturalism, and that’s the problem with some Muslim integration in to UK society and suppression of native English/British culture through shame and white guilt.

Everything else is fine, everyone else more or less rubs along together and hold the same ideals and mixes and intermarries with the Native population. East Asians, West Indians, Jews, Indians (Hindu, Christian, Sikh), Africans, Polish the list is endless! Everyone comes here, they hold the same ideals, retaining old cultural traditions while becoming English/British and their children having english/british blood running through their veins!

On the other hand we have Natives who are constantly shamed in to not taking pride in their historical past as well as their culture, whichever way you want to define it. While people are told to make themselves at home from other countries, the natives are asked to accept so many alien cultural ideals and religions, to accept these cultural changes that are happening so fast, while not having one of their own. Whether you think a country needs culture, tradition, Patriotism or not, doesn’t matter, the fact is it is the substance that holds a country and society together in current times, without it, the country will fracture.

Which brings us the other failure in British Multiculturalism, Islam and some Muslims. Obviously, many Muslims integrate well within the UK and become part of the community. When you take a look at Islam itself though, you will see it is made to resist full integration in to the non-Islamic society of a country where any Muslim community is. The Qur’an is written in such a way that stops Islamic culture, tradition and the religion itself from being diluted by other cultural and societal elements, while also staying part of and respecting the Non-Muslim community and culture in which it resides.

Of course, you can say this about certain Jewish sects and Black Nationalists, the difference is, they’re small in number and don’t tend to become violent and radical if they feel alienated or insulted.

You can also say the same for the White Nationalists, I think they can be as much of a danger to the country as Islamists. The thing is, they are tackled at every step they take by many anti-white nationalist groups and also the Police and other Government intelligence organisations.

I’d just like to make the difference at this point because a few people will be getting confused or foaming at the mouth for not making the distinction between Islamists and Muslims in general.

Islamists are a bad problem, on par with White Nationalism and Nazism. They can’t and shouldn’t be accommodated in society. That’s not to say they shouldn’t have the same rights as we do, I’d draw the line at calling for death and harming of people.

Muslims in general, over all they’re not much of a problem, most keep themselves to themselves, but the reality is self-segregation in a country that you should be doing your utmost to integrate in to is not a good thing. Obviously, not every single Muslim is like this, but a fair few actually are, to say they’re not is to ignore reality completely. I think this is the problem as much Islamists are.

Muslims are caught between being British and Muslims and the two sets of systems that go with them (Western and Islamic). Obviously, some see this as a very serious choice to make, and will always take the side of their religion on such choices, after all, it is the word of God, and that stands above any man-made law or system anywhere else in the world (These are Conservative Muslims [These are not automatically Islamists]). Other Muslims see no conflict and remain Muslims while being British, obviously omitting and not following a lot of things in the Religion that would conflict with the way of life here (These are Moderates), similar to the way Christians and Jews omit large parts of their religion because that type of thing wont be accepted in a modern-day secular society.

Many Muslims, from the moderates to Islamists, all have one thing in common, they don’t wont marry outside of their religion, and if they do, they do it at their own risk, as some family members and others can see it as insulting to them and God. Yes, Muslims will marry whites, blacks or any other group you can think of, as long as they’re also a Muslim. It’s that adherence to Religion again, the idea of keeping the religion, Muslim house holds and communities pure and free of cultural contamination and dilution that is also a problem.

Of course, there’s no law saying you have to marry certain people in British society, only in the Qur’an and some other religions and cultures, but in the UK we have no rules like that anymore, and as such people see fit to marry who they like, unless you accept an arranged marriage. White and Black nationalists also take advantage of this freedom and use it to keep themselves ‘Pure’ too, but in a ‘racial’ sense and not a religious one. Either way, racial or religious, you can see how that kind of attitude is detrimental and damaging to a country and the communities within it. Unwillingness to integrate and mix on a social, community and even a racial level is going to damage society, I don’t care what type of Muslim or Nationalist you are, it doesn’t help. However, as I said before, it isn’t a law in the UK so people will please themselves.

I’d just like to say, I am not lumping all Muslims in with Nationalists, I was just explaining what other groups have the same kind of attitude/policy on marriage and can have an effect on the community they live in.  

All the above is the reason why Muslims were singled out in this speech by the PM. It wasn’t a witch hunt, it wasn’t misguided opinions based on a distorted media image, it was based on reality. Some Muslims in the UK today are turning radical, and it’s because of their religion and Western actions in Muslim countries. The fear of speaking out on issues such as this has also helped things along, because no one can have an opinion on such issues without being called a racist or Islamophobic because Muslims and Liberals are so sensitive about it, which resulted in a blanket ban on talking about anything Muslim, unless a Muslim was saying it. This ban on not talking about Islam and being forced to respect it, every part of it, even when elements of Islam are/were at odds with our own law and ideals, only gave ammunition to far right groups.

Those far right groups have only grown and continued to exist partly as a result of fast constant immigration, cultural change and sensitivity of Muslims and others regarding their religion and culture. That atmosphere created by that ‘keep your mouth shut, don’t offend anyone’ Politically Correct policy is what nourishes the far right, what annoys the average person and ultimately leads to the friction we have.

This sensitivity can be seen even now, look at the reaction from Muslim groups in the UK in the above video. They basically say: “We’re being victimized.” That isn’t the case, they’re being called out on a legitimate problem that exists within the Muslim community, one serious enough to make the British Government question it’s policy of Multiculturalism and even the funding some Muslim charities get. Muslim groups just don’t like anyone having a view of them that isn’t sanctioned by them,  positive and displays them in a good light. It’s simple, they just don’t like criticism, and any radicalisation is someone else’s fault and not their’s or their religion’s. In my opinion I’d lay a fair bit of the blame at the religion’s door, it’s so restrictive, controlling and out-of-step with British society that the only way you can be a British Muslim in the UK is by ignoring a lot of what the Qur’an and Hadith say.

The fact one Muslim group mentioned Cameron and the English Defence League (EDL) being on the same page really annoyed me. Here is someone talking about a legitimate problem, in a nice way, and they stand up and say: “You should write for the EDL”. It’s because of that attitude and the defence of it by people on the left, center and right that’s lead to the EDL, and Cameron and other European leaders having to say what they do and call Moderate Islamic groups out on their problems. If they didn’t, where would the population turn? It would turn to less savory groups like the British National Party.

The time of hiding behind the cultural and religious sensitivity card has to come to an end, the Moderate Muslims can’t keep blaming Western society, ignorance and Western wars in Muslim countries for the problems Muslim communities in the West have. It’s a combination of their own Religion’s and culture’s conservative inflexibility in the face of a Secular Western state as well as the religion’s allowance to accommodate violence and propagate hatred.

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Iran’s Secret Weapon!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 28, 2010

People! We’re now VERY fucked!

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Goodbye Sweden

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 8, 2010

This really is disgusting and sad, it makes my heart sink! It really makes me so fucking angry! How is common sense to prevail when our own elected officials support and allow this under the misguided notion that Islam is a religion of peace and fits nicely in to a Western System!

Some person in the comments said “Is Nationalism the only solution to Islam?” or something along those lines. They’re just as bad! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called Islamophobic and Racist!

It seems like no amount of bitching from us with our posters and arguments will change the Muslim’s minds or the Politicians! What the fuck are we supposed to do?

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Hypocritical Islamic Protests and Anger

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 2, 2010

Back in May 2010 the Member of Parliament for East Ham, Stephen Timms, was stabbed twice by a 21 year-old female Constituent, Miss Roshonara Choudhry because the MP voted for the Iraq war and She wanted revenge for the people of Iraq. Miss Choudhry is not mentally sick nor is she an extremest, to my knowledge, though that is debatable. The fact remains though that she was angry about what was going on in Iraq. Angry to the point she wanted to kill her MP.

Now, I’ve seen and heard many Muslims on the TV, in my own City Center, on the net and radio. They’re nearly always protesting about the way they’re treated and how Muslims in places where Western forces are fighting/placed are treated.

It makes me laugh really because they actively protest against the West and the West’s actions in Muslim countries but they never protest about the treatment of Muslims by Muslims in Muslim countries. They bang on about out rights and acceptance in the West and about rights and freedom for the people of Palestine and the War in Afghanistan.

Yet, when Muslim states deny rights to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and also kill both of the aforementioned people, the Muslim world is strangely quiet? Why? I’m assuming it’s all good when Uncle Saddam kills people, but when Uncle Sam does it it’s all wrong? Muslim countries are the places with the least rights and most Human rights abuses. In fact they’re pushing for Islamic Human Rights, which is a laugh when you see where their rights are rooted. I wouldn’t mind but they have to cheek to lecture the West and Israel about it?

They shout for the freedom of Palestine, but the irony is if the Terrorists in Palestine ever were disarmed, then Palestine would be far from free. It would have less freedoms than what is does now. People are diying there? There’s people diying all over the Muslim world, and their deaths are being caused by Muslims.

Let’s take Iran for example, Atefah Sahaaleh was a 16 year-old girl when she was put to death in Iran for adultery and Crimes against Chastity, she was hanged. The twisted judge tried to say she was 22 and raped and tortured her in accordance with Islamic law. Why are Muslims world-wide not seething with anger and protesting for change in Iran? Why are local Muslims where Atefah was executed not attacking Judge Rezai? He got away with it by the way.

There’s so many examples of this on small and large scales, but I never hear a peep from the Muslim world on this. They get all upset and ready to fight when some U.S. Pastor preacher threatens to burn the Koran, some European Cartoonists Mock Muhammad or they’re told they can’t have Sharia Law or wear Burkas in the West? Yet many Muslims are treated horribly and brutally killed every day in Muslim countries by their fellow Muslims, and they do nothing?

To any Muslims reading this, get out and protest about them. Where was the many Muslim groups around today lobbying Government and protesting when Saddam was killing people and the Iranian regime was killing people? Why was there no organised resistance against them like there was and still is against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq?

So, Muslims in the West and abroad, don’t come talking to me about the poor bastards in Palestine, elsewhere and that you can’t wear a Burka untill you pull your finger out of your righteous arses’ and protest and threaten Muslim nations that deny rights to Muslim and Non-Muslims. Which is practically all of them. You want rights and freedom for Palestine but the freedom you would bring would not be freedom at all and rights would be restricted. You aint going change or challenge any of that though, are you? You’re a bunch of hypocrites

Oh, I didn’t bother with the obligatory “Not all Muslims are like this” statement, because regardless of how many times you say it now you’re always “Islamophobic” and “Il-informed” if you don’t subscribe to the Western PC view of Islam.

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Three Things That Worry Me

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 8, 2010

As usual I’m sat here with at least three good topics for a blog, these subjects have been going around my head for a while, but became more prevalent this week. I know I should space my blogs out a little because sometimes they can be too much to take in for the average person. When I say that I’m not insinuating the vast majority of the population are stupid, I wouldn’t be so mean – in fact I just think you’re lazy. So I’m to going to write about three subjects in the same post, if that’s ok with you? If it’s too much for you then read a bit at a time, if reading this far is too much for you I suggest you give up all hope of finishing this blog, walking, talking and wiping your own arse and concentrate what brain power you do have on your breathing to stay alive. As it’s obvious you have the attention span of a Gnat and are about as intelligent as Slug about to fall in to beer trap full of it’s dead brethren. Now I’m calling you stupid. 

I’m going of topic so let’s get back to it. These subjects are ones that niggle at me and really make me worry for the future of the country and the people in it. Why should I, You, or Anyone else care you’re probably thinking? Well it’s the future of the nation and our culture that is at stake. You should care about that to some degree, if you don’t then you fucking well should you selfish, lazy arsed wankers. If your gut reaction to that sentence was one of anger and annoyance at the fact I just called you selfish and lazy for not caring about the world when you have a life to lead, then you’re the person(s) who need to pay more attention and care about what happens to the country. I know people are different and worry about different things in their lives, but worrying about the state of the country in general is important as it will – at some point – affect your life. I’ve always thought about the world around me from a young age, it’s just the way I am, I’m not saying you have to be like that all the time but the state of the nation must cross your mind at some point. So you must get as pissed off as me sometimes? Regardless of my reasons I do care, so if you don’t then fuck off and do something else, I’m sure there’s a million and one things you could be doing right now other than being lectured at by a Cunt like me. So go on… off you fuck to the million and one anesthetics that stop you from thinking about reality.

Anyway, on to my first subject. My Generation, what a waste of time and effort! What do they actually do? They all truly are the product of imported ’80s U.S. Capitalism and Culture, or the ‘Greed is Good’ Culture. They don’t care about anything else but how they look, are perceived, what you have and pissing their money up the wall on a weekend. They’re so vain, arrogant, hollow, selfish and materialistic. What kind of basis is that for a Society? It just really winds me up because the majority of them just don’t seem to give a shit about anything but themselves, they go out and get drunk or drugged out of their skulls on a weekend, it’s their salvation and only means of letting off steam. How sad is that? They’re incapable of relaxing any other way, what’s more is they have to drink to absolute destruction. Why? Why get so drunk you wake up the next day and don’t remember how you got home? Then they go and brag to their mates how pissed they were and post the pictures on Facebook or one of the other Social Networking sites. Why? What’s so wrong in their lives they have to do this? If you don’t go out and get completely wasted you’re some how boring or missing out? I think it’s the opposite, some people are so boring or bored in their every day life that they have to hide behind the alcohol to function in a social situation or to numb out the reality of their lives. Surely the novelty wears off eventually and people can’t hide from their reality anymore? Who can live in a perpetual world of drunkenness? It must be horrible!

Another thing about my Generation is they want everything NOW! NOW! NOW! They’re not prepaird to work for anything unless it pays well, they want the car, the money, the house and everything else their parents had or were promised by modern society. Obviously it doesn’t work like that, with the U.S. Capitalism came job losses, back in the 80’s under a Tory Government a lot of UK Jobs, industries and companies went overseas and they’ve continued to go overseas under a Labour Government. Why? Because all that matters is profit, and this future of riches and a population having a say and stake in Private business never really materialised for the majority of the population, mostly because many of the population were poor in the first place and couldn’t buy shares in anything, without a job they had no chance. Now a whole Generation are scraping by wondering what the fuck happened and where their Jobs are. Those that do have jobs spend their wages on useless over-priced crap they don’t even need because they HAVE to have it because the box in the corner, the posters Ads and the Jones’ tell them they need it. In reality they don’t need it, they just have it so they can show off how successful they are and to compete with other people.

It’s this type of mindless consumption and selfish hollow materialism that worries me. People are so caught up in trivial rubbish and themselves that they don’t notice their country is being run in to the ground by successive Governments backed by outside forces who don’t give a shit if they do anything wrong or not, both Government and outside forces are set for life when they leave office. There’s not only that but the type of society we’re creating, if my generation is anything to go by the up and comers are going to be Prima Donnas. They grew up on reality TV, celebrities and a society where you must have the most expensive things to be a ‘Someone’ and do pretty much nothing to get it. It’s a society that fosters fakery over Substance of character of the person. You don’t need to be intelligent, you don’t need to study hard, you don’t need to work hard, you just have to get on TV, get a record contract, signed up to a Premier League football team, sell drugs or live on benefits while you wait for someone to realise your obvious greatness and give you a job where they pay you £20 quid an hour. My generation’s society is already here, the next one I can see just coming in to view and I don’t like it.


The second thing that worries me is the changing face of the UK’s culture and society in general. I’m aiming this specifically at the religion of Islam. In the late 1970s we had 100,000 Muslims in the UK, just over thirty years later and there is now over two million. What’s more is the UK’s native and non-Muslim population’s birth rate is falling. People are having fewer children in modern times because of the advent of the female contraceptive and women also choosing to have a career first and have children later in life. As you will know Muslims don’t believe in contraception, though I’m sure some crafty ones do use it, the majority don’t, which is why the Islamic birth rate in the UK is higher than the natives and non-Muslim Brits already here. To sustain a culture you need a certain amount of people to carry on that culture, and as you know the native UK population has been dropping and the original culture, however you want to define it, has been replaced with multiculturalism, which pretty much leaves us without a solid base culture or identity. So you have a bunch of native white people scratching their heads wondering what they are with several minorities with their clearly defined cultures, you can pretty much see it’s a cultural vacuume ready to be filled. It’s just a matter of who’s going to fill it first.

In the EU Muslim immigration has been in large numbers since the late 1980s, with even more immigration to the EU, especially to the UK because we have no control of our borders, regardless of what the government says, the Muslim population will increase. So we have more immigrant Muslims as well as the ones already here.

Why worry about this? They’re just another minority, right? Well if in 30 years they can increase from 100,000 to over two million, just think how long it will take before they’re at least half of the population. What bothers me about Muslims is their backward religion, if you look at many Muslim majority countries you’ll see what a mess they are, even the rich ones like Saudi-Arabia. The reason for this is the religion and it’s law system, it’s stone age, it was wrote in the 7th century. In fact we have some Government sanctioned Sharia Law courts already operating in the UK, they only deal with marriage, disputes and inheritance, but even in them arms of Sharia law they discriminate against women as they’re seen as lesser than men. Thus the odds are always set against them, whereas in British law they would be seen as equals to men and thus be treated the same.

To cut a long story short I don’t want to live in a Muslim country under Sharia law. Nor do I want the UK to become a Muslim nation. Yes, you may think it’s impossible, but if you look at the birth rates in the UK and the Immigration numbers you’ll see it isn’t so impossible. Islam, like all religion is fascist in nature, even more so than Christianity and Judaism, and it’s the fascism within a supposed ‘Religion of Peace’ that I fear. Islam doesn’t like the idea of the individual, everyone has to fall in line, everyone has to be under God, they consider everyone under God even if you don’t believe in their God. The individual doesn’t matter in Islam and never will, only God matters. They think the Islamic law extends outside the Muslim world. It’s this arrogance and insistence that the world is God’s and I’m under It’s rule by default that scares me, what scares me even more is the amount of passages in the Qur’an (Islamic Bible) that advocates killing non-believers, Homosexuals, Lesbians and Blasphemers. There’s no tolerance in Islam, unless it’s for Islam. Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens in Muslim countries, you only get full citizen status if you’re Muslim, unless you’re a Muslim woman in which case you don’t have many rights. That’s another thing about Islam, it’s so male dominated and women are treated like we’re back in the stone age!

There’s no freedom within Islam, unless it’s the freedom to worship their God. Like most religions Islam is Conservative by default, and in recent years it’s been getting even more Conservative due to a revival within Islam that started in the 1970s. The current trend seems to be leaning towards Ultra-Conservatism, this type of Conservatism has been spreading across the world, just look at Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, The Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan. In fact Saudi-Arabia has been funding this spread across the world with their Oil profits, from London to Indonesia, they’re spreading their interpretation of Islam. And the West will not say thing about it because they’re close bed fellows with the Saudis and OPEC. What’s sick about it is their version of Islam is the right one! It’s not like it doesn’t say don’t beat you wife, or don’t kill the non-believers in the Qur’an, because it does. Their religion does say that, and any Muslim that says it doesn’t is a liar. The Qur’an is just as much a book of hate as a BNP leaflet is. Yet it’s allowed to spread and exist in the UK as a registered “Religion of Peace”. Which is a complete joke because Islam is far from a religion of peace and what’s worse is it has a Political arm. Political Islam does exist and will try to gain a foot hold in the UK at some point. As the Muslim population increases there will be a growing call for them to be represented by Muslims, from here we’ll have Islamic Political Parties, in fact we already do have some they’re just not main stream. From there legislation will start to change to reflect the wishes of the Conservative Muslim Population. That is when the UK will start to go backward Politically, socially and culturally and the discrimination of the non-Muslims will begin.

Islam is fascist, arrogant, hateful, bigoted and dominating, lets not forget not crazy about free speech! That’s why I want no part of it in Europe and why it deserves no respect at all, because as ideologies go… it’s in the same category as Nazism.


The State of the Union. I said to someone back in 2006/7 that within 10 or so years the United Kingdom will dissolve itself, after 300 years of other nations trying to dissolve it for us. The people doing the dissolving are Nationalists in Scotland and Wales, let’s not forget the Politicians in Westminster who give the said countries a bad deal when it’s tax and budget time. The state most likely to leave the Union first will be Scotland, they have a national vote on independence next year (2011), and if the majority say yes, it’s the end of a 300+ year partnership that saw all members of the Union benefit. All that time we stood shoulder to shoulder during good and bad times. I’ll admit the English parter in this Union was arrogant and unfair when it come to taxes and distribution of the kitty money. But isn’t that a problem that can, and has been to a degree, fixed?

Why Independence? From what I’ve read of the Scottish Nationalist policy they’d join the EU? Isn’t that just exchanging one Union for another Union? In fact it’ll be worse with the new EU laws coming in to place, Scotland or Wales will just be another part of the European Union, generating taxes and having them taken off them and given to parts of the EU they didn’t want the money going to. How’s that any different from the British Union? The answer is it isn’t, it’s just a group of Nationalist who haven’t thought this through and would cut of their nose to spite their own face i.e the UK being the face and Scotland being the nose (no insult to the Scots intended). It just seems to me the Scottish Nationalists don’t like the English, they resent the fact the English have led the Union since the Scottish lost influence, they were represented, but mostly the English led Britain. However there’s also the legitimate problem of unequal taxing and allocation of funds done by the central UK Government for decades.

We can’t fix what happened in the past, we can’t fix the arrogance and unfairness that the English heaped on the Scots, Welsh and Irish, but we can fix it now, in the present! I’m sure we could come up with a tax and new Political system to have everyone represented equally while having Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and even England independent to a degree. But somehow, with the economic problems and the UK losing it’s powers to the EU we’re pretty much done. It’s just so sad such a great country which such a rich history will be sucked in to a EU super state, run by the French and Germans, two countries that have fought against the UK since we joined.


So the population are becoming arrogant vain morons, industry is down the toilet, society is on the wane and Islamification seems to be on the way, and to top it all off the country’s out of puff and about to be sucked in to an EU superstate and the Scot’s are after leaving at our weakest point. Things can only get better.

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Where’s Your Spine and Fairness England?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 3, 2010

I was reading my local news Paper over the weekend, it isn’t something I normally do because every time I read it I wind myself up with the general crap and problems in there I can’t do much about. I decided I’d take a chance on it this time as the alternative of boredom wasn’t an option. While making my way through the usual promises of regeneration from Local Government, crime articles and Hazel ‘Squirrel Nutkins’ Blears smiling like a cock-end I came across this interesting story: Atheist who mocked Jesus and the Pope hit with Asbo. Under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, shouldn’t all religion be banned and all those people that try to push their religion whether it be by attempted direct conversion, leaflets or notes have an ASBO smacked on them too as well as prison time?

Mr. Harry Taylor had been leaving leaflets and posters in a Liverpool airport poking fun at the Christian and Muslim faiths. He’d done this on three occasions. The kind of thing depicted on the works were a smiling crucified Christ next to a bottle of ‘no nails’ glue, two Islamic suicide bombers in Heaven being told “There’s no more virgins left” (I heard that before somewhere) and a picture of the Pope with a Condom on his finger. Mr. Taylor said he left the leaflets there as he was: “merely trying to convert them to atheism”. Simple enough, eh? Obviously someone got their feelings hurt, I’m not sure if it was someone actually religious or some random Politically Correct tosser who actively searches out material like this and then gets offended on someone else’s behalf because they’re sad PC knob-ends with nothing else worth while to do in their lives.

It doesn’t really matter who reported it, what matters is he was charged with three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress. He was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and pay £250 costs. I find it amazing he could be charged with that when the Bible, and more so the Qur’an, are full of Verses and Surrahs that preach hate, rape and murder. By that Judge and Jury’s standards and the Law’s standards many religions should be a banned ideology and anyone advocating it should be locked up.

Wait, it gets better… I was watching TV and came across this story: Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’  This man wrote: “‘Islam will dominate the world  –  Osama is on his way” and “Kill Gordon Brown” and it’s considered Political? The use of the word ISLAM doesn’t denote anything to do with religion at all? And the kill Gordon Brown bit isn’t incitement to commit murder? It also isn’t religious motivated if Islam was in the previous sentence? So this Muslim man does this and he gets a two year conditional discharge and told to pay the council £500 compensation? Yet the Atheist didn’t say anything about killing anyone, didn’t harbour any grand plans for an Atheist world order and just poked fun at religion, yet he got a harsher sentence?

I think it’s obvious this is just another case of the UK having no spine and lots of double standards. The Jury didn’t find Mr. Shah (The Muslim) guilty because they were simply scared of being called racist or upsetting the Muslim community, well the hard-line nut case elements of the Muslim Community. Can someone remind me why that part of the Muslim community actually counts anyway? It’s a complete joke, the Atheist shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place and the Muslm should’ve been find more and then locked up because he was obviously talking about killing people brought about by his religious beliefs.

Where’s the spine of the country? Where’s the fairness? We have a system of Political correctness that ties our hands when the matters of religion or race come up, which leads to people like Mr. Shah getting off lightly while Mr. Taylor got a harsher sentence when he shouldn’t have even been to court. The Politicians wonder why the people have no faith in them, the Judicial system or the Police force? And also why national pride is almost non-existent? It’s about time this rubbish PC and Religious hatred law bollocks was dropped, it’s obvious now it isn’t working, never has and never will, in fact it’s having the opposite effect of what it was intended.

If you don’t want your religion questioning then I suggest you grow a thicker skin. If you don’t like living here then I suggest you move to a country that shares you religious, social and moral values.

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Islam At Odds With British And western life.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 1, 2007

Before anyone starts, I am not a racist, and talking about and discussing any religion isn’t racist or bigotry.  
On Friday 29th of June there was car found packed with explosives and nails, this is what it contained, 60 litres of petrol, Gas cylinders and nails. The car Found outside a London night club (By accident!), by paramedics on a call out would have caused tremendous damage and loss of life if it had gone off. But because of the actions of a brave or witless policeman, depending on which way you look at it, it was foiled. Now, today on the 30th of June 2007 a car at Glasgow airport with two men inside rammed or parked the car in or at the front of the building and in some way not known yet, set some sort of explosive device off. It didn’t all go according to plan, one of the men was set on fire while the other fought with police and passers-by.
I know it’s early days yet, but I’m assuming it’s going to be a terrorist attack. Even if it isn’t (Though I doubt that very much), terrorists have attacked us before and planned to attack and been foiled. The thing I want to touch on is why?
The thing that comes to my mind and many other people’s minds is religion. It’s no secret strict religion and most ideologies divide communities and people and leads to mistrust, misunderstanding and suspicion inside those communities. Even if the people in the communities are both born and bred in the same community, speak with the same accent, have the same coloured skin, their religion or ideology will still divide them in some way. We only have to look at our very own religious ideological and physical battle ground, Northern Ireland, to see it first hand! They are more or less the same people, who have lived there for thousands’s of years, have the same ancestors and the same genetic make up. Then some guy or gal comes along and says: “You are this, and they are that! Therefore you are incompatible!” From that point on their own little religious practices become their identity and also become the right thing in their minds. Whether it be praying, farming the land in a certain way, sacrificing animals in a certain way and justified murder through religion.
I know the above is a very simplistic way to put it, but it’s basically the full story. And I’m aware that even if religion wasn’t the dividing factor in this kind of situation, humanity would still find a dividing factor or invent one to force their beliefs, way of life and will on others. But at the moment I’m going to focus on the Islamic religion/ideology as that’s the point of this particular blog. So, why do these people feel the need to commit these acts of terrorism? From what I have read, seen and heard on the net, TV and papers, they don’t like the way we live. They also don’t like the way our Governments roll in to Islamic countries, blow it to pieces and use it as a battle ground with or without our troops being there. They also don’t like the West’s support for the Jewish state of Israel, which most Muslims don’t recognise.
There are other points but I think these are the main three, so let’s analyze them:
(1) Britain, and indeed the west, is an extremely free and also very extremely ostentatiously decadent place to live. It’s not wrong for women to have many lovers, or men, it’s also ok for same sex relationships and marriages (almost outlawed in every religion). You are also free to have vices, be it legal or not. You’re free to question and satirize Islam/religion (Well all most!). Promiscuity is fine, western culture is very selfish in places and all the emphasis is set on worldly goods and material wealth. Pornography (All kinds, besides animal & child which is just sick) is accepted, nudity, sex before marriage, worship what ever god you like, women free to work and hold positions of power. The list goes on, but all this goes in the face of Islam and many religions.
Now, I’m not crazy about western culture myself, it’s very hollow and centered around wealth, position and status. The way people ‘relax’ by drinking alcohol or by smoking a cig or a joint. The way people lust after money as if it’s the be all and end all of life. Though I don’t agree with some minor parts of western life, it doesn’t mean that the individual can’t  or shouldn’t do it, if it’s with in the bounds of the law, reason and they don’t harm anyone else by doing it then it’s ok, I don’t care! Smoke yourself stupid, drug youself up to the eyeballs, drink to destruction, work all your life for a piece of paper and your status, just don’t expect me to join in. And that’s all fine with me. You could argue the above things would have an effect on me, but that’s another blog. But basically, we are the modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah and some of them think it’s their duty to God to destroy us.
(2) Western military interference in Muslim countries. Direct or not, this does happen all the time! It’s been happening for some time and will carry on. The West has propped up and endorsed some Dictators in the Muslim world and out side. Most of the time it’s to exploit Oil or mineral wealth, Iran is a good example, Iraq is also a good one, back in the 1980s Saddam was the US’s and the West’s friend, they even sold him weapons to fight Iran. A classic US west example of fighting an enemy without getting your hands dirty! There’s also Chechnya, (a small fragment of Russia) that want’s its independence. The tiny country is majority Muslim. This war between Russia and Chechnya has been going on for a while, but it’s the fact that the West turns a blind eye to the war and the killing there, in return for Russia’s support for the ‘War on terror’.
There are many other instances of this in the world, inside Muslim countires and out, sadly it’s nothing new, it’s just what the economic power does to keep economic and military dominance and control of the world. The point is these images may go unreported on our TV as it isn’t good TV viewing in between Coronation Street and Bad Girls, they are usually shown later on in the evening when most of the population has watched off prime time TV and gone to bed or gone for a swift pint. These programmes lay it down on the line what’s happening, and what’s being done in your name. These aren’t the only people who do it, the videos of these people being killed are taken to Mosques all over the world including here in Britain, and it only takes one mental, corrupt and evil bastard to brainwash these young alienated Muslims (The reasons for alienation are above. I’m not saying alienation is a justification for what these people do). So there it is, extremists are made by our Governments’ dirty double dealings in the developing world which are then twisted by the leaders of the terrorists who make it look like there is a war on Islam and Muslims, when in fact the West is doing the same thing the terrorists are doing, trying to gain more control.
(3) The West’s support for Israel. There has always been some sort of problem in Israel. It goes back thousands of years, but the most recent troubles started with the 1947 UN partition plan. Israel was going to be split in to two states, the Jewish state, comprising 55% of the total land, and the Arab state, comprising 45% of the land. And Jerusalem would be administered by the UN so as not to lead to any fighting over it. Sounds fare doesn’t it? Israel agreed to it, the Arab league did not! This then lead to the Arab League to order violent attacks on Jewish citizens, the Jews fought back, won and proclaimed their independence. This then in turn lead to the Arab/Muslim countries to invade and attack Israel. This war effectively lead to the problems we have today, with Israel holding and settling lands that it shouldn’t have and the same goes for the Arab countries that surround it. The problem is, every time the Muslim/Arab terrorist/freedom fighters, fire a rocket at Israel, Israel retaliates by storming or firing back in to the countries where the rocket was launched from. So do this back and forth for the next 50 odd years  and you end up with the situation we have.
Now, Israel has been militarily supported by the west over the past nearly 50 years, especially by the USA. Israel has also consistently not complied with UN mandates to pull back behind its lines amongst other things, after it’s numerous wars with the surrounding countries. It regularly kills and in-prisons it’s own Arab population, accusing them of Terrorism. Even with all this the US and the west still supports Israel, it gives it weapons and money, the reason why? Because the US is run by right-wing Christians, who believe it is their job and duty as Christians to protect the holy land from Muslims. So add to this a twisted religious tosspot who stirs it all up and we have more ready-made propaganda by our own Governments for the terrorist leaders to recruit more Jihadies to the cause! 
So there is the three main reasons for these people to go around and commit murder in the world. I know you’re sitting there thinking they don’t have to to do it, but because of religion they feel obliged and obligated to. It’s them and their God who they think is under attack, this is religious teachings that are hardwired in to the brain when they are children at work here. They think if they don’t do it they will not go to heaven and not receive ever lasting bliss at God’s side, remember they actually believe this stuff.
We know not all Muslims do this or support this! The Koran is very clear, not like a lot of religious books, but still, some times it’s taken out of context. But, Islam and Judaism are so stuck in the stone as regards to their religions there are bound to be problems integrating in to any society, especially in to one like the West. They still ritually sacrifice animals, don’t marry outside their own faith. Islamlic law states a woman should be stoned to death for having an affaire with a married man, While the man get’s off free! I know the Islamic law and Rule book was written after Mohammad died, and was written and based on how he lived his life, but this law is still part of their religion, even if we know it’s a load of  crock.
The fact is they follow this book to the T – and this book that isn’t worth putting under your bed to replace one of the legs – tells them to go out and commit these acts, and the majority of the Muslims who don’t get involved, don’t do enough to stop it. And the reason they don’t do enough is because either their religion tells them not to, or they don’t care! I find it hard to believe the Muslim community in the UK doesn’t know who Islamists are. So to cap it all, they come here, they have their own culture, have their religion, have a job and free house and money if need be, but when their fellow brothers and sisters plot to blow up the  unbelievers, they say nothing! You all know I don’t mind people doing what they want to do, be it pray to their God, wear a pointless piece of clothing to hide your body, speak how you like and just basically live your life the way you want to. But there has to be a little bit of understanding and socializing between people in a community. There’s no point in moving to a country and living behind a religion and then segregating yourself from the rest of the surrounding community because the religion or religious leaders say so! It just doesn’t work!
The Muslim community in Britain and the rest of the West should realize they live in the West, and not in the dust bowl they came from anymore and they don’t have to live the way they used to, that’s surely what they came here for wasn’t it? They are doing themselves no favours by letting their religious leaders impose the same pointless, freedom limiting religious laws on them and not challenging them! They do themselves no favours when they stifle debate on the subject of their religion, they do themselves no favours when they let the politically Correct brigade speak for them, i.e no Christmas decorations because it offends them or Christmas party or St George’s flags! They do themselves no favours when they cling and adhere to a stone age religion, they do themselves no favours when they let the same people from their flawless religion kill people! I’ll tell you something now, British society aint perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than living in a stone age religion where women are denied rights and you stone a person to death for a trivial offense.
If you don’t like society, then don’t take part. If you want to dress from head to toe, then do it. If you want to segregate yourself, fine, it’s your choice. But for fucksake! Open your eyes and your mouth and don’t be dictated to by religion and tell somebody if you hear anything about any attacks! You are not betraying God by saving lives! Either that or go to a country where you wont have to do none of the above, I’m not crazy about society, but I would rather live here than anywhere else, why? Freedom!
So, they do it partially because of the situation in the world (Mostly in Muslim countries). They also do it because of religious indoctrination. But, only a minority do it. So does it take a special kind of person to strap themselves with explosives and fill the car with the same thing and then blow themselves away and anybody else nearby with them? Are they mentally unbalanced or are they on drugs to stop them from feeling nervous? I think it’s a feeling of alienation from western society and religious brainwashing. And not forgetting that all important mind-set, be it natural or by drugs. Either way, it isn’t going to end any time soon. It’s not like the cold war, we can’t just out do our enemy economically or millitarily anymore, they don’t have to out do us, they only have to scare the population. Take all the money away and they will still come up again somewhere else in the world. You could say improving conditions in the developing world would reduce the numbers. Or for the west to have a foreign policy that doesn’t involve blowing the shit out of Oil rich countries.
I can’t see western nations sharing the wealth and making the lives of people in the developing world better, just to please a bunch of Religious extremists. If they did the numbers of terrorists wouldn’t be so large, it wouldn’t be the end of it, but it would greatly reduce the numbers. So for the time being, looks like we’re stuck with them. What do you think should be done?  

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Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 17, 2006

For most of humanity’s short but violent existence on this fragile world there has always been religion in one form or another. Usually established, lead and dominated by men. All for one purpose, the absolute dominance and control in every part of human life possible! Whether it be economic, social, political or sexual the men who run religion have a say in it all. It aint the words of God that these religious people live their lives by, it’s the words of a power Hungary man or men.                                                                                                                                   
You could easily imagine how these men or man could take control. They carefully chart the seasons working out when the rains come when to plant the crops and so on. So he then says: “God (or the Gods) have told me the rains will come soon and we have to plant our crops, anyone Who doesn’t help, God/the Gods will be very angry! and you will be punished!” He then proceeds to hold a fake meeting with God (in the largest building or mud hut of course) to work out a suitable punishment for all the people who planted their own crops or generally intelligent people who just know he’s taking advantage and stating the obvious in some cases. Then he says, “God wants all the people who disobeyed him to be put to death!” The people don’t believe him they want more evidence before they kill the non believers. So God’s chosen man knows there is a solar eclipse due so he tells the people: “God will punish everyone so he’s (noticed how Gods a he?) going to send a demon to eat the sun.” The eclipse arrives everyone who disobeyed God’s chosen man is killed hence the chosen man has all the power, women, influence and money he wants!
Though most modern religion is more based on blind faith you can see how it came about? Still most modern ( if you could call them that) religious people’s lives are run according to what someone wrote hundreds if not thousands of years ago. These people are still controlled in every aspect of their lives by this nonsense! You don’t need religion to tell you it’s wrong to kill (though in some cases it is ie self-defence etc…) blowing up buildings (Osama!) and invading foreign countries (George!) because your religion says so is!
These religious books are so open to interpretation you can just about justify anything! Listen to this quote from the Qur’an:”And fight them until there is no more persecution, and religion should be only for Allah” (8:39). In short you could say kill all the non-believers or keep fighting against persecution of people (though the end bit of the quote spoils it.
Here’s another this time Christian: “They must be dividing the spoils they took:there must be a damsel or two for each man, spoils of dyed cloth as sisera’s spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoils (Judges 5:30 NAB). Either they’ve just got a big bag of clothes from a charity shop or they’re dividing  the spoils of war and the “damsels” are about to get raped. Which one do you think it is? And why the fuck does their god need “an ornate shawl or two“? You see what im saying? How can they believe this stuff?
These books are also full of contradiction check these out. “You must kill those who worship another god”. (Exodus 22:20). What about “Thou shall not kill!”. Heres another.”Chrisians are “of God;” everyone else is wicked”. (1 John 5:19). Judge not lest ye be judged! Heres one of my personal favorites, “Everyone will have to worship Jesus–whether they like it or not”. (Philipians 2:10). It goes on like this throughout all religious holy books and people actually live their lives this way. Here’s a link if you want some more, Evil Bible.com. As for Islamic quotes, go here
I haven’t got a problem with these people living like this. I just have a problem when they have influence on my life! For example taking away my freedom of speech because they feel offended when I dare to question their religions! The way they get TV programmes off the air because comedians are making fun of them. The way if they could, would stop contraception because it goes against their beliefs! I’m just waiting for the House of Lords to be filled with Business men and religious dickheads. Why? That’s my next blog, but before I go… 

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