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Where’s Glenn Beck? (#1)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 17, 2011

Everyone’s, sorry… every intellectually challenged ideologically blind favourite U.S. Conservative Fox News presenter has gone missing from his show! Since Mr. Beck – presenter of the ‘Glenn Beck Program’ (What an imaginative title, eh?) – started going over the top with his far-fetched, and quite frankly deranged, conspiratorial rants about Jews having influence in the U.S. Government (Frances Fox Piven being one of them), and them being in conjunction with the Marxists, Leninist, Teletubites and Islamic Socialists on his show, lead to 300 advertisers pulling out of showing their ads during the breaks on the show.

Of course, the people at Fox news are upset about this because nothing turns them on more than lots and lots of money, because this buys them power, influence, interests, not to mention virgin Christian Children that they can sacrifice to their God! Oh, and the lawyers that can get them out of trouble if they’re photographed by the likes of David Icke!

You may not know this but it takes a lot of money to Davide Icke-proof a building or compound! The Man can get where the most determined reporter, and to a lesser extent, former Royal Family members (*Ahem* Fergy *Ahem*) can’t even get! And when you’re Sacrificing Children, shagging goats and letting the ole scales see the sun after a long year of pretending to be Human… that’s not what you want!

So, the big wigs at Fox News weren’t happy with the loss of revenue caused by Beck’s rants. So it’s thought they’ve told Beck to take some time out while they decide what to do with him. Maybe they’ll ask him to tone it down, sack him, put him elsewhere on the Fox Roster or maybe have him doing the weather? That would be one long, gloomy tear riddled report! Never would the U.S. population have seen such a Patriotic showing, and love, for the U.S. weather system!

Anyway, it’s thought Beck has gone around the world to find some inspiration to help him decide what to do next in his life if he’s sacked from Fox News. He is still broadcasting his radio show, but no-one knows where from! So I went on the net looking for stories of him and his whereabouts, and I found this picture on Google:

It’s hard to tell where he is, but he looks like he’s having a good time! Well, I assume he is, it’s hard to tell because he’s happy when he’s crying, right? Crying with happiness? I don’t know, personally I think the man’s a few Teabaggers short of a porn film!

If you know where he is, then tell me, you’ll win a prize! Actually, no you wont, you’ll win a cyber pat on the back, if you’re a man, or a cyber pat on the bum if you’re a lady!  


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